Bestial Blade Chapter 5

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To be frank, the chief of the Bald Eagle Tribe is incompetent.

Contrariwise to the Snow Wolf’s side of the mounting, this end of the Yufeng was scarce in snow, the steep mountain itself serving as a natural barrier against harsh wind and gale. Built upon a lowered valley, the Bald Eagle tribe was lacking neither in food, whether that be prey or provisions, or just plainly the resplendence of spring, for winter lasts merely a blink of a second here, hardly enough time for ice to solidify, or snow to stockpile.

But sadly in the hands of the incompetent, even gold can lose its meaning. The place was so poor the man couldn’t even take proper care of his mistresses.

The Chief of Snow Wolf had long coveted of the place, held back only by the slip of contract between the two of them ensuring mutual non-interference. In the past, he used to rack his brains thinking of how to seize the territory for himself, and now, he’s finally conjured a plan —— binding by marriage.

It is not that the head of the Bald Eagle is oblivious to the other’s sinister ploys, but it was fact the two tribes had long displayed amiable relations, leaving him with no choice but to greet the other with welcoming arms. 

And like this, the normal procession of a day was interrupted, for all healthy and strong beasts (sub-beasts included) were ordered to present themselves cordially, in welcoming fas.h.i.+on on the streets in await of the other.

The chief did secretly hope the other would be scared off by such a grand and ill.u.s.trious welcoming party though.

Even Zhe Yan, a handicapped hermit normally holed up inside his cottage, was requested to lead Chang An into the open streets.

Zhe Yan could tell this child was just in a fight—— for the corners of his mouth were swollen. This child is particularly fragile, and bruises easily.

There was quite a number of people in the tribe disdainful of Zhe Yan, particularly the Chief’s three wives. Their hatred have trickled down to the new generation. Chang An was oft ostracized and bullied by the tribal kids, who’d throw him stones and exchange ugly words behind his back.

Just a moment ago, a little beast, reliant on the fact that he could already transform into an orc, brought with him a group of brats intending to provoke Chang An.  Chang An, despite rarely showing emotion, was still upset enough that it showed.

The little beast and his lackeys looked down on the weak and feeble Chang An. They took advantage of his silence for he was calm all throughout their taunting and pus.h.i.+ng. But when they began slathering abusive words about Zhe Yan, he erupted.

Using his carpenter’s saw knife, he stabbed the weapon into the offending beast’s hand.

Of course, Chang An lacked the strength, so the blade didn’t pierced all the way in, but there was still a trickle of blood forming at the surface.

These children were still too young to hunt so naturally blood still frightened them. While they were frozen with shock and fear, Chang An leapt forward and grabbed the boy’s head. He opened his mouth wide and bit down on his ear, causing the other to burst out crying, thinking his ear was going to be bitten off.

As a result, he couldn’t help but revert to his b.e.s.t.i.a.l form, thras.h.i.+ng and wilding around in attempt to escape Chang An’s hold. The writhing made Chang An dizzy, but he persisted regardless. 

The little beast’s ear was its weak point, and blood dripped from there as well. He was soon rolling on the ground in pain, his belly exposed. 

Chang An immediately latched onto the opportunity——the underbelly was a beast’s most vulnerable spot and the one place they guarded heavily against their enemies——he twisted his torso around deftly, and kicked the beast’s belly as hard as he could with his emaciated kneecap.

The little beast howled with pain, his throat sounding whimpers after whimpers whilst he laid utterly helpless against Chang An.

Chang An straddled him and pointed the saw blade right against his neck. Grabbing a fistful of hair, he hoa.r.s.ely said: “If you ever think of trying this again, I’ll slit your throat!”

It wasn’t easy for a neck to be severed but the shuddering beast beneath felt he could do it.

The children have never seen such a life or death battle before. They couldn’t do anything at all, and Chang An was the unexpected winner.

After the boys scattered, Chang An circled towards the rear of a tree and threw up the contents in his stomach. There was a bruise on his lip, and it throbbed painfully; but still, he felt very happy and pleased in his heart. 

He was only afraid of being reprimanded by Zhe Yan.

Fortunately when Zhe Yan saw the wound by his mouth, he only felt a p.r.i.c.k of guilt and didn’t ask anything. 

The man used his remaining arm to protect Chang An as they walked towards the end of the crowd. 

While walking, there was an uncouth hand inappropriately touching him in certain places, but Zhe Yan endured it without a word because he was conscious of letting the child know.

But Chang An’s short stature meant his vision was linearly angled to see what the adults, who thought their actions were perfectly concealed, were doing.

He is young and inexperienced, and therefore did not know what their actions meant. But he intuitively felt the other side was hostile. And so he stared fixedly at the cruising hands nearby Zhe Yan’s waist and thought: “If I had a blade, I’ll chop all your hands off.”

He didn’t have a blade. Not even a wood chopping one. In fact, he even had to conceal his carpenter’s knife. At home, Zhe Yan never allowed him to chop the firewood,for he thought Chang An’s lineage was too n.o.ble for his hands to perform any rough work. 

It’s been two months since Chang An’s sent to Luke for tutelage and Luke does not spoil him like Zhe Yan does. Instead he orders him around everyday without actually teaching him anything.

In all honesty, being a carpenter is hardly an attractive prospect for a six-year-old kid. But once Chang An remembers how difficult it was for Zhe Yan to strike up this deal, for the sole purpose of his well being, he could only swallow his misgivings. It really isn’t that big of a deal, just that the opportunities for him to run up the mountain to watch hunters train has been cut short.

Having thought up to here, Chang An felt it was pointless to stand here with these people. He lightly motioned Zhe Yan’s hand and whispered: “I need to pee.”

Zhe Yan lowered his head to look at the little fellow, only to discover he was avoiding his gaze. It was most definitely a lie. As a result, he smiled softly and poked the boy on the forehead. “You can go and play, just don’t stray too far. Don’t get yourself into fights and remember to come home early.”

Chang An nodded, smiling brightly. He nimbly slipped away from the crowd and ran off.

What a lovely, clever child!

Zhe Yan felt his chest was stuffy and stooped down to cough. Everytime he had a serious bout of coughing, he would always taste a strange odor from his throat, making him suspect he has some illness. Because of this, he would never cough in front of Chang An, fearing of transmitting it to him——he can only hastily send him off to Luke.

You have to live well, thought Zhe Yan with a shaking hand to his chest. You still have to take care of Chang An.

The second Chang An left, the chief of the Snow Wolf tribe made his grand entrance with his flock of men.

Since as long as he could remember, Zhe Yan had spoke of a silver-marked beast by the name of “Hua Yi” who once saved them in the past, and if he is to encounter him in the future, he is to repay this life debt.

But from the looks of it, Chang An has little fate with his benefactor. The first time was because he was too young and could not remember the incident. But now that the second chance has finally arrived, he is not there.

And although Zhe Yan was still here, his two pair of eyes were long useless. Just a fair bit of distance and even the figure of a person became muddle in haze and mist. Now add to that layers and layers of people in between, of course he wouldn’t be able to recognize that fool who once killed a deer just for him.

Chang An made his way into the woods through the underbrush pa.s.sway, tip-toeing past the ferocious animals and expansive shrubberies, to finally arrive at the hunters’ training ground. With unlimited hope and enthusiasm, his excitement fell short when he arrived at the place but found no one. He then recalled everyone went to welcome the arrival of the Snow Wolf tribe and felt even more disappointed.

Chang An walked out from the bushes and stood at the place ordinarily filled with hunters. Suddenly, he thought of an extremely daring idea and excitedly ran towards the weapons room.

Beasts are powerful when they transform into full blast orcs. But they are quickly disadvantaged if they meet an orc who’s even bigger than them or has sharper fangs. Therefore, it became more advantageous to only half transform, so they can wield weapons. 

The weapons room felt ghastly even the mid of summer. The suspended items all have a murky, fishy smell to them which is undoubtedly the acc.u.mulated stench of years and years of use.

Chang An who has yet to even touch a proper weapon did not felt intimidated at all, strangely.

He ran his fingers across the hilt of a saber, admiration surfacing on his little face. He tried to pick it up, but his hand was too small. His palm cupped the metallic handle, and a chill ran up his spine. Despite the coldness, Chang An was so excited his cheeks reddened. He held it -reluctant to part- and circled around it a few times before turning away.

In the end, he picked up one of the shortest and lightest, already abandoned and rusting blade and ran out into the open training s.p.a.ce. Using the movements he secretly memorized, he swung the blade around methodically. 

Unfortunately, lacking muscle, Chang An was soon a panting mess gasping for air. But despite the exhaustion, he felt this was the most fun he’s ever had, such that the greater his fatigue, the greater his excitement.

It is at this moment, a cry sounded from behind. The sudden noise caused Chang An to stumble and fall to the ground, bringing his blade down with him, but as he turned to look at the intruder, there was no sense of panic on his face. 

It was a middle-aged, foreign beast man.

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Bestial Blade Chapter 5

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