The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 1207 - The Luxury Car Drove Straight Into The School

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Chapter 1207 The Luxury Car Drove Straight Into The School

Gu Jingyu.

Why was he here?

The people around him had been attracted to his das.h.i.+ng figure since long ago. However, they did not, in fact, dare to speculate the ident.i.ty of the person they were looking at.

Furthermore, no one guessed that he was Gu Jingyu either because it was impossible for Gu Jingyu to go to the police station on his own. Given his position, everything related to him would be dealt with by his lawyers.

Su Wan was pleasantly surprised, and her heart thumped.

Could it be that he was still angry about what had happened the night before? Was that why he had come to the police station to settle scores with her?

Su Wan ran towards him.


Gu Jingyu turned his head and glanced at her.

“You hit someone yesterday night?” Earlier, he had found out a bit about the situation. He knew that before encountering him, she had used a beer bottle to injure someone’s chest. The injury was not very serious. It was merely an external injury, but it still looked very frightening. At the moment, the person was still lying on the hospital bed and waiting for the police station to “seek justice” for him.

Su Wan bit her bottom lip. “Yes. It was legitimate self-defense to begin with.”

“Why did you hit him?” he looked down and asked.

Su Wan said, “They drugged me.”

He frowned. “Drugged?”

So, she had been under the influence of drugs the night before?

“Why did they drug you?”

“Because… I think my elder sister may have sent them. She has always wanted to make things difficult for me. Now, she has merely intensified her actions.”

He inhaled while looking at her. He did not say anything further.

“Let’s go.”

“Huh? Has the situation here been settled?”

“I’ve gotten my lawyers to deal with it,” he said.

When he was done speaking, he walked out as if he did not want to spend another moment here.


After getting into Gu Jingyu’s car, he looked at her. “Where do you live?”

Su Wan said, “I still have to go to the set. I have other scenes today.”

Gu Jingyu frowned. “I’ve already applied for leave on your behalf.”

“Huh?” Su Wan looked at him gratefully.

So he was not that difficult to get along with.

“Tell me where you live,” he said very impatiently.

“Oh, oh… I’m still staying in the school dorms.”

She was still attending the drama academy and was currently a third-year university student. Although the school was considerate of students taking time off school and missing lessons to go out and film, she was ultimately still a student.

He glanced at her again.

He looked at her dewy skin. She was indeed very young.

In no time, his car was about to reach the school entrance.

“Ah. You can just stop there. No need to go in.”

Wouldn’t the situation go out of hand if Gu Jingyu entered school grounds?

Could he even go in?

Although many students had met numerous celebrities due to their part-time work on set, they probably had not met national idols like Gu Jingyu. It was way too difficult for them to meet him.

Therefore, many of her cla.s.smates were very envious and jealous of the fact that she was able to get into the “Radiance” production. Some people even asked her if she had ever met Gu Jingyu.

Yes, she had.

Now, she had not only met him…

Gu Jingyu said, “We’re not there yet.”

“No need. Don’t go in…” she said anxiously.

He turned his head. “Why?”

“Because… Because many people there know who you are. It would be bad if they saw you,” Su Wan said.

Gu Jingyu wanted to laugh. “It would be bad if they saw me? Why? Am I very embarra.s.sing?”

“No, no. Of course not. But once you go in, everyone will definitely gather around you because they all know you. I’m worried that everyone will misunderstand our relations.h.i.+p or surround you and cause unnecessary trouble. It’s because you’re too famous.”

After hearing her explanation, Gu Jingyu chuckled and looked at this woman. So she didn’t want people to know that she had something to do with him.


Wouldn’t it be even more sensational and newsworthy to be involved with him?

Was it because she feared trouble? Or was it because she was worried that such an incident would cause others to ostracize her?

He could not understand.

He shook his head, wondering why he was thinking about all this.

However, instead of stopping over, he stepped harder on the accelerator.

“Hey, you…”

Su Wan still wanted to shout but realized that he was already at the entrance.

He had not only arrived at the entrance.

He had gone past the entrance and had even driven straight into the premises.

He had an entrance pa.s.s on his car. There was no need for him to speak to the security guards at all.

“Where… Where are you driving to?” Su Wan asked.

But Gu Jingyu continued to drive straight inside as if he had not heard her.

He drove until he arrived at the female dorm and stopped right in front only then.

He even knew that this was the female dorm.

But it seemed that he had gone to school here.

Although it wasn’t during his university days, when he took acting here for sometime later, it was understandable for him to know that this was the female dorm.

Outside, beautiful women were everywhere.

Su Wan looked at him. He raised his eyebrows haughtily. “Alright. You can leave.”

What the h.e.l.l? How could she get out now?

But Gu Jingyu’s eyes were already narrowed. “Get out.”

Biting her bottom lip, Su Wan had no choice but to turn around and jump off.

She ran inside at lightning speed. She did not even dare to turn back, as if deeply afraid that people would see that she was related to this luxury car that had driven into the school.

Gu Jingyu sat in the car with one arm placed at the side as he watched her run in.

He smiled with his eyebrows raised.

How dare she think that it wouldn’t be good for him to come in?

Any impact would fall on him anyway. What bad impact would it have on her?

Who did she think she was?

But after going in, Su Wan realized that she had nonetheless been discovered.

“Su Wan, why did I see a car here to bring you earlier?”

“Yes, yes. Was it from your production crew?”

Su Wan said, “Ah. There was a car that sent me here. It was… from the production crew.”

She went in with her tail between her legs. She still felt some pain down there.

When she thought about it at this moment, her face was still burning. That night… they seemed to have gone at it for too long. Furthermore, it was her first time, and she felt slightly unwell.

He had been too forceful. Unlike others, he was so pa.s.sionate in bed.

As if he was another Gu Jingyu.

They looked at Su Wan. “Your production crew is way too good. Even their cars are luxury cars.”

“Su Wan, you have such good luck. You were chosen by such a good production crew. You’re probably going to become famous this time.”

“Su Wan is definitely most likely to become famous among us. She was even in the headlines before.”

She had been accused of stealing Lin Che’s endors.e.m.e.nt deal. That incident had blown up pretty huge.

Although she ended up humiliating herself.

Everyone still found it funny. They looked at Su Wan and started mocking her even more bluntly.

Su Wan was used to being mocked by them. She headed inside directly without bothering to say anything.

Everyone scoffed upon seeing Su Wan go in.

“Seriously. She merely went to play a small role. But there’s a car from the production crew to bring her around?”

“She couldn’t have slept with some big shot, right?”

“You never know. The industry is such a mess. She knew how to use Lin Che to hype herself up when she had just entered the industry.”

Everyone scoffed. All of them were very jealous of the fact that Su Wan could act in a production and such a popular television series at that.

As for Gu Jingyu.

Lin Che was still trying on costumes when she returned to the film set.

“Gu Jingyu, where did you run off to?” she asked.

Gu Jingyu said, “I went out for a walk. Why?”

“Hey, I’m the boss. Can’t I ask you where you went off to?”

Everyone looked at Lin Che and him. A conversation like this was possible only between the two of them. Of course, other people dared not casually joke around with Gu Jingyu like this.

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 1207 - The Luxury Car Drove Straight Into The School

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