The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 557 - She Was Taken Away

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Chapter 557: She Was Taken Away

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Mornings in the ravine always felt very early.

Lin Che had many scenes today and when she was almost done, she was already dead tired.

The few a.s.sistants also scurried around busily and she didn’t bother with them. She leaned there and rested. She was up since three in the morning to do her makeup for a dawn scene.

Now, it was already 4 P.M. They had been shooting for the entire day and she was simply too tired.

Over the past few days, Lin Che ate and slept together with the crew. Everyone all though that she was truly very hardworking and didn’t seem to be a haughty celebrity at all. She was even so dedicated in her work.

Lin Che also built a very good relations.h.i.+p with the author over the few days. He had been editing right here and moving around with the crew so that he could edit some details at any point in time. He would also direct the filming sometimes, so he was always around too.

Thus, the two of them chatted more. The author was also very happy knowing that Lin Che really read the original novel. Furthermore, the author had always been typing away at home. Although it was very prestigious and he had plenty of fans, he was a shy person. On the other hand, these celebrities met all kinds of people and lacked curiosity. The author was very happy to talk to Lin Che.

He even took a lot of selfies with Lin Che. When he posted them online, it made many people feel very loved.

Lin Che made a funny face in the photo and said that she was comparing who was uglier.

Many fans commented below, “The more I look at Lin Che, the more I feel that she fits the role.”

“Lin Che is very down-to-earth.”

“Lin Che still looks better than the author with a funny face. Author, you can give up…”

“The two of them look so close. It makes me antic.i.p.ate the TV series even more. I hope that there will be more collaborations.”

Of course, some people also thought that Lin Che really knew how to connect with others. She knew that the author had a lot of fans, so she immediately didn’t let him off and established a good relations.h.i.+p with him.

They even said that Lin Che was close to very capable people. She was truly riding on their coattails.

Lin Che didn’t bother about these sour words. She leaned there and rested for a while. The director saw that she was too tired, so she was sent back to the guesthouse in town.

Many fans were stationed outside this guesthouse along with some onlookers. They knew that a filming crew was here, so they gathered around to see.

This guesthouse was supposedly the best in town. It looked to be at least three stars and the security outside was not sufficient. Thus, she could only watch people dressed in black walking around. Lin Che had no choice but to leave one a.s.sistant behind to keep watch. Otherwise, people might be able to enter and take pictures of her belongings. That would be an invasion of her privacy.

Lin Che also came to such a small town to shoot in the past, but she was only an errand girl back then. She didn’t need to care about all these. Now that she was a celebrity, she could only be more cautious as there would be more people looking at her.

Lin Che reached the hotel, avoided the crowd outside, and went in.

The security let through some people he knew. He came in and asked if Lin Che could take photos with them.

Lin Che smiled and agreed to it. After she was done, her a.s.sistant said, “These security guards are really not doing their jobs.”

Lin Che said, “Fortunately, it’s only a few people. It’s okay.”

The two of them spoke and when she lifted her head, she saw someone standing inside.

Mo Huiling…

Lin Che really thought that she had seen wrong. What was she doing all the way here?

Mo Huiling looked at Lin Che. “You’re really busy now.”

She sauntered towards Lin Che and looked very proud.

Because of the crew, this hotel originally didn’t have any rooms left. Besides the rooms were booked by the crew, the other rooms were already booked by some fans. However, Mo Huiling had money. She forked out quite a bit of money to someone who finally agreed to give her the room. Thus, she came straight to her.

Lin Che looked at Mo Huiling, “Sorry, I’m very tired. I have no time to deal with you no matter what your problem is. Go find Gu Jingze yourself. I don’t care.”

“You… Lin Che, what att.i.tude is this? What else do you dare to do to me? You think that you have Gu Jingze and you’re a big star now, so you don’t need to look me in the eye now?”

“Lin Che! Hey! Come back here…”

Lin Che was indeed too tired and didn’t want to bother with Mo Huiling. She went straight to her room and shut Mo Huiling out. Then, she took a shower and quickly went to sleep.

Mo Huiling didn’t expect to not only be unable to say anything but to also have the door shut in her face. She was so mad that she couldn’t sleep properly in her room.

Especially in this poor hotel. It didn’t have anything. It was so terrible and dirty.

A spoiled rich girl like her had never endured this kind of hards.h.i.+p.

She usually stayed in high-end hotels and not in broken places like this. She only ate the best food and never the trashy food from these restaurants.

She was extremely angry but she couldn’t do anything about it.

The next day, Lin Che left early. Mo Huiling also followed Lin Che.

“Lin Che, I need to talk with you properly.”

Mo Huiling followed after her.

Lin Che replied, “I already said that I don’t want to talk about anything. Go talk to Gu Jingze if you have any issues.”

“Why? Is it because you’re afraid of losing confidence after talking with me? You can’t deny that I’m already carrying Jingze’s child. I indeed have an advantage over you now.”

Lin Che speechlessly said, “Okay, yes. You have the advantage. Then, go and have your baby. What are you doing here?”

“You… Stop right there and let me speak!”

However, just as the two of them reached the entrance and before the a.s.sistant could say anything, a van stopped right in front of them.

A person came out of the van, looked at them, and frowned in surprise.

“Boss, there are two women here. One is Gu Jingze’s wife. The other is the one you said was carrying Gu Jingze’s child.”

Lin Che immediately had a bad feeling. She turned around and wanted to run. However, that man caught hold of her by her neck.

The person inside gave an order.

“Take both of them.”


The a.s.sistant was kicked to the side while the two ladies were brought into the van.

“You… Who are you guys…” Mo Huiling asked fearfully. When she was pushed inside, she couldn’t even care that the old van was horrid.

That person asked, “Are you carrying Gu Jingze’s child?”

Lin Che froze. She quickly shot a look at Mo Huiling, telling her not to say yes.

She simply felt that it wouldn’t be good to admit it.

However, Mo Huiling only glared at her and said proudly to the person, “That’s right. I’m carrying Gu Jingze’s child, so you better put me down. Otherwise, if Jingze finds out about what you did to me and the future grandchild of the Gu family, he’ll definitely not let you off.”

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 557 - She Was Taken Away

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