The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 558 - Can This Woman Be Any More Stupid

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Chapter 558: Can This Woman Be Any More Stupid

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“…” Lin Che thought speechlessly, What is this Mo Huiling trying to do?

“Hey, that’s good. I was afraid that I got the wrong person. Come on. We’ll lock them in the cellar later and then call Gu Jingze. Tell him that his wife and child are in my hands. If he doesn’t give us one million yuan, I won’t let them off. Hey, is one million yuan too little? Should we ask for more?”

“One and a half million yuan. What if he haggles? Then we’ll say one million yuan.”


Lin Che totally did not expect herself to encounter real kidnappers…

The two of them were locked in the cellar. The men looked at Lin Che and Mo Huiling, laughed gleefully, and said, “Rich people really know how to play. One is such a good looking wife. One is such a good looking lover who is even carrying his child. Sigh. Why do people like us don’t have this kind of luck?”

Lin Che raised her head and looked at them, “How did you come all the way here? How did you know my relations.h.i.+p with Gu Jingze?”

They looked like very average people. They didn’t look like they would know all these secret stuff.

One of them said, “She said that she was carrying Gu Jingze’s child.” He pointed at Mo Huiling, “She’s been going around saying it. Everybody knows it. That’s how we knew. Gu Jingze and the Gu family are people we cannot tackle. I don’t know what that Gu Jingze does. He has way too many bodyguards and we can’t find an opportunity at all. Otherwise, we would have kidnapped him long ago. But it looks like this little lover of his isn’t very well-loved. She doesn’t have much security and she has n.o.body beside her. When she said that she was carrying Gu Jingze’s child, we quickly followed her to see. It was also a good opportunity for us that she would come all the way here by herself. When we got here, we heard your conversation at the hotel. That’s how we guessed that you are Gu Jingze’s wife. Haha, now we have both of you in our hands. I don’t believe that Gu Jingze wouldn’t care about either of you.”

So it was because of Mo Huiling…

Lin Che glared at Mo Huiling at the side. She didn’t think that Mo Huiling would be spreading the matter of her pregnancy everywhere for the past few days.

In that case, she also deserved to be targeted.

She only felt that she herself was very innocent.

Lin Che speechlessly questioned her own ident.i.ty such that Mo Huiling would come here and implicate her.

When Mo Huiling heard that it was because of her announcement, she also started to regret it.

If she didn’t spread it around so much, she probably wouldn’t have to go through this today.

However, she only wanted to let more people know about this. She wanted people to know that Gu Jingze hadn’t deserted her and that there was still a possibility to be with him. She didn’t want people to think that she was really a girl who was dumped.

The group left the two of them there while they laughed and went to call Gu Jingze for money.

Mo Huiling didn’t dare to say a word from the start just now. Seeing them walk out and shut the door, she then angrily cursed.

“You dare to catch me? Are you asking for a death wish? You’re just a group of bandits who don’t know anything. You still ask for one million yuan… One million yuan is nothing to Jingze. It is like tossing one dollar coin for fun. Do you really think that the heir of the Gu family is only worth a million yuan?!”

Lin Che couldn’t be bothered with her. She looked around and thought about how to escape this place.

Mo Huiling was still ranting, “They just look like a group of hooligans. A bunch of local tyrants who think that they can kidnap me and ask for a little bit of money. Hmph. Gu Jingze doesn’t care about people like them. Once he finds me, he’ll immediately rescue me.”

Just then, Lin Che discovered a vent up in the cellar. Since she was so skinny, she would be able to climb out of it if the vent was opened.

Any fatter and she wouldn’t be able to. However, she was very confident that she could do it.

Lin Che said, “Hey, Mo Huiling. Help me move some stuff here.”

Mo Huiling grunted and asked, “Who are you calling? You want me to move stuff? I am the young mistress of the Mo family and you’re asking me to move stuff right now?”

Lin Che looked at her. “Hey. I’m only locked in here because of you. I want both of us to escape from here now. Or do you want to continue being a commodity here?”

Mo Huiling’s eyes s.h.i.+fted. “Just by you? I don’t want to. I want to wait for Jingze to save me.”

Lin Che glanced at her. “Then you can slowly wait.”

Lin Che started moving a huge box by herself.

The box was especially heavily. n.o.body knew what was inside. It was not easy for her to finally make it budge.

Before she could move it any more, she heard some movement outside.

Lin Che quickly sat down and pretended that nothing happened.

She watched as the door opened and a guy walked in. She smiled at him and said, “Do you have any food, Bro? I’m so hungry.”

That young lad was eating noodles. He glanced at Lin Che and asked, “You want to eat? I thought celebrities don’t eat.”

“Wouldn’t I starve to death if I don’t eat? Why wouldn’t I eat?”

“You’re so rich that you probably only eat good food. Would you be able to eat all this junk food?”

Lin Che said, “I haven’t lived this kind of life for very long. How would you know that I’ve always been rich? I was probably worse off than you when I was young.”

“How can that be? My dad was a farmer. He went out to work and never came back. I lost my mom when I was ten years old and have been alone since then. How could you be worse off than me?”

Lin Che said, “That is nothing. I’m an illegitimate child and I also lost my mom when I was ten years old. When my mom was still around, I lived in my dad’s bas.e.m.e.nt. I was bullied by my stepmother every day and ate food that was impossible to eat. I wore clothes that people wouldn’t wear. Later on, I lived with my family’s nanny and helped her in her work daily.”

“Sigh. Really? I thought celebrities all had rich families.” The young lad sat with Lin Che and listened to her story.

Lin Che began to tell him her history with half-truths.

“You never saw it. When I just joined the entertainment industry, I was an errand girl. I had to queue up for 80 hours because I could meet the director. My skin became so dark under the sun. The director looked at me and said I was not bad. I was dark so I could play one role.”

“So you started acting after that?”

“No way. I played the role of a corpse. I had to be soaked in the water for two days and my toes were all pruned up. There was not a single good shot of me. Not even my face could be seen in the end. I just became one figure in the distance.”

“That is terrible.”

“At least you could see my face in my second role. I was part of the calefare crowd. I acted as a woman who was stabbed to death by a j.a.panese dude the moment I appeared.”

“Oh my. That’s not considered acting either.”

“I only earned twenty yuan that day with a free lunch in the afternoon. Why do you think I’m so skinny? It’s all because of the torture back then.”

The more they talked, the more they got along.

Mo Huiling looked at them with despite. She sat there and rolled her eyes.

This Lin Che really knew how to hook people up!

The young lad really thought that Lin Che was a nice person. As for Mo Huiling…

He got up and said to Lin Che, “Sit here. I’ll get some food for you.”

Mo Huiling was also starving, especially since being pregnant spiked her appet.i.te.

However, that person came with food that obviously did not have Mo Huiling’s share.

Lin Che quickly thanked the young lad. One had to be humble when trapped in an inferior situation. If she could get some food, she would have the energy and chance to escape.

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 558 - Can This Woman Be Any More Stupid

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