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Chapter 540: Ironhead Hero

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There was another lively scene in the official forums during the past few days. First, a mysterious buyer bought a load of high-level trashy Purple Quality equipment. Then, Fluttering Snow Alliance’s Bai Xiaoya started muckraking the truth on Huashan’s ma.s.sacre of the eight major cities belonging to Three Major Guild Alliance.

In the post, Bai Xiaoya wrote that the person who committed the act did not have Divine Bird Phoenix nor did they have Dark Wing’s numerous Shower Flame Scrolls. An alternative route was taken in which Fire Bird Type-D Explosives were created in bulk with Grandmaster-level Goblin Engineering and sent into the eight major cities through Celestial Capital teleportation door. They were then secretly placed inside combustible buildings and ignited at the time.

To create these rare Fire Bird Type-D Explosives, large quant.i.ties of Advanced-level Mana Recovery Potions were required. However, this type of Explosives had an extraordinary feature and that was its ability to be ignited remotely.

Fire Bird Type-D Explosives caused low damage to players but in contrast, the damage on buildings was extremely high.

In the post, Bai Xiaoya revealed in detail the truth behind the city-wide ma.s.sacre but she did not mention who was the person behind such an action, aside from the fact that this was not a doing of Huashan Sect.

It did not take long for Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g to come across Bai Xiaoya’s article which prompted him to write a comeback post out of spite.

The t.i.tle was called ‘Bai Xiaoya — I’m gonna f*ck your mouth!’

The content was as followed, “I’m gonna f*ck your mouth, I’m gonna f*ck your mouth, I’m gonna f*ck your mouth, I’m gonna f*ck your mouth, I’m gonna f*ck your mouth, I’m gonna f*ck your mouth… (in ten thousand words)

There were people who then asked Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g about the reason why he was so angry. Was it because what Bai Xiaoya said was true?

In the end, Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g left a bizarre answer that made everyone’s imagination run wild, “Bai Xiaoya’s mouth is really s.e.xy!”

Just as the forums were heating in discussion on the city-wide ma.s.sacre, Li Yi managed to pool together enough high-grade Purple Quality equipment required by Hunter G.o.ddess.

Overall, over 50,000 Purple Quality equipment were consumed. Most of the Purple Quality equipment cost several hundred Gold Coins each but added up, and the numbers reached an astronomical figure.

Fortunately, Li Yi was still able to afford this much. Moreover, he sold a few exquisite weapons forged by Snickersnee, cutting back his losses.

By now, Hunter G.o.ddess’ imagery has completely solidified. The previous Hunter G.o.ddess was tethered to the Orange Quality Bow upon appearing but she could now break free and move around. The only restriction was in the time she lasted, which was only five minutes.

With G.o.d Mode upgraded, the skill went from lasting for two minutes to five minutes. It also has an extra feature of special skill whereby on activation, its effect was immediate, saving time on channeling period.

Li Yi added Heart of a Clear Mirror state in G.o.d Mode, binding these two special skills into one.

There was no change to the attributes on Orange Quality Bow but its damage went up by 1,000 points. The previous 500 – 2,500 damage was now 1,000 – 3,500 damage.

However, Orange Quality Bow may have completely dissolved Inextinguishable Tinder but the remaining two seals were not broken. They were still in a sealed state.

Of course, although these seals were not broken, there were still major changes to the bow. There was now a Flame Energy Gauge on Orange Quality Bow which was 100 points in full. Once it was unleashed, it came with a tremendous Blazing Fields effect. Li Yi tested it and one release of 100 points Flame Energy could cause 200,000 to 500,000 damage to a player with DEF over 10,000 points. However, it was with the prerequisite that the burning player remained where they were…

The person who Li Yi tested it on was Jiaojiao.

The other change brought about Li Yi an additional type of complimentary arrow. There was previously only Star Arrow and now Ultimate Flame Arrow was added in the mix. On the other hand, usage of it would consume Flame Energy — 1 point Flame Energy was equivalent to one Ultimate Flame Arrow.

In short, the seals may not have been broken yet but the effects of Orange Quality Bow dissolving Inextinguishable Tinder did not leave Li Yi disappointed.

Although it took over 50,000 Purple Quality equipment, he was satisfied with Hunter G.o.ddess obtaining a substantial form as well as the various features of Orange Quality Bow that came with it.

In order to advance in testing the powers of Orange Quality Bow, Li Yi went to clear Conquer dungeon.

Conquer dungeon has been around a while now but it was Li Yi’s first time in attempting it.

Honestly speaking, he did not have a good opinion of this dungeon and hence the delay in trying it.

Under Li Yi’s guidance, Little Elf from the Magical Realm’s dungeon progression ran rather smoothly and quickly at 50%. There was only a handful who could beat her in progression rate.

One would need to complete the dungeon progression to 100% in order to clear Conquer dungeon.

Upon entry, a cheerful tune was heard. Suspended in midair, was a Wheel of Fortune.

Soon, the Wheel of Fortune stopped spinning and a line of words appeared before Li Yi, “200 steps to the East.”

A stone slab piece beneath Li Yi’s feet flew and swiftly advanced 200 steps to the East…


Before he arrived at his appointed destination, Li Yi bashed onto a wall and fainted on the spot.

When Li Yi finally came to, the Wheel of Fortune flew over and a line of words emerged on top of it.

“Today, your lucky number is 2, which is closest to the lowest value. Be careful of knocking into walls…”

F*ck me!

This sh*tty dungeon was lame…

Li Yi remained speechless for a long time.

It could not be helped. He had to clear the Wheel of Fortune stage to get inside the dungeon.

It was then the Wheel of Fortune stopped and words emerged above it, “800 steps to the West.”


“500 steps to the South!”


“300 steps to the North!”


“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Half an hour later, a golden Achievement Panel popped up on the screen.

[Due to the number of times you’ve banged onto the wall, you’ve obtained Broken Southern Wall achievement, Ironhead Hero t.i.tle, and +1 Skill Point.]

Staring at the golden Ironhead Hero t.i.tle on his head, Li Yi was unsure how to react to it.

Conquer dungeon was as such, no matter how one played it, there was always a reward waiting at the end of it…

Li Yi made a few more attempts but the result still left him driving into a wall. In the end, he had no choice but to quit the dungeon. An achievement or t.i.tle was only awarded once so he would receive no further gain from further repet.i.tive knocks onto the wall.

It was a huge battlefield outside Conquer dungeon with a lot of players sp.a.w.n camping and being camped. Nevertheless, as King of Souls usually made his rounds here, corpses were commonly piling here and only a handful would still be alive.

Li Yi strolled around the place and killed a dozen foreigners (players from other camps). It was a shame he did not come across any experts to experiment the capabilities of his Orange Quality Bow on.

Li Yi waited until King of Souls was about to arrive before entering Conquer dungeon again.

The Wheel of Fortune appeared and when it stopped spinning, a line of words emerged, “30 steps to the South.”

His luck seemed to have returned after taking a short break as Li Yi managed to arrive at his destination without any incidents. At the flash of white light, he found himself in the middle of a wasteland.

Finally, he made it!

Li Yi let out a sigh of relief and summoned Onyxia to take flight into the air. Flying mounts were allowed in Conquer dungeon.

The scenery around him did not change despite moving ahead for a while now. There was virtually nothing beneath them, no monsters nor players but a desolate land.

Once one left the Wheel of Fortune, one would enter the Mirror map. Only when the exit was found, players would then officially enter the shared map of Conquer dungeon.

The exit of the Mirror map was easy to find. Li Yi had played this a couple of times in the past life so this was not a problem to him.

They flew all the way North until a pink feline creature was spotted on the ground. Li Yi then ordered Onyxia to land.

This creature with the appearance of a cat has its back straight up like a human. It was not a cat but an unusual race, a mogu unique to King of Pantheon.

This mogu was holding a staff in its hand and draped with a cape. It narrowed its eyes as it stood still on a white platform.

Li Yi stored away his whole body of equipment, including Orange Quality Bow into s.p.a.ce Pearl, leaving nothing but a few trashy White Quality equipment on him before walking towards mogu.

“Mogu! Mogu!”

Mogu suddenly shouted and attacked Li Yi with grand pomposity. It apparently wanted to play rock, paper, scissors with him.

That’s right. In order to get into the shared map of Conquer dungeon, players must first pa.s.s through this sneaky little mogu cat.

Li Yi gestured a rock while mogu came up with scissors. Li Yi won. He continued with a rock and mogu, still scissors. Victory was still on Li Yi’s side. Li Yi then came up with rock while mogu, still scissors.

Such a scene went back and forth five times. Mogu cat, who lost all five rounds, was utterly infuriated and pointed its staff at Li Yi, causing him to freeze on the spot. Mogu cat then pounced ahead and stole his equipment.

“Mogu! Mogu!”

Mogu cat tied the stolen equipment to its staff with delight and left, carrying them over its shoulder.

It was then Li Yi’s freeze state was dispersed, allowing him to move again.

The trick to defeating mogu cat in rock, paper, scissors was to use rock each time. Of course, if players could also lose to it if they did not want to win. Mogu cat would just ditch the said player out of disdain when entering the shared map.

Li Yi received a System Notification.

[Capture mogu cat to retrieve equipment.]

Li Yi ignored this notification and instead, walked up to the earlier platform where the mogu cat stood still.

A teleportation door appeared before him. Li Yi clicked to confirm and in a flash, he was teleported in…

“Mogu? Mogu?”

The mogu cat who stole Li Yi’s equipment hit the panic b.u.t.ton as it stumbled to the teleportation door, leaping up and down.

Mogu cat was a friendly NPC in Conquer dungeon. It may steal players’ equipment but they would be returned when they quit the dungeon regardless of whether players succeeded in capturing it.

Mogu cat’s character was set to be a little naughty but its intention was not to actually take players’ equipment.

Mogu cat gaped at the equipment tied to its staff with a bitter look on his face, letting out a few shouts before treading into the teleportation door.

“Mogu! Mogu!”

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 540 - Ironhead Hero

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