The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 465 - First, You Need To Have A Husband Who Can Fish

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Chapter 465: First, You Need To Have A Husband Who Can Fish

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However, he already knew long ago that Lin Che was a piece of jade. She could be transformed into something even more exquisite, but he just didn’t want to.

Watching Lin Che slowly grow up beside him was also an enjoyable thing, wasn’t it?

Gu Jingze put an arm around her shoulders. “Come on. Let’s go there.”

“What for?” Lin Che asked strangely.

“I got a boat from Lu Beichen. Didn’t you say you wanted to experience life on a fis.h.i.+ng boat? Let’s go fis.h.i.+ng.”

“Wow, really? That’s fantastic!”

Lin Che followed him with glee. When she reached and saw a rather large yacht, she wanted to ask if that was a fis.h.i.+ng boat.

“I thought it would be like those open-top boats like in ancient times.”

This yacht was neither too big nor too small. It had a room where one could rest and relax. In front was a c.o.c.kpit for the captain.

Gu Jingze heard her and replied, “How would we sit in that kind of boat…”

They could still see visitors at the side, looking at this couple on the yacht. There was a small table on top filled with drinks and fruits. Gu Jingze leaned into his lounge chair and held the fis.h.i.+ng pole.

The visitors looked at this pleasant scene from afar and were really envious.

Some even asked where this yacht was rented from.

Others told them that there was an event for countless wealthy people on the island recently. The private airport was specially opened for these wealthy people and this was probably some wealthy person’s voyage. The yacht would be their own and not rented.

They realized that it was a game for the wealthy, so they didn’t ask any further.

On the yacht.

Lin Che appeared to hold her fis.h.i.+ng pole professionally but didn’t catch anything.

She wondered if she was doing it wrong, so she changed her position again.

However, she could only watch Gu Jingze reap a bountiful harvest beside her. Within moments, he had already caught a few small fish flopping about in his bucket.

Lin Che asked speechlessly, “Why can’t I catch anything?”

“Talk more and even I’m not going to be able to catch anything,” Gu Jingze replied as he looked at Lin Che.

Lin Che said speechlessly, “I don’t care, I don’t care. If I can’t catch anything, don’t think about catching anymore. Quick tell me. How exactly do you fish?”

Gu Jingze sat up a little and looked at Lin Che. “Do you really want to know how to fish?”

Lin Che nodded vigorously.

Gu Jingze smiled and gestured to her. “Come here.”

Lin Che looked at his faint smile and was a little stunned. She asked, “What… What are you trying to do?”

Gu Jingze replied, “Don’t you want to know? Come here and bribe me. Maybe I’ll tell you then.”

“How do I bribe you…”

Gu Jingze frowned and looked at Lin Che impatiently. He pulled her into his arms in a split second.

Lin Che yelped and fell into his embrace. Gu Jingze hugged her. Under the blue sky and the vast ocean, he held the woman in his arms and kissed her lips gently.

The tip of his tongue twirled around her lips and then he took her into his mouth.

He slowly teased her tongue and wrapped himself around her delicate body.

Outside, people were watching this entire scene. The couple hugged as the sea breeze blew their clothes. They looked so good.

Watching from afar, that image of them kissing didn’t seem disgusting at all. Instead, it was extremely beautiful like a scene out of a romantic movie. It made people want to appreciate it.

Some people said from the sh.o.r.e, “Rich people really know how to enjoy. They’re kissing on the yacht.”

“Wow, that man is so handsome. His figure looks especially good too. How nice it must be to be kissed by him.”

“Indeed, if only the woman in his arms was me.”

When he was done kissing, he released her but did not let her get up.

He continued hugging her waist as he looked down at the waves cras.h.i.+ng below.

There was no movement on the fis.h.i.+ng roads. It was almost as if the fish didn’t want to disturb the couple’s intimate moment.

Gu Jingze and Lin Che enjoyed the peace and quiet together. Neither of them was willing to move.

The sun appeared very big, especially when they were at sea. The ultraviolet rays were very strong, but Lin Che actually wasn’t afraid of getting tanned. A big man like Gu Jingze was also not worried about getting tanned.

Under the strong sun rays, his entire person was exposed to the sunlight so much that he couldn’t keep his eyes opened. That leisurely appearance was very beautiful.

Lin Che found a comfortable position and leaned against his body. She looked up to see his handsome face. After some thought, she warmly reached out and hugged his waist. His muscles really felt nice in her hands. She enjoyed hugging his waist and feeling his muscles just like that.

Until the sun went down, Lin Che still didn’t remember that she wanted him to teach her fis.h.i.+ng.

When she recalled it, she got up and said, “Oh right, you haven’t taught me fis.h.i.+ng.”

Gu Jingze asked, “You? It’s actually pretty easy if you want to fish.”

“Really? How?”

“First, you marry a husband who knows how to fish.”


“Then, you simply sit there and watch him catch all the fish.”

He smiled as he pulled up his small box and said to her, “Wouldn’t you have your fish?”

“Y-Y-You… Gu Jingze, you liar! You’re a big fat liar!” Lin Che started hitting him and he didn’t try to avoid her. It didn’t hurt anyway. He only sat there and laughed in his deep voice.

The yacht was slowly approaching the sh.o.r.e.

Laughter came from the side, “Oh my, am I seeing what I’m seeing? Someone dares to hit Gu Jingze?”

Lin Che quickly stopped and saw that the person was Lu Beichen.

Gu Jingze held Lin Che and didn’t hide either. His expression was normal as if nothing happened.

Lin Che sometimes felt that Gu Jingze’s ability to change expressions was extraordinary. In such a short time, there was no trace of change at all.

On the other hand, Lin Che could never be so calm. She blushed.

Because the way she kicked up a fuss was like a child and she was seen by someone else.

Gu Jingze said, “Here’s your boat.”

Lu Beichen replied, “Okay.”

He looked deeply at Lin Che who was behind.

If this happened in the past, if someone hit Gu Jingze, that person would have disappeared from C Nation long ago. It was so different from now.

Gu Jingze knew how to play around now.

Perhaps it was only just for Lin Che. If it were others, they could only dream of doing such a thing to Gu Jingze.

Lu Beichen said, “I came to tell you that there’ll be dinner tonight. My father has arranged a banquet at home.”

Lin Che heard this and grew uneasy.

After all, she had just won against Lu Chuxia for the top socialite position.

Although this t.i.tle was really nothing useful, she would still feel awkward if she met Lu Chuxia.

As if understanding her unease, Lu Beichen said, “Don’t worry about Chuxia kicking up a fuss. She has already taken the plane and left earlier.”

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 465 - First, You Need To Have A Husband Who Can Fish

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