MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 238 - Ruler of God Appreciation Festival

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Chapter 238: Ruler of G.o.d Appreciation Festival

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Underwater Remnant was huge. Even if there were ten thousand players grinding in this map simultaneously, one would not have felt the crowd, let alone one player grinding in here.

At the moment, the number of murlocs and their resp.a.w.n rate were the only thing that satisfied Li Yi’s grinding requirement. Naturally, he might as well have grinded on land if it were not for the sake of increasing the Mermaid Princess’ Affinity.

Shoot at Random had become the only skill Li Yi used. He kept pulling the sp.a.w.ns and used Shoot at Random repeatedly. Li Yi killed thousands of murlocs as he boosted his EXP.

Two days pa.s.sed and Li Yi’s Level had rose up to 64.

He looked at the ranking board and saw that the second rank was Lonely Semi City. He was at Level 59 and there was a 5 Level gap between the two of them.

Semi Lonely City would require at least half a month to make up the 5 Level difference to catch up to Li Yi, a.s.suming the latter did not grind at all.

The average level for players was currently at Level 50. This meant that Li Yi was at least 10 Levels higher than the average player.

Li Yi finally knew how to increase the Mermaid Princess’ Affinity after two days of experimenting.

It was simple. All he needed to do was to keep killing the sp.a.w.ns while riding her.

Mermaid Princess’ current att.i.tude towards Li Yi was Indifferent. If Li Yi were to keep killing these sp.a.w.ns, he would be able to make her follow his will soon.

Li Yi understood clearly that it was a totally different situation between having a Mermaid Princess in control of her own will and having a Mermaid Princess who would only follow his commands.

The most absurd event in the history of King of Pantheon, the Ruler of G.o.d Appreciation Festival had officially begun.

Countless divine messengers flew down from Mount Pantheon. They landed in every major city as they started selling the Ruler of G.o.d’s Great Gift Pack of Blessings. In order to make this event more interesting and ludicrous, the divine messengers would instantly teleport to another location once they had sold 100 great gift packs. This resulted in players spamming the World Chat…

“Where is the divine messenger located in Wind Capital? I’ll buy the coordinates for 1 Silver Coin!”

“I’ll buy the divine messenger’s location in Shattered Frost City for 1 Gold Coin. PM me if you know!”

“Offering 500 Gold Coins for the divine messenger’s location. I’ll immediately give 500 Gold Coins to you if I manage to buy 100 gift packs without anyone else knowing its location!”

“Offering 100 Gold Coins for the divine messenger’s coordinates. Please PM me!”

A variety of shouts filled the channel. The System’s red-words-spam kept going on for the entire day without stop.

[A random player has opened the Ruler of G.o.d’s Great Gift pack and obtained a blessed +1 Equipment Reinforcement Scroll.]

[A random player has opened the Ruler of G.o.d’s Great Gift pack and obtained a blessed +2 Equipment Reinforcement Scroll.]

This sort of spamming was nothing unusual and a huge amount of Gold Coins had returned back to the System. Countless players were hooked on the Gift packs and videos of the divine messengers could be seen everywhere.

“Do you have any Gold Coins, Brother w.a.n.g? Lend me 20,000 Gold Coins and I will return it back to you in a few days’ time.” With a sad face, Hua Feiwu went to Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g to ask for money.

Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g, who was left with an axe and one blue robe on him coughed gently and shook his head at Hua Feiwu. It was not like he was unwilling to lend him any Gold Coins. Although Hua Feiwu and Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g always fought among each other, they had always been good friends. It was not an issue for them to lend each other money. However, the problem was that Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g had spent all of his money as well.

“I’m left with my last two equipment on me. You can take them if you really need the money desperately.”

Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g took off the blue robes without any hesitation along with his weapon and pa.s.sed them to Hua Feiwu.

“How much money can these be traded for?” As Hua Feiwu reached out his hand to take the equipment, Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g took his equipment back.

“Let’s not be hasty. If you really want this equipment, you should give me your sister’s number…”

“Why do you always involve my sister in everything?” Hua Feiwu started to feel irritated.

“Your sister is so beautiful. Although her are small in size, her skin is fair and she has a big b.u.t.t. A tent is instantly set up in my pants the moment I see her. If only I can bang her big fair b.u.t.t from behind, hehehe…” Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g kept going on to the point where his drool flowed out from his mouth.

“Go to h.e.l.l!”

Hua Feiwu kicked Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g right between his legs. The latter took a few involuntary steps back and collapsed on the ground, clutching onto his nether region.

“How could you do this, brother-in-law? How could you kick me in that place…”

“I’ll f*cking kill you!”

Hua Feiwu started chanting as he released the Devouring Black Hole and killed Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g on the spot.

“I don’t care if you’re his brother-in-law, how dare you attack Leader Sc.u.m!” Lonely Perfume waved his hand and members from the Huashan Sec started rus.h.i.+ng towards Hua Feiwu and killed him.

“The Century Flower will forever be enemies with the Huashan Sect from this day onwards!”

Hua Feiwu left that threat before releasing his soul to flee.

The Tyrannic Dynasty was the one who would benefit the most from this event. This was simply because these ridiculous Great Gift Packs could also give out EXP scrolls other than the useless Reinforcement Scrolls. Naturally, these items would be bound with the players once they were opened and could not be traded.

The probability of obtaining the EXP scrolls would increase if the players’ level was too low. Although the Tyrannic Dynasty had strength, they were lacking in levels. Hence this event would bring the Tyrannic Dynasty to a whole new level as they were fast approaching the level of the average player.

The number of players buying the Ruler of G.o.d’s Great Gift Packs began to grow. Naturally, there was an extremely small portion of lucky players who managed to obtain a very valuable item. No one would have continued buying these Great Gift Packs if the items they gave were trash.

“Are you there, brother Dark Wing?”

Li Yi had just returned from the Underwater Remnants. He was in the midst of buying materials for his arrows at the Auction House when Confused Fox had sent him a recorded message.

“What’s wrong, brother?”

Confused Fox sounded rather embarra.s.sed. “Uhm, can you lend me some money? I don’t need much. 2,000,000 Gold Coins will do.”

“No problem. I’ll send them to you now. Is 3,000,000 enough?”

Li Yi did not even bother asking for a reason as he transferred 3,000,000 Gold Coins to Confused Fox.

Confused Fox was over the moon. “I knew you would have the money. Hahaha. This is more than enough and I’ll return them to you in a few days.”

Li Yi laughed out loud. “Brother, how much have you spent on the Great Gift Packs?”

Confused Fox became silent for a while before replying sheepishly. “Uhm, to be honest with you, I’ve spent 50,000,000 Gold Coins on them.”

“… Are you nuts? It’s fine to fool around with these but don’t get addicted to them.” Despite Li Yi knowing that Confused Fox had spent a considerable amount on these, he did not expect him to have spent so much.

“I’m not going crazy over them. I spent 200 Gold Coins to buy these Great Gift Packs at first and in return, I’ve obtained two +10 Equipment Reinforcement Scrolls. It all spiraled out of control from then on as I kept purchasing them. Thus far, I’ve only obtained ten +10 Equipment Reinforcement Scrolls from the 50,000,000 Gold Coins spent. Sigh. I’ve decided to buy another 2,000,000 Gold Coins worth of Great Gift Packs. This is because I saw a closed beta player’s post on the forum stating that if the players were to buy another 1,000,000 Gold Coins worth of Great Gift Packs after obtaining ten +10 Equipment Reinforcement Scrolls, they would be rewarded with a +16 Equipment Reinforcement Scroll.”

Li Yi could not believe his ears. “A closed beta player’s post? And you believed it?”

“Uhm, I’ve already spent 50,000,000 Gold Coins. Does 1,000,000 make any difference? Alright, brother, I’ve received the money. I thank you in advance and hope that you’ll pray for me as well.”

Confused Fox immediately rushed after the divine messenger after receiving the money.

Just as Li Yi had finished dealing with Confused Fox, his messenger rang again. He clicked it open and realized that it was Chen Yang.

“Do you have any money to spare Brother Yi. Do lend me 500,000…” It was from Chen Yang.

“Guild Master, do you have any money? Can you lend me 300,000 Gold Coins, I’ll return them to you in a few days.” This was from Pretty Good Mood.

“What the f*ck. Have you guys gone nuts?” Li Yi was shocked.

Chen Yang and Pretty Good Mood did boosting services on a daily basis as they led the party in the Instance Dungeon. Although they did not earn as much as he did, they were still much richer than the average player. Since they had requested money from him, what did this signify? This meant that they had spent all of their hard earned money on the useless Great Gift Packs.

“Sniff. I don’t have any money left. My instincts are telling me, Brother Yi, just a little bit more. You got to help me this time.” Chen Yang spoke as if he was on the verge of tears.

“I have full confidence that the +16 Equipment Reinforcement Scroll will drop soon. Guild Master, please…” Pretty Good Mood spoke impatiently.

“Listen well, the both of you!” Li Yi opened their private chat simultaneously and shouted at them. “I have Gold Coins but I’m not lending them to both of you. If I were to find out that if either of you dare buy the Great Gift Packs from now on, I will immediately kick you out of the guild. If I were to find out that you’ve borrowed money from someone else, I’ll immediately blacklist you. I f*cking dare you. G.o.d d.a.m.n it. You all have gone nuts!”

Chen Yang and Pretty Good Mood shriveled up as Li Yi scolded them. Despite their domineering presence when they were leading a party, they never dared to argue with Li Yi. They had no choice but to listen to his scolding.

Li Yi was still furious. He had already warned his close friends before the Ruler of G.o.d Appreciation Festival had even begun that they should not buy the useless Great Gift packs. These gifts should be seen as simply entertainment and tragedy awaited those who would see them as a means of getting rich.

Confused Fox was a different case as his relations.h.i.+p with Li Yi was different from others. Li Yi would definitely lend him some money but it was different for Chen Yang and Pretty Good Mood. If he were to lend them the money, it meant that he would be pus.h.i.+ng them off the cliff himself. How could Li Yi witness them falling into the abyss without helping them at all?

No one was able to prevent this at all. The number of members from Little Drunk Cat who would purchase the Great Gift Packs would remain the same even if Li Yi had ordered them otherwise. No one would take his words seriously as everyone would want to try something new.

Only those who would know what suffering was if they experienced it firsthand. Li Yi could only prevent his close friends from doing so but he was unable to persuade everyone else.

Li Yi sighed softly as it was just the beginning. He was the only one who knew how alluring these useless Great Gift Packs were. They were much more than this.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

On the second day of the Ruler of G.o.d Appreciation Festival, every player who was currently online heard a piece of cheerful music as the System used rainbow-colored spam to announce what seemed like a ridiculous message to every player.

Player Fire Ice had opened the Ruler of G.o.d’s Great Gift Pack and a colorful aurora appeared as a pure white Pegasus appeared right in front of her.

[Player Fire Ice has obtained the Pegasus Mount. This incident has been Recorded in the Hall of Fame. Fire Ice has achieved “Soar in the Sky” and obtains the t.i.tle Sky Priestess at the same time!]

[Pegasus Mount (Purple, Epic-Level combat mount. Obtained through opening the Ruler of Appreciation Great Gift Pack. Cannot be mounted under water. Increases SPD on land by 100% and 220% in the sky.]

[Mount’s special pa.s.sive skill, Gift of Light. Increases the owner’s M-ATK by 15%.]

[Special mounting skill, Pegasus Meteor. Instantly travels to any location within sight. Skill CD period is 1 hour.]

The King of Pantheon was thrown into chaos as the System’s rainbow-colored spam disappeared…

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