The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 263 - Her Coverage That Day Turned Out To Be Huge

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Chapter 263: Her Coverage That Day Turned Out To Be Huge

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It was over. There was no way they were going to watch the movie…

Lin Che gasped quietly. She pushed Gu Jingze away and he said softly, “Let’s go.”

“But the movie…”

“If we stay here any longer I might just… eat you up right here…”

“…” Lin Che speechlessly said, “Why are you so…”

Gu Jingze replied, “You’re asking me? Why don’t you ask yourself? If you wanted it so badly, why didn’t you just say it?”

“…” Lin Che immediately blushed.

Gu Jingze said, “You’re almost sucking me in. How can I resist that?”


They couldn’t stay in the cinema any longer. Gu Jingze pulled her along and went home.

This whole night had really been tiring.

Gu Jingze lied down on the bed. He tapped Lin Che’s nose and said, “Tonight, you’re going to squeeze me dry.”

Lin Che wanted to cry. What did it have to do with her?

Gu Jingze said, “Let’s sleep. Don’t touch me again. Otherwise, neither of us are going to be able to sleep tonight.” He kissed her forehead and added, “I already haven’t slept for two days. If I still have to serve you now, you might just become a widow.”

Lin Che heard this and couldn’t help but worry about Gu Jingze, “How come… Why didn’t you sleep in the past two days?”

“I was just busy,” he replied.

Lin Che quickly said, “Go sleep then. Don’t talk anymore.”

Her heart was very moved. He actually didn’t sleep for two days. Why didn’t he say anything before?

She wouldn’t have suggested catching a movie then.

This man was really too stubborn.

Lin Che thought, It looked like the filthy rich really didn’t have it easy. She sighed and watched him. Not long after he laid there, he really fell asleep. Her eyes traced his perfect shape. She couldn’t resist and lowered her head towards him, planting a gentle kiss on the tip of his nose.

Perhaps, it wasn’t just a little temptation towards him…

The next day.

It only took one night for news of the Panda TV Festival to flood the pages.

From the red carpet to the awards and celebration party, there was plenty of news. The reporters caught a lot of information that others didn’t manage to.

The biggest article was naturally focused on Mu Feiran.

Whether it was her clothes or her prowess during the ceremony, she was amazing.

However, besides Mu Feiran, the next biggest article turned out to be Lin Che’s.

Because when the reporters headed back, they received information that some people recognized Lin Che’s clothes and jewelry that night. The things she wore were extremely pricey and many couldn’t have been bought with money.

Many artists also secretly speculated about who exactly was Lin Che’s support. Her get-up was too expensive. Just how powerful did her support need to be in order to give her all those?

Furthermore, these were clearly not sponsored. Everybody knew that these brands would never look for endors.e.m.e.nts.

Thus, this meant that all her clothes and accessories were bought. Clearly, her support was someone very rich and powerful.

This was naturally only one point. The other point was that the reporters captured her interaction with Gu Jingyu. The two of them looked intimate and would have made anybody imagine things. Meanwhile, she also seemed to get along well with Mu Feiran and that made many envy her. What exact abilities did Lin Che have for her to also be able to get along with such big shots?

After that, there was also a special write-up on her reaction to winning the online poll award.

Her stunned and wooden expression was simply too funny.

This vivid performance sent everyone into a heated discussion. They thought that Lin Che was really a blur and a dazed celebrity. It made her all the more likable.

All these segments put together seemed to take up an entire page.

In comparison, Qin Wanwan’s expensive jewelry from major sponsors obviously was not talked about, even though they should have also been worth mentioning. They were merely sponsors and although they were big brands, they did not look as good as Lin Che’s clothes and jewelry. Every extra penny deserved its value. Big brands were selling their brand names. The real good stuff was all those unknown things owned by the filthy rich.

Lin Che received many congratulatory greetings in the company.

Although it was just an online poll award, everyone thought that it was already very great.

However, some artists in the company still treated her coldly. They thought that it was embarra.s.sing that she didn’t win after being nominated. But when they won an award, they also had a big coverage in the papers. They knew that they were already winners in this Panda TV Festival.

Yu Minmin said to Lin Che, “You must work harder next time.”

Lin Che nodded, knowing that she had a long way to go along her path. She said, “I really need to thank you for all these years, Sister Yu.”

Yu Minmin laughed and said, “To be honest, I actually didn’t think that you would become famous in the beginning.”

“Why? Were my qualifications that bad?” Lin Che asked speechlessly.

Yu Minmin said, “You’re too dumb and silly. Also, your temper is embarra.s.sing. But perhaps good things always come to good people.”

Yang Lingxin followed behind. She looked at the jewelry on Lin Che and said, “Yes, Sister Yu. And Sister Che, you still have Gu Jingze to help you. These accessories look so pretty. They are actually so expensive.”

Lin Che said, “Maybe Gu Jingze only borrowed them…”

But looking at the accessories, Yang Lingxin’s eyes continued to sparkle.

Lin Che only thought that this child was like this because she never saw such things before. Thus, she didn’t say much.

Just then, Lin Che received a call from home and she picked it up.

Yu Minmin said, “Alright, let’s not look at the reports anymore.”

Yang Lingxin said enviously, “Sister Che is so gorgeous this time. It’s so good to be a star. So glamorous.”

“That’s because you never saw how much Lin Che suffered when she was a small fry. And not everybody can be as hardworking and lucky as Lin Che.”

“Yes, Sister Che is very lucky,” she said.

At this time, Lin Che returned and said to Yu Minmin, “It turns out that Mr. President’s birthday is in a few days.”

Yu Minmin’s eyes flashed after hearing Mr. President’s name.

Lin Che said, “The Gu family is going to have a gathering and it seems like Mr. President is going to be there too.”

“Really?” Yu Minmin said, “Then, I guess you’re going to be busy soon.”

Yu Minmin looked outside. Mr. President’s birthday…

Actually, there were already talks of it outside. Mr. President’s fans already started celebrating online a few days ago.

It was just that Gu Jingming always kept a low profile and never really celebrated his birthday. C Nation’s media quickly spread news of it around and celebrated Gu Jingming’s birthday themselves.

Yu Minmin looked and closed the news. She told Lin Che that she was going to head home.

Lin Che asked, “Do you want to go together on that day?”

Yu Minmin said, “No, I have something to do at home.”

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 263 - Her Coverage That Day Turned Out To Be Huge

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