The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 307 - Seems Like You Don’t Know Gu Jingze Well

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Chapter 307: Seems Like You Don’t Know Gu Jingze Well

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Lu Chuxia said, “Really? I’ve been coming here more often, especially recently.”

She spoke as she intentionally glanced at Gu Jingze.

In front of so many people, Lu Chuxia couldn’t say too much. She glanced at him and s.h.i.+fted her eyes away.

Mu Wanqing said behind, “Alright, alright. Let’s not stand here and talk. We can go in and chat some more.”

They filed in and Gu Jingze said plainly to Lin Che, “Sit wherever you like. You can keep my mother company. I’m going to see Grandfather.”

“Yeah, okay,” Lin Che waved at Gu Jingze and left him to his own matters.

Gu Jingyan saw Gu Jingze leave. She thought for a while and followed behind.

Gu Jingze walked along the corridor to Gu Xiande’s room.

Grandpa Gu was already living a secluded life and it was rare to see him at home. However, he still needed to greet him every time he came here as a formality.

Gu Jingyan looked at Gu Jingze and called out, “Second Brother.”

Gu Jingze turned around, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing,” Gu Jingyan caught up to him and said. “Has Chuxia been pestering you recently?”

“It’s no bother,” Gu Jingze replied. “She can do whatever she pleases.”

“I’ve already advised her but she refused to listen. I thought about it too. It’s best to leave this kind of stubborn person to her own devices. Once she gets hurt, she’ll stop.”

Gu Jingze replied, “Yeah.”

“But if Sister-in-law knows about it… Won’t she get unhappy?”

“I didn’t tell her,” Gu Jingze said.

“Why?” Gu Jingyan looked up and asked.

Gu Jingze replied, “It’s not necessary.”

Gu Jingyan paused and then nodded understandingly. He made sense. Since there wasn’t going to be any fruition, there was no need to tell Lin Che and make matters worse.

Gu Jingyan said, “Alright, then I’ll go first. Go on and see Grandfather, Second Brother.”


Gu Jingyan always knew that Gu Jingze was a man of few words. She looked speechlessly at Gu Jingze and said, “Sister-in-law is rather pitiful. She has to be with you and you hardly talk. You’re so boring. Sigh…”

Gu Jingze frowned, “Just mind your own business!”

Gu Jingyan huffed and left.

Lin Che also did not disturb Mu Wanqing. She knew that Mu Wanqing usually looked carefree, but she was definitely busy taking care of such a big family.

Lin Che looked around the yard, watered the flowers, and tidied up some things at the side.

A maid saw Lin Che even plucking the weeds, hurriedly went over, and said, “Young Madam, please put that down. I’ll do it. You shouldn’t be doing such rough work.”

Lin Che smiled and said, “I have nothing to do and I saw that these flowers were pretty, so I decided to do something.”

The maid smiled and looked at Lin Che, “Young Madam, if Second Young Master sees this, he will definitely scold us. Second Young Master treats Young Madam so well that he won’t bear for you to do such things.”

Lin Che asked speechlessly, “What’s there to bear? This is nothing.”

“Young Madam, you’re too kind. No wonder Second Young Master and Ma’am like you so much.”

Lin Che heard this and smiled shyly. Her face turned red as she played with her hair. She thought it was good when people liked her. Although she felt that she never did anything, perhaps this family really didn’t do anything. Thus, her little gestures made the maids very grateful. To her, this was a small matter. Back at the Lin household, she was just like the maids, doing all the and work.

Unknown to her, Lu Chuxia was already standing behind and watching this whole scene.

Lu Chuxia had been secretly watching Lin Che.

She underestimated Lin Che, so she wanted to see how Lin Che was like. Now that she saw her, she thought that Lin Che’s beauty may become a huge obstacle for her.

However, she was a girl from an ordinary family. She looked so normal.

Lu Chuxia huffed and walked over.

When Lin Che turned around, she saw Lu Chuxia proudly walking over and stood there.

Lu Chuxia stared at Lin Che, unceremoniously looking her up and down, “I was still thinking why everybody spoke so fondly of you.”

Lin Che smiled, “What do you mean, Miss Lu?”

Lu Chuxia said, “I’m still wondering how exactly you made Gu Jingze give up on Mo Huiling.”

Lin Che frowned, obviously feeling that this Lu Chuxia person was filled with hostility.

Lu Chuxia said, “Now, I understand. You have some cunning little moves, attracting people’s attention in such a low way.”

Lin Che’s face immediately fell. She looked at Lu Chuxia and smiled coldly, “Miss Lu, what exactly are you getting at?”

Lu Chuxia said, “Weren’t you trying to win people over just now?”

Lin Che scoffed, “I’m sorry, win people over? I don’t need to do that.”

“You don’t need to do that? Of course, you would need to make these maids think that you’re good so that they will stand on your side. However, we don’t need these little tricks. But I guess it makes sense. You don’t have power in your family, no background, and you can’t bring any benefit to the Gu family. You only know how to tie Gu Jingze down. If you don’t use a few more little tricks so that people will be positive about you, there is really nothing good about you. It’s only a pity that these tricks won’t last long. After you use them too many times, the maids will get used to it and n.o.body will find you special anymore. But it’s only because we don’t normally do all these things and that’s why they find you special. You should be well aware that these little tricks won’t last long.”

Lin Che looked speechlessly at Lu Chuxia, “Miss Lu, your imagination has gone really far. It’s just a pity that you’re thinking too much. I really have no need for your so-called little tricks.”

“Really? Nevermind, I get it. You’ll never admit it no matter what.”

Lin Che replied, “No matter what you think, I really don’t need to. I am the Young Madam of this family and Gu Jingze’s wife. No matter what I do, they can only say good things about me because they know who will be the future headmistress of this house!”

Lu Chuxia froze.

Lin Che scoffed and grazed past Lu Chuxia’s shoulder, “It looks like you don’t really understand Gu Jingze that well. Otherwise, you would never say such things.”

Lu Chuxia was starting to panic, but she stared disdainfully at Lin Che as she left.

Fine, fine. She underestimated Lin Che this time.

Without any tricks, how could she let the Gu family acknowledge her status?

It looked like she should not belittle Lin Che in the future.

In the future, it seemed like this Lin Che was worthy of being her opponent…

Lin Che left the yard and only stopped when she reached the front.

Lin Che thought that Lu Chuxia indeed didn’t understand Gu Jingze. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have said those words just now and think that she committed some trick to marry Gu Jingze. That was not the case. She was able to marry Gu Jingze because of his illness.

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 307 - Seems Like You Don’t Know Gu Jingze Well

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