The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 360 - The Ordinary Her And The Extraordinary Her

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Chapter 360: The Ordinary Her And The Extraordinary Her

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In the distance, the Lu family really came with a lot of people this time. Because they were collaborating and it had to do with the yacht’s owner, they were specially invited to the banquet and they were highly regarded.

Naturally, Gu Jingze was the most noticeable wherever he went. The yacht’s owner still welcomed Gu Jingze personally at the helipad despite the fact that he was fas.h.i.+onably late.

Lu Beichen looked at Lu Chuxia who seemed to instantly become livelier. Lu Beichen looked at her, “Stop it. Father and Mother are both present today. You’d better be more humble.”

Lu Chuxia scoffed and looked at him, “When have I not been humble?”

She stood up and said, “I’m going over to take a look.”

Lu Beichen glared at her.

Gu Jingyan was dancing. Beside her was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed young person chatting with her. She was especially striking on the yacht.

Lu Beichen took a look, picked up his wine gla.s.s, and went inside.

After he washed his hands, Lu Beichen walked out. He was just about to make a call on his phone when he caught a glimpse of a person holding a tray inside…

Fu Chenxi…

Lu Beichen’s hand immediately dropped and he rushed in.

“Chenxi, what are you doing here?”

The moment Fu Chenxi saw Lu Beichen, she almost got a shock and wanted to run away.

Lu Beichen caught up to her and pulled her to the side.

Lu Beichen gazed at Fu Chenxi, “Why haven’t you told me that you were here serving food?” He looked at her waitress outfit.

Fu Chenxi hung her head. She said meekly, “I’m sorry. I’m here for part-time work. Is it disturbing you? I’ll leave immediately. I definitely won’t…”

“Silly you,” Lu Beichen looked at Fu Chenxi. “Why didn’t you tell me about it? What happened? Why are you working part-time?”

“It’s just… My mom had a heart attack and my dad has nothing. I want to look after my mom, so I need money.”

“Silly girl. Haven’t I told you that I can give you money?” Lu Beichen said as he took out a card from his pocket. “Take this.”

“No, I can’t. I know you want to be nice to me, but you’re already married. Furthermore, I still have to rely on myself…”


Lu Beichen frowned and looked at Fu Chenxi.

“Chenxi?” Just then, a voice from behind made Fu Chenxi’s face turn white.

It was Gu Jingyan.

Gu Jingyan smiled as she looked at Fu Chenxi, “Chenxi, why didn’t you come to find me since you’re here?”

Fu Chenxi gazed at Gu Jingyan.

Her blue gown flowed continuously like the ocean. Her gorgeous face was like a beautiful peony. Every possible word that could be used to praise a woman seemed to all be applicable to Gu Jingyan.

Because there was no doubt that she was that beautiful and outstandingly gorgeous.

Meanwhile, Fu Chenxi was just her sidekick during those years.

Back then, Gu Jingyan was always the center of attention. She was the queen of topics in school and the number one campus belle in everyone’s eyes.

Meanwhile, people only took notice of Fu Chenxi when she started dating Lu Beichen. However, she always felt extremely inferior when she was with them. Her status was so different and she was only a commoner. These people were the high and mighty young masters and mistresses.

But back then, Lu Beichen and Gu Jingyan were purely just friends, even to the point where they bickered every day and their relations.h.i.+p didn’t seem that good. They would always end up arguing as soon as they had a disagreement and they could never be harmonious. However, Fu Chenxi still felt unhappy whenever she saw them together.

After all, Gu Jingyan was way too attractive. What if Lu Beichen fell for her?

Today, Gu Jingyan was already Lu Beichen’s wife. The childhood sweethearts still ended up together. This Cinderella also returned to her ordinary life after she left school.

Fu Chenxi quickly said, “Jingyan, I…”

Gu Jingyan looked at Fu Chenxi, “I remember how close we used to be for so many years. You should have told me when you came to the yacht. What is Beichen doing?”

Her eyes fell on the card in Lu Beichen’s hand.

She smiled. Indeed, he was helping the ex-girlfriend again.

Gu Jingyan said, “Beichen is giving it to you, so take it. Relax, that isn’t my money. We may be married, but our finances are separate. Since we’re friends, I can’t simply watch you suffer. Just take the money.”

“I…” How could Fu Chenxi take it?

Gu Jingyan s.n.a.t.c.hed the card from Lu Beichen’s hand and pushed it to Fu Chenxi, “He has plenty of money anyway. It’s not like you don’t know.”

Yes, Fu Chenxi was with him for so many years. How could she not know about the Lu family’s wealth?

Fu Chenxi said, “I’m sorry, Jingyan. I-I-I won’t take your money. I came here to work. Really.”

Gu Jingyan smiled, “I know that it’s part-time work. Come on. Stop working. Let Beichen speak to your boss. Come here and sit.”

“No… Really, I can’t. I… I don’t have clothes. I’ll embarra.s.s you guys if I sit with you.”

“Oh, clothes? Alright, I’ll get someone to fetch a change of clothes for you. There should be some formal dresses in here. Let’s go.”

“But it’s too troublesome…”

“Chenxi, we shared clothes since we were young. Now that we’re grown up, there’s no need for any separation either.”

Yes, it was true. When they were young, they often shared their clothes.

Fu Chenxi’s clothes were all cheap, but Gu Jingyan didn’t seem to mind at all. She would also wear Gu Jingyan’s clothes. Those expensive clothes indeed felt very different on her body.

However, Gu Jingyan was too good-looking. Thus, she still looked beautiful when she wore those cheap clothes. The clothes didn’t look low-cla.s.s on her at all.

Very soon after, Fu Chenxi wore Gu Jingyan’s clothes and came out.

Lu Beichen walked out and immediately saw Fu Chenxi wearing a red dress.

That dress looked new. He had never seen Gu Jingyan wear it before. Fu Chenxi obediently looked at Lu Beichen. She still seemed rather embarra.s.sed.

Lu Beichen looked at Fu Chenxi and also froze.

Actually, when Fu Chenxi wore this dress, she didn’t look as eye-catching as Gu Jingyan.

Gu Jingyan and Fu Chenxi were equally slim, but Gu Jingyan looked more slender. Perhaps it was due to her many years as a dancer. Thus, Gu Jingyan looked good in anything she wore.

Fu Chenxi was not ugly, but she didn’t have the aura that Gu Jingyan had.

Lu Beichen’s face darkened. He looked at Gu Jingyan and walked over to ask, “What are you doing?”

“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me that we are going to watch Chenxi work while we enjoy ourselves? You probably wouldn’t be able to watch, right?”

“You…” What she said was right, but Lu Beichen still wasn’t happy that she was interfering in Fu Chenxi’s matters.

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 360 - The Ordinary Her And The Extraordinary Her

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