MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 616 - Hard to Explain

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Chapter 616: Hard to Explain

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Windless Heavenly Robe rushed up again and again, and Kelly kicked him away again and again too.

Windless Heavenly Robe went viral. His actions reached the official forums and instantly ignited a firestorm.

“Love transcends fantasy and reality!”

“It transcends boundaries!”

“It transcends gender!”

“It everything!”

“I… I’ve regained my faith in love.”

The discussion on the forums supported Windless Heavenly Robe one-sidedly. Some players even suggested that the Pantheon officials start an NPC Matching event so that the players could marry NPCs and even… have children.

Windless Heavenly Robe’ love for Kelly triggered a whole series of events, but at the bottom of it, the truth remained that the players did not really do it for Windless Heavenly Robe. They were just making a joke out of him.

Windless Heavenly Robe persisted at a fake quest for more than a year. So how long could this love last?

n.o.body knew…

The Little Drunk Cat’s Guild Map.

Jiaojiao and Unending Unmatched were duking it out in the Performance Hall, while Li Yi watched from aside.

The Brawl King Tournament began in two days. Neither Jiaojiao nor Unending Unmatched were confident that they could become the champion, so they discussed it over and decided to spar beforehand.

Li Yi had not intended to come, but as a result of Queen Jiao’s extreme insistence, he had no choice but to temporarily abandon his plan to farm EXP through the quests and come here to watch the fight.

Jiaojiao swung her greatsword and hacked at Unending Unmatched. Dark Paladins had extremely high ATK; put that together with her Drain skill, and she was practically an undying c.o.c.kroach.

Unending Unmatched parried her attack with his s.h.i.+eld. His Block was of a pretty high level, and he could successfully parry Jiaojiao’s greatsword every time. On the other hand, he stabbed her occasionally with his one-handed sword. Although the damage figures were lower, they acc.u.mulated, and after a dozen stabs, Queen Jiao had lost one third of her HP.

“Blocking won’t work either!”

Jiaojiao raised her greatsword and summoned a ghoul.

As she was holding the Lord of Disaster, the ghoul Jiaojiao summoned was no different from a permanent pet. It stayed there for a very long time.

The ghoul she summoned was a Stone Ghoul, and judging by its name alone, one could tell that it was the defensive type.


The Stone Ghoul charged forth and tried to disorient Unending Unmatched.

“Block! Double Retaliation!”

Unending Unmatched moved his large s.h.i.+eld sideways, and with a push and a pull, he sent the Stone Ghoul flying.


Unending Unmatched’s body glowed and he used Tackle at Jiaojiao, armed with his s.h.i.+eld. Megas.h.i.+eld had the Repel effect attached, so as long as it was not too large an item, anything it knocked into would definitely be sent flying.

“Pfft pfft pfft!”


“Pfft pfft pfft!”


Unending Unmatched blocked once, stabbed once, blocked again, and stabbed again. Jiaojiao had no way to fight back, and that frustrated her so much she screamed.

Armored Warriors had extremely low ATK, and Unending Unmatched stabbed Jiaojiao more than twenty times but only managed to reduce her HP to a third of what it was. Jiaojiao then used Dark Contract to devour the ghoul and her HP returned to two thirds.

“Dark Binding!”

Unending Unmatched’s Megas.h.i.+eld skill ended, and Jiaojiao launched her counterattack. She first used Dark Binding to hold it in place, and then she lifted her greatsword, rus.h.i.+ng forth. Black aura rose from her body, and she burst into a flurry of Mortal Strikes.

Using Mortal Strike took two runes, and a Black Paladin only had six runes in total. After using it, there was a ten-second cooldown, so most of the time, Black Paladins could only use it three times at the most.

However, Jiaojiao was clearly not a normal Dark Paladin because she had used Mortal Strike ten times in a row now.

Jiaojiao’s HP recovered completely, and Unending Unmatched lost half of his HP.

For a short period of time, she had an infinite number of runes. This was the Lord of Disaster’s recently-activated special skill, and one of Miss Jiao’s trump cards.

Faced with Jiaojiao’s ferocious attacks, Unending Unmatched just kept parrying them with Block. Right now, he had become much more patient that he had been in the beginning.

Soon enough, Jiaojiao’s Infinite Runes Mode ended, and Unending Unmatched activated his Terrifying Roar, disorienting Jiaojiao. After that, he swung around her and used Backstab with his one-handed sword.

He used Heroic Strike, Thunder Strike, and once his Fury Bar was full, he used continuous Double Retaliations…

After that combo of skills, Jiaojiao was left with about 2,000HP.

Each Backstab dealt twice as much damage, and by the time Unending Unmatched retreated behind his s.h.i.+eld, Jiaojiao stabbed her greatsword into the ground, frustrated.

“That’s enough, that’s enough, you’re too cunning.”

She had more than 2,000HP left but she could no longer fight, because even if Unending Unmatched did not attack her, he could kill her with just the counter from his Blocking.

Li Yi snorted. “How is that cunning? If you’re patient, Unmatched wouldn’t be able to beat you.”

“You were too rushed just now. If you had waited until I only had half HP left before you activated your Infinite Runes, I would’ve lost for sure.”

Jiaojiao refused to back down. “Hmph hmph, it’s too late to say all that. I lost.”

Unending Unmatched said, “Gain experience from this and you won’t repeat the same mistake next time.”

Jiaojiao put her greatsword over her shoulder and beckoned Li Yi with her hand. “C’mere, Lil Yi’zi, c’mon. I’ll torture you now, it’s your turn.”

Unending Unmatched laughed. “Queen, I bet that you’ll never defeat the Guild Master.”

“Tch, are you looking down on me?”

“I’m not, it’s just that the Guild Master is really strong.”

Li Yi was the person Unending Unmatched admired the most. Unending Unmatched was known as the King of the Arena, but every time he went against Li Yi in the arena, he would always end up losing.

“I’ll know if he’s strong or not after we fight. C’mon, c’mon, bring it on.”

“Do you really wanna fight?”

“Well, duh. Don’t you want to have one winner and three in second place?” Jiaojiao winked at Li Yi. Right now, she seemed more like a little fox than a kitten.

“Alright, but let’s just make this clear, no crying if you lose.”

Jiaojiao made a face at Li Yi, and then she suddenly stretched out her little hand, yanking him over to her with Death’s Grasp. Her Infinite Runes Mode was already activated, and after she slashed at him wildly, Li Yi wound up on the ground…

He had sold all of his Legendary equipment and barely had more than 150,000HP. How could he withstand such a beating?

“Hahahaha, yeah!”

Jiaojiao made a peace sign at Li Yi’s body c.o.c.kily.

Li Yi went, “….”

Confused, Unending Unmatched said, “Guild Master, what happened? Why is your HP so much lower now?”

“Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g happened.”

Unending Unmatched’s jaw fell open wide enough to fit a duck egg. “No… no way? Don’t tell me those rumors were true?”


The rumors had their pros and cons. Li Yi had secretly sold his equipment anyway, and now Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g volunteered as a distraction, so naturally, he was more than happy to add oil to the fire.

“I can’t believe it, that’s…”

Li Yi told a little lie. “I was teleporting around and doing quests. Just as I arrived somewhere, I b.u.mped into Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g, and then he knifed me. I didn’t have any health to start with, and so… sigh…”

“That’s crazy! Then why didn’t you get it back from him? The Brawl Tournament is tomorrow, how will you fight without any equipment?”

Jiaojiao noticed something was amiss about Li Yi’s equipment too, and she immediately started stammering. “Lil Yi’zi, you… you…”

“What about me? If you want a real fight, I can kill you within ten seconds.”

“Ptooey, how could you still bluff at a time like this?”

“Bluff? I’m not bluffing. If I stand up right now and hit you with a Repelling Shot, followed by two Meteor Arrows, a Powered-up Arrow, and then an Overlord Arrow, do you think you’d survive?”

Jiaijiao crouched down next to Li Yi’s corpse, looking extremely concerned, and touched his head. “Lil Yi’zi, are you okay? Don’t scare me, I’m counting on you for the rest of my life.”

“Scram, I’m perfectly fine. Hmph hmph.”

Unending Unmatched said, “Guild Master, why don’t we call the Alliance and get you a set of decent equipment for now?”

“No need for that. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I’ve been doing quests lately, and I’ve already found a solution.”

“Oh, that’s good…”

Unending Unmatched left and Li Yi crawled up from the ground.

“Lil Yi’zi, what’s your solution?”

Li Yi pointed at Jiaojiao. “You’ll become champion. That’s my solution.”

“Me?” Jiaojiao’s eyes widened.

The rumors of the Invincible Continent’s Number One, Dark Wing the Toucher G.o.d losing all his equipment grew crazier as they spread. As a result, Li Yi’s 1 to 1.1 odds changed as well, and now his odds were 1 to 0.8.

That was right. Li Yi’s current odds were even lower than when he had equipment…

‘You’re saying that r.e.t.a.r.d Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g killed Dark Wing and made him drop all his equipment? In your dreams! The truth is Dark Wing’s acting dumb, he got rid of all his equipment for one reason and one reason only, and that’s that he got an even better set of equipment!”

Most people silently agreed on that statement. They were all certain that rather than becoming weaker, Li Yi must have gotten even stronger…

Li Yi’s odds just kept falling, and in contrast, the mysterious Fake Fengxi’s odds kept rising. It was now 1 to 30.

On the eve of the Brawl King Tournament’s official opening, Li Yi was undoubtedly in the center of attention. Almost everyone was watching him closely.

However, on the night before the official start of the Brawl King Tournament, Li Yi did something that confused many people.

He forcefully dragged away Ouyang Qian and spent one million Gold Coins to change her name to Gongsun Chuqian.

Li Yi’s actions made no sense to many people. Why did he insist on the name change? Did it have something to do with the Brawl King Tournament? No one could make any head or tail of it. Forget them, even Qian’er did not understand why Li Yi had to have her change her name.

Qian’er asked him, “Why must I change my name to Gongsun Chuqian?”

“That’s my girlfriend in my past life’s name, I got used to it.”

“What do I even say to that…”

Qian’er’s name had changed, but she did not mention a thing about Tyrant Sword King the Fifth. Li Yi was a little disappointed at that, but then he thought it over. This life was not the past life, and this Qian’er was not the Qian’er from back then who would sleep with him whenever. She did not tell him anything about her secrets, which clearly showed that the two of them were not close enough yet.

One thing made Li Yi feel much better, though, and that was the fact that Qian’er agreed to change her name. What did that mean? It meant that he had some place in her heart.


As soon as Qian’er’s name changed, Li Yi heard a loud sound by his ear, telling him he had received a mail. When he opened it, he saw that it was from Tyrant Sword King the Fifth.

There were only two words in the message: “Thank you!”

Thank you?

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