MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 416 - Your Brother’s an Artistic Youth

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Chapter 416: Your Brother’s an Artistic Youth

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The monster within the huge white sh.e.l.l was as transparent as white jade. It had a transparent body, pincers, and eyes…

It was an Elite underwater monster—Ghost Crab!

It was one of the strongest variants of the crab monsters, and it was absolutely powerful. Furthermore, it moved fast and specialized in using ‘Invisibility’ to carry out its attacks not just underwater but on land as well.

“You have my thanks, Lil’ Mermaid.”

Li Yi returned Deep-red Seahorse into his inventory and surveyed his surroundings. Once he found a suitable spot, he raised his bow and shot an arrow towards the Ghost Crab.


“Tch tch tch…”

The Ghost Crab clambered out of its sh.e.l.l, leaving a trail of smoke in its wake as it dashed towards Li Yi swiftly.

Li Yi kept on shooting as he retreated. He then managed to scurry into a gap within the corals.

The Ghost Crab was Level 80 monster with 2,000,000 HP. Being an Elite monster, it meant that it had strong attacks. Li Yi stood no chance against it if they were to fight directly.

The Ghost Crab extended its claw, missing Li Yi just by a hair’s breadth…


The Ghost Crab was a close-combat monster, and it did not know any long-ranged attacks. That meant that Li Yi would be safe as long as it was not anywhere near enough to grab him.

Li Yi bombarded the monster ceaselessly and relentlessly until its HP dropped to 10% and below. The odds of him successfully capturing the monster had increased by a significant margin.


The Ghost Crab was now enraged. It used its pincers to hack furiously at the corals, destroying a bunch of them all at once. This sudden attack gave Li Yi quite a scare.

This thing was pretty aggressive, but that was good news. Li Yi was lacking an aggressive underwater pet after all

“Repelling Shot! Crippling Shot!”

Li Yi barraged the Ghost Crab with his bow continuously, causing it to retreat and unable to destroy the corals any further.


Li Yi initiated ‘Capture’ when the Ghost Crab was at 50,000 HP.




Capturing an Elite monster was no easy feat. One could have used several ‘Captures’ already, but the channeling bar would still be below 50%.

Crack! Crack!

The Ghost Crab immediately used its pincers to hack at them everytime it had gotten close to the coral. The rumor that the higher the monsters’ levels were, the more intelligent they would be was true. It had shredded most of the corals in just a few moments. Li Yi would have no place to hide if it were to continue its hacking.

“Little Elf from the Magical Realm, bless me please…”

He was muttering prayers again despite knowing that it was purely placebo. However, having a placebo effect was still better than nothing. It gave him something to depend on, something to look forward to, no?


[The channeling bar has been broken!]

“Xu Yue and Xu Man, confer me your combined blessing please…”


[The channeling bar has been broken!]

“Bless me please, Jiaojiao!”



Li Yi had muttered an endless stream of prayers, but they amounted to nothing even after he had mentioned everyone he could think of. The corals parted before his eyes, and he could not hold on any longer…

Suddenly, Li Yi thought of a madman. His hands was s.h.i.+mmering in red, and he pointed them towards the Ghost Crab. “This is… the blessing of Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g!”

Tch tch tch—


The channeling bar increased rapidly, reaching 92% in the blink of an eye. Based on previous experiences, there was basically no chance of failure once the progress bar was above 90%. Who could have known that something would happen right then and there…


The channeling bar shattered, and the Ghost Crab laid on the floor, dead.

“F*ck this!”

This was the result when monsters were unwilling to submit even when the Capture Bar was completed forcefully. They had an iron will and would rather die than to be a pet.

Frustrated, Li Yi dug his way out of the corals. When he saw the corpse of the Ghost Crab, he was agitated once again and launched several arrows into it furiously.

Monsters that died due to Capture yielded no EXP, and they could not be looted either. They had basically no use after they die.

He released Mermaid Princess after he made his way out of the corals.

“Do you know how long it takes for the Ghost Crab to resp.a.w.n?”

Mermaid Princess shook her head. Although she was quite intelligent, she had no knowledge about things like resp.a.w.ning. After all, n.o.body had taught her this knowledge.

“I just hope that it isn’t too long…” Li Yi heaved an exasperated sigh.

Although there were many other crab monsters around him, he was no longer interested in any of them after he had seen the Ghost Crab.

“Let’s go. We’ll continue to swim ahead.”

Li Yi rode on Mermaid Princess and issued his command after he checked the coordinates.

There was a small Naga training area in the ocean behind the Sea G.o.d’s Palace. There were only 50 or so Nagas training there, and Li Yi’s current destination was that training area.

Mermaid Princess spurred onward, reaching the Naga training area in no time. Li Yi then equipped his orange bow and began his monster-slaying journey.

Mermaid Princess was undoubtedly the queen in the water as she possessed impressive speed and the consciousness to dodge. She would be able to defeat the monsters easily as long as their numbers were not overwhelming.

53 Nagas wielded their steel tridents and surrounded them. None of them were female Naga which laid Li Yi’s heart to rest. One should know that the male Nagas were close-combat monsters whereas the female ones were Wizards. Li Yi would be able to deal with the female ones if there were only one or two of them, but he would have a hard time doing so if they came in groups.

Most of the Naga Soldiers near the Sea G.o.d’s Palace were normal Level 90 monsters. Their HP was low, at only 100,000 each. Although they moved fast, the difference was like heaven and earth if they were compared to Mermaid Princess. The Nagas had nothing on the princess.

“Shoot at Random!”


“Shoot at Random!”


Li Yi used Shoot at Random to attack. Whenever the Nagas came up to surround them, Mermaid Princess would automatically move away to evade their attacks, allowing Li Yi to continue shooting.

Shoot at Random was especially potent when he used it to kill monsters as each shot sent out several hundred arrows. The only downside of the attack was that it would consume a large sum of mana and use up a lot of arrows.

Although Shoot at Random consumed no arrows when he used the orange bow, the bow’s durability was still an unresolved problem. Li Yi did not dare to use it excessively.

A good blade must be used properly, and not in a place like this.

In a short while, all 53 of the Nagas were defeated by Li Yi, leaving the training area littered with floating Naga corpses and nothing else.

He calculated the time that had pa.s.sed and found that it had been around 10 minutes, and it would have earned him approximately 400,000 EXP…

Which was a pretty good chunk of EXP.

Li Yi’s bad mood was alleviated slightly, and after hugging Mermaid Princess to sleep, the Naga Soldiers resp.a.w.ned.

Their resp.a.w.n times were not slow, and even though the efficiency of leveling up here paled in comparison to the Naga Altar, it was still a bit faster than the Giant Ant Plains.

Satisfied, Li Yi woke up Mermaid Princess and dove back into battle…

While Li Yi was far away levelling up at Sea G.o.d’s Palace, Jiaojiao was following Pretty Good Mood’s Elite Party to level up at the Giant Ant Plains.

The Iron Alliance Elites were able to level up much faster with Jiaojiao at their side.

The only reason being that she was able to issue King’s Orders to pull everyone around.

The teleportation stones were also able to summon people over, but their efficiency was too low, unlike the King’s Order that was able to pull a huge number of people at once.

Jiaojiao was in the same team as the Xu Siblings. Li Yi’s close friends such as Little Elf from the Magical Realm and Fire Ice were also in the team. Naturally, Jiaojiao who was also the king became the leader of the team.

“Say, why did Perverted Wing a.s.sign us into the same group?” asked Jiaojiao curiously.

“It’s probably a coincidence.” Xu Man answered while fighting against a Giant Ant.

“It’s too much of a coincidence though. We’re all girls and also…” Little Elf from the Magical Realm could not finish the sentence.

“I think it’s due to the affinity of our,” Fire Ice said as she held up her staff. She was the most innocent out of all the girls there. She still believed that Li Yi was a dignified and morally upright man…

“That’s definitely not it. I’m going to interrogate him!” Jiajiao bit her hand as she made the decision to send Li Yi a mail.

“Perverted Wing, what’s the deal with putting us in the same party?”

“For an orgy, of course!” Li Yi quickly replied.

Jiaojiao was angered by his response. “Scr*w it, I knew that you were up to no good. Let me ask you, how many girlfriends did you have before me?”

“You’re my third one.”

“I’m not the first? I’m the third? How’re the ones before me like? Are they as good as me?” Jiaojiao was even angrier now.

“Ermm, the first one was pretty normal, the second one was a bit artistic, and the third one…”


Jiaojiao gave out a high-pitched scream and sent it over to Li Yi in a voice message.

Fire Ice eyed Jiaojiao enviously. “Clan Master Jiao, what’re you talking about with the Guild Master? You look pretty happy.”

“Me? Happy? Do I look happy to you?” Jiaojiao was fuming with rage.

Fire Ice stuck her tongue out apologetically, not daring to speak another word.

Jiaojiao gripped her greatsword with both hands and chopped down with all her might, expressing the rage within her heart.

“What did Li Yi say to you to make you this mad?” Little Elf from the Magical Realm asked curiously as she tottered over.

“He said… He…. He… He makes me so mad.”

Xu Yue ran over as well and gave a mischievous smile. “Why don’t you tell us what’s bugging you. I’m sure it’ll make us all happy.”

“Wah…” Jiaojiao swung her greatsword upwards, flames spewing from her eyes.

“Let me ask you girls, have you ever heard of the popular comparison?”

“What comparison?”

“The first one’s normal, the second one’s artistic, and the third one’s …”

‘Then what?” The girls were confused.

“He said I’m the third one! Argh…” Jiaojiao swung her greatsword and sent a Giant Ant flying…

The girls looked at one another before bursting into laughter … 1

Li Yi had no clue that his words had enraged Clan Master Jiao. He was still killing the Naga soldiers relentlessly. 16 hours had pa.s.sed…

Leveling up at the Naga Altar was a perilous task. It would be even tougher to succeed without an underwater pet like a crab monster.

He had already lost interest in normal crab monsters and was dead set on capturing the Ghost Crab. That was why he went to the training area to level up. It was so that he could wait for the Ghost Crab to resp.a.w.n.

Elite monsters had a resp.a.w.n time of 1 to 90 days. Each different species had a different resp.a.w.n time. Although Li Yi did not know a lot about the Ghost Crabs, he had seen many Pet Archers who owned a Ghost Crab, indicating that it was not that hard to capture it.

Whatever it was, n.o.body could stop him now that he knew the resp.a.w.n point for it. There was no way he would let it off. It would be a grave sin to do so!

After annihilating yet another number of monsters, he rode back to the corals to look at the Ghost Crab.

When Li Yi reached the clean white sh.e.l.l, he saw a transparent Ghost Crab peacefully lying within it.

‘The Ghost Crab resp.a.w.ned!’

Just like the last time, Li Yi fought the Ghost Crab and lured it into the gap within the coral bed.

His hands glowed red, and he pointed them towards the Ghost Crab…

“May the normal youth bless me…”


“May the artistic youth bless me…”


“May the idiot youth bless me…”

System Notification: [Congratulations! You have successfully captured Ghost Crab!]

A happy melody rang out.


MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 416 - Your Brother’s an Artistic Youth

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