The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 422 - Mu Feiran Said I Simply Like Lin Che

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Chapter 422: Mu Feiran Said I Simply Like Lin Che

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The people beside quickly sucked up to her, “Wanwan, you know so many people.”

“Exactly! You have such a great affinity with people. You get along so well with everyone.”

“Even the teachers are close to you. I’m so envious.”

“Wanwan is a big star. Of course, she’s different from us. She’s also the popular choice for this year’s award.”

“What popular choice? She’ll definitely be the winner. Who could be more popular than Wanwan this year?”

Everybody no longer noticed that Lin Che who just backed out from the awards was still there and were already talking about the awards.

Qin Wanwan smiled at everyone and went straight to chat with the teacher.

Some people whispered at the side, saying that it was so good to know the teachers. Everybody else could be tossed aside.

Everyone looked at Qin Wanwan and was, of course, feeling jealous.

At that moment, there was an announcement that somebody arrived.

Someone exclaimed, “Ah, today’s special guest is Mu Feiran.”

At the front, the teacher who was talking immediately stood up, “Mu Feiran is here. That’s right! Mu Feiran will reveal the secret to longterm fame today.”

Everyone was immediately excited.

Lin Che also stood up and saw Mu Feiran wearing and get surrounded. When she entered, she looked at all the people around her.

Mu Feiran took off her and the person at the side quickly introduced her, “There’s no need for an introduction. Everyone should know our queen, Miss Mu Feiran.”

Everyone of course quickly applauded and looked at Mu Feiran excitedly.

Mu Feiran smiled graciously, “We are all artists here. There’s no need to be so courteous. I’m only just a step luckier than everybody, which allowed me to stand here and share my experiences with all of you.”

Mu Feiran was really an all-rounded idol and was full of positive energy. Everybody was extremely fond of her

She caught a glimpse of Lin Che and immediately smiled, “Oh my, Lin Che. You’re here for training too.”

After that, everyone was stunned.

Lin Che stood there as Mu Feiran approached her. She put an arm around her and said intimately, “Training is actually beneficial.”

“Yes, I didn’t expect Sister Feiran to be here.”

“I agreed to help a friend, so I came here.”

The both of them chatted intimately while Qin Wanwan standing beside the teacher could only watch awkwardly with a stiffened face.

So what if she knew so many teachers? They couldn’t match up to this one person.

Those teachers also had joy on their faces. They put down their pride as seniors and were fawning over Mu Feiran. They also knew what it meant for Mu Feiran to be in the entertainment circle.

Everyone all looked at Mu Feiran and Lin Che. Lin Che smiled and listened plainly while Mu Feiran talked jovially. Their relations.h.i.+p seemed to be really good.

The cla.s.smates looked at each other as if pa.s.sing the news around with their eyes.

The arrival of Mu Feiran made Qin Wanwan become invisible.

Yes, Mu Feiran was here and went straight to Lin Che. She didn’t even acknowledge Qin Wanwan. It seemed like Qin Wanwan didn’t have such a good relations.h.i.+p with these big shots.

Lin Che really still had some capability. All her close relations.h.i.+ps were with big shots.

Yes, knowing one big shot was much more impressive than knowing ten rubbish seniors.

Everyone looked at each other and Qin Wanwan’s glow from earlier instantly faded. Meanwhile, Lin Che became the point of focus and envy once again.

Qin Wanwan watched, approached them from behind, and said to Mu Feiran, “Sister Feiran, you’re here.”

She thought that she also knew Mu Feiran. It wasn’t just Lin Che who knew all these big shots.

However, Mu Feiran only looked at her, “Oh, yes.”

She then said directly to the teachers, “Shall we start cla.s.s?”

The teachers listened to her completely and quickly nodded, “Yes, yes, okay.”

Mu Feiran didn’t look at Qin Wanwan again and simply walked to the front.

Qin Wanwan’s expression darkened.

She could only look in front and return to her seat.

Mu Feiran shared her own experience and especially looked down at the people in front of her. She said to them, “Actually, someone among you also has a similar experience to mine. That person is Lin Che.”

Everyone turned to look at Lin Che again.

Mu Feiran said, “I also worked hard for less in my early years before I finally began playing lead roles for real. Thus, I always believe that you will definitely be rewarded if you work hard. Furthermore, in all those years, I acted in all kinds of roles and that was also the time I sculpted my acting skills. I believe that some actors now are just growing in a greenhouse and are only caring about popularity. They forget that an actor’s biggest focus should be on their acting skills. I also hope that this training will be able to improve your acting skills. You lot are the future of the entertainment circle.”

People couldn’t help but look at Lin Che and then look at Qin Wanwan.

Qin Wanwan was obviously the one from the greenhouse. This speech was targeting her and the people couldn’t help but want to speak up for Qin Wanwan.

Qin Wanwan’s acting skills were good too.

Someone piped up from the back, “Sister Feiran, Qin Wanwan also has good acting skills. Are you directing your words at Qin Wanwan? Aren’t you being too biased?”

Mu Feiran looked at her, “Yes, I am biased. But I’m also human and I have people whom I like and dislike. I like Lin Che. Why? Is something wrong with that?”

Everyone was stunned.

She directly declared that she liked Lin Che.

However, n.o.body could object to her.

She had the right to like whoever she wanted.

Lin Che blushed, but everyone looked at her with even more jealousy.

Mu Feiran openly said that she liked Lin Che. What did Lin Che do to make so many big shots like her?

And Mu Feiran was an S-List big shot.

Mu Feiran said, “And my relations.h.i.+p with Lin Che has always been very good. She is like a little sister to me. I like her because she is a very nice person and she also acts very well. Is there a problem with that?”

n.o.body said a word.

They could only see Qin Wanwan stiffen her face but couldn’t freak out. The atmosphere was extremely awkward.

Cla.s.s finally ended.

Before Mu Feiran left, she specifically looked at Lin Che, “Press on. I saw that you were still being degraded these past few days, but it won’t last long.”

Lin Che was very grateful that Mu Feiran was willing to stand on her side, “Thank you, Sister Feiran.”

“No, I’m telling you the truth. My experience is very similar to yours. Keep acting and working hard. You won’t be shortchanged.”

“Yes, I will!”

After Mu Feiran left, Xiaoqing and Huihui looked at Lin Che, “How come you’re so close to Mu Feiran?”

“Is Mu Feiran also like this in person?”

They crowded around Lin Che and left. None of them noticed that Qin Wanwan was sitting there with her fists already clenched together.

In the afternoon, everyone arrived at the rehearsal room for a rehearsal.

The teacher was talking about the importance of their acting skills and even specially mentioned Qin Wanwan’s acting skills.

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 422 - Mu Feiran Said I Simply Like Lin Che

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