The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 141 - The Gift She Gave Him

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Chapter 141: The Gift She Gave Him

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Gu Jingze said, “Fine. I’ll get someone to take it tomorrow.”

“Yes, good,” Mo Huiling wanted him to come personally but thought that she should not be so clingy. Thus, she controlled herself.

If she wanted to be better than Lin Che, she had to endure!

Mo Huiling said into the phone, “I didn’t think that you would bring Lin Che to tonight’s charity gala. This was your first time bringing someone to an event; do you know that? You never brought me in the past…”

Gu Jingze hesitated and then said, “But I didn’t have anyone to bring in the past… You never liked attending dinners either, did you?”

“I… Who says I didn’t? I thought you merely wanted to keep a low profile,” Mo Huiling said pitifully.

Gu Jingze replied, “I like keeping a low profile but I never said that we couldn’t attend events. Furthermore, you should have told me beforehand since you like it. Otherwise, how would I know?”

“I…” Mo Huiling was filled with regret. Did she really misunderstand him? Thinking that he didn’t like it, she never let him take her out to events.

“Jingze, I just feel that you’re too indulgent with Lin Che. Don’t be unhappy when I say this since I’m voicing it out for your own good. Lin Che is already Mrs. Gu but she doesn’t really seem to care too much now. She doesn’t know how to be cultured and well-mannered and she is even boasting on her Weibo. It’s a little too much. You should tell her how to be a proper Mrs. Gu.”

Gu Jingze asked, “Why can’t she post on Weibo?”

“Isn’t it bad to be so boastful?”

“I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

Mo Huiling was stunned. In that moment, she seemed to no longer know Gu Jingze anymore.

Gu Jingze continued, “I have no opinions regarding these things. Anyway, she’s not posting to boast. She’s just posting for the fun of it.”

“You… ”

Unable to convince him, Mo Huiling said angrily, “In any case, I’m just being nice by telling you. If you don’t want to listen, then forget it.”

Gu Jingze never knew that Mo Huiling cared about all these. In the past, he thought Mo Huiling was simple and kept a low-profile. He always thought that she liked being like that. But seeing how she was now, there were a lot of little thoughts in Mo Huiling’s heart that he actually never knew about.

The next day, Gu Jingze sent someone to collect the tie clip. He wrote a note to thank Mo Huiling for the gift. When he received it, he opened the clear box to look. Mo Huiling often gave him presents in the past but they were usually not very practical. He had seen one too many and roughly knew what they were. So since a long time ago, he would chuck all the gifts in a cupboard in the corner of his room. Some were never even opened.

Lin Che spent the day at the company meeting the co-stars in her upcoming show. After briefly getting to know them and preparing for the upcoming scene, she left with Yu Minmin.

Yu Minmin said to Lin Che, “I saw the announcement of the show that Gu Jingyu is acting in. The female lead is Qin Wanwan.”

“Really? I have heard Qin Wanwan mention that she was going to act with Gu Jingyu.”

Yu Minmin remarked, “It looks like Qin Wanwan’s next show will be good. None of Gu Jingyu’s shows have bad reception. The filmmakers are strong too.”


“But we’re not far off either. The head director for this show is also synonymous within the cla.s.sic dramas. We might even have a chance to compete for the TV Drama Award. You should go back and prepare.”

“Yes! I will, Sister Yu!”

Back home, Lin Che entered the bedroom and saw a delicate box placed on the dressing table.

Her heart skipped a beat.

She thought that Gu Jingze had a gift for her but when she opened the box, she soon realized…

Inside was a delicate tie clip. She recalled that this was at the auction last night. Because it was so tiny and going for a few million, it left a deep impression on her. She heard that it was created by some very famous designer. After the designer died, his creations became very valuable and expensive.

However, it was obviously a man’s accessory.

Lin Che quickly found a card beside it. Although she did not want to see, the card had very simple handwriting that could not be avoided.

It was signed with the letter ‘M’ below. Obviously, the person who gave this was Mo Huiling…

Lin Che heard noise from the outside and quickly closed the box back. She could not hide the surprise in her eyes but she pretended not to know anything. She could only do that because she thought it was a normal thing for Mo Huiling to give him gifts.

However, perhaps she was still affected by Mo Huiling’s words previously, so she still felt gloomy on the inside.

At night, she skipped dinner and asked Shen Youran out.

Together with Shen Youran, they headed to the club that Qin Wanwan took her to previously.

Shen Youran had never been here before. She grabbed Lin Che and said, “This looks very high-end.”

Lin Che said, “I heard no outsiders know about this place. This is a regular place for some in the circle.”

“No wonder I see some people who look familiar. They look like celebrities,” Shen Youran said.

Lin Che said, “I’ve only been here a couple of times too, but there should be many celebrities here.”

Shen Youran looked around excitedly while Lin Che sat there. She felt rather down so she drank more alcohol.

“Youran, tell me. Why am I so stupid? Why do I not know anything?” Lin Che asked.

Shen Youran replied, “No way. You’re not stupid. I think you’re very good.”

“That’s because you’re stupid like me.”

“Hey, I’m comforting you. Don’t drag me down with you.”

Lin Che then told her about how Gu Jingze received a gift from his girlfriend.

Shen Youran listened and fumed, “d.a.m.n! How is that acceptable? You’re the wife now!”

“Yes. And that’s the girlfriend who he truly loves. I can never compare to her. And what Mo Huiling said was right. Actually, I don’t match up to him. I’m just thick-skinned so I never felt that way.”

“Hey, you can’t just give up like that. If she gives him a gift, you should give him one too.”

Lin Che looked at Shen Youran, “What can I give? I don’t think I can give him anything. Gu Jingze doesn’t lack anything and he doesn’t need anything either. And I don’t have as much money to squander as Mo Huiling, giving gifts that are worth millions…”

Shen Youran laughed, “Heh heh. When it comes to giving, it’s not about how much it costs, but rather the thought behind it… If you can’t…” She inched closer to Lin Che, “Just give yourself to him. Wouldn’t that do the trick?”

“Get lost!”

Shen Youran’s eyes moved as she suddenly thought of something, “Just give him a surprise. How about this… I’ll give you something tomorrow. Heh heh. You can use that to give Gu Jingze a present. He will definitely like it!”


Lin Che wanted to continue asking but she heard someone call out from behind.

“Mrs. Gu, what are you doing here?” that person was Chen Yucheng.

When Shen Youran saw him, her face darkened.

Chen Yucheng pretended not to see her and went straight to Lin Che’s side. He asked her, “Where’s President Gu?”

Lin Che looked at Chen Yucheng in puzzlement, “Eh, how come you’re here?”

Accompanying Chen Yucheng was a lady who was all dolled up. She seemed to be very close to him. “I often come here to have fun. I should be asking Mrs. Gu that question. Why are you here?”

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 141 - The Gift She Gave Him

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