MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 17 - I’ll be the MT

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Chapter 17: I’ll be the MT

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Punishment Hammer!”

The fifteen Paladins each held a golden hammer made of holy light in their hands, taking turns as they crashed their hammers into Galaxite’s head.

Galaxite was a giant Fire Lizard with more than 300,000HP. Even more OP was its skill, Fire Resurrection, that could instantly replenish one-third of its HP.

Galaxite opened its mouth wide and sprayed out a continuous pillar of flames, instantly drowning out the fifteen Paladins, including Holy Pure Eh.





Damage kept popping out from the top of the fifteen Paladins’ heads. The Orc Priest behind them used his Healing Spells like his life depended on it, while Li Yi and the others also began to unleash their long-range attacks.

Holy Pure Eh and the others only lasted for about a dozen seconds before they fell in the flurry of flames, their souls turning into white lights that flew back to the nearest temple.

Galaxite whipped out an enormous fireball and shot it at the Orc Priest. The Orc Priest could not dodge in time and was killed instantly. Immediately after that, the White Elf Wizard and the Werewolf Vagabond were not spared either. Galaxite caught up to them, and with one swipe of its tail, their lives ended right there and then.

“Old Pig, go!”

Li Yi saw that the situation was not looking good, so he summoned out his Mutated Small Wild Boar to block Galaxite while he himself escaped from the Fire Cave as quickly as he could.

Against Galaxite, the Mutated Small Wild Boar’s DEF was nothing. It could only take three hits before it howled out and was promptly roasted golden by the flames.

In this boss battle, Li Yi managed to escape successfully, and everyone else was utterly decimated.

“Thank goodness I have enough EXP, or else I’d definitely have dropped a level.” Having run back here, Holy Pure Eh sat on the ground as he tried to recover, secretly thanking his lucky stars.

When characters above Level 10 died, they would be fined 10% of their own EXP. At the same time, if the character could not recover their own bodies and chose to revive in the temple, they would be subjected to an even heavier punishment, in which they would be weakened for three days and have one level deducted.

Other than Holy Pure Eh, the others did not have to worry about this problem, because they had yet to reach Level 10, so they could still enjoy the protective measures the game afforded novices.

Li Yi said, “Without an MT to pull aggro, we can fight like this 100 times and still not defeat it.”

This time, Holy Pure Eh did not say anything.

The whole party had been decimated just now, but Li Yi was the sole survivor. At the time, Holy Pure Eh had some misgivings about him, but his misgivings soon vanished when he checked the party’s damage rankings and saw that Li Yi was in first place by a landslide.

The fifteen Paladins had only dealt 7000+ in damage altogether, but Li Yi alone dealt 5000+.

He was not leeching. Since he dealt the most damage in the entire party, even if he did not die, n.o.body could accuse him of anything.

Holy Pure Eh was still unwilling to admit defeat, though. “If we all learned the Holy s.h.i.+eld Spell, it wouldn’t be so troublesome.”

Li Yi was speechless.

The Holy s.h.i.+eld Spell was a Level 25 Paladin Skill, and it granted immunity to all physical and magic attacks. However, the player’s own damage output would be halved, and the Beginner-Level Holy s.h.i.+eld Spell could only last for five seconds. For every level increase, the duration would increase by 0.5 seconds.

“…You’re thinking too much.”

“Then what do you think we should do? Give up?” Holy Pure Eh looked toward the direction of the Fire Cave reluctantly.

In terms of the boss first kills all over the world, only the Level 15 Wild Boar King was on the ranking board. In other words, if they could kill the Fire Lord Galaxite, they would definitely enter the Global First Kill Board.

Li Yi thought about it for a while and said, “I’ll be the MT.”

“You? An Archer wants to be the MT?” Holy Pure Eh’s mouth fell open wider and wider.

A Punishment Paladin dressed in a full set of defensive armor might still barely make the cut as an MT, but a low-HP Archer wearing cloth and leather armor trying to become MT was definitely nothing more than a joke.

n.o.body would believe it…

Holy Pure Eh said, “Stop joking around, if we really can’t do it, we’ll just ask Dark Empire for help.”

“Ask someone else for help? Even if all the members of the Dark Empire guild came here and tried to force their way through with numbers, we still might not be able to do it.”

“Won’t it be fine as long as we find an MT?”

“How long have the servers been up? Do you think a defensive-type would be able to withstand the Fire Lord?” Seeing Holy Pure Eh’s expression of confusion, Li Yi explained, “If you want to withstand the Fire Lord, your M-DEF has to be at least 150+, and you’d need to wear fire-resistant armor. Even if you have both of these, you’d still need to look at your battle tactics and the way you fight. If the MT doesn’t know how to pull aggro, even the best equipment would be wasted.”

“How sure are you that you can do it, O Mighty Archer?” The Paladin called Big Pear Mountain could not take it anymore and taunted him sarcastically.

Li Yi smiled slightly. “We all have infinite lives anyway. If you trust me, we can give it a shot, but if you don’t, then even I’m stumped.”

“I trust you,” said the Orc Priest.

Other than the Orc Priest, the whole party, including Holy Pure Eh, did not seem to trust Li Yi very much…

Holy Pure Eh thought about it for a long time and made a difficult decision.

“Alright, you be the MT. We’ll give it a shot.

System Notification: [Holy Pure Eh has transferred captain’s rights. You are now the leader of the party.]

Li Yi clapped his hands, saying, “Alright, now the whole party has to listen to my instructions. Disclaimer, anyone who doesn’t want to fight can leave now, but once we start fighting, if anyone is caught slacking and we get decimated as a result, don’t blame me if I get rough with you.”

System Notification: [Paladin Big Pear Mountain has left the party.]

System Notification: [Werewolf Daxiong has left the party.]

System Notification: [White Elf Jade Moon Little Lamb has left the party.]

System Notification: [Paladin Holy Disciple 123 has left the party.]

Li Yi’s expression remained the same, smiling as he looked at the few members who had left the party. He asked loudly, “Does anyone else want to leave? If you do, please leave now, but if you don’t, then follow me into the cave.”

Some of the Paladins were unsure, but they were all Holy Pure Eh’s friends in real life. Unless Holy Pure Eh said anything, they would not have the face to leave.

“Alright, now there are fifteen of us. I’ll delegate the jobs. Later, the Orc Priest doesn’t have to bother with anyone else, just keep healing me. As for you Paladins, follow behind the Orc Priest, and attack when I tell you to.”

“What kind of joke is this? You’re telling us damage dealer to hide behind a healer, have you never played a game before?”

“That’s right, and you only want the healer to heal you. If you’re so scared of dying, don’t be an MT.”

System Notification: [Paladin Dusty Decree has left the party.]

System Notification: [Paladin Flying Fire 123 has left the party.]

Two more left.

Holy Pure Eh’s expression twisted slightly, because the two that had just quit were good friends of his in real life.

“Old friend, trust me just this once, okay?”

Seeing that Holy Pure Eh was about to say something, Li Yi interrupted him first.

“Alright, old friend. Just because you called me your old friend, we’ll fight it just like you tell us to. Games are meant to be played, right?”

“Hahahaha, exactly. Games are meant to be played, but even if it’s just playing, we still have to play out a storm.”

Li Yi laughed heartily and led the way, walking first into the cave.

“Let’s go!” Holy Pure Eh waved his hand and led the rest of the party, following behind Li Yi.

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 17 - I’ll be the MT

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