The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 381 - She Was Sitting Beside Royalty

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Chapter 381: She Was Sitting Beside Royalty

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However, not even a few days had pa.s.sed before the attention turned to Gu Jingyu.

Although there was no make-up to speak of for men watching the show, the netizens noticed some other things instead.

As a matter of course, the few shows that Gu Jingyu watched were all shows by big brands. It was very difficult to get tickets to them.

However, the most inconceivable matter remained:

the person who accompanied Gu Jingyu to watch the show.

Netizens were gossiping, “Did all of you notice? During the show, Lin Che and Gu Jingyu’s seats were different from the rest. All of the other celebrities sat on the left, but they sat near the back on the right. That’s the best place to sit. These seats are usually reserved for some special guests.”

“Then, who were these seats allocated to? Not just anyone, but the members of Y Nation’s and F Nation’s royal families. The people who could sit here were people invited by Y Nation’s royal family.”

“Let me give you a little lesson. The man sitting on Lin Che’s left who looks quite short is Y Nation’s Count Sterman. And the young, handsome man on her left is Y Nation’s legitimate royal descendant. In principle, he’s also the thirteenth in line to Y Nation’s throne. Although it’s unlikely that he’ll succeed to the throne, this at least shows that he has a high status.”

Accompanied by some images, these posts attracted a great number of people in no time.

Everyone was collectively amazed. They did not expect Lin Che to actually sit there as well. It looked like they had really underestimated Lin Che who had gone to the show with little fanfare.

When they looked back on how she had dressed before, they really felt that Lin Che was indeed a low-key and amicable person. She quietly went to watch the show and did not think of hogging the limelight at all.

Seen in this perspective, Qin Wanwan’s behavior was a little too deliberate; she had specially appeared at the event resplendently attired, took photographs, and also posted photos of herself watching the show.

After watching runway shows for a few days, the trip to Paris was finally about to end.

Lin Che felt that although it seemed that she had done nothing at all, it was nevertheless more tiring than filming.

Back at the hotel, they were packing up. Yu Minmin was constantly looking at the news while telling Lin Che, “There’s finally more news about you than there is about Qin Wanwan.”

Beside them, Yang Lingxin said, “Of course. Other people can definitely tell that she was scheming. She intentionally made her rounds flamboyantly before going back, but in the end, her name wasn’t even searched as frequently as our Sister Che.”

Yu Minmin glanced at Yang Lingxin and said, “In any case, she attained her goal too; she occupied the headlines for the entire day.”

“But our Sister Che has been occupying the headlines for so many days. She’s also the hottest topic on Weibo. Right now, people are even saying that the clothing that Sister Che wore to the show was very beautiful and very das.h.i.+ng.”

Lin Che said, “I just feel very tired now. It’s better to go back earlier.”

“Yes. We’re going back soon. Let’s go.”

They headed to the airport together. This time, Gu Jingyu did not come along as he still had to stay for a few days to attend the royal banquet.

When they arrived in the pa.s.senger cabin, Qin Qing was surprisingly there. Upon seeing Lin Che, he paused before saying, “What a coincidence.”

Lin Che was very surprised as well. “Yes, it’s so coincidental that we’re taking the same flight back too.”

Qin Qing immediately exchanged seats with the person beside Lin Che and sat beside her.

Behind them, Yang Lingxin curiously asked Yu Minmin who that person was.

Yu Minmin said, “Didn’t you see the news previously? He’s Lin Li’s former fiancé.”

“Ah, then isn’t he a second-generation heir?”

“Yes, he’s the Second Young Master of the Qin family.”

“Oh my G.o.d, how come all the people Sister Che knows are so famous?” Yang Lingxin said in awe.

Yu Minmin said, “Lin Che and Lin Li have known him since they were young. It’s different for the others.”

“Oh, so that’s how things are.”

“Yes. The Lin family is not some unknown family either. It’s just that it’s too inadequate compared to the Gu family.”

“Alright.” Yang Lingxin glanced at Lin Che enviously. She was dearly loved wherever she went.

The airplane landed shortly thereafter.

Qin Qing always felt that the time he spent with her tended to be so short.

When they were in the airplane, Qin Qing saw that Lin Che had fallen asleep in her seat and gently covered the blanket over her. He recalled how she had often fallen asleep while sitting on the swing in the park when they were younger.

The journey lasted more than ten hours but it seemed like no time at all.

After alighting from the plane, Qin Qing said, “My car is parked downstairs. Let me drive you home.”

Lin Che quickly replied, “There’s no need. Our company will send someone to fetch us.”

“It’s alright. It happens to be on the way too. Anyway, I drove here alone.”

However, just then, a bodyguard working for the Gu family suddenly walked towards them in a hurry.

“Madam,” he called out to Lin Che.

Lin Che froze and Qin Qing also halted.

When he laid eyes on the bodyguard, the momentary smile on his face fell slowly.

It did not bear mentioning that Gu Jingze’s face immediately appeared behind the bodyguard.

Gu Jingze had unexpectedly come.

Lin Che had not at all expected that Gu Jingze would actually come here personally to take her home.

She froze before looking at Gu Jingze. “Why are you here?”

With a dark gaze, Gu Jingze merely looked at Qin Qing beside her.

Qin Qing paused. Despite involuntarily clenching his fists at his sides, he nevertheless bowed his head and said, “h.e.l.lo, President Gu.”

Gu Jingze merely shot him a glance. He then smiled and reached out his hands to take Lin Che’s luggage from her before saying, “h.e.l.lo.”

The people behind him consciously attended to the luggage.

Gu Jingze wrapped his arm around Lin Che’s shoulder and headed outside directly.

Lin Che felt momentarily embarra.s.sed. She turned her head around hastily and said to Qin Qing, “Then, I’ll be leaving first.”

With Gu Jingze leading the way, they naturally headed directly for the private pa.s.sageway.

From behind them, Qin Qing watched their retreating figures.

The private pa.s.sageway was reserved for the Gu family’s exclusive use and no one else was allowed inside. Thus, he could only stand there and look on.

He saw them walk into the pa.s.sageway. Inside, a car from the Gu family was waiting. Then, the row of people there left in a formidable fas.h.i.+on.

He had not expected Gu Jingze to personally take Lin Che home.

Could he say that Lin Che held a very important place in Gu Jingze’s heart?

Should he be happy for Lin Che? But he did not want to be happy for her at all.

Lin Che followed Gu Jingze into the car and asked him strangely, “Why did you come here?”

Gu Jingze said, “Why? Did I disturb you by coming here?”

Gu Jingze’s face darkened and he glared at her.

“Of course not!” Lin Che continued, “We coincidentally met in Paris.”

Gu Jingze wanted to pick her up personally and give her a surprise since he had not seen her for a couple of days. However, he did not think that he would actually into Qin Qing.

Lin Che sneaked a glance at Gu Jingze and smiled. “Could it be… that after so long, you’re still jealous of him?”

Gu Jingze’s face darkened again. “Lin Che!”

How dare she say that he was jealous!

Was this girl getting ahead of herself again these days?

Lin Che laughed and said to him, “Alright. Honestly, there’s really nothing going on between him and me. We’re just ordinary friends. We’re busy with our own matters and can’t meet up often anyway.”

Yes, she treated him as a friend. He believed that.

But as for that man…

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 381 - She Was Sitting Beside Royalty

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