The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 172 - Can You Leave Me Alone From Now On?

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Chapter 172: Can You Leave Me Alone From Now On?

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After Lin Che vented her emotions at Gu Jingze, her mind immediately began to clear up. All of a sudden, she wondered what was happening to her. It was a little too inconceivable…

She felt angry and indignant and had even used bad language because he had gone off to keep another woman company. Could it be that she had begun to like Gu Jingze?

But how could this be…

They had agreed on merely getting married without any love and on getting a divorce when the time came. If she really still liked Gu Jingze despite this, then she would practically be torturing herself.

Fortunately, at this moment, Yu Minmin finally told her it was time to leave. Lin Che hastily prepared herself for the rehearsal. She shook her head to stop herself from continuing to think nonsensical thoughts.

When they arrived at the venue, Gu Jingyu immediately pulled Lin Che to him the moment she entered.

“Lin Che, eh, why did you lose so much weight recently? Is it because you didn’t see me for a long time, so you missed me?”

“Hey. Can you be serious… who would miss you?” Lin Che looked at Gu Jingyu flabbergasted.

“You seriously have no affection for me at all. Look at what I did. Knowing that you were busy, I took such great pains in order to meet you.”

“It’s only because you were immensely bored that you called me here to accompany you to partic.i.p.ate in the program.” Lin Che exposed his intentions with no hesitation.

“Alright then. Seeing as you still understand me pretty well, I’ll reluctantly forgive you.”

When they entered, the two of them began to have a full-blown conversation. The staff at the side knew from the beginning that their relations.h.i.+p was good but only now did they know the extent.

Gu Jingyu typically gave a cold shoulder to others. However, he was completely different when it came to Lin Che.

While they were chatting, someone abruptly came from behind and intervened between the two of them.

“Lin Che!” She put her arms directly over the back of Lin Che’s neck and asked in pleasant surprise, “Why are you here?”

It was Qin Wanwan.

Lin Che said, “Ah, you came here too. I came to attend the rehearsal.”

“Me too.” Qin Wanwan said, “I came together with Gu Jingyu.” She raised her head to look at Gu Jingyu. However, Gu Jingyu did not show her any respect and drank a mouthful of water without really acknowledging her.

Qin Wanwan did not take it to heart either. It looked like she was used to Gu Jingyu’s att.i.tude as well.

Only then did Lin Che remember that the two of them had worked together recently. They were filming a television series together.

The rehearsal began in no time and the few of them merely exchanged a few sentences before separating.

Lin Che sat behind and saw that Qin Wanwan turned out to be performing with Gu Jingyu. The song they sang was the theme song of their television series.

At the back, a few unknown actors were mumbling amongst themselves and saying things like Qin Wanwan was definitely about to become famous this time.

“Whoever is paired up with Gu Jingyu will get famous. And Qin Wanwan knows how to deal with people too. Sooner or later, she’ll be famous. I knew it from the start.”

However, during the interview in the front, Gu Jingyu and Qin Wanwan appeared friendly but were, in fact, not so. Even the reporter could tell and asked Qin Wanwan strangely, “Are you still getting along well with Gu Jingyu?”

Qin Wanwan smiled and said “I’m getting along very well with Senior Jingyu. I can learn many things from him.”

“Do you feel that Gu Jingyu is not easy to get along with? He’s really famous for being difficult.”

Qin Wanwan said, “Not really. Senior Jingyu is just that kind of person to everyone. I know that he takes a longer time to get familiar with people, so I didn’t feel that he was difficult to get along with either.”

However, in a while, the reporter felt that Qin Wanwan had been brutally slapped in the face.

In the next moment, the reporter very quickly captured Gu Jingyu running off to look for Lin Che. Although they were not in the same program, of all people, he went to chat enthusiastically with Lin Che and even ate from the same bucket of popcorn as her.

During the interview, Qin Wanwan could not show too ghastly an expression, but after all, it was still a little embarra.s.sing for her.

When the rehearsal ended, Gu Jingyu returned to the hotel first. Just when Lin Che was preparing to rush back as well, Qin Wanwan came over to her and said, “It looks like you and Gu Jingyu really have a pretty good relations.h.i.+p.”

Lin Che said, “Really? I think it’s alright. We only meet once in a blue moon too.”

Qin Wanwan said, “You must not have seen what he’s like in the production crew. He’s really so difficult to get along with!”

Lin Che merely said, “You just have to engage with him a little more to know that he’s actually just difficult to approach.”

Qin Wanwan could only shrug her shoulders and smile. Yu Minmin was calling Lin Che, so Lin Che waved before leaving first. While walking, she thought to herself, She did not know exactly how aloof Gu Jingyu was to other people either. Why did so many people find it inconceivable when he exchanged only a few sentences with her?

On the way back to the hotel, the neon lights extended along the streets. Lin Che looked outside the entire journey and remained silent until it was time to get out of the car.

However, just when she stepped onto the ground, Lin Che’s cell phone suddenly began to ring.

Lin Che took a look and saw that Gu Jingze was calling again.

She was a little reluctant to pick up the call but at the same time, she felt that she was simply being unreasonable.

Clearly, she did not have any right to be jealous or angry, but she simply felt very angry despite this.

She held up the phone and said, “Is something the matter again?”

“Have you arrived at the hotel?”


“It’s nothing. Wait for me at the hotel.”

“Ah?” Upon hearing Gu Jingze’s words, she was completely baffled. “You… You’re coming to S City? No way. Don’t come. I’m so busy that I could die. I’ll be staying at the venue tonight, I…”

“But I’m already here.” Gu Jingze’s deep voice did not come from the phone but from behind her.

The phone in Lin Che’s hand nearly even dropped on the ground.

She turned her head only to see Gu Jingze behind her. He was currently walking towards her in large strides, slowly but energetically; he was like a n.o.ble snow leopard in the dark night.

He looked completely worn out by the journey. As he looked at Lin Che, his gaze still seemed to carry the dust of the night. “Lin Che, what happened to you? Do you so badly not want me to come? You even said that you were going to stay at the venue. Then, why are you here now? ”

Of all things, Lin Che had not expected Gu Jingze to actually mean what he said when he said he was coming.

She was at a slight loss as to what to do. She looked at Gu Jingze in a slight panic. “Why did you come?”

Gu Jingze walked a few steps closer to her. He grabbed her hand and lifted it before starting to examine it all over. “What happened to you? Where exactly do you feel unwell? I brought the doctor over. He’ll examine you in a bit.”

Lin Che’s heart twitched. However, she still tried to pull his hands off hers. “Gu Jingze, let go of me. I don’t want to see you. Why did you follow me here? I’m not unwell. I… I’m fine. I’m just very busy and don’t have time to deal with you.”

Right now, Lin Che really did not want to see him. She was afraid that she would ramble on without thinking if she continued to speak to Gu Jingze and let out all of her resentment and bitterness towards him.

Clearly, she was aware that she had no right to be jealous. However, despite this, she could not control herself either.

Still, Gu Jingze still kept her tightly in his grip. “What exactly happened to you, Lin Che? Tell me where you’re feeling unwell. It’s not good for you to be like this.”

Lin Che raised her head and gazed at Gu Jingze. She instinctively bit her bottom lip. “I just wanted to ask you. Can you just leave me alone and stop being concerned about me from now on?”

Gu Jingze froze immediately.

Yes. It shouldn’t be impossible for him to stop caring about her and for him to leave her alone.

However, he could not do it.

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