The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 625 - Their Relationship Is Actually So Intimate Now

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Chapter 625: Their Relations.h.i.+p Is Actually So Intimate Now

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Yu Minmin wanted to say, “There are so many people watching. Don’t be like this…”

However, Gu Jingming lowered his head and bit her lip. His arms circled around her shoulders as he pressed her down in the backseat of the car.

“No… Gu…” Yu Minmin exclaimed. “There are people.”

Gu Jingming raised his hand.

Without any need for words, the chauffeur already quickly understood.

He pressed something and a black part.i.tion suddenly rose up in the car, separating the chauffeur and pa.s.sengers at the back.

The backseat suddenly became an independent private s.p.a.ce.

Gu Jingming leaned in and stared at Yu Minmin who was breathing heavily in the darkness.

Yu Minmin was completely pressed down by him. All her limbs were held firmly by him. In addition, the s.p.a.ce was narrow and she couldn’t move at all.

“No, the windows…”

“The gla.s.s is opaque. Outsiders can’t see anything.” His voice was already raspy.

“But… But…”

“But what? The more you talk, the more time you’re wasting.”

“Mm…” He bit her lips once again and this time, it was a lot more forceful.

He licked her body and lifted her leg with one hand. Her skirt was completely lifted up as well.

The violent, storm-like attack that happened next was needless to mention.

In the beginning, Yu Minmin still resisted. But later on, she was unsettled by his skillful prowess and it was difficult to have any room for resistance.

She didn’t want to start in this kind of place. She was helpless and he always had some trick up his sleeve. He always made her lose her sanity.

Even if she didn’t want to, she would still follow her heart in the end.

The car finally stopped.

Yu Minmin thought that they must have been going rounds on the road before they reached Glazed Tile Palace.

Otherwise, this route would not be enough for Gu Jingming.

It must have been really tough to be his chauffeur. He probably waited until there was no movement at the back before he headed towards Glazed Tile Palace.

Yu Minmin breathed heavily in the darkness. She lifted her tired eyes and saw Gu Jingming flipped over on her s.h.i.+rt. His naked skin was speckled with perspiration. Under the street lights, he looked extra s.e.xy in the darkness with that layer of light.

He casually put on his s.h.i.+rt and b.u.t.toned up slowly. He then looked down and tidied up her skirt.

Yu Minmin did not move. He shook his head, turned around, and carried her in his arms.

“Don’t… I can walk.” The people outside were already imagining thousands of things.

If he carried her…

“Don’t move.” Gu Jingming didn’t like her to object. He frowned at her and simply carried her out of the car.

The people outside seemed to be oblivious to what happened. They did their jobs and opened the door to let the two of them enter.

n.o.body looked, but Yu Minmin somehow felt embarra.s.sed.

This Gu Jingming… Was he too used to being in a car that he couldn’t even choose a proper place to do it now?

If this continued, she would really be embarra.s.sed.

Gu Jingming carried Yu Minmin in, but when the door opened, they suddenly saw someone standing there.

Yin Suya.

She heard the sound and turned around.

There was a smile on her face that instantly disappeared.

They looked at one another. Yin Suya was completely stunned. She looked at them and could not react.

“You… You guys…”

Gu Jingming also paused and then put Yu Minmin down.

However, their clothes seemed a little untidy. Although they looked like they have been tidied up, it was still obvious that something happened.

This surprised Yin Suya even more. Gu Jingming actually carried Yu Minmin in so openly.

He carried her in…

Yin Suya always knew that Gu Jingming was strong. However, facing him now made her feel that he was really strong as he carried a woman like this. He was so strong that his hands could carry the entire world.

However, the one in his arms now was another woman.

Yin Suya glanced at Yu Minmin with jealousy.

Gu Jingming said, “You’re here.”

Yin Suya said, “Yes… I came to give you some information from the club. You haven’t been there many times… I…”

She glanced at Yu Minmin again.

Yu Minmin hastily said, “Oh, you guys have a good chat. I’ll head in first.”

Gu Jingming watched Yu Minmin run in. He walked over and said to Yin Suya, “You can ask someone to send the information over next time.”

Yin Suya could only muster a smile on her face. She looked at Gu Jingming, “It feels very amorous. You guys are… really looking more like a married couple now.”

Gu Jingming’s expression changed subtly, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

“Is that not it?”

“We are another kind…” Gu Jingming replied, “It’s not what you think.”

“Really?” A glimmer of hope rose up in Yin Suya. If he hadn’t fallen in love with Yu Minmin, then she could understand whatever else this was.

Yin Suya knew about their political wedding a long time ago.

It was just that she thought that she didn’t feel much previously. She thought that she would take pity on the woman who was forced into this political marriage. However, when she really saw Yu Minmin marrying Gu Jingming, she realized that she was jealous.

Regardless of whether it was a political wedding or not, Yu Minmin did become First Lady…

But as long as Gu Jingming did not fall in love with Yu Minmin…

Yin Suya could still bear with it.


She looked at Gu Jingming in front of her. She caught a glimpse of the mark on his chest…

Her heart winced. He and Yu Minmin…

They were this intimate?

Did they just do it… outside?

Thinking about them doing all kinds of intimate acts, Yin Suya grew intolerant.

She only forced a smile and looked at Gu Jingming. “I’m just saying. I know… You guys are only married politically. You won’t be so foolish as to like this kind of woman.”

This kind of woman? What kind of woman?

Gu Jingming instinctively thought that Yu Minmin was actually a rather smart woman. She only objected him and feared him. That made him very unhappy.

He looked at Yin Suya and did not say anything. He was starting to feel tired, so he said, “Okay, it’s getting late. You should go back. I still need to do some work. I’ll get someone to send you home.”

Yin Suya very soon returned home in a car from Glazed Tile Palace.

Along the way, she thought secretly that she had to come up with something… She could not let Gu Jingming spend so much time with Yu Minmin alone. She had to get someone to intercept them. Otherwise, the longer they interacted, the deeper their relations.h.i.+p would get…

Meanwhile, Yu Minmin went in and noticed that her phone rang.

She took it up to see that it was a WeChat notification.

Feng Shaoqing sent her a message and a photo. It was the entrance of the Gu residence.

“I saw the paparazzi taking pictures of your artist, Lin Che.”

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 625 - Their Relationship Is Actually So Intimate Now

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