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There were another two days before the Soul Gate dungeon reset. Li Yi purchased a bunch of potion formulas and immersed himself in refining potions.

His Apothecary level had reached the limit of Epic-level Apothecarist and one more mastery point he would be promoted into a Legendary-level Apothecarist.

Only, the difficulty of earning that trifling 1 point left Li Yi on brink of collapse. He bought virtually every potion formula available on the market but no matter how much he refined, that last 1 point just would not come.

He had to place his hope in finding a G.o.d-tiered potion formula...

However, a G.o.d-tiered potion formula was similar to a divine weapon, a rare sight. So far, he had not seen one on the market... 

Once Li Yi finished refining three million Gold Coins worth of ingredients, he placed all refined potions in the Auction House before logging off with a yawn.

It had been three days since he had any sleep. Being buried in potion refinement had caused him to lose track of time.

By the time he took off his headset controller, it was late into the night.

Splas.h.i.+ng his face and having something to eat, Li Yi drank a beverage which drove out his drowsiness. He picked up the beverage for a look and realized it was black coffee.

Coffee was packed with caffeine. Naturally, Li Yi tossed and turned but was unable to fall asleep. He helplessly got up and stared blankly at the roof.

Unexpectedly, it had been two years since his rebirth. The present was now on a completely different course compared to his previous life.

At this time in his past life, his infamous reputation was at its peak. It was also when he met Lin Qian...

It was only by chance that his relations.h.i.+p with Lin Qian had turned intimate. At the time, Li Yi and Lin Qian were considerably close, telling each other everything but the relations.h.i.+p was restricted to solely online. They never met in real life.

Then, one day when Qian'er was overwhelmed with emotions, she started crying as their conversation went on, so Li Yi tried to comfort her with words. However, it backfired, leaving Qian'er to breakdown and logging out without warning

Feeling dejected, Li Yi left home for a stroll. Soon, he b.u.mped into a woman on the streets...

He was walking with his head down, so was the other party. The two exchanged glances and instantly recognized one another.

It was a magical night. Li Yi and Qian'er sat on a bench in the park, with a five-meter gap between them, talking the whole night.

From then onwards, the relations.h.i.+p between the two grew intimate. Soon afterwards, when Qian'er became sick and developed a high fever, it was Li Yi who carried her on his back all the way to the hospital and took care of her for a month until her recovery.

"The things in the past life, after I have changed some events, will never happen again..."

Sighing, Li Yi turned on his computer and opened a can of beer.

The coffee was to blame. The caffeine was so strong, it left him tossing and turning in bed and his imagination running wild.

Li Yi did not login to the game but opened Pantheon's official forums to browse. His intention was to kill time, but he found an interesting post.

The poster was Fluttering Snow Alliance's Bai Xiaoya and the post was about Divine Weapon Rankings.

Former Huashan's Military Advisor, Bai Xiaoya was the best at working out various ranking lists, Divine Weapon Rankings, Hot Babe Rankings, Hotties Rankings, Pet Rankings, Ability Rankings, etc. She had a wide range of interest, and her ranking lists covered all of the game's content. Even the extremely famous Top Ten Main Tank Ranking in the past life was this woman's doing.

Mapping out various rankings was not patented, and everyone could create one with no restrictions. For example, a quick search on ranking boards for divine weapons and abilities would provide multiple results coming from tens of thousands of authors. The content was varied, and no posts were the same as the majority of posts were merely rhetoric and opinions.

Bai Xiaoya was different from these people. The ranking lists she worked out were convincing. Although it was not a 100% on point, at least 80% of it rang true.

Li Yi opened the Divine Weapon Rankings and was greatly astonished.

He estimated that even if Orange Quality Bow, the Wrath of the Stars was not placed first, it was at least in the top three. He did not think he would be wrong and that his Wrath of the Stars was in ninth place, only higher than Qian'er's Orange Quality Scepter by one rank...

[Divine Weapon Rankings]

[1st place: Exorcist's Admonis.h.i.+ng Quarterstaff (Orange Quality), exclusive to Summoning Cla.s.s]

[Special skill: An additional summon beast can be called to battle. Natural Summoners and Contract Summoners can summon an extra summon beast, to double their combat effectiveness.]

[Special effect: Reduces 50% spell damage.]

[Special effect: 5% chance for the appearance of Level 100 summon beast, Magic Fireball. Magic Fireball's an expert in explosive attacks and its attacks are enhanced with Exorcise effect (Takes away 90% of target's mana).]

[Reason: An incredibly bada.s.s weapon that pluralizes summons. Magic Fireball emerging from attacks also has a mansapping effect, making them a natural predator of the Wizard cla.s.s.

[2nd place: Weisheng's Tear (Quality unknown)]

[Special accessory]

[Equipment level: 10]

[Special effect: Increase all attributes b 10%.]

[Special effect: Recovers HP per second according to current level.]

[Special effect: Player enters Invincibility state when standing still (motionless for 5 seconds and above) for unrestricted amount of time. Skills are not available to be used for the whole duration. Additionally, all attackers are Muted as punishment (Special effect's only effective towards players).]

[Reason: Although skills cannot be used, the player would be invincible from unleas.h.i.+ng ATK-type scrolls in the standing still position. (Weisheng's Tear's Invincibility state cannot be dispelled, or at least, no skills are able to dispel as of yet.]

[3rd place: Purple broadsword with wind CC effects (Purple Quality)]

[Equipment level: 35]

[ATK SPD: 0.3 seconds (Extreme Speed)]

[Special effect: A 50% chance to spur target into Paralysis state. Note: If the enemy is at Level 35 and above, the chances to enter such state is reduced. Conversely, chances are higher when the enemy is Level 34 and below.]

[Special effect: Increase SPD and ATK SPD by 15%. Reduces cooldown period of all skills (including special skills) by 50%.

[Reason: Reduces all skills' cooldown period. Just this point alone many Orange Quality weapons.]

[4th place: Fifth Piece of Divine Stone Fragment]

[Special effect: Unaffected by any abnormal states, players can log off whenever. If it is combined with other Divine Stone Fragments, a hidden ability will be unlocked.]

[Reason: Anyone who uses this would know. No explanation needed...]

[5th place: Matron's Bewitching Piccolo, for Sky Vagabond cla.s.s]

[Special skill: Blowing this piccolo will send target into Sleep state.]

[Special effect: Immune to Sleep, Disorient, and Muted state. +500 WIL.]

[Reason: The harder a player blows, the further the whistling travels and exceed the ATK range, causing collective Sleep effect. A must have powerful weapon for a rising Sky Vagabond.]

[6th Palace: Lord Disaster (Orange Quality), for Dark Paladin]

[Special skill: Immortal Body provides 15 seconds of Invincibility.]

[Special effect: Targets. .h.i.t by Lord Disaster will be Desecrated by dark powers, lowering both DEF types by 20% for 20 seconds]

[Special effect: A Soul Vessel granting its master more power as more souls are absorbed.]

[Special effect: Multiplies numbers and strength of Undead Army.]

[Special effect: Unknown...]

[Reason: A weapon of Champions with mighty drive whether going solo or team battles.]

[7th place: b.l.o.o.d.y Blade of Fury]

[Special skill: Ignores target's DEF and all damage-reducing states (including Invincibility) when used.]

[Special effect: Damage inflicted increases by 50%-200% as wielder's HP drops.]

[Special effect: Drains target's HP based on the percentage of damage dealt]

[Reason: A solo divine weapon. With this weapon, instantly killing a main tank cla.s.s is no longer a dream...]

[8th place: Vile King's Brainwas.h.i.+ng Helm]

[Equipment level: 50]

[Reduces all damages by 10%.]

[Special effect: Increases resistance against all CC-type spells by 50%.]

[Special skill: Unleashes brainwas.h.i.+ng rays: if successful, the target is controlled for 30 seconds. If unsuccessful, mana is reduced by half. Cool down period: 5 minutes (CC duration doubles and success rate increases for each level of the player's Engineering skill).]

[Reason: Controls a majority of bosses as well as players. The only flaw is the low level of this item prevents its full potential from being used against high-level bosses or players.]

[9th place: Gift of the Hunter G.o.ddess, the Wrath of the Stars, for Archer cla.s.s]

[Special effect: Disregards Dodges and Evades, dealing 100% damage on the target.]

[Special effect: An evil move, binding a target's soul, restricting them from resurrecting for 24 hours (Priest's Epic-level skill can dispel this effect).]

[Special effect: Reduces target's DEF, this effect can be stacked.]

[Special skill: Breaks free from cooldown restriction, enabling the use of skills freely. However, limited mana deems it unsuitable for protracted battles.]

[Reason: This bow's great for going solo but not for group battle. Also, this bow's time restriction in usage is a huge drawback.]

[10th place: Firelord's Destruction Scepter]

[Equipment level: 100]

[Special effect: Chance to double fire spell effects cast.]

[Special effect: Increase fire spell damage by 30%. Reduces spell chant duration by 20%.]

[Reason: An exalted weapon but because its seals have yet to be unlocked, it is placed at the 10th spot.]


"It's been a long time since Orange Quality Bow had a time restriction and it also the Flame Arrow and Blazing Field special skills. These were not mentioned at all. So, this is the supposed talk show host huh," Li Yi snorted with dissatisfaction.

Li Yi was displeased to see Orange Quality Bow only ranked in ninth place.

However, he was happy to see three of his items landing a spot in the ranking board. Purple Broadsword, Brainwas.h.i.+ng Helm, Orange Quality Bow, and if Jiaojiao's Lord Disaster and Qian'er's Orange Quality Scepter were added to the mix, he owned five of the top ten divine weapons. The number... was quite astonis.h.i.+ng.

"Exorcist's Admonis.h.i.+ng Quarterstaff..."

Looking at the Divine Weapon Rankings, Li Yi was lost in his thoughts before reaching to phone Chen Yang.

Fatty picked up a minute later.

"Wh... What's up..." Fatty was still snoring in his sleep when the call came in.

"Fatty, where are you at in your Epic-cla.s.s quest?"

"Gather some sort of crystals in Curse Land. I've been at it for over a month, basically, I'm stuck here."

"Get up, I'm going with you to finish it."





MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks 583 Divine Weapon Rankings

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