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Chapter 500: Rare Tool

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The highest form of ninja looting always left people speechless. While the players might still harbor some reservations about the decision, they were unable to think of any excuse to dispute it. By the time they finally thought of a reb.u.t.tal, the ninja looter would have already equipped the item.

“Hehe, since no one is speaking out against my decision, let us roll on the next item, a physical ring. Its name is Frost Cell’s Frost Ring, and it has an ice-element attack as its special effect as well as a special skill called Ice Bullet Spell. It’s a pretty powerful piece of equipment!”

Before anyone had a chance to challenge his decision, Faded Cloud Breeze picked up another equipment tem and held it up high.

It was an amazing physical DPS ring, the additional ice element would imbue normal attacks with a ‘Deceleration’ effect. However, the special effect only activated on melee attacks, and as such, long-ranged were unable to utilize it.

“I offer 1,000,000 Gold Coins for this ring!”

Brother Windcloud Nine’s words appeared in the party chat channel.

Brother Windcloud Nine had died, and as such, he was not actually there. He was still corpse-running, and as a result, he could only communicate with his teammates using the chat function.

Faded Cloud Breeze shook his head in pity. “I’m sorry Brother Nine, but we’re distributing the loot by rolling. It’s not for sale.”

“Friends on the battlefield, I’ll give all of you 20,000 Gold Coins if you hand that ring over to me!” Brother Windcloud Nine was beginning to get desperate. Frost Ring’s stats were pretty good, and he needed it. Furthermore, he never skimped on paying when he saw good loot.

“I accept the offer!”

“Me too!”

‘Money talks’, this adage held true as most of the party members had accepted Brother Windcloud Nine’s proposal. However, there was still a small minority that rejected the offer.

This minority included the likes of Li Yi and Amber Sword Heart.

“Just roll the dice and rely on your luck. Also, anyone who manages to win the roll can always choose to sell it to Brother Windcloud Nine.”

Faded Cloud Breeze tweaked the settings, allowing only those who were playing melee physical DPS to roll the dice.

The dice was now spinning, and everyone’s hearts were racing. After all, Brother Windcloud Nine did say that he was willing to part with 1,000,000 Gold Coins just for that ring. Anyone who managed to get their hands on it would earn a huge sum of money once they sold it off.

It seemed like the legend of an overnight millionaire was about to be born.

Jiaojiao was not there. She had died tragically within the light labyrinth and was currently corpse-running together with Fire Ice and the Xu Sisters…

The dice had settled. Someone had gotten 100 points!

“Hahahaha! It’s mine! It’s mine! Brother Nine, I’m going to bring the ring over to you!”

The person who had rolled a hundred points was a random Orc Warrior. He did not have a particularly high level, his equipment was shabby, and he was placed at the ninth place from the bottom in the DPS Ranking Board. It truly was a mystery how he had managed to survive until now…

Faded Cloud Breeze checked the DPS’s Ranking Board and gave the Orc Warrior a smile. “Forgive me, friend, I cannot give this ring to you.”

It was as if the Orc Warrior had been splashed with a bucket of cold water. He was incensed, and he bellowed, “I rolled 100 points! No one else got a higher value than me, so why can’t I have the ring?”

“Your DPS ranking is too low. It’s obvious that you’re a freeloader. If I were to give this ring to you, people would be displeased. Ain’t that right everyone?!”


Faded Cloud Breeze shouted in a clear voice and was immediately responded by the players from the Fluttering Snow Alliance and Arthur’s Empire.

His hand trembling, the Orc Warrior pointed at Faded Cloud Breeze and screamed, “You… You’re a bully!”

The Orc Warrior’s name was ‘I’m Not An Animal’ and above his head was an obscure guild called ‘Don’t Shoot Your Brothers’.

Faded Cloud Breeze’s party was composed of nearly ten thousand players, but the only one who belonged to that obscure guild was the Orc Warrior.

Were he a member of the Iron Alliance, a.s.sembled G.o.ds Guild, Legendary Tribe, or any of the other major guilds for that matter, he would not have received such unjust treatment.

It was obvious that Faded Cloud Breeze was looking down on him.

The other players were dead silent. While they were appalled by Faded Cloud Breeze’s unjust treatment, when they thought about having another chance at getting the ring, they did not oppose his decision.

I’m Not An Animal had no other guild members with him. He was all alone.

“You never said that freeloaders were forbidden from rolling during the party-forming stage.”

Right as I’m Not An Animal was on the verge of tears, Li Yi spoke the words with a solemn expression on his face.

He did not know I’m Not An Animal. As a matter of fact, he had never heard his name before. However, he was so disgusted at Faded Cloud Breeze’s actions that he lashed out.

Though I’m Not An Animal’s DPS ranking was unimpressive, he did not do zero damage. In fact, he had contributed around 50,000 damage throughout the entire fight, proving that he took the battle seriously.

After all, the entire process of defeating Frost Cell had taken more than 3 hours in total!

“Guild Master Dark Wing, since you’re ranked first in the DPS Ranking Board, I permit you to speak those words. If you were able to use this ring, I would’ve given it to you without a second thought!”

Faded Cloud Breeze flashed a toothy grin to Li Yi. While he looked down on I’m Not An Animal, he could not do so to Dark Wing.

At that moment, Faded Cloud Breeze took out the final item and displayed its stats to the party.

[Frost Cell Ice Crystal Rock (Special Tool)]

[Equipment Level: 100]

[+500 P-DEF]

[+500 M-DEF]

[+500 STR]

[+500 AGI]

[+500 INT]

[+500 END]

[Ice Resistance increased by 90 points]

[Special Effect: Mana Threshold increased by 9000 points.]

[Special Effect: HP Threshold increased by 9000 points.]

[Brain Freeze (Special Skill): Releases the frigid air within the ice crystal, preventing the selected target from using any skills. The debuff lasts for 1 minute.]

“A Special Tool available to all! It’s the rarest cla.s.s of item in all of King of Pantheon!”


Most of the players were gaping in awe as it was extremely valuable. After all, it could be used by any and more importantly, it did not need to be equipped. Just placing it inside the inventory would activate it!

Special Tools, the rarest cla.s.s of item within King of Pantheon!

“G.o.d d*mn! If I knew that this would be the grand finale, I would never have rolled earlier!”

“Me too! Who would’ve thought that a semi-G.o.d-like item like that would appear?!”

“Tch, mother*cker…”

Most of the players who had already received an item were grumbling once they saw the stats of the Frost Cell Ice Crystal Rock.

The Frost Cell Ice Crystal Rock was extraordinarily powerful. Furthermore, it was not restricted to only one player, and thus, it was tradeable. Additionally, it was a grade higher than the ‘locked mixed equipment’ and had a gear score of 90 points.

“It doesn’t matter who rolls it, I’m offering 3,000,000 Gold Coins to buy it from them! Also, everyone else gets 10,000 Gold Coins as a bonus!” Brother Windcloud Nine shouted within the party chat channel.

“Hahaha, this is really a good item. I’m really tempted to ninja it for myself.”

Faded Cloud Breeze gave a hearty chuckle, and once the discussions around him had died down, he raised the Frost Cell Ice Crystal Rock up high and spoke in a clear voice. “The Frost Cell Ice Crystal Rock is extremely rare! It may very well be the best loot dropped by Frost Cell. If we were to roll for it, the winner would definitely be happy, but for the others, it would undoubtedly be torture.”

“So, what’re you planning to do? You going to ninja it for yourself?”

“We’ll immediately report you if you ninja it!”

“Don’t you f*cking dare! If you do, I’ll make it my job to hunt your dog *ss every. Single. Day!”

The players were infuriated once again.

“Why would I have taken it out if I intended to ninja it? If that were the case, I would have just secretly kept it hidden.” Faded Cloud Breeze laughed heartily, pointed at Li Yi, and said, “Guild Master Dark Wing’s DPS was the highest in the party. Also, all of you saw what he did in the latter half of the battle, didn’t you? Without Guild Master Dark Wing’s boss-kiting, could we have beaten the boss? Could we?”

n.o.body answered.

Faded Cloud Breeze nodded his head, satisfied. He continued, “Of course not, and it’s for this reason that I’ve decided to hand Guild Master Dark Wing this item directly!”

“I agree!” Chen Yang was the first to speak.

“Same here!” Unending Unmatched was the second.

“We agree! We agree!” The shouts of the members of the Iron Alliance rocked the air and I’m Not An Animal was driven to near tears. The issue with his ring had not been settled yet, but now, who was willing to speak for him?

No one else besides Li Yi…

“F*ck! Wasn’t rolling part of the original plan? Motherf*cker…”

“D*mmit Faded Cloud Breeze! You’ve gone too far!”

As usual, while there were those who agreed, there were also those who disagreed. The two sides argued, and neither side was willing to back down.

“Whoever managed to get a higher DPS than Li Yi, please come forward. Whoever dares to claim that they can kite the boos like him, please come forward! Otherwise, shut your f*cking mouth!” Faded Cloud Breeze had raised his tone.

The crowd went silent. No one dared to speak.

The truth was laid out in front of them. Even if they were frustrated, what else could they do?

Faded Cloud Breeze’s generous act had stunned Li Yi. He whipped his head around to look at Defiantly Tyrannical, only to see a blank expression on his face. Li Yi had no idea what he was thinking.

Faded Cloud Breeze was clearly trying to flatter him. This was obvious to everyone including Li Yi.

‘Just what are you planning, Fluttering Snow Alliance?’

Li Yi was looking at Faded Cloud Breeze, whose eyes were squinted in a smile.

Contrary to what Li Yi was thinking, Faded Cloud Breeze was actually quite depressed at the moment. He had sent the stats of the Frost Cell Ice Crystal Rock to the guild channel to boast a while ago, and unexpectedly seen by the boss had seen it. When he saw it, the boss promptly sent him a simple text stating, “Think of a way to give it to Dark Wing.”

When he initially received the message, Faded Cloud Breeze thought he had read it incorrectly. After all, the Fluttering Snow Alliance had declared their intention to be the largest guild in the game, and Dark Wing’s Iron Alliance was a major obstacle to that goal. It was understandable if they did not want to face Dark Wing’s guild head on, but what was the boss planning on doing by giving Dark Wing the item?

Faded Cloud Breeze sent a message to the boss to reconfirm his orders. Once he received proper confirmation, he reluctantly carried out the boss’ plan.

The whole I’m Not An Animal fiasco was caused by the boss’ message. Faded Cloud Breeze had wanted to vent his anger, and had chosen him as a scapegoat.

Seeing the reaction from the players surrounding him had caused Faded Cloud Breeze to grit his teeth in anger internally. In spite of that, outwardly, he was all smiles when he handed over the Frost Cell Ice Crystal Rock to Li Yi.

“As all of you can see, I’ve already given the crystal rock to Guild Master Dark Wing. Next, let us roll for Frost Ring!” Faded Cloud Breeze lifted it up and shouted.

“Hold it right there!”

Li Yi walked a few steps forward, pointed at I’m Not An Animal, and spoke. “This ring already has an owner. It belongs to this brother right here. As for my Ice Crystal Rock…”

Li Yi gave a faint smile and lifted up the Frost Cell Ice Crystal Rock. “I’ve decided to allow people to roll for it. Everyone in the party is allowed to roll, including those who have already gotten items!”

The room fell deadly silent…

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 500 - Rare Tool

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