MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 575 - Don’t Interrupt

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Chapter 575: Don’t Interrupt

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Li Yi finally understood why Brother Windcloud Nine would always say how women should not interrupt when men were talking.

Initially, Brother Windcloud Nine was doing well. However, when he had heard Sister Windcloud Nine’s rueful “Don’t be stubborn and try to be the hero”, his mind went blank with a boom. His brain was empty, and he could no longer hear anything.

Unending Unmatched roared, “Brother Nine, Block!”

“Ah, ah…”

It was as if Brother Windcloud Nine had just woken up from a dream. He quickly moved the megas.h.i.+eld across his chest and managed to block a lethal strike from the Spirit Lord. The healers focused to heal him with all their might and had managed to increase his HP level.

It was obvious now that the danger that threatened to destroy their party had been lifted. Just to be safe, Li Yi had set Sister Windcloud Nine to ‘Mute’ in order to ensure that nothing could go wrong from now on.

The Health of Unending Unmatched and Mad Dragon had been successfully increased. Both of them went forward to attack the Boss from its left and right, greatly reducing the pressure felt by Brother Windcloud Nine.

Whack! Whack!

As the Spirit Lord approached its demise, its attack rate had grown even more ferocious. In response to that, Li Yi ordered every DPS player in the party to fire up their attacks. Finally, they had managed to kill it just three minutes before the Spirit Lord would enter its Berserk state.

Unending Unmatched wiped off his sweat and panted. He shook his head repeatedly, “That was too difficult…”

If they did not have a main tank that had as powerful equipment as Brother Windcloud Nine had, just fighting against the Spirit Lord would require them to prepare a few more main tanks to take turns and withstand it. Only then would it be possible for them to fight it. However, if that happened, the increased number of main tanks would require the number of DPS players to be decreased, thus reducing the damage output. This was another big problem too. After all, no matter how great the main tanks were, they would definitely not stand a chance against a Boss in its Berserk state.

There was no injuries or casualties in the party. Li Yi checked the battle statistics to find that among the main tanks, Brother Windcloud Nine had sustained the highest damage inflicted on him. Meanwhile, Nirvana Inaction was the most powerful amongst the healers, while Ouyang Qian was the first among the DPS players. Li Yi comes right after her, taking second place in the rankings.

Even though Li Yi did have an Orange Bow with him, Qian’er had the Orange Quality Scepter with her. Archers were far behind Wizards when it came to the damage that could be dealt by each cla.s.s. It would be quite challenging for Li Yi to catch up to the Wizard G.o.d without activating his G.o.d Mode.

Brother Windcloud Nine shook his head. “If this was what happened in Normal Mode, what exactly would it look like in h.e.l.l Mode?”

The entire party was speechless. After they had defeated the Spirit Lord, they finally understood the reason behind Li Yi’s insistence on taking on the Normal Mode.

Li Yi shouted at Brother Windcloud Nine, “Brother Nine, go ahead and loot the body.”

Brother Windcloud Nine answered with a short ‘oh’ and went forward before bending down to loot the corpse.


A crisp sound was heard, and a virtual item window appeared before everyone’s eyes. Only one item was listed on it. It was cloth armor, a pair of purple shorts.

Brother Windcloud Nine flushed red. “Ahem, I must apologize that I have managed to only obtain one piece of equipment here. This is an INT+250 Cloth Armor Shorts, all Wizard cla.s.s players are welcome to roll for it.”

“I’ve got a pair of shorts already. I don’t want it.”

“I don’t want it either. INT+250 was nothing compared to the INT+380 that was offered by this tiny great item of mine.”

“I don’t want it too. I’m wearing an equipment set here, and I will lose my additional attributes if I were to change into that thing.”

Many of the Wizard cla.s.s players shook their heads. No one wanted the pair of shorts.

Sister Windcloud Nine, on the other hand, raised her staff high and shouted with all her might. However, she was helplessly muted by Li Yi, and was now trapped within the silent mode. No one could hear her shouts.

Thankfully, Li Yi had seen her actions and released her from her muted state.

“Hubby, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it…”

Everyone turned to stare at the bold and unrestrained Sister Windcloud Nine. Then, they quickly exploded into laughter.

“Sister Nine, if you really want it, you could wait and say it when you’re both offline.”

“That’s right, even if you really want that, Brother Nine can’t give it to you now anyway. Why don’t we do this? We’ll wait for you while Brother Nine goes offline and gives it to you once.”

Those scurrilous players from the Windcloud Clan started to tease her again.

As she stared at Brother Windcloud Nine’s face that went green and paled white with awkwardness, she slowly caught on to what the others were saying. She lowered her head and stopped speaking, clutching tightly at her staff.

“Anyone from the Wizard cla.s.s wants this?” Brother Windcloud Nine shouted again.

“No one wants it. Just give it to your wife, she lacks it.”

“That’s right. What are you still shouting around for? Do you think your brothers here could take the pants off your wife?”

“Just give it to your wife. The INT+250 fits her perfectly.”

Brother Windcloud Nine cleared his throat and gave the equipment to Sister Windcloud Nine.

“Thank you, everyone.”

Sister Windcloud Nine took the shorts and immediately went to change into it in excitement. The robe on her disappeared, and a pair of shorts appeared on her lower body. However, only a white bra was on her upper body. Even though Sister Windcloud Nine was quite skinny and feeble, she was packing it on her chest. There was even a deep cleavage between those two small mountains on her.

“Those are big…”

“Those are definitely not small, huh…”


Sister Windcloud Nine finally reacted to what had happened. She quickly covered her chest with both of her hands, but her pose looked as if she was touching herself no matter how the others looked. The thief that was named Windcloud Killer immediately swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva.

Brother Windcloud Nine said awkwardly, “Stupid girl, wear that black robe of yours first. You only wear the pants once you’ve got a new top!”

“Ah, ah, um, um…”

Sister Windcloud Nine was so fl.u.s.tered that she had taken off her pants first. Her white panties were shown to the crowd…

Click! Click! Click! Click!

Shutter sounds were heard from all directions.

Brother Windcloud Nine sighed helplessly. With a wife that was born so dull-witted, the husband would feel most of the awkwardness.

This sensational issue finally died down after Sister Windcloud Nine had put on the black robe.

Li Yi ordered, “Take a break, and we’ll march forward in another 10 minutes.”

The party members sat down in groups of threes and twos before they started chatting among each other.

Li Yi looked for Jiaojiao but could not seem to locate her. Only then did he remember that he was the one that had removed Miss Jiao from the party.

Li Yi sent a private message to Jiaojiao. “Where are you?”

“I’ve made off with someone else.” Jiaojiao angrily replied.

“Who, a man or a woman?”

“Hmph, of course, he was a man. He’s also a very handsome guy that looks very similar to one of the famous artists out there.”

“A famous artist would fall for you?”

“Tsh, why not?”

“Which artist are we talking about?”

” Xiao Shenyang! 1


“If that’s the case, just go off with him. I’m relieved now.”

“Why? Why? Why?”

Jiaojiao asked three ‘whys’ in a row. Li Yi was just about to answer when he raised his line of sight to see Ouyang Qian and Sister Windcloud Nine sitting closely together. Their arms were over their shoulders and wrapped around their waists intimately.

Turning to the side, he saw Brother Windcloud Nine and Windcloud Killer sitting by each other and chatting so happily that their saliva was flung all around them.

“Guild Master Dark Wing, how did you know that Soul Gate dungeon was ridiculously difficult?”

Someone was speaking from the direction of his feet. Li Yi bowed his head to find the person to be the female Dwarf commander, Shangguan Bailu.

“Heh, heh. I guessed it. Just think about it. A 25-person party dungeon with 5 different difficulties? What’s the point of having 5 different difficulties if the dungeon itself posed no challenge?”

Shangguan Bailu was. .h.i.t with the realization. “Ah, so that’s why…”

Li Yi laughed at that. “What else did you think it was?”

Shangguan Bailu smiled at Li Yi. “Many people have been saying that you’re one of the closed beta players. I thought you…”

“Haha, I’m not a closed beta player. I’m a transmigrated player, I’m Ultraman. Bibibibibi… 1

Li Yi raised his palm so that it was lined vertically to his face, similarly to Ultraman’s pose. Shangguan Bailu was so entertained that she could not stop chuckling.

Initially, Li Yi wanted to chat with Jiaojiao for a longer time, but he never expected Shangguan Bailu to keep talking to him. He was too embarra.s.sed to stop her either, so he had no choice but to sit on the ground with Shangguan Bailu and continue the conversation with her.

Even though they knew that they were merely chatting about the game, others did not share the same opinion.

“Look, the Toucher G.o.d is extending his hands to hook another one to him again.” Someone from the party whispered.

“A dwarf woman, a loli that could easily be carried in his arms… That’s too evil.”

“Ah, the Guild Master has quite a hardcore taste.”

Meanwhile, in the other corner in the Soul Land.

“How long have Sister Nine and Brother Nine been married to each other?”

“Hm, it’s almost three years now.”

“How old are you now?”

“I’m 22. What about you?”

“I’m 20, younger than you.”

“Hehe, then you’re my younger sister now.”

“How could the one that has ‘younger sister’ in her name be the elder one between us? I’ll call you Sister Nine. It’s much nicer.”

“It’s up to you.”

Ouyang Qian was a great conversationalist. It only took her a few sentences to warm up the conversation between her and Sister Windcloud Nine. However, her predatory ways were much more intense than Li Yi’s. As the conversation flowed, she had reached out her hands to the back of Sister Nine and started to fondle her perky a.s.s.

Sister Windcloud Nine s.h.i.+vered with her whole body and looked at Ouyang Qian with timid eyes. Then, she looked at her surroundings before lowering her head again.

“Ah, Sister Nine.”


“Say, if I’m a guy that ran to your house to violate you, what would you do?”

“Hehehe, you’re not a guy.”


“You’re not that kind of person.”

“What if I am?”

“How would that be possible…” When Ouyang Qian was constantly kneading at her a.s.s, Sister Windcloud Nine’s huge, clear eyes were still filled with innocence and naivety.

When the party was still resting, Li Yi had gotten a private message from Little Elf from the Magical Realm. She had entered the dungeon too.

The party had 24 people, and there was still one s.p.a.ce left for another player. Li Yi sent Little Elf from the Magical Realm an invitation and added her into the party.

Soul Gate dungeon allowed an incidental increase in party members because the difficulty of this dungeon was too high. If it only allowed a fixed party, a careless mistake made by anyone in the party would drag the entire team down.

Little Elf from the Magical Realm was teleported in. Her dungeon progress was synchronized with the rest of the party.

In the party of 25, there were three main tanks and six healers. The rest of the party was comprised of DPS players. Looking at the chosen players, almost everyone here was an elite member of a major guild.

People who could enter Soul Gate at such an early time could only perform so badly.

However, Sister Windcloud Nine was not considered to be among the ranks of these elites…

10 minutes have pa.s.sed by quickly. With a clap, Li Yi gathered the party again.

The party continued to march forward. However, the monsters that they encounter were no longer spirits but Obsidian monsters.

The three main tanks went to the front to attract the monsters, using a similar gathering method as when they were gathering spirit monsterlings. However, some of their attacks were different.

The Obsidian monsterlings had a defense so thick that the damage inflicted through physical and magical attacks were half of what could have been done in normal circ.u.mstances.

Tsssssk tsssk tssssk tssssk…

When the Obsidian monsterlings HP dropped to 5% or below, a countdown timer of 10 seconds had appeared above their heads.

Li Yi barked, “Be careful, they’re self-destructing soon!”

Ching! Ching! Ching!

While everyone was retreating, a black greatsword flew and danced in the air, rus.h.i.+ng to the front of the Obsidian monsterlings. Then, it slashed and attacked them with blade aura.

Sister Windcloud Nine had released the Tuhr Sacred Sword…

“Instead of releasing it during the Boss fight just now, you chose to release it now! You… you…”

Brother Windcloud Nine turned his head to snarl at Sister Windcloud Nine, entirely forgotten about the issue of the Obsidian monsterlings self-detonating.

Boom! Boom!

Two of the Obsidian monsterlings exploded one after another. Brother Windcloud Nine’s 150,000HP dropped to zero in an instant…

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