The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 213 - Mr. President Has Been Going On Blind Dates Recently

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Chapter 213: Mr. President Has Been Going On Blind Dates Recently

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Qin Hao looked at Lin Che and quickly said, “Miss Shen, you’re too kind. Today is Madam’s day and I have no place in this at all. I only came here to book a room and I’m about to leave…”

Qin Hao hurriedly retreated outside.

Shen Youran took Lin Che’s hand and said, “You have no idea. Qin Hao is such a big deal.”

“Huh?” Lin Che was puzzled.

Shen Youran said, “It’s true. I only found out when I entered Gu Industries. Did you know that the headquarters is really big? It’s especially huge! The CEO, your husband, is on the top floor. Our department is considered not that bad already but those positions below always welcome a.s.sistant Qin every time he comes down.”

“…” Lin Che said, “Is that so?”

Shen Youran said, “You’ve been up so high for a long time. You sleep with Gu Jingze every night, so you don’t know the pain of us commoners. Anyway, I have to get close to a.s.sistant Qin so that he can help me a little. Hehe.”


“You’re only that useful.” Just then, Chen Yucheng entered from behind and plainly walked in. He glanced at Shen Youran and spoke.

Shen Youran looked at Chen Yucheng as if she had just seen a ghost, “Y-y-you! Why are you here?”

Lin Che said from behind, “What’s wrong? I invited Doctor Chen.”

Shen Youran asked speechlessly, “Why did you invite him?”

Lin Che could only say in a low voice, “Of course, I should treat Doctor Chen. He helped me a lot at home. Can’t I treat him?”

Shen Youran stared at her depressingly.

Chen Yucheng said beside her, “Why? Are you afraid to see me?”

Shen Youran straightened her back, “Ha, ha. I just want to puke when I see you. Seriously, it’s so annoying to see you every day.”

When she finished speaking, she quickly walked in.

Lin Che could only look at Shen Youran and shrugged at Chen Yucheng, “Hey, what’s going on between you two?”

Chen Yucheng could also only shrug his shoulders, “Why don’t you ask her? Ask her why she looks at me like how a mouse looks at a cat.”

Lin Che quickly chased after her to ask why the two of them were so secretive.

But just then, Yu Minmin already entered.

“Lin Che, you’re still outside greeting your guests?”

Lin Che could only welcome Yu Minmin through the door. She said to Yu Minmin, “How come you’re so late?”

Yu Minmin said, “I was helping you sort out a circular. I figured that the Gu family would have a lot of things going on during the New Year, so I helped push back those circulars that were supposed to be published over the New Year. Ah, right. Did Gu Jingze choose this place?”

“Yes. How did you know?”

“I figured that this place is too expensive for you to come to, you scrooge.”

“No way! I’m not a scrooge.”

Soon, a line of people went in. The room that Gu Jingze arranged was very large. Everyone sat down and the place was extremely lively.

Chen Yucheng ended up sitting next to Shen Youran. Shen Youran looked at him in disdain, “Why are you sitting here? Am I close to you?”

“We meet almost every day. Do you think we’re close?”

“Go away. You just want to torture me every day! You make me find doc.u.ments, deliver stuff, and be your slave!”

Chen Yucheng laughed and said, “In any case, you see me every day. How could you not be familiar with me? How about I let your boss move your desk straight to my office tomorrow?”

“What? b.a.s.t.a.r.d, don’t you dare!”

Lin Che saw Shen Youran looking indignant. She glared at Chen Yucheng and walked over to ask, “What’s going on? Why are you bickering?”

Shen Youran grunted and crunched up her nose at Chen Yucheng, showing that she was sneering at him. Then, she said to Lin Che, “No matter what, I’m here to congratulate you today on your high viewers.h.i.+p. In the future, you’re going to be Miss Perfect and then the next CEO; you will rise to the peak of the world. I can’t wait.”

“Thanks for your good wishes!”

“Lin Che, I really never thought that you would one day be so capable. Ah, being able to know such a capable person, I, Shen Youran, didn’t live for nothing.”

“Come on, what does this have to do with me? You can’t separate a team’s effort from the drama’s ability to become popular.”

Yu Minmin said at the side, “It’s also because your own acting skills were excellent. You acted well and your image was suitable. That was why you were able to clinch such a role.”

Lin Che put an arm around Yu Minmin, “And it’s all with the help of my adorable agent. Without you, I wouldn’t have today!”

“Such high praises for me!”

“But of course!”

“Alright. I guess I have to drink tonight, right?”

“That goes without saying. Haha.”

Shen Youran looked at Lin Che, “And you can’t seem to separate yourself from your hubby either! Look at you. You’ve been glowing more and more recently.”

“Get lost!” Lin Che shot a look at Shen Youran.

Shen Youran said, “But the Gu family is indeed impressive. Every member is so outstanding. Gu Jingze is so capable, Gu Jingyu is also such a hard worker, and our big president is so powerful too…”

Yu Minmin’s chopsticks moved and dropped onto the table in an instant.

She naturally picked it up without anyone noticing.

While Shen Youran ate, she said, “Oh right. You’ve been married to Gu Jingze for so long. Have you ever met Mr. President?”

“We’ve met a few times, but we rarely meet up with the family. They are all busy, Gu Jingze is busy, and the president is also busy. They rarely meet if there os nothing on.”

“Ah. So when Mr. President is at home, is he as gentlemanly as he appears on TV?”

“No… I think he’s rather mature. Of course, I’m not that familiar with him so I have no idea what he’s really like.”

“That’s true. But it’s strange enough that the president is still not married. Does he have some problem? Hehe.”

“That’s impossible,” Lin Che said. “I think he just hasn’t found the right one for him…”

“Really? You didn’t read about the speculations online. People are saying that he’s not married because he has some problem. Everybody wants to vote for Mr. President to find a partner,” Shen Youran said.

Yu Minmin continued eating while pretending not to listen.

Lin Che said, “There shouldn’t be any problems. He just can’t find the right partner. I think the family is also setting up blind dates for him. He has been going for quite a few but has never settled with any.”

“Wow, Mr. President still needs to go on blind dates… There must be a long line of girls wanting to marry him.”

“I think it’s weird too,” Lin Che remarked.

Shen Youran said, “But it’s also true. The president should find a wife who has a decent background. Maybe his range of choice is too small, so he can’t find the right person to match with.”

Lin Che turned to Yu Minmin, “Oh right. Sister Yu, you have met Mr. President before, right?”

Yu Minmin suddenly started choking on something and coughed hard.

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 213 - Mr. President Has Been Going On Blind Dates Recently

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