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Chapter 585: Ability Ranking Board

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chen Yang sent a help alert to Li Yi, prompting Li Yi to immediately fly over. However, the moment he teleported to the coordinates, the dark figure was rubbing on Return City Stone and by the time he had fired his arrow, the dark figure had returned to the city…

“F*ck, he escaped. F*ck this s.h.i.+t!”

With a foul mouth, Chen Yang got up from the ground and waved his arm to summon his Ice Queen. He spun his staff and took a whack at the Ice Queen’s b.u.t.t.

Turning angry, Ice Queen cast her hand and froze Chen Yang and with the sound of two bangs, Fatty died…

Li Yi was speechless, “Are you out of your mind? Why did you hit your summon beast? She’s a Legendary-level Summon Beast, with a high IQ. You don’t even try to get to her good side and here you are hitting her…”

“Don’t talk about it. When I was getting beat up by a s.h.i.+thead called Fengxi, she just blankly stood there, f*ck this s.h.i.+t! She didn’t even move! Wouldn’t you be angry too?”

Chen Yang was p.i.s.sed beyond words.

“Two times! I was killed by that b*stard two times and she didn’t even move!”

Li Yi placed a Cardiac Pacemaker Model V5 on his chest to resurrect him, but a green smoke emerged. It fizzled out…

“It’s not working, run to your corpse.”

Chen Yang had reached the level cap so he would not lose a level nor would he drop equipment. The most he would lose was equipment durability which did not cost much to repair.

“If my pet had counter-attacked, I would’ve tortured that idiot to death!” Chen Yang cursed in anger, releasing his soul to run to his corpse.


Li Yi frowned and took out the Divine Looking Gla.s.s for a look. The information displayed in the mirror left him aghast.

[Fengxi (male)]

[Camp: Invincible Continent]

[Guild: Huashan]

[Level: 100]

[Cla.s.s: Cyclone Thief]

[HP: 12678]

[STR: 913]

[WIL: 250]

[AGI: 3975]

[Target’s location: Newbie Village’s entrance, Eastern mountain range, Invincible Continent. Coordinates: 1521155:15431111]

He could not look at his attributes previously, why could he do it now? This was not right. The guy was in Newbie Village, how… How was that possible?

The dark figure rubbing on a Return City Stone was Fengxi? If it was, how had he managed to reach Newbie Village that quick? A Return City Stone was not allowed to be locked on Newbie Village so even he was to lock his Return City Stone to the nearest city to Newbie Village, he still would not reach there this quick.

Did he get his hands on an Epic-level flying mount?

Li Yi was dumbstruck.

Soon, Chen Yang was back from running to his corpse, prompting Li Yi to ask him, “Are you sure the person who killed you was Fengxi?”

Chen Yang nodded, “Of course I’m sure. He said so himself. Moreover, he had no reason to lie to me.”

“How strange.”

Li Yi took out the Divine Looking Gla.s.s to search Fengxi once more. What happened next left him speechless.

System Notification: [Unable to find player…]

Li Yi cursed out loud, “F*ck me!”

Chen Yang shared the same sentiment, “Motherf*cker, that guy’s too, I want to f*ck with him.”

Li Yi was speechless, “You can’t even figure out why your pet didn’t attack him, how are you going to f*ck with him?”


Chen Yang summoned his Ice Queen but this time, he did not whack her. However, the Ice Queen hardened her face and disregarded his orders, ignoring him completely.

Li Yi sighed, “You whacked her Affinity down to a negative number.”

Chen Yang was filled with regret, “I was out of my mind earlier and shouted my throat hoa.r.s.e, yet she didn’t hit back…”

“Green Robe elite’s not out so we’ll return here next time.”

As Li Yi rubbed on his Return City Stone, Chen Yang panicked and pulled him over, “Don’t go, let’s search for a little while more.”

Li Yi yawned, “I’m tired.”

Chen Yang was infuriated, “D*mn you, you woke me up in the middle of the night and now you’re saying you’re tired? No way no way, no way Jose.”

Tst —

Li Yi teleported away, leaving Chen Yang staring into the empty surrounding with his jaw wide open for long…

On this very night, Chen Yang suffered from insomnia.

With the caffeine Li Yi consumed earlier wearing off, he collapsed in bed. By the time he opened his eyes, it was the afternoon of the next day.

Getting up and was.h.i.+ng his face, he walked into the living room noticing today was different from any other day.

Jiaojiao and Fire Ice were nowhere to be found. There was no meal ready for him today.

Li Yi gave Jiaojiao a call to ask about this, but that lady was quick to tell him to order takeout. She had matters to attend to and would be back late.

“Is Ice with you?”

“Yes, what’s up?”

“Oh, nothing.”

“Really, nothing?” Jiaojiao asked again.

“No, buy 100 condoms and come home.”


Li Yi called to order takeout and while waiting for his meal to arrive, he opened his computer to browse the latest updates on the Pantheon website to kill time.

The extremely high difficulty level of the Soul Gate dungeon had many players discouraged. Every day, there were thousands of requests in the forum to have Pantheon officials ease up on the rules, whether it was the difficulty level or just the touching of the teleportation sphere phase.

Pantheon officials did not budge even after two weeks of protest. It looked like they had made up their minds to stay on this course until the very end.

Tactical guides on Soul Gate were out. Apart from Li Yi’s party, there were two other parties who had successfully cleared the Normal Mode. They were Southern Continent’s Legendary Tribe and Western Continent’s Fluttering Snow Alliance.

Different from the past life as Li Yi remembered it, the Fluttering Snow Alliance had always been a mysterious organization. They did not make headlines unless there was a major event happening in the gaming world.

Throne-claiming War, they did not compete. Emperor War, they could not be bothered with. However, when Ruler of G.o.ds War emerged, they gave it their all and out of the top 100 G.o.d-tiered players, the Fluttering Snow Alliance members claimed 49 spots!

Were it not for Ruler of G.o.ds War, no one would have known how terrifying the Fluttering Snow Alliance was. 49 G.o.d-tiered players were proof of the Fluttering Snow Alliance’s actual capability!

Sometimes, Li Yi wondered if he had never been reborn or been the victim of a car crash and sat through the entire G.o.d Wars, would the Fluttering Snow Alliance’s boss retain the Ruler of G.o.ds t.i.tle?

The answer was apparent. Back then, no guild dared go against the Fluttering Snow Alliance.

The current Fluttering Snow Alliance was a 180 change, seizing first kills in dungeons whenever possible. It seemed the guild affected most from his reset in life was them.

In his past life, the Fluttering Snow Alliance expanded their forces in secret, but the exact opposite had happened in this life. The Iron Alliance’s rapid growth had placed shackles on the Fluttering Snow Alliance’s activities. If they were to keep up as they did in the past life, they would end up the next Arthur.

No force was willing to live under subjugation. Standing in the game was the deciding factor of one’s fame and fortune. In other words, if one were to make a name for oneself in King of Pantheon, they would be greater than A-list celebrities in real life.

Browsing the forums, a post caught the attention of Li Yi.

“Bai Xiaoya – Pantheon’s Ability Ranking Board”, auth.o.r.ed by Brother Huashan Seven.

Although Bai Xiaoya’s name was written on the post, the author was some random guy called Brother Huashan Seven. It only took one look at the post to figure out this was fake and had nothing to with Bai Xiaoya.

Nevertheless, that did not curb Li Yi’s curiosity as he clicked to check it out. Even if it was mere nonsense, he wanted to take a look to see if he made into the ranks. Vanity was something everyone had and Li Yi, being a mortal was not spared from it.

Li Yi looked at the content and burst out laughing.

The style of writing was a copy of Bai Xiaoya’s tone. However, the rankings listed was unbelievable.

[No. 1 on Pantheon’s Ability Ranking Board: The Cat that Sings of the Invincible Continent]

[Reason: She’s great and powerful. She’s hot and violent. Whether it’s 1P, 2P, 3P or 5P, Sister Cat never backs down and will f*ck all.]

[No. 2 on Pantheon’s Ability Ranking Board: w.a.n.g’er of the Invincible Continent]

[Reason: Between Huashan’s w.a.n.g and Iron Alliance’s Wing, Leader Sc.u.m’s greatness is highlighted with the dull presence of Dark Wing.]

[No. 3 on Pantheon’s Ability Ranking Board: Hua Feihua of the Invincible Continent]

[Reason: With a tender body, seductive look, and skin as white as snow, no one could bear to harm her during PK when faced with that sweet bouncy white a.s.s.]

[No. 4 on Pantheon’s Ability Ranking Board: Defiant Mountain Gun of the Invincible Continent]

[Reason: Although Brother Gun’s gone, he lives forever in our hearts. Brothers once, brothers for motherf*cking life!]

[No. 5 on Pantheon’s Ability Ranking Board: Fengxi of the Invincible Continent]

[Reason: High IQ.]

[No. 6 on Pantheon’s Ability Ranking Board: Old Green of the Invincible Continent]

[Reason: You know too much.]

[No. 7 of Pantheon’s Ability Ranking Board: Hua Feiwu of the Invincible Continent]

[Reason: Because he has a great sister. As they say, anyone can rise to ranks through connection.]

[No. 8 on Pantheon’s Ability Ranking Board: Defiant Zephyr of the Invincible Continent]

[Reason: The Invincible Continent’s No. 1 Guild, Huashan was almost destroyed by his hands. One can imagine his capability.]

[No. 9 on Pantheon’s Ability Ranking Board: Unending Unmatched of the Invincible Continent]

[Reason: King of the Arena who could only be defeated by Leader Sc.u.m.]

[No. 10 on Pantheon’s Ability Ranking Board: Tyrant Sword King the Fifth of the Southern Continent]

[Reason: He couldn’t defeat Sister Cat going solo but sc.r.a.ped through with Leader Sc.u.m. His ability speaks for itself.]

[No. 11 of Pantheon’s Ability Ranking Board: …]

There were a hundred names on this Pantheon’s Ability Ranking Board. Li Yi read it from top to bottom but was unable to find his name. Moreover, players who made it in the list were mostly from the Invincible Continent and only a handful were from the other two continents.

“What… What sort of ranking board is this? Sure, the Cat that Sings made it but Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g and Hua Feihua too? What bulls.h.i.+t…”

Right at the end of the post, was at least thousands of people b.u.mping the post. One glance at the names and they all had the same prefix, Huashan. Scrolling down, the comments were from trolls.

A post like this was made for internet trolling.

Ding dong! Ding dong!

The doorbell rang.

Li Yi removed his headset controller, ran out of his bedroom and opened the door. He was famished.

When the door was swung open. A pair of firm heavy bosoms came into view.

“Excuse me, is this where Li Yi lives?”

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