The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 738 - Are We All Rushing To Get Pregnant Together

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Chapter 738: Are We All Rus.h.i.+ng To Get Pregnant Together

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“You’re in such a good mood. Did something good happen?” Abby asked.

Xue Yang nodded. “Yes. I successfully auditioned for the male lead. Although the entire cast is made up of newbies, it’s my first time as the male lead.”

“Wow. That’s great. Congratulations, really. Am I going to see a new star rise up?” Abby smiled and clapped for him, her face filled with happiness.

Xue Yang said, “But I still need to ask Sister Yu to allocate a manager to me. Before this, Sister Yu was the one managing my affairs. I think she’s very busy. To be honest, I don’t need her to personally supervise me. She was already so busy, to begin with. I just need a rookie manager to manage my affairs.”

Abby said, “Ah, in that case, why don’t I do it? I’ll be your manager.”

Xue Yang smiled in surprise and looked at Abby. “You? Forget it.”

“Why? Don’t be so skeptical of me. Although I don’t know how to be a manger now, I can learn.”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you. I just think that you can simply go and play elsewhere. It’s very tiring to be a manager. Furthermore, there are so many things to deal with too. You’re still so young…”

“I don’t even want to be anyone else’s manager. I only want to be your manager.” Abby shook her head and looked at him with complete seriousness. The more she thought about it, the more sense it made to her. Besides, she was really interested in being a manager.

She hugged Xue Yang’s arm. “Be my artist. I really want to be a manager. You can be my artist and we can improve together. You’re the first artist under my management and I’m your first personal manager. When you become famous in the future, my pockets will be full of money. How great would that be?”

What pockets full of money…

Xue Yang looked at Abby helplessly. Money was nothing to her anyway.

But the way Abby was pestering him was truly… impossible to reject. He could not hate it either.

He said, “You should still tell Sister Yu yourself. I can’t make that decision.”

Xue Yang thought that even if Abby was just playing around, he would just play around with her. In any case, it would not have much of an impact. Sister Yu would still be in charge of the big picture, so the situation would not become chaotic no matter what.

The moment Abby thought about it, she wanted to do it immediately. She happily went to look for Yu Minmin to tell her that she had decided to be a manager.

After hearing Abby out in the office, Yu Minmin asked in disbelief, “Do you really want to be a manager?”

“Hn. I’ll be Xue Yang’s manager only. Can I?”

Yu Minmin shook her head helplessly. There was nothing she could do about her.

However, in reality, she was not afraid that Abby would cause trouble. Right now, Yu Minmin was also thinking about how a good family background meant that one would have a much easier time in the future. For instance, Yu Minmin dared to give Abby the job right now because she knew that Abby would have the capability to settle any trouble she caused. Even if she was not capable enough, there was a limit to the amount of trouble she could cause; the Wesley family would not allow their daughter to embarra.s.s herself outside either and would help her settle things. Therefore, Yu Minmin dared to give her this chance.

Yu Minmin nodded and agreed. “Alright. But before you do anything, I must tell you in advance that the amount of your salary will depend on how successful you make Xue Yang. If you mess it up, you’ll have no salary!”

“Sure. Don’t worry. For Xue Yang’s sake, I won’t make a mess either. This time, I will really do it seriously!” Abby quickly promised.

Yu Minmin knew that she did not care about the money anyway. She thought to herself that although this company was not large, there were quite a few powerful people. Even a mere manager was the daughter of the Wesley family.

She felt immensely satisfied just thinking about it.

Yu Minmin returned to the Glazed Tile Palace very soon after.

However, she felt slightly unwell the moment she arrived. Thereafter, she felt the urge to vomit. She quickly ran to the bathroom and puked instantly.

She looked up in surprise once she had vomited everything. She rinsed her mouth with some water and looked at herself in the mirror. She could not help but think of Lin Che.

Lin Che had just had a similar experience. Yu Minmin did not need to even think about it and immediately used Lin Che’s experience for reference.

She went outside and walked back and forth. She realized that it had been a long time since her last period. She had forgotten about it completely because she had been busy lately.

Seeing that Yu Minmin was walking back and forth, Gu Jingming first tossed his coat to the maid when he came back. He walked towards Yu Minmin and asked, “What happened?”

Yu Minmin’s face was deathly pale as she looked at Gu Jingming. “What should I do? I think… something bad is going to happen.”

When Gu Jingming saw that the situation seemed very serious, his expression immediately turned solemn as well. “What happened? Tell me.”

“I…” Yu Minmin looked down and her expression turned even worse. “I… think I’m pregnant.”

Gu Jingming’s eyes immediately froze.

Yu Minmin looked at him and became even more frightened. “Why? Is it very bad…”

She knew that they had married out of necessity in the first place due to numerous political factors. But she had not expected to get pregnant so soon…

There was a nuanced change in Gu Jingming’s expression. He looked at Yu Minmin and asked, “Have you checked?”

Yu Minmin hastily shook her head. “Not yet. I’m just speculating.”

Gu Jingming immediately looked up and said to the maid, “Go out and call for the doctor.”

Upon seeing the serious expressions on their faces, the maid quickly ran out and urgently called for the President’s personal doctor.

When the doctors arrived, no one expected Gu Jingming to say instead, “Examine her. She…”

Upon seeing so many doctors all of a sudden, Yu Minmin held her forehead gloomily and did not dare to look up.

She could just go and buy a test strip. Why did he have to call for the doctors?

The doctors quickly asked in seriousness, “Sir, where does Ma’am feel unwell?”

Gu Jingming looked down at Yu Minmin who could only lower her head even more. “It’s just that… my period is slightly irregular and I feel unwell… I feel like puking… symptoms like these.”

“What?” The doctor was even more confused after hearing this.

She lifted her head silently. These doctors earned so much money. How could they not understand her words?

She said more loudly, “I said, my period hasn’t come for a long time. I vomited and even feel dizzy!”

The doctor froze and quickly said, “Ma’am… are you saying that you suspect that you’re pregnant?”

Yu Minmin glared fiercely at this doctor.

The doctor immediately realized what she meant. So she wasn’t ill.

However, they were the President’s personal doctors. None of them specialized in gynecology.

That night, the doctors urgently contacted a gynecologist and called for her to examine Yu Minmin. After drawing her blood and running some tests, the results were out.

The doctor said excitedly to Gu Jingming, “Mr. President, Ma’am is indeed pregnant. Take a look.”

Gu Jingming paused before looking at the results. He pondered for a bit before saying, “Don’t release the news first.”

“Yes, Mr. President. Without your instructions, we definitely won’t release the news.”

Gu Jingming asked, “How is her body?”

The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 738 - Are We All Rushing To Get Pregnant Together

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