MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 36: Blood-Colored Graveyard

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The knife stopped in mid-air, and no matter how hard Girl without Underwear tried, she still could not cause any damage.

This was because of her current mode. Unless it was changed to PK mode, it would be strange if she could hurt anyone.

"Consider yourself lucky. Even the system is telling me not to fight you."

Girl without Underwear glared at Li Yi and left with a huff to go and kill some black wolves.

Li Yi could not make heads or tails of the situation, but he did not think much and ran to Argo's son to obtain a quest.

"The last time, it was you who caused me to be b.u.t.ted… b.u.t.ted to death by the wild boars." Girl without Underwear was slas.h.i.+ng at the monsters and speaking to Li Yi at the same time.

"You returned to the Novice Village after dying, right?"


"Then, nothing's wrong."


"I've got something else to do. We'll chat again another time." Li Yi received the quest and took out a Return Scroll.

Girl without Underwear was at this time, once again, chased by more than five black wolves. Seeing her fl.u.s.tered look, it was obvious that she could not continue much longer.

Li Yi shook his head and finished off the black wolves with a few arrows.

"The monsters at this place are really abnormal, whew... Super exhausting."

"Who asked you to lure so many at once? Fight one at a time. I bet that would have worked."

"You think I want to lure them? All that's needed is just for me to strike one, and more of them would immediately rush up. I thought there were lesser monsters here, but now it seems like it's not as good as the place in front."

"I'll teach you a way. You see the two big trees in front? You can lure the monsters over there and stand in the middle of two trees to attack. Then you needn't be afraid of being surrounded."


"Why would I cheat you?"

Li Yi waved the Return Scroll, and disappeared.

"I'll trust you once more."

Girl without Underwear did according to Li Yi's method and lured a black wolf to the two big trees.

"Haha. This is a really nice place."

At the back was a hillside, and there were big trees on the left and right. Even if a group of black wolves was to rush up, only the one in front could probably hurt her.

Back to the Shattered Frost City, Li Yi continued his shopping spree, purchasing all the Fire Leaf and Ice Lotus in the Auction House. The Pinnacle of the Fire Instance Dungeon would be opened soon. If he did not take advantage of this time to rake in a huge profit, he would really be doing himself wrong.

He purchased the Antidotes at a high price.

After settling these two materials, Li Yi placed a booth at the entrance of the Auction House to purchase Antidotes.

Unlike the Fire Resistance Potion that could be made by the Beginner-level Apothecarist, the making of the Antidote required the Apothecarist to reach the Intermediate Level, and it was necessary to learn the Antidote formula. At the current level, there probably was not even one player who had reached the Intermediate Level.

Since no one could formulate it, farming monsters for drops were the only source for players to obtain the Antidote.

Li Yi wanted to go to the Instance Dungeon that was run by very few people in his previous life. Lots of Antidotes were needed while inside there.

Although the Antidote was an Intermediate-level potion, there were not many occasions where the player would use it. As such, Li Yi was able to collect it without much effort. With the price of 2 to 10 Silver Coins for one, he acquired 50-something sets (20 a set) in three hours' time.

After preparing everything, Li Yi set off again, crossing the Eastcloud Valley and reaching the Blood-colored Graveyard.

There was only one 16-Level Instance Dungeon at the Blood-colored Graveyard, and it was named Blood-colored Graveyard. The monsters inside were all Zombies, Resentful Wraiths and White Skeletons, and the final boss was the Masked Knight.

All the mobs in the Blood-colored Graveyard had an additional Poison Attribute. The Masked Knight boss was out-and-out the Great Poison King, as every move made contained poison. The Antidote was a necessity when running this dungeon.

The monsters' EXP here was not much. Coupled with the additional Poison Attribute as well as the utter dreary cries and screams in the Instance Dungeon, there were not many who loved to run this dungeon even in his past life.

Li Yi completed a few quests on the outside of the Blood-colored Graveyard and was qualified to enter the Blood-colored Graveyard.

System Notification: [You have entered the Heroic-Level Instance Dungeon 'Blood Graveyard'. Dungeon time limit: 2 hours.]

There was no Normal mode in the Blood-colored Graveyard. In fact, in the game of King of Pantheon, there were not many Instance Dungeons that had the Normal mode.

Regardless of whether you had reached the boss, the Blood-colored Graveyard would be refreshed every 2 hours. There was not a number limit in the Instance Dungeon, so you could exit, re-enter, and exit again so long as you paid the gravekeeper 1 Gold Coin every time you entered.

It was a dark and gloomy setting. The utter dreary cries and screams ceaselessly sounded and countless zombies with rotten bodies bared their fangs and clawed about as they moved back and forth.

Li Yi released the Mutated Small Wild Boar to pull aggro, while he stood behind to shoot arrows.

The monsters' ATK in the Blood-colored Graveyard were generally not high. The Mutated Small Wild Boar's DEF was enough for it to go rampant here as long as he paid attention to neutralize the poison on it. For Li Yi, pa.s.sing this Instance Dungeon was not a difficult matter.

The five zombies fell, and Li Yi's EXP Bar had only risen by 0.02%. Sure enough, even with the 10% EXP bonus from the EXP Pearl, there was not much EXP to be gained from the monsters here.


A mournful wail sounded, and a translucent Resentful Wraith appeared out of thin air behind Li Yi. A claw swept past, and Li Yi's body immediately turned black.

He was poisoned.

Li Yi placed a Freezing Trap and managed to freeze the Resentful Wraith. Running away, he gulped down an Antidote.

The slow-moving Zombies and White Skeletons were of no threat to Li Yi. The only threat to him was the Resentful Wraith's Teleport skill.

After consuming the Antidote, Li Yi's body slowly recovered, and the HP overhead stopped decreasing.

Li Yi walked through the labyrinthine graveyard with ease. The memory and experience from his past life played a role in helping him, so it only took him an hour to appear before the boss.

The Masked Knight was in a full body black armor and had a pitch-black ax in hand. He was riding rode on a black fine horse that had its four hooves flaming a white fire as it trotted about non-stop.

Li Yi first lured away the four Elite-level White Skeletons around him one after another. After getting rid of them, he then directed the Mutated Small Wild Boar to go forth.

A blood-mist spread out from the Masked Knight, and above Li Yi's head was a Blood-colored Poisonous Mist, which was a debuff (negative state) that could not be lifted and was causing his Health to decrease continually.

The Masked Knight did not have much Health, which was only 2,500,000. Li Yi went all out. The moment the Cooldown duration for the Antidote ended, he would immediately drink another bottle regardless of whether he was poisoned.

The Mutated Small Wild Boar used Enhanced Tackled and Tear to firmly pull the Masked Knight's aggro. Although the state of the Blood-colored Poisonous Mist continued to cause him to bleed, Li Yi had enough of the red blood-bottles with him, so he could totally replenish his HP Bar before it was reduced to zero.

The Masked Knight's ATK was ordinary, and he was good at all kinds of abnormal states. Unfortunately for it, Li Yi stayed far away. Except for the Blood-colored Poisonous Mist that could not be gotten rid of, most of the Masked Knight's attacks were avoided by him.

Although an Archer would be in an unfavorable situation when coming into close range during PK, the Archer's ability to solo the Instance Dungeon was far beyond the other cla.s.s.

Li Yi's character in the previous life was a Thief, and it was because of that he was at a disadvantage whereby he could not solo the Instance Dungeon. This was why he decided to play as an Archer in this life. Not only would he be able to solo most of the Instance Dungeons, but the Archer was also not worse than the Thief in combat.

It did not take long for the Masked Knight to fall to the ground, and the spam of red words from the system began.

Li Yi still did not reveal his name. The reward this time was also very common; no Skill Point but only 30 Gold Coins and 200 Reputation Value.

Just when Li Yi regretted that he could not get any Skill Points, the System's red-words-spam began once more.

[Congratulations to the Century Flower Guild for the achieving first kill of the World Boss, Violent Ape King. Recorded in Pantheon Hall of Fame!]

[Player Hua Feiwu achieved the first kill of Violent Ape King. System reward 50 Gold Coins obtained! System reward 300 points Reputation Value with various major cities obtained! System Reward 20000 EXP obtained!]

[Player Old Green achieved the first kill of Violent Ape King. System reward 50 Gold Coins obtained! System reward 300 points Reputation Value with various major cities obtained! System Reward 20000 EXP obtained!]

[Player Century Battlemaster achieved the first kill of Violent Ape King. System reward 50 Gold Coins obtained! System reward 300 points Reputation Value with various major cities obtained! System Reward 20000 EXP obtained!]

Dozens of messages repeatedly spammed, stunning Li Yi for a while.

Just then, Holy Pure Eh sent a private chat message: "Boss has been s.n.a.t.c.hed."

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 36: Blood-Colored Graveyard

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