The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 277 - Sent Her Off To Filming And Couldn't Bear To Part

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Chapter 277: Sent Her Off To Filming And Couldn't Bear To Part

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The last time Lin Che took part in a reality show, she was only a guest. This was the first time that she was partic.i.p.ating as a proper member.

Gu residence.

Lin Che's luggage was already packed and placed in the living room.

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che's neat outfit and instructed her, "Be careful. If anything happens, remember to call me."

Lin Che nodded. She felt nervous thinking about having to stay there for a week, especially knowing that she was going to film with so many people. She was afraid that she would not perform well. After all, she lacked experience in this kind of filming.

"Do you have everything?" he looked at the luggage and asked.

"Yeah, the maids helped me. The crew members will take care of me when I'm there so I shouldn't have any problems," Lin Che said.

Gu Jingze caressed her palm and looked at her pet.i.te face, "Be good in school. You're not allowed to get too close to other guys. Remember that you're a woman with a husband."

"What? I'm a woman of morals, okay? When I promised that I wouldn't have any other man when I'm with you, I really wasn't going to," she still remembered clearly in their agreement. She claimed that she wouldn't do anything during their marriage to bring him shame. Of course, she wouldn't interact with other men either.

Anyway, after being by Gu Jingze's side for so long, there really wasn't any man out there who could move her heart.

When she looked at them, she thought that every man was childish and ugly. n.o.body looked as good as Gu Jingze.

Hearing Lin Che say that made Gu Jingze's eyebrows move a little.

Lin Che, "Okay, I'm going. I'm still in B City anyway, so you can relax. Nothing is going to happen."

Gu Jingze said, "Who knows if something will really happen, you troublesome sprite?"

He felt that as long as she was out of his sight, something might happen.

He also felt that he was being draggy, but he couldn't help but worry about her safety.

It was all this little woman's fault. She caused trouble way too easily. She was always such a blur and was so loud. If he didn't usually send more people to watch her, she would have been in trouble more times than this.

She turned back, thinking about how she wasn't going to see him for a week. She couldn't bear it. She gazed deeply at Gu Jingze's tall and handsome stature. She stared hard and reluctantly released her hand.

Just then, Gu Jingze suddenly grabbed her hand again.

She sat on his lap and before she could react, his lips were already prying hers apart. His long tongue drilled in and he bit her lip pa.s.sionately and forcefully ****.

Lin Che sat on him and squirmed uncomfortably. Rubbing against him and feeling his leg, her face blushed a bright red.

It was hard to part, but they had to.

He let go of her lips and looked at her delicate expression. He held her face, "Be good while I'm not by your side. Control yourself even if you can't take it and I'll make it up to you when you come back. But don't go flirting around with other guys."

"Who can't take it?!" Lin Che pushed against his chest. "Do you think that everyone is really perverted like you?"

Gu Jingze laughed and said, "I've been filling you up these past few days but you're going to sleep alone for the next few days. You might not stop thinking about it."

"Get lost! I have self-control, okay?"

"That's because you were inexperienced last time. Now that you've been unraveled by me, do you think that you won't think about it?"

"You… Only you will…"

"Anyway, call me if you think about it."

Lin Che blushed. She got up and took her luggage as she walked towards the door, "Who's thinking of you? Hmph. I won't think about you."

Gu Jingze stood there as he watched Lin Che escape in a fl.u.s.ter. He shook his head helplessly. This worrisome brat.

Thinking about how there were going to be some male actors living with her, he still felt worried.

This woman had no idea how attractive she was. She was like a magnet that slowly drew in men.

Even that pure-hearted idiot, Gu Jingyu, grew appreciative of her. It was obvious that she had a large attracting power.

Gu Jingze took a deep breath, but his heart still couldn't relax.

The best high school in B City.

The school's atmosphere was famous for being free. It was internationally renowned, the campus was big, the scenery was beautiful. It was an inst.i.tution that had always been praised.

It was cla.s.s time and the school was bustling with people.

The camera crew was already set up outside. When Lin Che came in with her luggage, a camera was already following her in.

The minute she stepped through the school gates, a group of students surrounded her.

Voices were exclaiming, "Lin Che, Lin Che."

"Lin Che, I like you a lot."

"Lin Che, I watched all of your shows."

"Lin Che, I'm your fan."

The crew quickly ushered them away. Lin Che smiled at everyone sheepishly and said, "Don't panic, kids. We are all going to be cla.s.smates over the next few days. Let's be courteous to each other and talk slowly."

Everyone laughed as they watched Lin Che go in to report.

"h.e.l.lo, I am Lin Che."

"Oh, Lin Che. Go to Year 2 Cla.s.s 3."

Lin Che took her luggage and did the necessary procedures. Besides the crew, Lin Che's own company crew also followed behind her. They had to ensure that the filming ran smoothly in order to avoid trouble.

The whole group of people walked forward with Lin Che, causing heads to turn.

Some students exclaimed in amazement, "Wow, is that Lin Che?"

"Yeah, a big star is really something. She has so many people following her."

"Seeing her makes me want to be a star too."

"You? No way. So many people want to be a star, but only a few can become famous. Just take a look at how pretty Lin Che is."

Just at that moment, another person exclaimed, "Wow, look! Xin Xiaoyuan is here."

Xin Xiaoyuan was much grander than Lin Che. There were more than ten people behind her, following her into the school. It was very apparent. Fans and students at the side screamed nonstop as she walked into the school wearing shades.

In the hostel, Yang Lingxin was instructed to help Lin Che unpack.

Yang Lingxin said, "Seriously, you still need to take part in some reality show when you're filming a movie."

Lin Che said, "This is also a type of publicity. There'll be plenty of ads before, during, and after. We should accommodate in any way that we can."

"Right, that Xin Xiaoyuan brought a lot of people with her just now. Sister Yu wanted me to come alone. If we knew sooner, we should have let Little Tao and the rest come here to help Sister Che too."

Lin Che said, "Actually, I can manage myself but Sister Yu was just worried. It's not like I've never stayed in a school before."

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 277 - Sent Her Off To Filming And Couldn't Bear To Part

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