The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 169 - The Sudden Crisis Was Vexing

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Chapter 169: The Sudden Crisis Was Vexing

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Mo Huiling’s mother was screaming over the phone, “Gu Jingze, what has our Huiling done to you? How dare you actually do this to our Huiling?! Huiling has loved you wholeheartedly for so many years! You, how dare you do this to her?! You must be glad that she has committed suicide now!”

Gu Jingze froze.

After Gu Jingze put down the phone, Lin Che saw that his complexion did not look too good. She quickly asked, “What happened?”

Gu Jingze walked down the stairs in quick steps as he said, “Huiling ate a lot of sleeping pills. Right now, she still isn’t out of danger yet.”

“What?” Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze in shock.

“Mo Huiling committed suicide?” Lin Che did not expect something like this to happen.

Did she commit suicide simply after getting slapped?

She really took life too lightly.

Lin Che followed Gu Jingze down in a hurry.

Gu Jingze called a maid. He immediately took his coat and swiftly put on his shoes. “She’s in the hospital right now. I have to go over and take a look.”

“Oh, okay.”

Gu Jingze could not bother about anything else and quickly pulled the door open.

Lin Che could only stand there and look at the closed door. As she thought about Mo Huiling, she was shocked and shaken at the same time.

She thought, Could it be that Mo Huiling loved Gu Jingze that much?

How much did you have to love someone to want to kill yourself just because of a slap?

Lin Che thought, It looks like Gu Jingze will not be able to come back tonight.

At the hospital.

When Gu Jingze arrived at the hospital, members of the Mo family had already been there for some time.

As she looked at Gu Jingze, Mo Huiling’s mother Chen Hanyin immediately bared her fangs and brandished her claws at Gu Jingze. “You heartless rat. Look at our Huiling and how she has ruined herself because of you. She can definitely find a man anywhere, but she stayed by your side because of you. Now, she even wants to die. If she dies, I’ll fight it out with you no matter the cost.”

However, Mo Huiling’s father Mo Kaihui immediately held back his agitated wife.

Sure enough, when they saw someone approaching Gu Jingze, the well-trained bodyguards behind him were already beginning to stir. Mo Kaihui sighed and looked at Gu Jingze. He also reproached Gu Jingze, “When you and Huiling were getting along well, we didn’t want you two to be together either. However, Huiling was considerate of you in all respects. The only thing left for her to do was dig her heart out and give it to you. But you have an illness and we didn’t want her to be a spinster her whole life. Still, she didn’t care at all. She protested against our family all because of you. Now that she’s already at this age, her sisters have gotten married a long time ago. She still stayed by your side, but now…”

Gu Jingze’s face darkened. He waited until they had all finished speaking before he asked lowly, “How is Huiling?”

When the doctor saw that Gu Jingze was asking him, he quickly said, “Miss Mo ate too many sleeping pills. Although we’ve pumped her stomach and took various measures, whether or not she can wake up… still depends on Miss Mo’s willpower from here on out.”

Upon hearing this, her mother began to weep even more disconsolately. She was even saying, “Huiling, Huiling-ah. Why did you take things so hard because of this cruel and unscrupulous man? Don’t you think his conscience will be disturbed if you die? If something really happens to you, our family won’t let him off even if we have to fight to the bitter end. What’s so great about the Gu family? Even if I die, I must bury him with me too…”

As Mo Kaihui listened to her lamenting, he really wanted to cover her mouth.

She was recklessly saying whatever she wanted. How could the Mo family fight the Gu family, much less until there was only one family left standing? Only they themselves would die. In any case, it was impossible for Gu Jingze to die.

However, when he turned his head to look, Gu Jingze seemed to not be bothered. He thought that Gu Jingze still had some feelings for his daughter and so he began to sigh.

Gu Jingze merely looked inside with a heavy gaze and did not speak a word.


Lin Che was currently together with Shen Youran.

Shen Youran said gloomily, “That woman is really too cruel. She actually really wanted to end herself.” Lin Che said, “Yes. Perhaps she really loves Gu Jingze a lot.”

She did not want to say anything more either. She only came here because she could not stay at home.

“By the way, how is your work at Gu Jingze’s company?”

Shen Youran said, “A big corporation is worthy of its name as a big corporation. It’s pretty good though, save for a bunch of hussies who hate that I landed the job out of nowhere… I didn’t have the nerve to tell them that yours truly didn’t land the job simply out of nowhere, but on the CEO’s personal instruction.”

Lin Che glanced at her speechlessly. Then, she saw someone come in from outside and said, “How can you even be this arrogant when you didn’t rely on your own capabilities? Shen Youran, you’re really ridiculous.”

The person who had come was Chen Yucheng.

Lin Che looked at Chen Yucheng strangely. “Why did you come over here?”

She tilted her head and looked at Chen Yucheng before looking at Shen Youran. She seemed to feel a bit suspicious.

Why did she feel that they were more and more familiar with each other now?

Shen Youran said, “That’s enough. Don’t even mention it. I suspect that he’s definitely stalking me. When I arrived at the company, I was instructed to help his office get more information.”

Chen Yucheng raised his eyebrows, cast a sideways glance at her, and said, “Gu Industries is indeed helping us look for a lot of data on the subject of our study. Otherwise, where else would we get the finances and resources to look for things all over the world?”

Shen Youran glared at him forcefully.

Lin Che said, “Then, in that case, he has now become your boss.”

Shen Youran nodded. “I guess so.”

Chen Yucheng said, “I’m doing it for your benefit too. Otherwise, I’m afraid your intelligence can’t keep up with the pace of Gu Industries. At my office, if you’re a little slow, then you’re just a little slow. I won’t criticize you anyway, on account of the fact that you’re Madam Gu’s friend.”

“Aiyo, can I even rely on you… Seriously, I can similarly survive on my own. I definitely don’t need your care.”

“You say it as if you’re speaking the truth.”

As she watched the two of them banter back and forth, Lin Che grinned. She slurped a mouthful of her drink and said, “Why don’t you two find a quiet place and take your time to quarrel? Why don’t I hide at the side and leave this place for the two of you?”

“Don’t do that.” Shen Youran said, “By the way, people at the company actually still don’t know that Gu Jingze is married.”

Lin Che nodded her head. “Yes. We had a secret marriage. In any case, you know that we’re also not really…”

Shen Youran quickly gave Lin Che a kick to remind her that someone else was beside them.

Affronted, Chen Yucheng said, “Hey. I’ve been with Gu Jingze for more than ten years. Do you think that he would have any secrets that I don’t know of?”

Upon thinking, Shen Youran figured that that was true. So she raised her head to ask, “Then, tell me what exactly is going on with that Mo Huiling. Why did she commit suicide just because of a mere quarrel?”


Lin Che said, “Why did the topic change to this again? I already said that it’s probably just because she’s deliriously in love with Gu Jingze.”

Shen Youran said, “No. I can only say that she’s really a rich young lady. She hasn’t been through anything at all. So she felt that being slapped was already a big blow to her. But if something like that happens to us, it’s totally nothing, right? Take you, Lin Che, as an example. What have you not been through? It wouldn’t be your first or second time getting slapped either. But you’re still alive and well.”

Chen Yucheng looked at the two of them. Hearing her say this, he actually felt in that moment, that she made pretty good sense.

He was really about to be brainwashed by her.

How could he still call himself a professional doctor?

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 169 - The Sudden Crisis Was Vexing

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