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Chapter 42: Fire Ice

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It all started when two players accused Chen Yang and his friend of kill stealing while they were grinding levels in Eastcloud Valley. With a disagreement, a fight broke out. Chen Yang and his friend were killed within a few seconds as they fell to the ground.

Cheng Yang’s personality was much more aggressive than Li Yi’s. Would he accept this outcome after suffering such a loss?

Ultimately, they were killed three more times as they tried to stand back up on three occasions. They stopped trying to rise as the opponents said that they would camp by their corpses for three days.

“How embarra.s.sing. My… My girlfriend is laying down just right beside me. Please hurry up.”

“Aren’t you a socializer. You managed to even get a girlfriend within a few days.”

“Who… Who do you think I am. I might be slightly ugly, but my heart is beautiful.”

Li Yi soon arrived at the scene of the incident.

Two Archers were standing on both sides, putting the corpses of Tall and Mighty and a chick in between them.

“Aren’t you a spiteful one. If I were to ask you to stand up today, I might as well delete my account and stop playing!”



Two red arrows flew toward them and landed behind the head of the Archer who was still talking. It was an instant kill due to the combination of the hundred-percent rate Crit Rate and Crippling Strike.


Another arrow flew toward the other Archer, but he moved his body and evaded the attack.

“123, get up!”

Chen Yang was long prepared to revive together with the chick as he cast a Water Spirit to attack the Archer as fast as he could.

The Archer was attacked from three directions and could not endure it after a few hits. He ultimately fell to the ground after receiving a powerful punch from the Water Spirit.

“Didn’t you say you would camp by my corpse? Why aren’t you camping by my corpse? F*cking stand up!”

Chen Yang was like a petty and happy man as he jumped up and down on the Archers’ corpses.

“Stop the stomping for now. Turn right and walk straight to where I am now. They will stand up when they can’t see us.”

Chen Yang stopped his actions after hearing Li Yi’s words. Then, he called the chick and went to where Li Yi was.

The two Archers stood up as expected as they saw Chen Yang walking further into the distance. However, Li Yi’s arrows were already waiting for them. They fell to the ground once again after a few shots.

The tide had turned; it was their corpses being watched now.

“The Archer that has been sniping us in the dark. How dare you mess with us Huashan Guild. You shall wait and see.”

The other one shouted as well. “Tell us if you have the b.a.l.l.s. Don’t be a f*cking p.u.s.s.y!”

Surprisingly, they were people from the Huashan Guild. No wonder they would do such a thing.

Li Yi managed to understand the whole situation within seconds.

Li Yi thought that it was fine to camp by their corpses for a few hours since they were people from the Huashan Guild.

“You’re a dwarf, and your corpse was being guarded by them? Can’t you use Instant Slip-Away to escape from them?”

“I can escape at any given moment I want, but she… can’t.”

Chen Yang looked at the chick by his side and smiled foolishly.

It was clear as day that this Fatty was not able to escape on his own and humiliated himself. Yet, he was able to come up with such a reason to make the chick happy…

“h.e.l.lo. My name is Fire Ice.”

“Fire Ice. That name sounds familiar. My name is Dark…”

Li Yi froze up as he looked at the chick beside the Fatty.

Fire Ice, the White Elf Priest, he was extremely familiar with this person in his past life…

Fire Ice was not considered an extremely beautiful girl, yet she had a very sweet appearance. her dimples would appear as she smiled lightly, which made her look like a very obedient kitten.

Although he had not met Fire Ice personally, he had seen a lot of her pictures on a certain harmonious website.

She was wearing nothing. Those were pictures of her with at least two men in bed. It was an alb.u.m, to be more precise…

“h.e.l.lo. Can you let go of your hand now?” Fire Ice voiced out to remind him.

It was only then Li Yi came to his senses. “Ah. I’m sorry…”

He was in complete shock. This chick, Fire Ice, who was standing in front of him, was Hua Feiwu’s girlfriend in his past life.

The very person who was forced by Hua Feiwu to take a picture of her genital and sleep with other people against her will was no other than her.

Why was she hanging out with this Fatty? Perhaps she had yet to become Hua Feiwu’s girlfriend?

“Come over here Fatty, I have something to tell you.”

Li Yi, who was affected by his past memories, felt extremely uncomfortable, no matter how he looked at Fire Ice…

“How do you know her? What’s the relations.h.i.+p between the two of you now?”

“It’s… You know I have gotten a t.i.tle called The Pathfinder, right? I carried the t.i.tle with me in the Novice Village and met her there. She then asked me how I got the t.i.tle, and I… I started to talk to her from there. That’s how I know her.”

Chen Yang took a sneaky glimpse at Fire Ice as he got closer to Li Yi. “She’s still a student. I’m interested in her, but she seems to be uninterested in me.”

Li Yi questioned him, “Then, do you think she has a boyfriend in real life?”

“I didn’t ask. What are you planning? I’ve never dated online before, and this is my first time experiencing it. You better not mess around!”

“Mess around my b.u.t.t!”

Li Yi did not know how to explain the situation to him. He still had no idea how to ask Fire Ice even after thinking about it for a long time.

Should he ask her if she had a boyfriend directly?

Even if she might not misunderstand his intention, Fatty might think otherwise.

That was it!

An inspiration flashed across Li Yi’s mind and he thought of a good idea.

“What level are you two?”

Chen Yang tried to answer it first. “I’m level 15, and she’s level 15 as well.”

Li Yi smiled. “You two are able to join the Instance Dungeon Pinnacle of the Fire.”

“Does it give a lot of experience?” Fire Ice asked.

“It gives a lot of experience and is the fastest place to level up from level 15 to level 25. It is also the place that gives level 20 cla.s.s equipment set.”

Fire Ice’s eyes blinked. “Why don’t we watch over them for a little bit more before we head towards the Pinnacle of the Fire?”

Chen Yang immediately nodded. “Sure. I’ll follow wherever you wish to go.”

“Hehe. We really have to thank that player named Hua Feiwu~ for an early release of this Fire Instance Dungeon.”

As Li Yi mentioned the name Hua Feiwu, he dragged his tone intentionally as he tried to observe Fire Ice’s response.

Fire Ice’s expression was normal, nothing seemed to be out the norm.

Perhaps she had yet to meet Hua Feiwu at this point in time?

Girlfriendgate was an incident that occurred in the second year of King of Pantheon. It was then that Fire Ice’s popularity exploded. Before the incident, her level was not high and her equipment was rather normal. There were very little parts of her that would leave a long and lasting impression on everyone other than a few eye candy pictures of her that were uploaded to the internet.

“I really wish I’m able to know Hua Feiwu.” Li Yi added on.

However, Fire Ice’s expression remained unchanged.

Chen Yang gave Li Yi a strange look. “You b.a.s.t.a.r.d seems to be off today. Wanting to meet a friend with your personality. Are… are you okay?”

“Hua Feiwu is a very popular player. Don’t you want to know him too?” Li Yi talked to Chen Yang as he stared intently at Fire Ice.

Despite Fire Ice feeling super uncomfortable with all the staring from Li Yi, she did not dare to say it out loud and could only private message Chen Yang.

“Tall Tall, your friend is always staring at me. He seems to be very perverted.”

Chen Yang covered his face as he replied back to her. “Even you’re able to pick that up. You need to be careful, for he’s the notorious Prince of Picture Fapping.”

“Prince of Picture Fapping?”

“It means he would take a picture of you and m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e to the said picture all day.”

Then, the shock was written all over her face…

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 42 - Fire Ice

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