MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 674 - Shattered Void

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Chapter 674: Shattered Void

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Pretty Good Mood shook his head. “It won’t work, I’ve tried it before. Even if we take turns dying, there will still be a huge shockwave when the dragon’s claw comes down, and it damages everyone present. How will we dodge that?”

Shangguan Bailu was taken aback for a second, and then she lowered her head, thinking it over.

“Will s.h.i.+eld of Earth work?”

“No, all buff-type skills are useless against Deathwing. Invincibility doesn’t work and damage reduction doesn’t work either, unless you have a Territory.”

“Then I’m stumped.”

Shangguan Bailu retreated back into the party ranks.

“Guild Master, I think we should still leave it to you. I really can’t handle this guy.”

Pretty Good Mood ran back into the crowd and was gone from sight in an instant.

Even the commander ran away, so Li Yi decided to be even more direct. He gave his orders—fight it head-on!

Strategies were useless when fighting Deathwing. It all depended on how strong the players were. If they were strong enough, it was dead for sure, but if they were not strong enough, forget five thousand, even fifty or five hundred thousand would be no match for it.

“Deathwing’s HP increases according to the number of players in the dungeon. Since there are so many of us here, I’m betting its HP has already surpa.s.sed ten billion. It’s practically impossible to kill it now, but that’s okay. If we can just knock it down for a bit, I’ll be able to leap onto its back and peel its scale.

“Go, go, go, go!

“On my signal. 1, 2, 3, main tanks!”

Li Yi walked his talk and immediately gave the orders. Over a hundred main tanks surrounded Deathwing simultaneously.

The a.s.sault began, and there was a veritable rain of powerful skills. Li Yi could only hear the hum of explosions by his ears, drowning out even Deathwing’s roars.

It lifted its flaming dragon claw and pointed it straight at the target with the highest aggro, Brother Windcloud Nine.

Brother Windcloud Nine had activated G.o.d’s Blessing, recovering HP, mana, and also boosting his attributes greatly. As a result, he had pulled three to five times more aggro than usual; even Unending Unmatched with his roars and taunts could not match up to Brother Nine’s regular slashes.

“Watch out!”

There was no use in yelling anymore. That claw was several hundred square meters large, so how could the players underneath it escape its descent?



The claw landed, squas.h.i.+ng Brother Windcloud Nine, Unending Unmatched, and the others underneath. The shockwave spread in an instant, dealing damage to everyone there.

The shockwave dealt up to more than ten thousand in damage, so even the HP-heavy main tanks were left half-dead. As for the other, they stood no chance, dying at the slightest contact.

That one hit killed more than three thousand players. The rest were either sprawled on the floor or had leaped into the air, somehow avoiding the attack.


Deathwing lifted its enormous head and sprayed flames everywhere. The range of the attack covered everything, and the flames were practically everywhere.

After that attack, another thousand-odd players died.

The Priests had been healing the group desperately, and if they were on the verge of death, the Priests also had to mutter a prayer for party team members. Even so, they could not withstand the flames, and someone died nearly every second.

Deathwing lifted its dragon claw again, and of the hundred main tanks, only two were left standing.

They were Brother Windcloud Nine and Unending Unmatched!

Unending Unmatched had activated his Territory Skill, Absolute Defense. Its damage reduction effect worked against Deathwing, so he survived. Brother Windcloud Nine had nearly 700,000HP, and he activated G.o.d’s Blessing too. Since Deathwing could not kill him with one hit, his health had recovered all the way back to full within seconds.

“Hang in there. One in front of the other, you two, pull its attacks!”

The Hunter G.o.ddess had lifted Li Yi into her arms, so he yelled out his orders from mid-air.

“Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!”

Just then, there was the sound of swords clas.h.i.+ng, and the Tuhr Sacred Sword swung at Deathwing, attacking three times.




All it took was three hits, and they had taken nearly 5,000,000HP from Deathwing.

“No way, Sister Nine didn’t die?”

“That can’t be!”

“How is that possible…?”

The players lying on the ground exclaimed in shock.

Only Sister Windcloud Nine owned a Tuhr Sacred Sword, so the fact that the sword was there meant that Sister Windcloud Nine was still alive.

That was simply unbelievable. Sure, one could avoid the dragon claw shockwave with some luck, but what about those flames that had gotten everywhere? She was just a measly little Curse Priest, so how could she have tanked that?

The truth was that of the players who remained standing, aside from Li Yi who was flying in mid-air, most of the survivors were Warriors or Paladins with plenty of HP.

“Where’s Sister Nine?”

Everyone began to look for her, and soon enough, they found Sister Windcloud Nine. It turned out she and Gongsun Chuqian had been standing in an isolated corner, so while the flames burned around them, the two of them were unharmed.

This was a pretty decent spot.

The others immediately understood. While Deathwing’s attacks were powerful, there were still these so-called blind spots. Players just had to stand in these blind spots, and they would be able to avoid most of the attacks.

“Good spot, better remember it.”

“Sister Nine, did you discover it?”

Sister Windcloud Nine waved her hands, her face red. “No, it was Qianqian, it was Qianqian.”

The spot was extremely small and could just barely fit two people. Right now, Sister Windcloud Nine was standing in front of Qian’er, and, perhaps intentionally or otherwise, Qian’er had a hand pressed against her b.u.t.t, where she was caressing it back and forth.

Sister Windcloud Nine acted extremely uneasy. She wanted to dodge, but she could not bring herself to be so rude, so she just stood there in agony, squirming constantly.

Deathwing raised its head, panting. Li Yi tried to approach it, but he was pushed back by an invisible force. Right now, he could not approach its body, so he could not peel off its scale.

“You despicable weaklings, disappear from this world!”

Deathwing roared at the sky and raised its claw again.

“Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!”

This time, it did not clap the floor just once, but eight times in a circle. No more, and no less— just eight times, once in each direction.

Eight shockwaves interfered everywhere, and the players underneath were in for a bad time. Sky Vagabonds and Wizards could use their Air Dance Technique and Levitation Skill to fly, avoiding the waves. The other did not have such abilities, so they had to jump or sprawl down to dodge the attack. Unfortunately, the range of these shockwaves was messy and unpredictable, so for players who could not react quickly enough, it did not matter if they leaped or fell. It would still be too difficult for them to avoid it all.

After that attack, only slightly over five hundred remained.

Brother Windcloud Nine and Unending Unmatched remained standing. Thankfully, only two of the eight attacks. .h.i.t them. If they suffered more than three hits, even they would not be able to survive it.

Qian’er and Sister Windcloud Nine had both taken to the ground, because the spot could not help them avoid the eight claps either.

Deathwing was panting even heavier now, and Li Yi flew at it again. This time, the resistance was much weaker, and he could more or less fly until he was just 30 meters away from it.

It was not enough, but it was close. One more time would probably do the trick…

Li Yi looked at the Flaming Scales on Deathwing’s body and wanted nothing more than to yank one off. Since it had been corroded by evil, Deathwing’s body was currently extremely frail. If Li Yi could just touch its body, he just needed to pull lightly and the scale would certainly come right off.

The question now was, could they survive the next attack? Li Yi was not feeling confident at all.

“Great dragons have lived in this world since ancient times. You despicable creatures appeared all of a sudden one day, breeding like ants and taking over the land that once belonged to us great dragons. Worse still, you claimed the land as your own. What a joke, what a farce!”

Deathwing raised its head up high, muttering a strange incantation.

As Deathwing activated the incantation, their surroundings darkened, and the ground beneath their feet vanished. The air vanished, the dimension vanished, and every player in the dungeon was pulled into Deathwing’s own special dimension.





There was the sound of gla.s.s shattering, again and again. It was the sound emitted by the players’ bodies’ being smashed to pieces, and each crash meant that another player had died.

This was Deathwing’s specialty, a move he learned from the Abyssal Devil—Shattered Void.

“Territory Release!”

Li Yi flew to Unending Unmatched and Brother Nine’s side, activating his Territory.

Deathwing’s Shattered Void attacked the players’ bodies directly, so it could not be defended against. The only way was to release one’s Territory and take it head-on.

“Cras.h.!.+ Cras.h.!.+ Cras.h.!.+”

There was the sound of more gla.s.s shattering, and more players kicked the bucket. It was only when the shattering reached Li Yi’s Territory that the situation changed somewhat.


The first to go was Brother Windcloud Nine. His whole body fell to pieces, and he had barely 300HP left in the bar above his head. In fact, he was this close to being shattered into tiny shards.

Unending Unmatched was next, and he was even worse off than Brother Windcloud Nine. This dimension of destruction completely ignored one’s defense, so his Territory Skill was useless here. With a “crash”, his arms fell away from his body.


Li Yi lost a leg, and that was after he activated his Territory in full force. Without his Territory, they would have ended up like the players outside, broken down to smithereens.

The darkness around them subsided slowly. Deathwing’s Shattered Void only worked against players once; regardless of whether or not it managed to kill the target, there would not be a second time.

“Ba-thunk! Ba-thunk!”

The players who were saved by Li Yi’s Territory fell to the ground, returning to the dungeon scene.

He looked around and saw that there were only 12 survivors. Every single one of them, without exception, were either missing an arm or a leg. Their bodies were a mess of flesh and blood, having burst open everywhere.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh—”

The one to recover the fastest was, without a doubt, Brother Windcloud Nine. His G.o.d’s Blessing worked automatically, and within a mere five seconds, it had restored his body back to normal and his health back to full.

Deathwing panted incessantly. Unleas.h.i.+ng its ultimate attack had made it temporarily unable to attack.

“G.o.ddess, I’m counting on you now!”

Li Yi roared as he rushed at Deathwing.

“Pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft clang…”

Li Yu hopped seven or eight steps ahead on one foot, and one of his arms fell off. One more jump, and the other arm fell off as well. He tried to jump again, but his remaining leg fell off too…

“G.o.ddess, you…”

Only then did Li Yi realize that the Hunter G.o.ddess was not carrying him at all. Instead, she had vanished…

His G.o.d Mode’s time limit clearly was not up yet, so where was the G.o.ddess?


This time, Li Yi’s head fell off, and completely unsurprisingly, he died.

He looked at the surviving players again. Aside from Brother Windcloud Nine, who had returned to normal, every other player was just like Li Yi. If they even tried to move, they would lose another piece of their body. Soon enough, all of them were dead…

Li Yi yelled, “Brother Nine, go and yank off a dragon scale!”

“Sure thing!”

Brother Windcloud Nine strode toward Deathwing.

Deathwing was sprawled on the floor, panting. Right now, it did not even have the energy to lift its head anymore.

“You despicable creatures, curse you…”

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