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Though Li Yi had attempted to stop Onyxia while she was drawing in the air, Onyxia ignored it without sparing him a second thought. Once her mouth was full of air, she aggressively breathed it all out…

The snowflakes dancing in the air were completely turned into rain, and the snowy peak was engulfed in flames.

Without exception, the snow eagle, the nest, and the thirty or so players were all consumed by its flames.

The snow eagle died on the spot, along with half of the players. They were fully engaged in the battle with the snow eagle, and none of them could have imagined the turn of events.

"It's a black dragon! It's Onyxia!"

Someone lifted his head and shouted, instantly stirring up another uproar.

Compared to Onyxia's ma.s.sive frame, Li Yi, who was sitting on her back, seemed insignificant. n.o.body had noticed him, and all the players below had thought that Black Dragon Princess had sp.a.w.ned within the North Pole Continent…

"This is insane. Doesn't Black Dragon Princess sp.a.w.n with awful rates in the Invincible Continent's Black Rock Mountain?"

"What's this? Does the North Pole Continent sp.a.w.n Black Dragon Princess as well?"


Under their leader's orders, the players below raised their staffs and launched multiple spells at Onyxia.


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The players below were dealing decent damage, which meant that their levels were close to Onyxia's.

Onyxia flew into a rage, and no matter how Li Yi tried to order her to leave, she shut her ears off to his commands, ignoring his presence. She widened her maw, and shot blast after blast of Raging Breaths, retaliating with all her might.

Li Yi was beyond p.i.s.sed. He was not worried about the players below, but instead about Onyxia, who might be killed by them.

Although Onyxia was still in a weakened state, she was still an Ancient-level Boss with considerable strength. Furthermore, the mountain peak that the players were standing on had little room and dodging her Raging Breaths was not an easy feat.

In a blink of an eye, Onyxia had killed another three players.

At that instant, another two players cried out, summoning two golden-yellow gryphon mounts, and rocketed off into the sky.

'Gold Gryphons with Cold Flight!'

Li Yi's eyes shot wide open.

Normal flying mounts were unable to take flight within the North Pole. Only those with the additional skill, 'Cold Flight', had the right to soar within the North Pole's skies.

Out of all of Li Yi's mounts, only Onyxia held the 'Cold Flight' skill. As such, it was obvious how precious mounts with the 'Cold Flight' skill were.

Furthermore, Gold Gryphons were extremely valuable as they were the king of all gryphon-type mounts. Obtaining them was no easy feat, and the difficulty of doing so was practically the same as unlocking the Orange Quality Bow's seals. Naturally, aside from the difficulty of obtaining it, one required a heaven-defying amount of luck as well, and both of these factors came hand-in-hand.

Once Li Yi saw the two Gold Gryphons, he could already guess who the people sitting on the mounts were.

One of them was the branch leader of Fluttering Snow Alliance's Southern Division, the Violent Warrior, Brother Simon; and the other, his wife, the Fire Wizard, Lil Jinlian.

Using 'Charge', Brother Simon smashed against Onyxia's skull. Although Onyxia was immune against all types of debuffs, that was not Brother Simon's goal. Instead, he wanted to close in the gap!

Brother Simon activated Sanguine Berserk, and his entire body turned red. With his HP gradually burning away, he gripped his two giant swords in each hand and furiously hacked in front of him.




In pain, Onyxia flailed her claws around, attempting to squish Brother Simon to death. Alas, the Gold Gryphons were highly agile. They flitted around like flies, and Onyxia could not even touch them.

"Fire Meteor!"

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Brother Simon's wife, Lil Jinlian had joined the fray. With a thrust of her staff, she shot out three fireb.a.l.l.s in quick succession.




Brother Simon and Lil Jinlian had extremely high damage and combined with the attacks from the players below, they had instantly dealt over 3,000,000 damage to Onyxia.

Onyxia had lost all reason. No matter what Li Yi commanded, she ignored his words.

Li Yi was enraged as well.

Since Brother Simon and his wife were up here, the players below must have been their subordinates. Based on the damage they dealt, it was obvious that they were elite players from Fluttering Snow Alliance's Southern Division. They were definitely not pushovers.


The situation was starting to get dangerous. If Li Yi allowed Brother Simon and his men to carry on any further, there was a high likelihood that Onyxia would perish.

'This crazy dragon's really stupid!'

Li Yi placed Lil Jinlian in his sights and fired off a Powered-up Arrow.

Brother Simon was a Violent Warrior and though they were not known for playing defensively, their DEF and HP were still higher than that of cloth or leather armors. As such, Li Yi, who was capitalizing on a sneak attack, naturally set his sights on the person he could take down immediately.

The Powered-up Arrow whirled forward, staying close to Onyxia's body, and barreled towards Lil Jinlian. Li Yi's firing speed was extremely sneaky, and since Lil Jinlian was paying full attention to chanting her spells, she was not paying attention to her sides.


The Powered-up Arrow pierced through Lil Jinlian's skull, instantly dealing a horrifying [−13115] damage. Her HP immediately zeroed out, and she fell from the Gold Gryphon.

'Sneak-attack successful!'

"Meteor Arrow! Elimination Arrow!"

His first attack a success, Li Yi immediately diverted his attention to Brother Simon. He had already determined that out of all the players, only Brother Simon and Lil Jinlian were capable of flight. Thus, once he took care of them, the danger would be averted.

Li Yi shot both his arrows, but Brother Simon was already well prepared. His Gold Gryphon flew in an '8' shape in mid-air, easily dodging both arrows.

The difference between them was too great, and by the time the arrow had flown over, the Gold Gryphon easily evaded the arrows


"Hubby! There's an Archer on the dragon's back!" Lil Jinlian screamed.

Brother Simon temporarily gave up on attacking Onyxia. The Gold Gryphon's wings spread open wide and it darted towards Li Yi.

All Fluttering Snow Alliance's branch leaders were extremely skilled, and this was especially true for Brother Simon. Li Yi had crossed swords with him multiple times and was well aware of his might. He had high ATK, good coordination, and was extremely quick in battle. He was definitely not easy to deal with.

Without waiting for Brother Simon to reach him, Li Yi shook his body and transformed into Violent Bear King. Remaining on the dragon's back, Li Yi used Berserk Charge and charged straight towards Brother Simon.


Berserk Charge landed dead on its mark. Brother Simon's body wobbled, and the icon of 'Disorientated' appeared on top of him.

"Flaming Dragon's Roar!"

Li Yi dispelled his transformation and extended his leg.

Brother Simon was hurled away. With his body in mid-air, Li Yi launched an a.s.sault on him.

"Impregnable Fortress!"

Li Yi's chain of skills had reached its third combo when a black light surged out of Brother Simon's body.

Impregnable Fortress was a special skill that enabled its user to enter a 'No hit recovery' state for 12 seconds. It was one of the best skills to disrupt combo attacks.

Now that his character had no hit recovery, he could attack without any disruptions while bracing his enemy's attacks.

"Mountain-crus.h.i.+ng Strike!"

Brother Simon raised both his swords up high and drew a b.l.o.o.d.y cross. The aura around him began to boil, and he immediately slammed into Li Yi from mid-air.

Mountain-crus.h.i.+ng Strike was the most notable move of Violent Warriors. After using it, a projection as huge as Mount Tai 1 would come flying out. Its area was extremely huge, and to evade it, one had to be prepared beforehand.

Li Yi did not dodge it. Instead, he darted towards Brother Simon with Wind Sword in hand.



The damage dealt by Wind Sword was extremely small, and it was at this moment that Brother Simon's Mountain-crus.h.i.+ng Strike had struck onto Li Yi's body.




A string of damage numbers flew out of Li Yi's head. Mountain-crus.h.i.+ng Strike would deal continuous damage, and once those figures were tallied up, the damage they dealt was unnerving.

Instantly, Li Yi's HP was halved.

Li Yi mentally groaned. It was not that he did not want to dodge just now, but rather, when Brother Simon came charging forward, the no hit recovery effect on him was still present. Thus, Li Yi could not evade beforehand. By the time the effect had vanished, Brother Simon was already in front of him. Hence, he had no choice but to stab him with Wind Sword. He wanted to test his luck, and if the Paralysis effect procced, victory would be a.s.sured.

Otherwise… he would suffer a tragic fate.




The damage counters continued to spew out of Li Yi's head. He was injured by Mountain-crus.h.i.+ng Strike and had entered 'Bleeding' state.

Though the Bleeding state dealt little to no damage and was useless to most, for Violent Warriors, fighting an opponent who was bleeding was akin to a 50% increase in damage.

Once their targets started to bleed, Violent Warriors' ATK would skyrocket!

While Li Yi was constantly leaping backwards, Brother Simon thrust out a hand wreathed in red light in an attempt to grab hold of Li Yi's skull.

This was yet another special skill of Violent Warriors. Once their targets were in a 'Bleeding' state, they could use 'Vampiric Hand', which enabled them to suck their opponent's HP away once the Violent Warriors' caught their targets. In turn, the drained HP would temporarily be converted into the Violent Warrior's ATK.


The whites of Li Yi's eyes rolled back, and he collapsed straight onto the ground.

Brother Simon hand had grabbed hold of him.


With a crunch, Brother Simon was caught in Ghost Crab's pincers.

Li Yi stood up and fired into Brother Simon.

Li Yi had actually summoned Ghost Crab back when he used Berserk Charge to crash into Brother Simon. The purpose of doing so was to capitalize on the chance of a counterattack.



After a single blow from Li Yi's arrow, Brother Simon's body flashed, followed by a vigorous explosion of Blood Vapor.

"Blood Vapor Explosion!"

Brother Simon had sacrificed half of his health in order to activate a Violent Warrior Skill that resembled 'Flaming Dragon's Roar'.

Ghost Crab was hurled away, and both Li Yi's second and third arrows were deflected upon landing.

"G.o.d Mode!"

Li Yi was well prepared. Before Brother Simon had the chance to use 'Charge', he immediately activated G.o.d Mode. The moment he leapt backwards, he instantly fired off eleven Elimination Arrows.

"Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!'

Strong as Brother Simon was, there was no way that he could evade the wide net of Elimination Arrows from such a close distance. In a flash, he was struck by five of the arrows, and his HP immediately flatlined.

"Blood Sacrifice!"

Brother Simon was not dead yet. Before Li Yi's final arrow had managed to land, he activated the life-saving skill that belonged solely to Violent Warriors. By trading half of their damage, they would temporarily gain health.


Though the HP recovered was not much, it was enough for Brother Simon to withstand the next attack.

The Gold Gryphon flew in a 'Z' shape and barreled towards Li Yi.


At that moment, Li Yi had completely depleted his mana, and as such, he was unable to use any other skills.


The 'Charge' landed squarely into Li Yi. Brother Simon depleted his life force once more and unleashed his ultimate skill — Demonic Netherstrike!

A crimson ray formed a circular pillar and wrapped Li Yi within it. Then, the damage counter above his head flew wildly out of his head…




After a full ten seconds had gone by, the b.l.o.o.d.y pillar began to subside.

Cras.h.!.+ Li Yi was now lying on Onyxia's back.

After finis.h.i.+ng off Li Yi, Brother Simon only had a little HP left. That was the price for using Demonic Netherstrike.

"Are you Dark Wing from the Invincible Continent?"

"You know me?"

Li Yi shot upwards and fired off an arrow.



An arrow landed squarely onto Brother Simon's head, and with an expression of disbelief, he fell off his Gold Gryphon…

Mount Tai is a mountain of historical and cultural significance located north of the city of Tai'an, in Shandong province, China.

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