The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 184 - Where Did This Stinky Old Lady Come From?

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Chapter 184: Where Did This Stinky Old Lady Come From?

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Lin Che heard this and thought that these people were just plain crazy. She quickly looked over at Mu Wanqing to see that she was smiling and didn’t seem angry.

However, her eyes were sharp like Gu Jingze’s and coldness flashed in them the same way Gu Jingze’s did.

Lin Che thought that this was exactly the kind of person who was brought up well. Mu Wanqing was privileged but did not have the haughtiness of a normal woman who would have immediately gotten angry by a few words. She merely looked indifferently at the nicely dressed young ladies in front of her and scoffed coldly.

Lin Che looked at them standing in front of Mu Wanqing. She could accept them insulting her but now that they were insulting the person beside her, she was even angrier than when they were bullying her.

She had already been bullied by them so many times that she got used to it. She didn’t really get angry by them anymore.

Lin Che came between them and Mu Wanqing. She looked at them, “Can’t you show some respect? You can talk down to me, but don’t implicate others. This is not the first day you guys looked down on me anyway. Just come at me with all you got.”

One of the girls grunted and looked at Lin Che, “What do you mean we looked down on you? We don’t even look at you. Don’t make it sound like we love picking on you.”

“Exactly. We have never looked at you in the eye. If you didn’t come here acting all pretentious, who would have cared to see you?”

“We’re just afraid that you can’t afford to buy things here, even though you’re still wandering about.”

“Yes, don’t go in and touch everything. How can anyone else buy the branded items that you tainted?”

“All these high-end shopping malls shouldn’t let poor people come inside in the first place. Why let just anyone in? They can’t afford anything but still touch all the things. So filthy.”

Lin Che heard them chime in one after another. She smiled coldly and looked at them.

Beside her, Mu Wanqing had witnessed everything. She turned to Lin Che and asked, “Little Che, how do you know all these crazy dogs? Seriously, your life must not have been easy all these years.”

Lin Che replied, “I don’t know either. Since they’re mad dogs, of course, they love to go around biting others. I actually don’t know them, but you saw it yourself. They love chasing after people to bite them. I guess that is a dog’s nature. It can’t be helped.”

“You…” Lin Li’s face darkened with anger.

Mu Wanqing said with a blank face, “Oh, you’re right. That’s why we should keep a distance from such mad dogs out on the streets. Little Che, let’s go.”

Lin Che nodded but before she could leave, Lin Li extended her arm and blocked her way. She asked Lin Che, “Lin Che, what do you mean by that? Are you calling your sister a mad dog? Don’t you at least have some manners?”

Mu Wanqing said, “We talk to humans in a human language and to dogs in their language. Little Che, don’t be afraid of them. I may be old but I have never come across such ill-mannered girls. I wonder what’s wrong with girls these days.”

The ladies heard this and fumed.

Looking at Mu Wanqing, Lin Li smiled and said, “Old granny, don’t feel the need to speak up for Lin Che when you need to follow her. You don’t know who is right or wrong here. We are not people you can afford to offend. Don’t go around offending people you don’t know. Or do you think that Lin Che is a star now and is already very capable? Let me tell you this. In this world, there is a cla.s.s of people that are so superior that people at your level won’t be able to understand. But I will explain it for your own good. Don’t offend us for someone who is not worthy. We are not picking a fight with you. It is just that Lin Che is too arrogant. Thus, as her sister, I’m taking the place of her mother to educate her. This has nothing to do with you.”

Mu Wanqing grunted and laughed. She looked at Lin Li, “Don’t call me an old granny. I don’t have a granddaughter as ill-mannered as you. I am lucky that I don’t. Otherwise, I would never have let such a person grow up to harm others. They would have drowned in the lake as a child.”

Lin Li looked at Mu Wanqing, “Old granny, I’m only showing respect because of your age. That’s why I wanted to tell you. Since you don’t know what’s good for you, then don’t blame us for not treating you right.”

Lin Che also looked at Lin Li, “I don’t need you to take my mom’s place to educate me. My mom may have pa.s.sed away many years ago but I still remember what she said to me about self-awareness. I also remember her telling me that a person needs to have their own boundaries first. You have no right to take my mom’s place to educate me. You don’t have an ounce of respect for a dead person. People like me with no mother to educate them are a hundred times better than you.”

“You… ”

Mu Wanqing also added, “Yes. I wonder what kind of parents could produce such a person like you. Little Che, I’m so glad that you weren’t brought up by them. You turned out so well.”

“You… Old granny, you don’t know what’s good for you. How ladies like us are brought up is none of your business, you poor old granny. You’re a reeking old person. How did the mall let you enter? Disrespectful old people like you are best at stealing things.”

Mu Wanqing raised an eyebrow, “Huh?”

The woman behind heard this and immediately asked, “Where’s the security? Why not check them to see if this old fellow stole something? After all, she probably can’t afford anything here even with her entire life. Who knows what kind of intention she had when entering this place.”

“What are we waiting for? Call the security.”

“Security, someone stole something here. Don’t you want to come and check? Seriously. Why are you letting anyone enter like this? How are you guys doing your job? How can people like us who can actually afford things continue shopping?”

A few security guards quickly came over. They looked at the whole situation and at Lin Che and Mu Wanqing. They were not quite sure what happened.

But looking at the group, they indeed looked like they were richer than Lin Che and Mu Wanqing. Lin Li and those women were already carrying bags of goods.

They were just about to go over and ask Lin Che and Mu Wanqing to leave when Lin Che stepped forwards, “You dare to do this? This is the Madam of the Gu family. If you dare to touch her, we will call the police!”

Everybody heard this and froze.

Gu family? Which Gu family?

Others may not have caught on, but Lin Li immediately knew.

After that, a bodyguard quickly came over as soon as the security guard approached them. Lin Li confirmed her understanding of the situation.

She was actually only calling Mu Wanqing ‘old granny’ on purpose. Mu Wanqing was obviously not young, but she was well-maintained and had no signs of old age.

It was just that she was simply too low-profile, so she never thought that she would be someone from the Gu family.

After all, she never expected Lin Che to be privileged enough to mix with members of the Gu family. Gu Jingze should have been just toying with her. How come she was introduced to the Gu family members?

However, the reality was truly surprising. Lin Che actually had such a standing in the Gu family now? She could even come out and shop with the Gu family’s matriarch?

Lin Li’s eyes turned. Because she did not expect it, she was so stunned that she stumbled over her words, “Gu… Madam Gu, I didn’t mean what I said just now. I’m saying…”

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 184 - Where Did This Stinky Old Lady Come From?

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