The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 148 - The Reason For Coming

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Chapter 148: The Reason For Coming

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Che looked at the father and daughter in surprise.

What exactly were these two up to?

Lin Youcai touched his almost-bald head, smiled at Lin Che, and said, “Your sister got into trouble and we can only bring her here to beg you. You have to help us. This matter is extremely important. Please do something for your sister’s sake.”

Lin Youcai looked at Lin Che and thought that he was right. She wouldn’t have helped if they didn’t go look for her.

Seeing her like this, she really had no sense of urgency. He was right to come over personally.

Otherwise, she most likely would have pretended that nothing happened and would have thrown them under the bus.

This Lin Che was too ridiculous. How could she not quickly help her own sister?

Lin Che could only look at the two of them who were blocking her way, “Just what exactly happened? I still don’t know anything.”

Lin Youcai quickly said, “When your sister was out entertaining clients, an old CEO wanted to take advantage of her but of course, she didn’t agree. Your sister has values so she wouldn’t agree to this, right? So your sister slapped him. Now he’s declaring war on us and wants to make sure that we can’t live in the B district anymore. I’m still worried and don’t know what to do. Your sister is at a prime age; she can’t be ruined just like this.”

Lin Che asked, “Who exactly did you offend? Tell me this person’s name first.”

Lin Youcai nudged Lin Yu and she said unwillingly, “The person is Chen Jingxian. That fatty is so ugly and disgusting. I would never get close to him. He never took a look in the mirror and asked himself if he was good enough for me, but he dared to try taking advantage of me? I was already giving him face by going to entertain him. I would never forgive him if he tried to touch me.”

Lin Che frowned at Lin Yu, “If you wanted nothing to do with him, then you shouldn’t have gone out with him. You gave him hope and then you rejected him. You should have stuck to your principles from the start and he wouldn’t have tried to get close to you. He obviously had a motive when he treated you out to dinner. How could you not tell? You should have rejected him from the start.”

Lin Che had received such invitations before but she never dared to partic.i.p.ate in them.

From the beginning, their motives were already clearly expressed in these bosses’ eyes. It was needless to say. That was why Lin Che was firm in her rejections.

Perhaps it was because of this that many people thought that she was not a fun person and she lost many opportunities. However, she had never regretted it.

She was also fortunate to have Yu Minmin as her agent. She never forced Lin Che to go out and accompany people to eat and drink. In this aspect, Yu Minmin also had her principles.

Lin Yu said, “What could I have done? He’s a big boss and I didn’t dare to offend him. If I didn’t dine with him, how would I have gotten my role?”

Getting a role just by having a meal? Since when was it that easy?

Lin Che knew that there was nothing she could say that would help, so she only glanced at Lin Yu.

Lin Youcai quickly said, “Alright, we can talk about these later. What should we do now? Ah, Lin Che, why don’t you invite us in to sit? We wanted to go in ourselves, but those minions outside the door wouldn’t let us in. I already told them that we are your family, but they still didn’t let us in. You need to let them know.”

Lin Yu chimed in, “Exactly. Hurry up and fire them all.”

Lin Che said, “They are only doing what they were told to do. That is why they didn’t let you in.”

Furthermore, not just anybody could enter the Gu residence. Lin Che had always been cautious to not bring anybody back. But now, they took it upon themselves to come here. Her father didn’t even greet her. She frowned and was not sure of what to do.

Just then, a security guard from inside ran over.

“Madam, we have already informed Sir and he said you can bring them in to wait. Sir will be back shortly.”

They had been instructed to immediately report to him if Lin Che ran into a problem.

Thus, upon seeing Lin Che return home and talk here, they quickly reported it to Gu Jingze.

From the moment she heard some of the staff call Lin Che ‘Madam’, Lin Youcai thought that she had a rather good standing in the Gu household.

On the other hand, Lin Yu scoffed as she thought of how shameless Lin Che was. She was already being served as a wife when she only moved in. She must have made them call her ‘Madam’.

However, she looked at the security guards and could not help but feel that they were indeed the Gu family’s security. They were professional and looked elite.

When Lin Che heard that Gu Jingze actually knew about this, she looked at her father and said, “Let’s wait inside then.”

Lin Youcai was naturally elated. He immediately said to Lin Che happily, “Good daughter. You must talk to Gu Jingze properly later.”

As they walked in, they looked at the Gu residence’s exquisite decor. Lin Youcai and Lin Yu were amazed.

Of course, this was Gu Jingze’s home. It was elegant but not at all over-the-top. It was very tastefully decorated.

This place was so huge that it could fit multiple houses of the Lin family.

To think Lin Che actually lived here.

Lin Yu was naturally envious and jealous. She hatefully thought, How did Lin Che get so lucky to actually be fancied by Gu Jingze?

If only she could stay here too. How great that would be.

Lin Yu even wanted to take a picture to show off.

The security guard beside her noticed and immediately took her phone away.

Lin Yu exclaimed angrily, “What are you doing?”

Lin Che replied. “Hey, you can’t take pictures in here.”

“Then how come you’re allowed? It’s not like I’ve never seen you showing off to your friends.”

Lin Che looked at the security guard who said, “Madam can do whatever she wants but outsiders have no guarantee so they can’t take photos. Sorry, I will be holding on to your phone.”


Lin Yu almost wanted to stamp her feet in anger.

Lin Che glanced at Lin Yu and said, “Okay, let’s go in.”

Lin Yu followed Lin Che and reluctantly exclaimed, “So you’re just going to let them take away my phone? I’m your sister. What’s wrong with taking photos?”

“That’s their job. I don’t manage them.”

“Hey, it seems like you’re only like this in the Gu household. Even a security guard can climb all over you.”

Lin Yu wanted to agitate her on purpose.

Lin Che replied, “We all have our own roles. There’s no stepping over me. They are strict with their jobs so that we can be safe. I think that’s a good thing.”

“You… ”

Lin Yu thought that she had no say in this house. She couldn’t even manage a maid and that was why she was trying to find an excuse.

They were soon in the living room. Looking at the gigantic living s.p.a.ce, the maids who were going back and forth quickly prepared fruits and tea for the guests. They were even more amazed. So many maids. Did they all wait on Lin Che? Lin Che’s life here was way too comfortable.

The three of them sat down. It wasn’t long before they heard the noise coming from the door outside.

Gu Jingze was home.

He walked in while still wearing his work clothes; it was a straight suit that emphasized the coldness in his eyes. He looked high and mighty as if it was written all over him to not come close. This threatening air about him made him even more attractive.

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 148 - The Reason For Coming

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