MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 441 - Tyrone

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Chapter 441: Tyrone

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When a player reached Level 85, they could transform their own non-combat mount to a combat mount by paying 10 Gold Coins to the Celestial Capital’s Quartermaster.

Of course, the mounts that could be transformed are limited to the normal horse mounts sold by the Quartermaster. Mounts similar to Li Yi’s Crimson Tiger King and Ice Toad King cannot be transformed.

Team 1 of the Iron Alliance’s Elite Party consisted of players that had at least reached Level 86. Everyone had already transformed their mounts and could now fight on their horses.

Everyone summoned out their mounts after Li Yi gave the order to. The clopping sounds of the horses’ hooves echoed in the dungeon. It was an atmospheric touch to the battle that was about to come.

Most people were riding on the Warhorses sold by the Quartermaster and only a few selected players had their own special combat mounts.

Some examples were Li Yi’s Holy Light Warhorse, Jiaojiao’s Crimson Emperor Warhorse, Confused Fox’s Fire Fox King, and Flower Underpants’ Armored Black Bear…

If you do not look mighty and impressive as a leader in the game, your subordinates let alone other players would not respect you.

“Fighting the Dark Paladin is easy. Just surround it and don’t let it escape…”

Li Yi gave them a simple explanation of the combat strategy. Only now did they knew why he wanted them to level up so much at once.

The Dark Paladin was terrifying in his attacks. However, the most mortifying thing about it was not in its attacks but how cunning it could be. The Dark Paladin had a special accessory named Evil G.o.d’s Blessing. There was one special effect on it that allowed it to have an infinite HP resumption during a battle in which it could recover up to a few million HP in a second.

It would run away whenever its HP dropped to a certain point and only return to the fight after its HP was regenerated. This process would be repeated throughout the fight. This instance dungeon was set to forbid players from leaving the battle and that included Li Yi’s G.o.dlike skill of Camouflage. The battle could not be paused until the dungeon was cleared or until all the players have died.

The Dark Paladin had 70000000 HP. Although it was much lesser than the Four Roaches’, it was of Dark Paladin cla.s.s and knew numerous ways of healing itself. One Death Contract could already recover up to 10000000 HP. That was why it was almost as difficult to kill as the Four Roaches.

The Dark Paladin would escape whenever its HP plummeted. If the players did not have a combat mount when that happened, it would be impossible to catch up to it. The result would be apparent then—TPK.

Although many guilds had already started on clearing the Dark Paladin, they generally had not reached Level 85 and did not have a combat mount. Their results were the same no matter how many times they tried to clear this dungeon.

It was impossible for them to conquer the Dark Paladin!

After Li Yi finished giving his explanation, Unending Unmatched and the other nine main tanks charged forward with their horses to surround the Dark Paladin.

The Dark Paladin’s ATK was extremely high. A main tank could sustain only five hits at most while a DPS or a healer would die after one or two hits. Thus, the strategy for this fight was to have main tanks surround it and take turns to Taunt it in order to provoke its Aggro.

“Orcs are the strongest race in this world. I may have perished, but my soul will be everlasting. The Evil G.o.d has blessed me, and the darkness has given me power. All of you sinners that dared to desecrate G.o.d will become nothing but as.h.!.+”

Tyrone the Dark Paladin raised the Rune Greatsword in its hand up high and swung at the 9 main tanks.

Double Curse and Infection were inflicted on the nine main tanks, causing black aura to emanate from their heads. Their HP began dropping ceaselessly.

Li Yi teased Jiaojiao again, “See, this is your second ancestor and another origin of the Dark Paladin.”

Jiaojiao was aggravated by his words. “Believe it when I say I’ll go up to your house and f*ck you up.”

“F*ck me up?”


“Oh, I’m so afraid. Come and get me.”

None of the players took another step forward. They stopped at least 40 yards away. Only the healers would occasionally run ahead to heal the main tanks before quickly returning to their a.s.signed positions.

No one should approach it in its initial phase. This was to avoid TPK by Tyrone’s Blood Boil that would kill everyone within the 30-yard radius.

Although the nine of them took turns to Taunt Tyrone, the HP bar above its head was still full. It was all thanks to that terrifyingly powerful accessory it had on himself. Frankly, even 9 Li Yis would not be able to make a difference in its HP let alone the nine main tanks that were currently surrounding the Dark Paladin.

Evil G.o.d’s Blessing, the infinite HP resumption accessory!

What Unending Unmatched and the other 8 main tanks needed to do was to just hold on until Tyrone released Blood Boil.

While the DPS were watching the scene with avid interest, the healers and the main tanks were as tense as a drawn bow. Tyrone’s high tolerance for damage would not allow them to make even one tiny mistake.

“Dark Strike! Dark Strike! Dark Strike!”





The overbearing attack had finally arrived. Tyrone used a group attack, causing damage values to constantly appear above the heads of the 9 main tanks.

“Holy Light Illumination!”

Fire Ice rode on the Heavenly Warhorse and released Holy Light Illumination into the air. It raised the 9 main tanks’ HP back to where they originally were.

“Ice, retreat immediately!” Li Yi yelled.

“Detestable little thing! Do you think you could bare your fangs at me safely by hovering in the air?”

The enraged Tyrone grabbed at Fire Ice with one hand. A purple thread shot out of his palm as he attempted to capture Fire Ice using Death’s Grasp.

“Pegasus Meteor!”

Fire Ice used the Heavenly Warhorse’s special skill at that critical moment to teleport herself away and escape the Death’s Grasp.

It was truly a narrow escape. Fire Ice was this close from being caught by Tyrone.

“Dark Strike! Dark Strike! Dark Strike!”

Tyrone turned its head, aimed at the nine main tanks, and cast another unending array of group attacks again.

Little Elf from the Magical Realm flew up in the air and blew her flute to cast the Breath of Fresh Air.

The Breath of Fresh Air had a similar effect with the Holy Light Illumination. Both skills provided HP resumption up to 5 minutes, but the Breath of Fresh Air was weaker when compared to Holy Light Illumination. The Holy Light Illumination’s effect could sustain itself after the skill was cast, but the Breath of Fresh Air required the caster’s continuous guidance. If Little Elf from the Magical Realm were to stop blowing her flute, the healing effects of the spell would be disrupted.

Although the Breath of Fresh Air had this shortcoming where it needed guidance, it had also an additional effect of buffing the ATK and SPD of the targeted players. If one were to look at it this way, its shortcoming would be compensated by this additional special effect.

The nine main tank’s HP were finally recovered after both Holy Light Illumination and Breath of Fresh Air were used on them. This segment was paramount for the success of clearing the dungeon. If the main tanks failed and died under the hands of Tyrone, then there was no need for a battle anymore. The entire team would be met with TPK the moment they came face to face with Tyrone.

“Blood Boil!”

Tyrone opened its arms mightily and stroke a pose. Popping sounds were heard in the air, and the bodies of the 9 main tanks suddenly exploded.

[Blood Boil: Inflict internal explosions by heating up the target’s blood, causing fatal destruction to the target. Blood Boil’s effect will be doubled if the target has a Double Curse status. Player’s usage range: 10 yards, Tyrone’s usage range: 30 yards.]




Damage values of over 30,000 appeared above the 9 main tanks’ heads. Many of their HP bars had already become empty.

“DPS, charge!”

With a wave of Li Yi’s hand, the group that had been waiting for a long time charged forward to attack the Dark Paladin.

Melee were at a disadvantage in the fight against the Dark Paladin. Firstly, the Dark Paladin could only be surrounded by at most 20 people at one time even though it was large in size. Secondly, the melee were less flexible and would thus suffer from attacks more frequently than other They were unlike Wizards and Archers who could stay far away at the back and retreat a hundred yards away immediately when accidents were to happen at the front line…

Tyrone swung his greatsword again. Darkness Immunity Curse! Blood Immunity Curse! Infection!

Black aura burst and spread quickly around the area. It had also appeared above the heads of all the members of the team. No one was excluded from the attack.

Li Yi bellowed while he was shooting his arrows, “Healers, keep everyone’s HP up. Little Elf, start Wind G.o.d’s Battle Resurrect. Main tanks, pay attention and don’t let it escape!”

The HP bar above Tyrone’s head dropped drastically. In the blink of an eye, its 70000000 HP has dropped to somewhere below 50000000.

“D*mn it, d*mn it, you’re all a bunch of b*stards that bullies the lesser party!”

Tyrone was furious! It raised his Rune Greatsword and shot out bouts of black aura. This was the warning signs of the upcoming Undead Army.

“Jiaojiao, activate the Undead Army and summon Fusion. Main tanks, form a s.h.i.+eld wall!”

“Undead Army!”

“Undead Army!”

Tyrone and Jiaojiao have activated the Undead Army at the same time. Hundreds of ghouls crawled out from the ground before pouncing and mauling at each other.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

“Get away from me!”

Tyrone swung its greatsword ferociously and managed to fling one of the main tanks away. Then, it ran off immediately.

“Stop it, stop it!”

The 9 main tanks swarmed forward to stop Tyrone.

“Get away from me!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Tyrone swung its greatsword once again to repel the circle of players that surrounded it and escaped.

Gallop, gallop, gallop, gallop…

Tyrone’s Deathcharger’s SPD was fast, and its speed was unparalleled with ordinary Warhorses. If it escaped, no Warhorse would be able to catch up to it, and everything they did just now would be for nothing.

“Death’s Grasp! You better come back here!”

When she saw Tyrone running away, Jiaojiao shouted and stretched out her arm to grasp at the air. A purple thread shot out of her palm and wrapped itself around Tyrone, dragging it all the way back to her.

All Bosses will be Immune to an ordinary Death’s Grasp. However, Jiaojiao was the outlier. With the Lord of Disaster in her hand, she has a hidden effect on her side that enables her Death’s Grasp to be effective to all targets.

Suddenly, the 9 main tanks marched forward to surround Tyrone between them.

“Good job!”

Li Yi was overjoyed. He never knew that Jiaojiao would be able to react so quickly.

“Get away from me!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Tyrone played the same old trick,. It was entirely focused on trying to escape them. However, more and more players have come to surround it, and no matter how hard it tried to break through the encirclement, it just could not seem to escape.

“Dark Strike! Dark Strike!”

Tyrone cast two Dark Strikes in a row, and this made Li Yi very nervous. He shouted, “Main tanks, continue to encircle it. Everyone else, retreat!”

Dark Strike was a group attack. Main tanks would still survive after its attack, but that might not be the case for other

“Get away from me!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Tyrone swung its greatsword again to repel a main tank. It had succeeded in breaking the encirclement.

Jiaojiao’s Death’s Grasp was still in cooldown, and the other Dark Paladins’ Death’s Grasp was useless against Tyrone. Everyone was on their mounts as they chased after Tyrone who seemed to be moving further and further away by the second.

Li Yi led the chase on his Holy Light Warhorse. Among all the mounts, his Holy Light Warhorse and Fire Ice’s Heavenly Warhorse were the quickest.

“Meteor Arrow! Meteor Arrow!”

Li Yi never stopped attacking. He was trying his best to decrease the HP Tyrone was recovering as much as possible.

At this moment, Flowery Underpants and Confused Fox joined him and released their killer moves while they were chasing after Tyrone.

Ordinary Warhorses could barely keep up with Tyrone. If a player were to attack Tyrone on it, the distance between them and the Dark Paladin would definitely increase. Only a few rare mounts could manage to attack while chasing after it.

“D*mn it, d*mn it. You’re all a bunch of b*stards that bullies the lesser party!”

At this moment, Tyrone ran into a dead end and was forced to turn and face its pursuers. The HP bar above its head had already recovered to 60000000 points.

Tyrone swung its greatsword and charged toward Li Yi who it was the most aggravated by in the team…

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 441 - Tyrone

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