The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 278 - This Time She Was Definitely Not Giving In

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Chapter 278: This Time She Was Definitely Not Giving In

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“No way. You’re a star now, Sister Che. Of course, it’s going to be different from when you stayed in school last time. Look at Xin Xiaoyuan’s entourage.”

Lin Che heard this and she looked up at Yang Lingxin, “Little Xin, celebrities aren’t some special people who need an entourage. I want to make a name for myself, manage by myself while also being admired and liked by people. Whether there is an entourage or not doesn’t matter. All this is for others to see. It’s okay to make people envious once in a while, but it’s very annoying to be followed by so many people daily.”

Yang Lingxin listened to Lin Che. She looked at Lin Che with her huge eyes and laughed, “I got it, Sister Che. It’s my bad. I shouldn’t have thought that way.”

“You did nothing wrong and I’m not lecturing you. I’m just telling you my opinion.”

“Yes, yes, I know. I just can’t get used to seeing so many people following that Xin Xiaoyuan.”

Just then, there was a commotion outside and not long after, they saw that Xin Xiaoyuan was here.

The entourage walked in too. The small dormitory was suddenly filled with people and it was especially irritating.

Lin Che pulled Yang Lingxin to sit down and waited for Xin Xiaoyuan to finish unpacking. Some of her a.s.sistants then left the place.

There was finally some breathing s.p.a.ce and Xin Xiaoyuan looked up at Lin Che’s seat. She paused and then gracefully stood up. Looking in Lin Che’s direction, she said to the director, “I want that bed.”

The director froze as he looked at Lin Che. He said to Xin Xiaoyuan, “Xiaoyuan, the beds are all a.s.signed. It’s not good to suddenly request for a change…”

Xin Xiaoyuan said, “The lighting there is good. I want that spot.”

The director looked at the two of them hesitantly, not knowing what to do.

Xin Xiaoyuan saw that the director was still looking at the two of them, hesitant in deciding. She laughed coldly, “Director, you know that I’ve been in this circle for years and this is the first time I’m taking part in a show like this. The committee already agreed to take good care of me. I also only came here for the sake of the movie’s Director Fan. But what is the meaning of this now? Can’t you let me change positions?”

Xin Xiaoyuan was not easy to please and people in the circle have heard about this. However, she already placed her belongings where she wanted and n.o.body dared to say anything.

Xin Xiaoyuan looked at Lin Che. Lin Che fidgeted and gazed back at Xin Xiaoyuan. How could she not know that Xin Xiaoyuan was intentionally picking on her?

From their last meeting at the annual gathering, Xin Xiaoyuan had always been picking on her but they had not met since then. This time, they ended up being in the same show. Xin Xiaoyuan definitely was not going to let her off.

Xin Xiaoyuan looked up. There was no Gu Jingyu here to protect her. Xin Xiaoyuan wanted to see just what this Lin Che had up her sleeves.

Lin Che looked up at Xin Xiaoyuan, “Sister Xiaoyuan, the cameras already filmed us in our positions just now. If you suddenly change positions, wouldn’t the audience find that weird?”

Xin Xiaoyuan laughed, “Don’t you have any common sense? They can cut that part out and they can do a retake. There are plenty of solutions.”

Lin Che sat there and did not budge, “The crew does not have it easy then. Let’s not trouble them.”

“Ha, Lin Che. Don’t act like you care about others while I don’t. I’m the one being filmed. Of course, my feelings are important. If I’m in a bad mood, the footage will turn out bad. Are you going to be responsible for that? Hmph. I’ve been in this circle for years. I know more than a fledgling like you. You don’t need to show your ignorance in front of me.”

Lin Che’s eyes narrowed as she looked at Xin Xiaoyuan, “Since Sister Xiaoyuan said that, then as a person being filmed, my emotions are very important too. If we swapped positions, my mood will be bad too.”

“You… ”

“Wasn’t this what Sister Xiaoyuan just taught me? I’m learning from you,” Lin Che said and raised a brow.

“Lin Che, who do you think you are? Do you dare to talk back to me? Your feelings? Do you really think that your feelings are important? Hmph. Do you think you are at the same level as me now that you can film in ‘Captor Fairy’? Ha, you entered the cast by relying on your relations.h.i.+p with Gu Jingyu. You still dare to show off in front of me!”

The director watched as the two of them began quarreling the moment they entered. He was caught in the middle and didn’t know what to do.

“Girls, please calm down. Lin Che, why don’t you…”

“Director, I may be a newcomer and should respect the elders according to traditions, but I don’t want to swap positions.”

She got bullied by Xin Xiaoyuan just as she got here. If she gave in today, she was going to be bullied even more. Thus, Lin Che knew that she absolutely could not give in today. Otherwise, would she still be able to film the next seven days?

The director didn’t expect Lin Che to be so brave. She dared to quarrel with Xin Xiaoyuan and even insult Xin Xiaoyuan. He was at a loss.

“You… Lin Che, you dare…”

Lin Che looked up, “What? What does Sister Xiaoyuan want to do? Are you going to quit the show in your moment of anger?”

Xin Xiaoyuan choked.

She was selected for the movie through her own audition. Gu Jingyu’s movies weren’t easy to enter. If her image, acting skills, and target audience weren’t right, she wouldn’t have been chosen. There were many other suitable compet.i.tors too, but she was lucky to arrive first and catch the director’s eye.

It was not easy for her to land the role. How could she give it up?

The reality show was for the movie. If she didn’t take part in the reality show, how could she film for the movie?

She glared at Lin Che and stood up angrily. Her face scrunched up as she forcefully scoffed at Lin Che, “Fine! Just you wait and see, Lin Che!”

She opened the door and stomped out.

Yang Lingxin looked at the situation and then at Lin Che.

“Sister Che…”

Lin Che took a deep breath and said to Yang Lingxin, “It’s fine. She was definitely not going to leave. You go on ahead. I’m going to start filming.”

Yang Lingxin said, “Isn’t it bad to offend her? She has such a huge entourage. I’m afraid that she might sabotage you. She looks like she’s extremely capable of such things.”

Lin Che said, “Nevermind. There’s always a solution to a problem.”

Yang Lingxin asked in puzzlement, “Sister Che, President Gu is so rich and dotes on you so much. Why don’t you just quit? You still have to subject yourself to such bullying.”

Lin Che replied, “Dote on me? At which part do you think that he dotes on me? We… We’re good now, but it’s not what you think.”

“Of course, President Gu is so good to you.”

“Yes, he’s good to me. However, a woman must have her own career. Who knows what’s going to happen in the future, right? You can’t pin all your hopes on a man, do you understand?”

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 278 - This Time She Was Definitely Not Giving In

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