MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 670 - Princess

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Chapter 670: Princess

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

This was such a pain…

The Glacier Giant King only resp.a.w.ned once every three to five days, and without the Glacier Giant King, the Glacier Giant monsterlings did not sp.a.w.n either. In other words, they would not have even monsterlings to farm for the next three to four days, huh?

Angrily, Li Yi looked at Autumn Love, whose b.u.t.t was in the air as she skinned monsterlings frantically with her hands and legs.

He got fooled by Black Autumn again…

“Gold-colored hair! I’ve struck gold…”

Autumn Love had completely forgotten about Li Yi’s existence. All she could care about was harvesting the bodies.

“The entrance is sealed, so how could we leave?”

Autumn Love did not even raise her head. “Don’t you have a Dungeon Escape Scroll?”

“Of course I do.”

“Give me one later. I just gotta shatter it and then we’ll be out of here.”


Working with the black-hearted chick left Li Yi speechless. The girl seemed unable to unrest unless she was taking advantage of someone.

They had not collected enough Ice Soul Pearls yet. Just the thought that there would be no monsterlings to farm for the next three to five days made Li Yi clench his teeth.

The corpses of more than a hundred Glacier Giants was enough to keep Autumn Love occupied for half a day. Li Yi did not have the patience to wait for her to finish cleaning up, so he took out two Dungeon Escape Scrolls, throwing one to her and using one himself.

There was a flash of white light, and Li Yi appeared at the cave entrance.

It was quiet all around the basin, void of the Ice Giants’ howls.

As soon as the Glacier Giant King died, all the Glacier Giants vanished.

Without the Glacier Giants, Li Yi had no interest in the Snow Deer or the White Bears whatsoever. He did not wait for Autumn Love to reemerge, summoning Onyxia immediately and flying toward the Western Glacier.

The last time when Emperor Lan left the heart of the North Pole Continent, he had mentioned that he was going to the Western Glacier of the North Pole Continent next. Li Yi figured he may as well try looking for him this time, and if he was lucky enough to find him, he might even be able to get a new supply of scrolls.

As soon as Li Yi flew away, Shoot Until Daybreak and Princess Huaiyu appeared from behind an iceberg.

Princess Huaiyu was rather dissatisfied. “Why didn’t you attack earlier?”

Shoot Until Daybreak smiled like a grimace. “I don’t even have a Territory. Even if I fight him, can I win?”


Princess Huaiyu mumbled something and opened her Friends Pane, blasting out messages.

“What are you doing, Princess?”

“If you can’t do it, I’ll just have to call my friends.”

Shoot Until Daybreak frowned slightly.

An hour later, ten mounts flew in from the distance. Three dragon whelp mounts took the lead, five purple-colored gryphons followed behind, and two blue-colored griffins were just a little behind them, taking up the rear.

“Lil Sister Princess!”

“Baby Yuyu…”

“Lil Yu, I’m here for you.”

The ten mounts landed one after the other. They had not come together, they were just the friends Princess Huaiyu called in as reinforcements.

“Thanks for heeding my call. Come, allow me to introduce you.”

Princess Huaiyu smiled seductively and introduced time one by one, allowing them to know one another.

Shoot Until Daybreak was very unhappy, his expression dark as sin. The ten helpers Princess Huaiyu brought in looked very unnatural as well. Evidently, they had all believed they were the only one.

“Brothers, my greatest enemy, Dark Wing, is right before us. I’m sure you’ve heard of him before as well. I called you here today so that you might help me get my revenge.”

“Dark Wing?”

“The Invincible Continent’s Number One Archer? I’ve heard of him, and I’ve wanted to meet him for a while now.”

“The one who can use Territory Power? Piece of cake.”

“Ahh, Lil Sis Yu, you got the right guy this time. Dark Wing is the one guy I refuse to acknowledge!”

“Yeah, yeah. Number One Archer, my *ss, these are all names others came up with. You’re right, brother, I approve completely.”

The ten helpers Princess Huaiyu invited were all second- or third-rate helpers from the Ninth Continent. In terms of reputation, they were no match for Shoot Until Daybreak, and their skill level was average as well. They did have one thing in common, though, and that was that they were all rich. That was how they ended up becoming Princess Huaiyu’s friends.

Shoot Until Daybreak stood in the crowd, his brows knitted tightly.

He could tell at a glance that these ten pieces of c.r.a.p were good at bluffing, but were probably weaker than him in terms of real ability.

Asking them to kill Li Yi was nothing short of a pipe dream.

The ten helpers rode their mounts and flew toward the Western Glacier under Princess Huaiyu’s guidance.

Princess Huaiyu shouted with a smile, “Brothers, I’ll be awaiting your good news!”

“Daybreak, aren’t you going with them?”

The ten helpers had all flown away, and Shoot Until Daybreak was the only one left.

Shoot Until Daybreak laughed. “I’m sure you know better than me. Numbers won’t work on a Territory Master, so why did you send them to their deaths?”

Princess Huaiyu had been all smiles, but when she heard what Shoot Until Daybreak said, she instantly looked displeased. “Just say it if you don’t dare to go, don’t make up excuses!”

“I’m just telling it as it is.”

“I don’t wanna talk to you. Go away.”

Princess Huaiyu threw a tantrum and turned around in a huff.

Shoot Until Daybreak took a deep breath and summoned his mount, flying toward the glacier. Only then did Princess Huaiyu smile, harrumphing as she looked at Shoot Until Daybreak’s back. “You wanna get with me? Then show me some sincerity. I couldn’t care less if you died.”

On the glacier that seemed to go on forever, ten corpses lay strewn across the ground. Li Yi held his Orange Quality Bow, collecting his spoils of battle, and then he leaped onto his Holy Light Warhorse and galloped away.

He was quite confused. After spending so much time looking for Emperor Lan, he did not find his target, but instead he encountered ten random Ninth Continent players who attacked him for no reason whatsoever. However, this battle began and ended very quickly. Li Yi just had to use Shoot at Random and the ten players surrounding him just fell like flies.

“Don’t run, Dark Wing!”

“Don’t leave if you got the b.a.l.l.s! Let’s fight one-on-one, how could you call yourself a hero if you only gang up on someone?”

“Dare you take me on solo? Hey, I’m asking you!!!”

The ten corpses yelled different things at him, surrounding him with their voices.

Li Yi was dumbfounded. These guys were just too shameless. They were clearly the ones who ganged up on him, ten to one, and he even killed them all, but they still had the nerve to say he had played them dirty.

Just then…


An arrow flew at him stealthily at a very harsh angle. It was nearly flat against the ground. By the time Li Yi noticed it, the arrow had already reached him.



The damage figures appeared above his head and Li Yi leaped off his mount, rolling onto the ground. At the same time, he used Camouflage and vanished.

Li Yi looked around him and quickly found a figure sprawled on a distant glacier.


“Powered-up Arrow!”

Li Yi let loose an arrow. His opponent had seen him as well and immediately responded with another shot.

They were quite far apart, so neither arrow hit. Li Yi transformed into the Lightning Leopard and disappeared using Stealth, rapidly approaching the enemy.

His Territory Release could only work at mid-range, and he was currently too far away from the target who had ambushed him. That meant that his Territory Power could not be used at full strength.


Seeing Li Yi give chase, Shoot Until Daybreak summoned his mount and ran at full tilt. He did not dare to be within range of Li Yi’s Territory.

“So it’s that punk, Shoot Until Daybreak.”

Li Yi recognized him and stopped chasing. Instead, he activated G.o.d Mode and shot at him fiercely.

“Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!”

The arrows rained down, and no matter how quickly Shoot Until Daybreak ran, he could not outrun Meteor Arrow. In an instant, he took seven arrows to the body, and before he even had time to drink a potion, he fell to the ground with a potion bottle in his hand.

He did not wait for Li Yi to reach him. Shoot Until Daybreak chose to resurrect in the temple, not allowing Li Yi to see his corpse.

“The reinforcements you brought in are all dead, as am I.” Standing in the temple, Shooting Until Daybreak sent Princess Huaiyu a message.

“You’re trash, you’re all useless!” Princess Huaiyu shrieked angrily.

“You’re all tras.h.!.+ I asked you to come help, but you couldn’t do anything at all. You… Are you even men?”

Princess Huaiyu said that into the group chat, so Shooting Until Daybreak heard it, as did the other ten.

“Lil Yu, baby, sorry…”

“It’s my fault. Sigh, I underestimated Dark Wing’s abilities.”

The men blamed themselves, but not a single one argued back against Princess Huaiyu.

Shooting Until Dawn sighed to himself, but he did not apologize to Princess Huaiyu. No matter what, he was still one of the Ninth Continent’s top powerhouses, so his ego did not allow him to apologize to a little girl.

“Hmph hmph, you guys p.i.s.s me off.”

Princess Huaiyu had quite the temper, and she lectured them as though they were her grandchildren. Strangely, however, they did not get angry at her at all. Instead, they just kept bowing to her and begging her to calm down.

“F*ck, where’s your pride?!” Shooting Until Dawn could not help but scold them inwardly.

“I don’t care, you guys have to avenge me no matter what. I don’t care what you do, but if you can’t do it, don’t come looking for me ever again!”

“Curse you, Dark Wing, how dare you bully our adorable princess. I’ll even hire if it means killing him!”

“I’ll go look for him. I don’t believe I can’t kill him!”

The group set out again in a fit of fury.

Princess Huaiyu suddenly harrumphed. “Daybreak, why aren’t you saying anything? Are you dissatisfied with me?”

“No, of course not. I was just wondering how I could kill Li Yi to avenge you.”

“There you go. Good boy, teehee.”

Princess Huaiyu praised him once, and Shooting Until Daybreak’s face burned. Suddenly, he realized he was not all that different from those ten guys who kissed Princess Huaiyu’s b.u.t.t…

Li Yi was still riding his Holy Light Warhorse around the glacier. He closed his eyes and let the Holy Light Warhorse run freely, while he calmed his heart down and tried to sense where Emperor Lan was.

Emperor Lan’s whole presence was that of fire. In the icy tundra of the North Pole Continent, Li Yi just had to feel around for a current of warmth, and then he would surely find Emperor Lan.

“Ding ding!”

There was a message notification.

“Brother Dark Wing, where did you go? Why can’t I find you?”

Autumn Love finished skinning the monsters and walked out of the cave, but she could not find Li Yi, so she sent him a message.

“I got something to do, so I won’t be fighting with you anymore. Go through it yourself, take your time.”

Autumn Love grew anxious. “Don’t, don’t do that. Where are you? Take me with you. Don’t worry, I swear I won’t disturb you. You just gotta let me follow behind you so I can loot the corpses.

“Brother Dark Wing? Why aren’t you saying anything? Did you blacklist me again? Don’t, I really need the money right now. To be honest, Winter…”

Before Autumn could finish that sentence, she cried out and then went silent.

Feeling curious, Li Yi sent her a message. “What happened to you?”

Autumn Love replied with tears in her voice, “I was killed by a female Archer called Princess Huaiyu. I’m crying, all my materials, all of it dropped…”

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 670 - Princess

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