MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 643 - Infinite Burst

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Chapter 643: Infinite Burst

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Sister Windcloud Nine’s luck was down in the dumps. Having died again, her clothes, helm, and ring dropped.

Bai Xiaoya took large strides forward to collect the three Purple Quality equipment. It was then that, Li Yi made his move.

With a golden Hunt Target above Bai Xiaoya’s head, Li Yi, who was in Camouflage, drew his bow back multiple times to initiate Powered-up Arrow.

Different from a single slow and full long draw of a regular Powered-up Arrow, he was repeatedly drawing his bow back without firing.

It was only when Bai Xiaoya picked up the equipment that Li Yi launched his fire.

Flame Arrow flew towards Bai Xiaoya in swiveling motion. She lifted her head at the sound of the wind, prompting the arrow to strike her right in the face.


At the emergence of damage value in red, Bai Xiaoya fell onto the ground without a grunt heard.

One kill shot!

After the one-hit wonder, Li Yi swiftly retreated back.

He was not dodging Bai Xiaoya but was kiting Flaming Skeleton Caitley away.

The one-hit kill shot with Territory Skill was only feasible against a single target. He would not be able to achieve the same result if there were two targets.

“Treacherous invader!”

With Flaming Skeleton Caitley hot on his tail, Li Yi fled and tossed a golden Hunt Target over her.

Jiaojiao’s Territory Skill was Instant Burst while Unending Unmatched and Bai Xiaoya’s Territory Skill was Absolute Defense. Li Yi’s Territory Skill was neither of the two. His was another type called Infinite Burst.

A normal Hunt Target could increase 10% of ranged ATK but Li Yi’s golden Hunt Target could build up incrementally through repet.i.tive release.

Two Hunt Targets overlapping could produce double the damage. Three Hunt Targets overlapping could produce four times the damage…

Li Yi had just entered Territory and although his Territory Skill was Infinite Burst, he only managed to overlay Hunt Target four times, causing only eight times the damage.

There was no such thing as perfection in this world and Infinite Burst was an example of that. Theoretically speaking, this Territory Skill should be applicable for any skill, in reality, this was not true. For Archers, only two skills could be overlapped.

One was Hunt Target and the other was Powered-up Arrow. Only these two skills were capable of overlapping. Li Yi had tested other skills but they had all failed.

The primary condition of Infinite Burst was single hit damage. In other words, no matter the skill used with Infinite Burst, Infinite Burt would only boost the first hit. The second hit would not be boosted.

Meteor Arrow and Overlord Arrow were fired after the release of the skill so it was not possible to overlay. Hunt Target itself could not deal direct damage to the target so it could be overlapped while Powered-up Arrow was capable of overlaying due to its continuous build-up.

When Li Yi tossed the golden Hunt Target out, an Infinite Burst Energy Bar, only for his eyes, would appear above his head. The energy bar was scrolling back and forth between 1-100 points. In order to unleash Hunt Target’s full potential, the overlay should take place when the bar hits 100 points.

100 points!


100 points!


89 points!


The higher the number, the more powerful the damage upon overlaying. However, these numbers were scrolling fast, making striking the 100 point mark harder.

With all 4 Hunt Targets succeeding in overlaying and the worst being 89 points, Li Yi was satisfied with the outcome. At the same time, he was feeling fortunate that Hunt Target on Caitley has yet to disperse.

The addition of Territory Skill, Infinite Burst turned Hunt Target into a fragile existence. A normal attack could easily wipe it off.

Li Yi activated Rocket Propellant to widen the gap between him and Caitley. Grounding himself with a horse stance, he aimed at her to fire Powered-up Arrow.

Hunt Target could be overlaid, so could Powered-up Arrow. These two skills used simultaneously could multiply the damage.

With the clock ticking, it was too late to strike the highest point. Li Yi continuously overlaid Powered-up Arrow 4 times as fast as he could and fired before Caitley initiated Flaming Blast.

This time, Li Yi did not opt for Flame Arrow and fired a normal Star Arrow.



The HP bar above Caitley’s head reduced drastically. Players had equipment and tools to reduce damage but monsters did not. This was eight times the damage plus a Critical Hit.

One hit, 4 million HP!

Li Yi retreated and continued to toss a Hunt Target on Caitley.

Tch tch tch tch tch tch tch…

Li Yi drew his arrow back over and over again before firing another arrow.



Tch tch tch tch tch tch…



Fighting and retreating at the same time, Li Yi’s swift motions fought the battle faster than Bai Xiaoya. Dozens of arrows later, Caitley collapsed to the ground before having the chance to cast a summoning skill.

Li Yi ran forward to loot her corpse. He was in luck, looting a total of three Purple Quality equipment.

“Caitley’s Flaming Ring, Caitley’s Blazing Breastplate, Caitley’s Flaming Belt. Why are these Fire Spell equipment? High ATK, sigh…”

Li Yi shook his head and stored the three Purple Quality equipment. He may turn his nose up at these items, but he could earn a fortune selling them in the Auction House.

Ever since his journey in Territory, Li Yi finally understood the direction to go with his equipment. He did not need anything with special skills or effects. He only needed uber legendary equipment with high ATK and DEF.

Territory Power could significantly heighten a player’s attributes and this increase would continue to rise with the raising of Territory ranks. Equipment with high ATK and DEF was capable of bringing attributes to incredible heights, ten million in damage value from a single shot would no longer be a dream…

Li Yi returned to the pa.s.sageway and found Bai Xiaoya missing. There was only Sister Windcloud Nine’s corpse on the ground, foolishly lying face down.

Li Yi took out his Cardiac Pacemaker and cast it on Sister Windcloud Nine’s back. Szh szh. At the flash of electrifying current, Sister Windcloud Nine rose.

“Ah… Ah, I’m alive, I’m alive. Where’s she? Where’s she?”

Clutching onto her staff, Sister Windcloud Nine nervously observed her surroundings and summoned her Tuhr Sacred Sword.

“Tzh tzh —”

Once out, the Tuhr Sacred Sword slashed two Blade Aura at Li Yi.

Li Yi helplessly reminded her, “Your sword…”

“When… When did you arrive? Stop stop stop…”

Noticing it was Li Yi, Sister Windcloud Nine immediately switched her attack settings back to peace mode.

“Where’s Bai Xiaoya?”

“Who’s Bai Xiaoya? Do you mean the person who killed me earlier?”

Sister Windcloud Nine was no dummy. There were times when she was of sound mind.


“I don’t know, I got lost while corpse running but suddenly, I was alive again…”

Li Yi swept his eyes over, noticing the three items dropped by Sister Windcloud Nine had disappeared. Needless to say, Bai Xiaoya must have picked them all up.

Darn it. He was so engrossed in calculating the time to corpse run that he had forgotten that she may have tools as such Resurrection Talisman.

She would not be able to revive this quick from corpse running. It was obvious Bai Xiaoya resorted to a Resurrection Talisman-sort of item to resurrect.

“My equipment, my equipment set!”

Out of the blue, Sister Windcloud Nine let out a loud shriek. She had just realized that she was missing three items.

Looking as Sister Windcloud Nine circled the area, Li Yi b.u.t.ted in, “You can stop looking for them, they were picked up.”

Sister Windcloud Nine bit her lip, “Those items were from my husband…”

“It doesn’t matter who gave you those items. You’ll have to find Bai Xiaoya if you want them back.”

Sister Windcloud Nine grabbed her staff and ran into the tunnel.

Li Yi scratched his head and thought about it before following behind.

The probability of buying a lottery and hitting a 5 million jackpot was higher than Sister Windcloud Nine winning a solo fight.

“Bai Xiaoya, where are you? Return my equipment, I’ll pay you with money…”

Sister Windcloud Nine shouted as she ran, giving Li Yi a migraine.

The two finally stopped when they arrived before the Flaming Dragon Lair.

There was nothing but a huge gate shut tight.

“Could Bai Xiaoya have left?”

Li Yi took out a Flame Dragon Key and tried to unlock the gate.

System Notification: [Unable to use for now.]

Li Yi answered, “Bai Xiaoya’s in there.”

“Roar — Roar —”

Bouts of howls could be heard from inside the Flaming Dragon Lair. The Wicked Flaming Dragon was in battle.

Li Yi concealed his surprise, ‘Wow, she’s good. going solo against Caitley isn’t enough and now she’s after the Wicked Flaming Dragon.’

“Bai Xiaoya, I want to buy my equipment, name your price!”

Sister Windcloud Nine stopped shouting in surrounding and switched to region channel so that her voice would travel further.

“Stop shouting. Bai Xiaoya’s fighting the Wicked Flaming Dragon. She probably doesn’t have the time to deal with you.”


The Flaming Dragon Lair’s gate was closed at the moment. n.o.body was allowed to enter until the battle ended.

Sister Windcloud Nine seemed to be struck by a thought and retreated back a few steps. She pointed at Li Yi, “Oh right, why… why are you here?”

Li Yi told the truth, “I followed Bai Xiaoya in and was going to ambush her.”


Sister Windcloud Nine moved back a few more steps. A scene was playing through her head — Li Yi rubbing his palms together and closing in on her with a sneer…

With the atmosphere growing tensed, Li Yi asked, “Oh right, what’s Brother Nine occupied with? I hadn’t seen him online for days now.”

Sister Windcloud Nine blushed, “He’s busy, busy with business.”

Tch! Tch!

Sister Windcloud Nine ordered her Tuhr Sacred Sword to slice at the Flaming Dragon Lair’s gate. This futile attempt could not possibly slice open the gate.

Li Yi threw another question, “What hidden quest are you on? Here to kill the Fire Dragon Sword?”

Sister Windcloud Nine paused for a moment before walking through the quest request to Li Yi.

The hidden quest distributed by Tuhr Sacred Sword, was called Sword’s Ultimate State. The quest was simple — head to the Flaming Dragon Lair and defeat the Fire Dragon Sword.

“I wanted my husband to come with me, but… but he had to travel for work.”

“No wonder you’re alone…”

“Roar —”

A huge roar from inside the Flaming Dragon Lair trembled the ground. The sounds of rumbles echoed around as the walls shook violently.

Unable to keep her balance, Sister Windcloud Nine fell onto the ground, crying out in pain.

About ten seconds later, the quake gradually weakened and Flaming Dragon Lair’s gate slowly opened up with a creak…

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