The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 63 - The Power of Jealousy

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Chapter 63: The Power of Jealousy

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

As soon as Lin Che got in the car, she fell unconscious into Gu Jingze’s arms.

Lin Che had no clue why she was suddenly so weak, but Gu Jingze attributed it to her old injuries that had not fully healed.

Even though her injuries were healed on the outside, she lost a lot of blood during that time. It must have certainly made her weak until now.

Gu Jingze carried her back home and put her down on the bed. His eyes grew darker as he looked at her chapped lips and slight frown.

d.a.m.ned woman… always getting herself into trouble.

He reached his hand out and brushed her forehead lightly.

Feeling slightly better, her frown dissipated.

Just as Gu Jingze was about to walk away, he felt her hand faintly grabbing his finger. He looked deeply at her pale face and decided to stay. Her teeth chattered, indicating that she was cold. He placed the back of his hand on her forehead. It was boiling hot. He thought for a while before lifting the blanket and laying beside her.

He remembered how he had a high fever when he was a child. His whole body was hot and cold, and his hands and feet were like ice. His mother would do the same, holding his limbs until they warmed up and his fever subsided.

He hugged her tightly and held her close in his embrace.

He reached out for the bell at the bedside and called for a maid.

“Call for Chen Yucheng.”

Doctor Chen soon arrived.

The maid said, “Madam must have fallen sick.”

Chen Yucheng muttered, “Since when did he let me see other patients?”

He was an internationally-renowned doctor. He was later found by the Gu family. During his research, he was only allowed to be Gu Jingze’s personal doctor. For many years, if there was no research needed, he did not see anyone else.

Chen Yucheng opened the door to see Gu Jingze lying on his bed. In his arms, a girl was silently curled up just like a kitten.

“Sorry, sorry. I didn’t know you guys were…” Chen Yucheng hastily closed the door.

Inside, Gu Jingze’s face was dark.

“Come in,” he called at the door.

Chen Yucheng thought about it, That was not it. They appeared to be fully clothed.Thus, when he heard Gu Jingze call for him, he opened the door again.

Gu Jingze looked carefully at the girl in his arms and said, “For some reason, she got a fever.”

After just one night at the police station, she fainted upon returning home. He did not know what happened to her.

Chen Yucheng saw how serious Gu Jingze was and quickly went over to take a look.

After checking, Chen Yucheng said helplessly, “Mr. Gu. Your wife has the common cold.”

“…” Gu Jingze asked, “Just a cold?”

“Indeed. A fever, a blocked air pa.s.sage, and an inflamed throat. These are obvious symptoms of the common cold.”

Gu Jingze relaxed a little and replied, “You may go.”

Chen Yucheng was speechless. He was urgently called over. But after he found that it was just a cold, he was being chased out?

“Sir, there are many general pract.i.tioners around. Maybe you can call them next time.”

Gu Jingze was silent. His gaze was still fixated on Lin Che and he said plainly, “Yes. I feel like I haven’t had a problem for many years now. Yet there’s no results from the research. I’m much better these days but that doesn’t seem to be because of you. I’ll just get a general pract.i.tioner next time. You don’t have to come anymore.”

“…” Chen Yucheng quickly replied, “I’m just joking. General pract.i.tioners are not as knowledgeable. The missus falling sick is a serious matter. You were right to call me over.”

Gu Jingze raised his head to glance at him before signaling him to leave.

Chen Yucheng immediately left.

Although Gu Jingze heard that it was just the cold, he could not relax. He continued hugging her closely and keeping her hands and feet warm.

Lin Che could only feel her cold body as if she was still at the police station, suffering helplessly.

She felt herself getting pulled up. Someone was silently grasping her hand and helping her up.

Suddenly, she recalled that she seemed to have been standing beside Qin Qing. She opened her mouth with all her might, trying to speak. However, she could only let out faintly, “Qin Qing…”

Gu Jingze was stunned at first. He moved closer to her lips and listened carefully.

She groggily repeated the name. It was indeed Qin Qing…

Gu Jingze immediately let go of her, standing up and staring at the woman in his bed.

“Qin…” she said again softly. Gu Jingze lifted the blanket.

“Lin Che, wake up. Get a hold of yourself. Who am I?” he forcefully pulled Lin Che out of the bed, his black eyes glistening with anger.

Lin Che opened her eyes, still in a daze. Upon seeing a face filled with rage, she slowly woke up.

It was Gu Jingze.

“It’s you?” she was surprised to know that he came.

She could not get through to his phone. How did he know what happened to her?

Gu Jingze rolled his eyes and smiled coldly, “Why? Are you upset to see me instead of your darling Qin Qing?”

Lin Che was shocked. Noticing the hatred burning in his eyes, she remembered how he said she was misleading the youths and was a fake.

He was still holding her shoulders. He looked cold and his face was distant.

She pushed his hands away.

“Let go of me. What are you doing?”

She had dared to push him?

Gu Jingze was pushed aside but he grabbed her wrist, “Why? You feel disgusted that it’s me who is touching you and not Qin Qing? That’s too bad. Qin Qing is already someone else’s fiancé. You have a crush on him but he doesn’t even know. Lin Che, just give up.”

“You…” Lin Che was exasperated upon listening to his sharp words.

With more strength, she tried to pry away his hand, “Let me go, Gu Jingze. Let me go now. I’m just a fake. Don’t dirty your hand by touching me.”

Gu Jingze was enraged. Looking at her struggle, his eyes glistened. With both hands, he grabbed hold of her shoulders and pushed her down.

Both of them landed on the soft bed, his body pressing on top of her and engulfing her with his masculinity.

Lin Che screamed, “Gu Jingze, go away. You’re a… fool, a b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Let go of me!”

She could spend all day trying to find a good word that could really insult him.

Although she was weak, she struggled with all she had. She was clearly powerless against him but she still tried to push him away like a cotton ball hitting uselessly at his chest. He did not even flinch.

Gu Jingze was swayed by her.

Lin Che realized how amazing his strength was. No matter what she did, he was as st.u.r.dy as a rock and refused to budge. Annoyed, she lifted her knee and aimed directly downwards…

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 63 - The Power of Jealousy

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