The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 215 - He Only Likes Your Body

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Chapter 215: He Only Likes Your Body

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Mo Huiling saw that Chen Yucheng was there too and couldn’t help feeling surprised.

“Doctor Chen? Why are you here?”

In Mo Huiling’s eyes, Chen Yucheng was just a researcher and didn’t like to interact with people or be polite with them.

He never treated her well before.

What was more infuriating was that Gu Jingze still indulged him. It was only because Chen Yucheng was his personal doctor and the only one in the world researching his illness.

Because of that, Mo Huiling tolerated him as well. As long as he could treat Gu Jingze, it would benefit her too.

So whenever they met, they didn’t talk a lot. Furthermore, they didn’t even go out to eat or have fun.

However, the way he talked to Lin Che today had some inexplicable familiarity.

Mo Huiling looked at them curiously and wondered what method Lin Che used to deal with all the people at Gu Jingze’s side.

Only Gu Jingze was kept in the dark and thought that Lin Che was very innocent.

If she didn’t have any tricks up her sleeves, how could she connect with so many people?

She definitely infiltrated slowly to Gu Jingze’s side and yet Gu Jingze had no clue.

Thinking about this, Mo Huiling stared at Lin Che and got angrier.

Especially when she thought about how Gu Jingze told her that they already had an affair.

This Lin Che was really tricky.

Mo Huiling gritted her teeth and then smiled coldly as she walked over.

Lin Che immediately guarded herself. She looked at Mo Huiling and speechlessly said, “Miss Mo, what a coincidence meeting you here.”

Mo Huiling said, “I’m celebrating a birthday with my sisters so we came here for fun. But I’ve never been to this kind of shady place down here. Lin Che, I advise you not to stay down here too long. There are too many trashy people here. The VIP rooms upstairs are super quiet. Ah, but only VIPs can enter the rooms upstairs. You need to have a members.h.i.+p card that’s only obtainable with an annual spending of a million dollars. I suppose you guys don’t have that kind of spending power, right?”

Lin Che laughed, “I’m just here for fun. The place doesn’t matter.”

Mo Huiling looked at Chen Yucheng, “Doctor Chen, why are you here too? I thought that Doctor Chen wouldn’t come to a messy place like this.”

As she spoke, she looked at the surroundings with disdain.

Chen Yucheng really hated this Mo Huiling. She never looked happy to see him either.

Thus, Gu Jingze was actually a very charismatic boss. He knew that Chen Yucheng’s att.i.tude towards Mo Huiling was not good, but he didn’t mind as long as Chen Yucheng was professional in his work.

Chen Yucheng said, “I think this place is rather fine as it’s not that messy. Money is hard-earned. Even if we do have the money, we shouldn’t be spending it like water. If you spend a million dollars a year here, wouldn’t you be better off using it to help students in need? It’s much better to perform a good deed.”

“You…” Was he implying that she was wasting money?

Especially since Mo Huiling actually never earned money before. Everything she spent belonged to her family. Thankfully, her family was loaded. Otherwise, if she was like this in an ordinary family, it would have been a disaster.

Mo Huiling glared at Chen Yucheng and was too lazy to entertain his smugness. She looked at Chen Yucheng and said, “I want to talk to Lin Che alone. That shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

Chen Yucheng looked at Lin Che and said, “No way. Mrs. Gu’s safety is also my jurisdiction. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be charging so much of President Gu’s consultation fees.”

“You… ”

Mo Huiling gritted her teeth and said, “You’re so protective of Lin Che.”

She looked at Lin Che again, “I really have to hand it to you. You have so many people protecting you, especially men. I definitely don’t have this ability.”

Lin Che said, “We’re all friends. Friends will naturally look out for each other. You probably never had a true friend so you won’t understand.”

“Lin Che, I have plenty of friends, but none are as low-cla.s.s as you!”

Chen Yucheng wanted to speak up but Lin Che said to him, “Doctor Chen, it’s alright. Whatever Miss Mo wants to say to me, she can just say it. If it’s good, I’ll listen. If it isn’t, I won’t put it to heart. You can go inside first. Miss Mo won’t do anything to me anyway. Otherwise, if something happens to me, you know that I’m with her. Do you think she will be able to get away with it? Thus, the one who should be more worried about my safety is Miss Mo.”

Chen Yucheng listened to her and nodded, “Shout for me if anything happens.”


Chen Yucheng proudly glanced at Mo Huiling and then left them alone.

Mo Huiling looked at him in a haughty manner and then snorted. She turned to Lin Che and said, “Lin Che, seriously. For Jingze’s reputation, you shouldn’t continue being some actor. I watched everything just now. An actor is just an actor. It sounds terrible, but you still continue to do it. If you have no money, I can always spare you some. But to sell yourself like this for money, have you ever considered Jingze’s opinions?”

Her words were so ugly that the good-tempered Lin Che could not tolerate it.

“What do you mean by that? I have my own pursuits. It’s not about money; it’s about my career. Please be more respectful with your words. Gu Jingze never said anything about it. What right do you have to say anything about what I do?” Lin Che was extremely provoked by those words, so she hardened herself.

“This is called a pursuit? A woman should know how to sacrifice herself for her husband. Haven’t you thought about how your behavior would affect Jingze? Hmph. You don’t deserve to be Jingze’s wife at all. I really don”t understand why he would be with someone like you,” Mo Huiling said with detest.

Lin Che scoffed coldly, “Even after marriage, Gu Jingze and I are still two separate individuals. We have our own lives to live and we don’t compromise our careers or goals just because of our marriage. I believe that is what a real marriage should be like. You must get along together and also be independent. I do not think that I don’t deserve Jingze at all!”

“Ha, that is why you have such a low-cla.s.s mindset. I know why you dare to say all this to me now. It’s only because Gu Jingze touched you and played with your body, so you think you’ve already gained Gu Jingze, right? Let me tell you this. Dream on!”

Talking like this, Mo Huiling’s heart contorted in anger, “Don’t worry. The woman in Gu Jingze’s heart will forever be me. I’ve been by his side for so many years and have been his only love all these years. Even if he’s interested in you at the moment, he will get sick of you after using you for a while. When the time comes, he will simply toss you aside. I’ll see how long you can be so arrogant. Hmph.”

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 215 - He Only Likes Your Body

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