MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 108 - Unlimited Boss Farming

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Chapter 108: Unlimited Boss Farming

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

All games had bugs. This statement could be applied to any game and King of Pantheon was no exception. Although they had claimed to have researched and developed it closely for ten years, there were still numerous major and minor bugs in the game.

The unlimited farming of the Ice Toad King was among the major bugs

This bug could only be exploited by the Archer cla.s.s. The method of reproducing the bug was simple, as soon as the archer had killed Ice Toad King, he would leave the battle while their pet held Ice-Scale Snakes’ aggro.

The other could not do this. Without a pet to impede the Ice-Scale Snake, the Ice Toad King would not resp.a.w.n even if they left the battle successfully.

his was truly a bug meant only for Archers!

Of course, if the Archers did not have the Ultimate Move called Camouflage and had only used Pseudocide to execute it, the success rate would be very low.If luck was on their side, they may have been able to get Ice Toad King to resp.a.w.n but it would not be consistent unlike if an archer had both Camouflage and Pseudocide

There were no problems since Li Yi had the Camouflage Ultimate Move. Moreover, Camouflage’s success rate of breaking away from the battle was one hundred percent. In other words, Li Yi could farm monsters here for as long as he wanted till he got sick of it.

Frost Valley Dungeon’s reset time was seven days. Thus, if he did not trigger the bug, he could only enter and fight once every seven days…

The EXP of one Ice Toad King was 20,000 points while the EXP Pearl gave a bonus of 2000. The probability of looting a mount did not need to be mentioned as it was already worth coming here to farm the EXP itself.

The Ice Toad King had a one out of a thousand percent probability of dropping a mount but the Ice-Scale Snake did not.

Only a short while had pa.s.sed before the second Ice Toad King collapsed on the ground. Li Yi ran over to loot it before retreating immediately. He used Pseudocide and Camouflage before another Ice Toad King sp.a.w.ned and appeared in quick succession following the previous one.

The mount did not drop but there was another surprise. He did not even obtain a single strand of hair the first time and encountered a rare empty-handed situation but the second time he actually looted a Treasure Map Fragment.

The Cla.s.s Quest that Li Yi received allowed him to collect Treasure Map Fragments. If he could collect all twenty-one pieces of the Treasure Map Fragments and hand them over to any random Archer Skill Mentor, he would receive a complete orange-colored Quest Treasure Map!

Including the Treasure Map Fragments that he had previously collected, Li Yi had already obtained seven of them as of now. Although it was still quite far from twenty-one pieces, he came slightly closer to his goal with each additional piece that he collected.

He continued farming without stopping…

“What has Brother Yi been doing these few days? Why has he not come online in such a long time?”

Chen Yang looked at the grey profile picture in his Friends Pane and furrowed his eyebrows slightly.

King of Pantheon had structured that when one’s friends had either went to a dungeon or the distance between both parties was too far, the friend’s profile picture would be displayed as offline mode.

Pretty Good Mood was very powerful indeed, simply because he had successfully toppled four kings and fought until he faced Vladimir even with the circ.u.mstances where his party members had not upgraded any of their equipment.

At present, there were only twenty-something guilds that could achieve results like this. This caused Chen Yang to simply howl and yell excitedly while he ran around in circles to find Li Yi. Unfortunately, three days had pa.s.sed while Li Yi’s profile picture still remained greyed-out all this while.

On the fourth day when Chen Yang truly could not wait any longer, he called Li Yi’s house and finally discovered that Li Yi was currently in the game…

“Brother Yi, I’ve distributed all of the equipment. That madman Pretty Good Mood wants to fight Vladimir now. I told him to wait for you to return before making any decisions but he said that he was the commander. F*ck! He actually wouldn’t listen to me.”

Chen Yang sent over ten messages to Li Yi repeatedly while his mood remained gloomy.

“Tell him to fight. You should just tell him that if he clears it, he can make all the decisions for the future dungeons but if he doesn’t clear it, he should just properly stand down for me.”

After Li Yi had replied, Chen Yang was ecstatic. He relayed this message immediately.

“I’ve had some matters recently during these few days and all of them have been hindering me. That’s right, I have a video here with me that you should see. Perhaps there’s still time.”

Li Yi sent a recording to Chen Yang. It was the scene where he was leveling up by battling on Wild Beast Plain.

“This method is pretty good,” said Chen Yang after he had finished watching the clip.

“These coordinates are far away from the boss’ resp.a.w.ning area. You should go and farm them now because you might still have time.”

“Yeah, I’ll go and try once we’ve finished raiding the dungeon. Sigh, we’re really at a loss. I don’t have the slightest bit of confidence this time.”

“You don’t have to worry. Even if the challenge fails, you’ll still receive valuable actual combat experience. Go then, I’m turning off my private chat.”

However, Little Drunk Cat Guild had failed the challenge against Vladimir…

There was still a long way to go between the current Pretty Good Mood and his powerful self in his previous life.

He was extremely arrogant and would get carried away from just achieving minor results. He had experienced all of this in his previous life. Meanwhile, Li Yi highly approved of Confused Fox’s method of resolving this. By allowing him to do as he pleased, experiencing failure, and hitting a wall, he would probably learn humility after that.

He fought Vladimir three times in a row with each time being worse-off than the last. He had never even beaten the first stage.

Pretty Good Mood merely said one sentence, “I’ve disappointed everyone,” before he went offline.

The shock that this incident had left him in was apparently quite major.

When Li Yi was engaging in the unlimited farming of the Ice Toad King, an incident that was neither serious nor trivial had occurred over here at Chen Yang’s place.

When Dark Empire’s Delicate was rebuffed over at Li Yi’s side, she actually went and sought Fatty.

Lin Yu’er who joined Little Drunk Cat was someone whom she had invited to play because she vaguely remembered that Li Yi had mentioned that he knew Lin Yu’er. However, she was extremely disappointed in the end when Lin Yu’er did not recognize Li Yi and it seemed that Li Yi did not know her either.

Since her plan had failed, Delicate changed her target immediately and looked for Little Drunk Cat Guild’s second-in-command, Chen Yang.

It was still that same bar and private room. Delicate spoke tearfully and left Fatty extremely touched until he held her without the slightest intention of letting go.

“This is the 500,000 guild transferring fee that’ll be given to you. Furthermore, your monthly salary will be 100,000 while your cut is counted separately.”

Fatty was so touched that he started making sobbing noises. He neither nodded nor shook his head.

“This is merely a game. Although you’re friends with Li Yi, transferring to another guild is certainly not betrayal because both of you can still play together anytime. The guild won’t restrict you regarding this matter.”

“Don’t be dramatic. Transferring guilds is merely a trivial matter. I’ll agree after considering the matter…”

Delicate suffered a bout of nausea while her gooseb.u.mps had risen as well. She set her mind on shaking it off but she was still anxious that Chen Yang would back out and go back on his word. If she did not get over this feeling, it was truly unbearably disgusting.

“Mr. Chen, you… Have you finished deciding?” Delicate took a deep breath and adjusted her breathing briefly.

“I’m almost done.” Chen Yang narrowed his eyes.

“Miss Delicate, I’ve considered it for more than half a day. Sigh, I feel that this matter is extremely difficult. Why don’t we discuss it again next time? You should let me return and consider it for a few more days. I should also inform Li Yi at least, right?”

“Alright, we’ll discuss it again next time.”

Delicate s.n.a.t.c.hed her hand back forcefully and left the private room furiously.

“Why haven’t I seen you behaving so politely when you’re kicking people about? When you see that we’ve mingled together properly, only now do you think of us again?” Chen Yang sneered briefly as he sniffed his palm before leaving in a satisfied manner.

On the next day, Chen Yang and Delicate negotiated in the bar again. Fatty considered for an extremely long time again but was still unable to make up his mind.

After three consecutive days, Delicate’s patience was nearly exhausted. She did not keep her appointments anymore but found two thugs instead. She wanted to teach Fatty a lesson.

It was well beyond her expectations that Chen Yang was completely unharmed while the bones in the arms and legs of both the thugs were completely fractured.

One should not just a.s.sume that Chen Yang looked like a great target for bullies just because of his chubbiness. Instead, he fought fiercely and violently and possessed numerous hidden moves. He could beat people up badly the moment he set his mind to it. Hence, both thugs had lost badly and were beaten up by Chen Yang until they prostrated on the ground.

Once they limped away, more than twenty smaller gangsters scuttled out of nowhere and took turns punching and kicking them without a word. Finally, they were carried back by other people.

This incident choked Delicate with anger. She wanted to follow up with revenge initially but was dumbfounded when she found someone to investigate Chen Yang’s exact details.

His ancestors throughout numerous generations were all ruthless people. His grandfather was a famous transnational arch robber who smuggled and trafficked ammunition. He had an uncountable number of kills and when he was finally caught, he pulled out a grenade and committed suicide. Meanwhile, when his old man was entangled with someone eight years earlier, he used a cleaver and chopped him into eight pieces. He was currently still rotting in jail. His second younger brother was only eighteen years old but he had stabbed someone last year and had fled…

Who would dare to provoke him?

This scared Delicate to the point where she got on a flight at night and fled.

“How unfortunate.” After Delicate had left, Chen Yang was dispirited for a few days.

Chen Yang did not bring this matter up to Li Yi at all because he felt that it was not a significant matter in the slightest bit. Thus, there was no point in speaking about it.

On the other hand, Pretty Good Mood had also come online. However, he never mentioned that he wanted to fight the dungeon. On the contrary, he leveled up quietly without making a fuss.He was slightly enlightened now.

Li Yi continued battling in Frost Valley.

He grinded for ten whole days and was unsure of how many Ice Toad Kings he had killed. His current level had reached Level 41 while Lonely Semi City was only at Level 38 and a half. If he entered the Level Rankings now, he would definitely take first place.

Now that there was only a difference of over ten levels between him and the Ice Toad King, he would only obtain less than half of its EXP. Although the increment of his level had slowed down, his time taken to kill the monsters had increased.

His gains were also considerably abundant. He had obtained over 1000 precious Soul Stones of various types, more than 300 pieces of gold equipment, more than a hundred sets of materials, several hundred Skill Tomes, and an innumerable amount of miscellaneous items by fighting.

Of course, these items were insignificant to Li Yi because the most precious thing had yet to come.

That was the Ice Toad King’s Mount, he had already farmed seven of them!

This was not the result of good fortune but rather through sheer numbers. He fought Ice Toad Kings from dawn to dusk. If he was a player like Orchid Elf who was unimaginably lucky, at least twenty of those mounts would have appeared…

He had returned to the city and deposited them many times but his Backpack was almost full now. He still had three empty slots left presently but he did not have any intention of stopping. He continued farming feverishly…

He remembered very clearly that once the bug that jammed the Ice Toad King endlessly appeared, it would be automatically repaired by the system shortly. If he did not take this opportunity to farm a few more mounts, he would not even have the chance to dream of farming it next time.

He could definitely not allow the opportunity to pa.s.s him by when he had it and had to continue …

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 108 - Unlimited Boss Farming

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