The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 311 - Her Photo With Gu Jingze Was Exposed

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Chapter 311: Her Photo With Gu Jingze Was Exposed

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Yu Minmin said to Lin Che, “She’s definitely recalcitrant. That’s why she is spreading this online. She knows that Gu Jingyu won’t bother about fans talking. As long as she doesn’t admit that she was behind this, Gu Jingyu can’t do anything to her.”

Lin Che said, “In any case, she can go ahead. It’s just a debate between fans. I’m not going to partic.i.p.ate.”

Meanwhile, Xin Xiaoyuan would stir things up with her fans. She said that her fans were suddenly dragged into the water for no reason and scolded by an army. She was implying that Lin Che didn’t take care of her own fans.

She appeared to be very loyal and said on her Weibo that she was a straightforward person. She would not play any tricks and anybody could go straight to her if they had an opinion. They didn’t have to drag her fans down as her fans were innocent.

She made it such that Lin Che looked like she was intentionally bullying herself.

Lin Che didn’t want to bother with it but as she saw that those people were insulting her online daily, she couldn’t be happy.

But just then, Gu Jingyu suddenly posted on Weibo saying that Lin Che was the first female lead. This was decided from the beginning and n.o.body had any objections. The poster was also approved by the company before it got published. An actor’s purpose was to act their role well. Actors had no rights to change anything else. This was the entire crew’s responsibility, so it wasn’t just one director alone who could change the names on the poster.

The fans understood in a short time that Gu Jingyu taking Lin Che’s side. He was helping Lin Che say that she had absolutely no rights to change the positions of the names and this was all decided by the production crew. Lin Che also had no need to change it because she was the female lead in the first place.

This was a huge slap to Xin Xiaoyuan’s face.

Xin Xiaoyuan looked furiously at the online comments. They instantly sided with Lin Che and even mocked Xin Xiaoyuan for getting slapped in the face. She was so angry that she wanted to curse and swear.

“This d.a.m.ned Lin Che. Fine, fine. She’s good,” she vented her anger on her a.s.sistant. “She’s good, she’s able to make Gu Jingyu stand on her side like this. Fine.”

“Alright, Sister Xiaoyuan, we don’t stoop to such a level like her and use men. We can’t help it.”

Xin Xiaoyuan held her phone and viciously flipped to the photo that she made someone secretly take. It was that blurry photo of Lin Che with another man.

“Hmph, after the news of her being a kept woman spread, I just want to see if Gu Jingyu will still stand by Lin Che’s side and help her speak…”

The a.s.sistant looked worriedly at Xin Xiaoyuan, “Sister Xiaoyuan… What do you mean? What are you doing now…”

Xin Xiaoyuan huffed, “Let this news spread. Hmph. Do you dare to fight me? Lin Che, do you think that I have nothing in my hand that can rip you apart?”

That day, a verified Weibo account posted an exposé.

The verified account said that this was from an anonymous source. The anonymous source claimed that they captured a photo of Lin Che with an old man. The old man drove a luxury car and seemed to dote on Lin Che a lot. Some people say that Lin Che was only in this circle for a brief period, but she lived on a luxurious property. From the selfies in her circle of friends, it was obvious that she was living a wealthy life.

The verified account also said in puzzlement that according to logic, Lin Che may be earning more money but she definitely would not be able to afford a mansion in that area. Although it wasn’t clear which district the house was, it was certain that every house in that district was a mansion and should cost at least ten million.

They were inferring that Lin Che was a kept woman.

The photo was intentionally blurred so that n.o.body could see the man clearly. However, it was obvious that the person was Lin Che from the ‘Let’s Go to School’ reality TV program.

They secretly met up outside during the filming period. Seriously…

The fans were incredulous at first. They did not believe that Lin Che would do that.

However, some people also felt that this was a common occurrence in the entertainment industry. Lin Che just wasn’t an exception.

Lin Che saw the photo and instantly froze.

What was the meaning of this…

In the photo, it was clearly Gu Jingze and her out on the streets that day.

Yu Minmin said, “Someone secretly captured a photo of you that day?”

Lin Che replied, “Actually, n.o.body recognized me that day. But this person clearly knew that it was me and snapped this from far away. Now, the person decided to reveal it. The person behind this… Do I still need to spell it out?”

“Xin Xiaoyuan captured this a long time ago and she found a chance to use it,” Yu Minmin said.

Lin Che looked at Yu Minmin, “What do we do now?”

Yu Minmin took a deep breath, “The main thing now is not to expose your relations.h.i.+p with Gu Jingze. Therefore, you have no way of explaining who this person is, where you stay, and your financial a.s.sets.”

Lin Che said, “These people really know how to link things together in order to taint someone’s name. Seriously… Can’t I just take a selfie to show off when I go to a nice place? Aren’t all young people like this nowadays?”

“Relax. If someone wants to taint your name, they’ll always find a way to attack you. Even if you go to the toilet, people can still say that you’re constipated and in bad health because you’re a kept woman. Things don’t necessarily have to be related but once it’s insisted that you’re together, there’ll be believers.”

Just then, Gu Jingyu called Lin Che.

Lin Che walked over and picked up the phone.

Gu Jingyu asked, “Is that your husband in that photo?”

Lin Che replied, “Yes, why?”

“Nothing. It’s too blurry. I wanted to see who it was.”

“Okay, I’m already getting berated right now and you’re still in the mood to joke.”

“Fine, I’ll go warn Xin Xiaoyuan. Don’t get too upset about this either. As long as you don’t bother about it, it’ll get better after some time.”

“I know. If I won’t admit to it and pretend that it didn’t happen, people will stop talking about it sooner or later, right?”

“Right. When you don’t know what to do, it’s best to leave it as it is. You don’t want to expose your secret marriage too, right?”

Lin Che could only say, “Yeah, of course not.”

“This kind of thing happens a lot in this circle. This won’t be your first or last time. In this circle, you must first be able to control your emotions. Otherwise, you’re going to die of anger every minute.”

“Okay,” Lin Che sighed. “Don’t worry, I’m just angry for a bit. I’ll be fine after. At the very most, I’ll not look at the online comments.”

After hanging up, Lin Che sighed and turned off her phone. She didn’t want to look, but she also wanted to look. This feeling was really complicated.

At the studio, Lin Che went in and discussed the afternoon’s itinerary with Yu Minmin.

Across them, Xin Xiaoyuan’s people were also strutting out.

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 311 - Her Photo With Gu Jingze Was Exposed

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