The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 211 - Gu Jingze Almost Died That Day

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Chapter 211: Gu Jingze Almost Died That Day

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Che hurriedly said, “Alright, alright, Sister Yu, I’m really fine. Do you see? I’m good.”

“I know you should be fine. You left with Gu Jingze after all. It’s just that I didn’t hear from you after that and I got worried.”

“Luckily, I made it out early so I wasn’t really harmed. I just don’t know why the elevator was like that,” Lin Che thought about it and still had a lingering fear. When she was at the company today, she didn’t dare to take the elevator.

Yu Minmin said, “You don’t know? That was no ordinary accident. Someone must have done something.”

“What?” Lin Che asked in surprise. “Someone did it?”

“That’s right. I heard that someone damaged the elevator which resulted in that incident.”

Lin Che said, “But who would do that? And who were they targeting? Gu Jingze?”

“Well, we don’t know about that. We only heard from someone in the event crew that they found out that someone did this on purpose. But it’s not clear who they were targeting.”

Lin Che said in puzzlement, “Why didn’t Gu Jingze tell me? He should have known.”

“Maybe he didn’t want you to worry. That day was indeed scary and you almost had a mishap. Thankfully, Gu Jingze’s men rescued you. His men were really fast. Everyone said that if it were up to other people, you and Gu Jingze might not have been able to make it out alive.”

Lin Che said, “Yeah, that day was indeed scary.”

“Luckily, you came out first. Later, Gu Jingze was hanging by the doors for a long time before he managed to climb out. He almost dropped down with it. I think it was only within seconds. So frightening.”

“Really? Was it that dangerous?”

Gu Jingze didn’t tell her about all these either.

Was he worried that she would be afraid?

Thinking about it, her heart warmed.

“Also, Gu Jingze made everyone keep this to themselves. I guess he didn’t want to make this a big news. After all, his ident.i.ty is special.”

“Yeah,” Lin Che said. “If anything happened to him, the Gu family would take him back for checkup and treatment. He probably didn’t want to go through that trouble.”

“In that case, having a status like his can be quite troublesome. Every matter becomes huge. I guess the pressure must be immense.”

“Yeah…” Lin Che sat down and thought about how Gu Jingze normally thought things through comprehensively. It was definitely a habit of his.

His life was full of intense work. One small mistake might result in huge consequences. That must also be tiring.

Yu Minmin said, “The company was also scared and quickly gave you a new team. You now have three a.s.sistants and two bodyguards. You’ll meet them soon. With so many people surrounding you, you’ll look especially grand.”

“No way. That’s so complicated.”

“Of course! You’re now the company’s cash cow. You’ll soon have many endors.e.m.e.nt offers. If you have just one small accident, they would lose so much.”

Lin Che said, “I used to think that it was already good enough to have an a.s.sistant to buy me food.”

“Don’t talk about food now. Just think about how you will have people a.s.sisting you when you go out,” Yu Minmin remarked.

“Wow, then there’s so much pressure on me. What if I can’t earn that much by then?”

“You”re already starting to earn money. You still have a long way to go. Don’t worry too much.”

Yu Minmin smiled and said.

Soon, the TV drama was going to be aired. Lin Che was still feeling nervous. It was her first time as the female lead. Although it wasn’t her first time partic.i.p.ating in such a popular show, she was merely a supporting role in the previous time with Gu Jingze. This time, she was the main star.

On the day of the premiere, everybody was waiting in the company. They were prepared to watch it and receive feedback.

The first episode aired. Yu Minmin and Lin Che watched it together in the office. Watching herself act, Lin Che was able to gather her experience and figure out where she performed badly.

After all, it was her first time acting in a modern show. Her facial expressions were not natural enough.

Luckily, she seemed to get used to it towards the end and she became more immersed.

While watching, Lin Che constantly scrolled her phone to see the audience’s reactions.

Because many people watched while scrolling through Weibo, there were already many comments on the topic.

She saw that most of the comments were pertinent. They remarked that the drama was really positive. Whether it was about clothes or props, it was obvious that a lot of money was spent. There were no cheap clothes.

Someone commented, “Lin Che is probably one of the newcomers with better acting skills. She acts fluently and is pretty. She probably didn’t have too much cosmetic surgery. Her expressions are all so natural.”

What did they mean by ‘too much cosmetic surgery’…

She never went under the knife once.

However, she treated that as a sign of acknowledgment. After all, it was so common to have cosmetic surgery these days. Many people used to say that her face was plastic. But they could still only look.

Where there was praise, there were naturally insults too. Some people said that Lin Che was disgusting and that she looked like the Virgin Mary. Some said that Lin Che could not compare to Qin Wanwan. Qin Wanwan’s acting skills were the best among the newcomers. She was only popular now because she hung out with Gu Jingyu. He helped her so that she had better resources.

Everybody compared her to Qin Wanwan but it couldn’t be helped. Their image was indeed similar and netizens simply loved to compare. Qin Wanwan recently became very popular and as soon as her drama ended, Lin Che’s drama immediately aired. The discussions would definitely be unlimited.

The first round of broadcast ended on TV. Next, it was their partner website.

The click rate broke a million that day.

When the viewer ratings came back three hours later, it was also at the top.

Everybody in the company cheered.

Lin Che could finally relax. She heard her phone ring and saw that it was a call from Qin Wanwan.

Lin Che picked it up and heard Qin Wanwan congratulate her, “I saw the viewer ratings. Not bad; it went to the top immediately. You almost broke the record. Congrats!”

Lin Che listened to Qin Wanwan congratulate her so magnanimously and quickly replied, “Thanks!”

“Oh right, I saw people actually comparing us online. I hope you’re not angry. The netizens have nothing better to do. Seriously, they must not know that we’re friends.”

“Of course, I don’t care about this. There are so many netizens that they will bound to have different opinions.”

“That’s good. I felt so awkward reading them.”

“Me too,” Lin Che said.

When Qin Wanwan hung up, Lin Che said to Yu Minmin, “Qin Wanwan is really a sweet talker. She called me just to apologize when it had nothing to do with her.”

Yu Minmin replied, “Yeah, whatever the netizens say is a separate matter. But this isn’t the first day she is so well-mannered. Hasn’t she always been like this?”

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 211 - Gu Jingze Almost Died That Day

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