The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 297 - Who Is Here With A Row Of Cars Outside

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Chapter 297: Who Is Here With A Row Of Cars Outside

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Gone to see Granny?

She took the plane and then the train before she reached the town on the outskirts. Since it was far away, n.o.body would recognize her even if she wore a cap and

n.o.body here would ever believe that a celebrity would come here out of the blue.

When Lin Che got out of the car, Granny was already waiting to see her.

She even reached out and offered to help Lin Che take her belongings.

Lin Che quickly said, “Granny, it’s alright. I can do it myself. I’m younger and stronger. I don’t need you to carry my stuff.”

Granny smiled and said, “You traveled so far and this place is so small and run-down. You must be tired. You must not have sat in such an old train in a long time. It’s especially rackety, unlike the silent trains in the city.

“Granny, you must be talking about the high-speed rail. That’s the latest and this place will have such trains in the future.”

Lin Che had not taken such an old train in a very long time but she didn’t think too much into it.

This place was indeed small and there were no high-rise buildings in the distance. There were also no high-end hotels in the vicinity. However, the air really made her feel comfortable.

Lin Che and Granny very quickly began walking towards her home.

On the way, many people were checking Lin Che out as she walked with Qiu Shuyun.

Everybody was very curious about the two strangers in this small place.

“Old Mrs. Qiu, who is this lovely lady?”

Qiu Shuyun smiled and said, “This is my granddaughter.”

“Wow, your granddaughter is back. You’ve always been telling me about her. I didn’t expect her to be so pretty.”

“But of course. She looks just like her mother.”

“She dresses really elegantly. I can immediately tell that she must be from a big city.”

“Yes yes. She came from B City.”

Granny’s long-time neighbors all looked very simple. They smiled and greeted Lin Che when they saw her.

Lin Che felt shy from all the praise. She could only lower her head slightly and follow Granny into a simple room.

The house was about fifty square meters big and it looked extremely worn.

Lin Che looked at Granny with a tinge of sourness.

Embarra.s.sed, Granny said, “It’s too small and dirty. You probably won’t get used to this.”

“Not at all. It’s very clean but just a bit old. I’ll get used to it. I can get used to anything. This is Granny’s home, so it is my home too. Why wouldn’t I get used to my own home?”

“Yes, yes. This is your family home,” Granny felt happy with Lin Che’s words. She immediately went out to make food for Lin Che.

Lin Che didn’t want to trouble Granny, but she came here herself and Granny wanted to make food for her to show her love. She couldn’t reject it.

After a while, she churned out a bowl of noodles. Lin Che ate it and thought that it was very fragrant.

“Was it nice?” Granny asked her nervously.

Lin Che nodded, “Yes, it’s like what Mom used to make.”

“Ah, your mother. We brought her up like this. We were poor, but we never made her do anything. That’s why she only learned how to cook some noodles.”

Lin Che looked at Granny and put an arm around her, “Granny is the best. Mom always missed Granny a lot.”

In the afternoon, Lin Che wore her clothes and walked outside with Granny.

This place was small, but the scenery was not bad. It was not like a bustling city so there were not many pedestrians.

The people curiously looked at Lin Che.

Granny was outside picking vegetables when a neighbor came over to look at Lin Che. The neighbor said, “This lady looks fair and tender. You must not be doing any hard work. Then again, people in the big city don’t really do any hard work.”

Lin Che smiled and said, “No, we all work hard too. I just inherited Granny’s good skin. She must have been much tender than me when she was young.”

“Well, this lady knows how to talk. You’re from the big city for a reason. Your words are so sweet. Young lady, are you married?”

Lin Che paused. There was a moment of hesitation in her smile.

She was married to a husband, but…

Lin Che smiled and nodded.

Granny smiled and said, “Our Little Che married exceptionally well. He’s especially protective of Little Che and she lives in an incredibly huge house. He’s very rich and only treats Little Che well.”

The neighbor was rather incredulous and said, “Woah, you make it sound so good. Is there really such a good man on Earth?”

Men turned bad when they had money. Many people felt that way.

Granny did not argue and only said, “Yes, Jingze is that good a man. Little Che is very blissful now.”

Yes, she should have been satisfied. Others envied her. She thought that she really should count her blessings.

Gu Jingze was so good, so rich, so handsome, and treated her well.

So many normal marriages were for superficial reasons. How many marriages were actually because of love?

She was being too greedy and emotional.

Just then, her phone rang.

She looked down and saw Gu Jingze’s name. Was he back? Why did he suddenly call her?

She took up her phone and answered the call.

In the phone, Gu Jingze asked with a demanding tone, “Why did you suddenly go visit Granny?”

Lin Che looked at the leaves on the side of the road, “No reason, I just missed Granny. Why?”

“Really? Is it only because you missed Granny? Why didn’t you tell me earlier then?”

“Aren’t you out of town?”

Wasn’t he out of town attending some summit with some Lu Chuxia person?

Lin Che thought about that image and she felt uncomfortable.

An inseparable marriage should have been like this: two people working hard together, going on work trips together, and having discussions together.

However, she was too stupid. She couldn’t even understand Gu Jingze’s work.

“I can answer calls when I’m out of town!” Gu Jingze’s voice hardened.

“I… I was afraid of disturbing your work.”

“Lin Che, why do you sound weird? Did something happen?” Gu Jingze was starting to get suspicious.

Why did she suddenly leave just the day after filming with Gu Jingyu?

“Okay okay, I’m hanging up. I need to help Granny,” she said and quickly ended the call.

Granny looked up and asked, “What happened? Was it Jingze?”

“Ah… Yes.”

“What did he say? Is he worried about you coming here?”

“No, he was just asking some things. Come on, Granny. I’ll help you take the vegetables.”

Life in a small town was simple and slow.

An afternoon slowly pa.s.sed.

When the sun was setting.

Suddenly, a line of cars rolled into the street and drew everyone’s attention.

Several households poked their curious heads out as they looked outside.

Granny heard some noise.

She peeked out from the door.

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 297 - Who Is Here With A Row Of Cars Outside

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