The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 343 - How Shameless To Display Affection In Public

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Chapter 343: How Shameless To Display Affection In Public

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When Lu Chuxia entered, she saw Gu Jingze and instantly changed her att.i.tude. She hurried to him and whined, “Jingze, you really scared me. I thought something had happened to you.”

Gu Jingze took one look at her and then saw Lin Che behind carrying a tray in. It was time to eat and usually, the two of them ate together by themselves. Today, both ladies were actually here.

Gu Jingze asked, “Have you eaten?”

“Huh?” Seeing as he didn’t answer her, Lu Chuxia looked at him glumly and felt rather angry. However, she quickly smiled gently and said, “I have.”

“Oh, then we won’t stand on ceremony. Take a seat. We’ll be done very soon,” Gu Jingze waved his hand and gestured for Lin Che to come to him.

Lin Che took the tray to him and Gu Jingze frowned, “Why are you carrying the food? Where is the maid?” He looked deeply into her eyes and took over the tray.

Lin Che said, “It’s alright. I saw that there were people inside so I didn’t call for the maid. Eat now.”

Gu Jingze held the tray with one hand but somehow, the tray tilted and everything on it fell to the ground. The white plates shattered on the floor. Lin Che got a shock and quickly said, “Oh no! Everything is broken.” She quickly bent down and picked up the broken pieces.

Gu Jingze watched her reach out for the broken pieces and he quickly said, “Enough, stop moving.” But it was too late. A shard already cut Lin Che’s hand as she grabbed it.

“Ouch…” Lin Che winced. Gu Jingze immediately dropped down to the floor. He frowned and pulled her hand to him, “Stop moving. Look at you. You’re such a klutz.”


Without waiting for Lin Che to say anything, Gu Jingze already put her finger into his mouth.

“Ah! Don’t do that! It’s dirty…” Lin Che exclaimed and tried to withdraw her hand.

Gu Jingze’s cold eyes flashed. He grabbed her firmly and said, “I said stop moving.”

The tongue licked the drop of blood on her fingertip. He held her hand, looked closely and said, “Okay, the wound is not deep.”

As he spoke, he singlehandedly carried Lin Che up.

Lin Che exclaimed and hugged his neck. She looked at Gu Jingze.

“Put me down. I’m alright. Why are you carrying me?”

“Don’t move. There are shards everywhere. What are you going to do when you clumsily step on them?”


Gu Jingze didn’t say anything else and put her down on the bed. Lin Che still wanted to move, but Gu Jingze looked over coldly and said, “Don’t move.”

Gu Jingze stared at Lin Che and said, “Let the maids do those things next time. Do you hear me?”

“…” Lin Che could only say, “If you didn’t grab it, it wouldn’t have fallen.”

Gu Jingze shot another look at Lin Che.

Only she dared to talk back at him.

He gestured for the staff to clean up. Lin Che looked warmly at him. He was fierce to her, but she knew that he did it for her own good.

Gu Jingze was used to being fierce to her but each time, it was for her own good.

Lin Che looked gratefully at him. As Gu Jingze stood on the ground with half of his body covered in gauze, Lin Che thought that he looked so handsome.

Across them, the Lu siblings watched Gu Jingze and Lin Che in surprise.

Lu Chuxia didn’t expect Gu Jingze to treat Lin Che so well.

He who never needed to lift a finger actually helped Lin Che hold things personally.

And he wasn’t afraid of dirtying himself since he put Lin Che’s finger into his mouth and carried her to the bed.

Meanwhile, the maids seemed to be already accustomed to such scenes. They quietly cleaned up and systematically tidied the place so quickly that it was spick and span in no time.

Lu Chuxia could only think of that image when Gu Jingze carried Lin Che. She felt envious and jealous at the same time, engulfing her until it was almost unbearable.

Gu Jingze was so suave. Despite his injury, it didn’t affect his heroic manner at all. In fact, he was much manlier. He didn’t wear any clothes except for a pair of pants. The pants hung low at his waist, making him appear more slender and his pelvic lines more prominent. His long legs were much longer than others’. No wonder his figure was so wonderfully proportioned.

When he carried Lin Che so ****, it made Lu Chuxia wish that she was the person in his arms. It would have certainly felt nice to touch his beautiful skin.

But Lin Che was the one he carried. That good-for-nothing Lin Che.

Lu Beichen watched the two of them, smiled, and stood up first. He said to them, “It looks like we came at the wrong time. How about this, Jingze? I’ll talk to you in detail another time. Then, I won’t disturb you and Sister-in-law…” He looked at Lin Che and smiled, “I won’t disturb your meal.”

Gu Jingze heard this and nodded, not persuading them to stay.

Lu Chuxia looked at Lin Che in contempt and said to Gu Jingze, “I think this place is actually rather shabby. Why not come to our mountain villa? If you’d like, come over to our mountain villa to recuperate. It’s a much better environment than here and we have attendants too.”

Lu Chuxia talked and glanced at Lin Che at the side as if to say that she and Gu Jingze were from the same world. Her family had a mountain villa, maids, and everything else. In comparison to this clumsy la.s.s, she was better by countless miles.

Lin Che knew that she was saying all those on purpose for herself to hear but she didn’t shun away. Instead, she sat there and gazed steadily back at Lu Chuxia.

Gu Jingze’s voice was cool, “No need. Do you think that the Lu family’s attendants are better than the Gu family’s?”

Lu Chuxia was taken aback and didn’t know what to say again. No household’s attendants could be as professional, steadfast, silent and loyal as the attendants in the Gu family.

Even the attendants of the Lu family wouldn’t catch Gu Jingze’s eyes.

Lu Chuxia was filled with anger. He didn’t even look at her in the eye as he let her leave. Lu Chuxia took one final look at Lin Che. With no other reason to stay, she could only go out.

When they got outside, Lu Beichen then asked Lu Chuxia, “Are you done? I think your time is up. I’ve never seen Gu Jingze so protective of a woman before. Not even with Mo Huiling.”

“No. Gu Jingze is just putting on an act for me. He only wants me to give up,” Lu Chuxia insisted. “But he is still different towards me. You see, when has he ever been so magnanimous with another woman? And take a look at how many women who have gotten close to him. Still, he lets me get close to him.”

Lu Chuxia spoke and scoffed, “That Lin Che is nothing. She is merely a tool. One day, Gu Jingze will personally throw her out of the Gu family.”

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 343 - How Shameless To Display Affection In Public

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