MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 734 - Scuffling Plunder

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Chapter 734: Scuffling Plunder

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Li Yi had completed most of the Miracle of Will quest and only had to kill four more Demon Generals. Others, like Jiaojiao and Qian’er, they only needed to kill the General Demon Goat to achieve a perfect 120% quest completion.

All the Iron Alliance players were on the move, making a mad dash toward the General Demon Goat’s sp.a.w.n point.

The first Iron Alliance player to discover the General Demon Goat was Shangguan Bailu’s blood-related brother, under the IGN Shangguan Xiaofei. He played a Violent Warrior cla.s.s and was found near the feet of the General Demon Goat in a horizontal position. He has been dead for a long time.

The General Demon Goat was surrounded by ice crystals. Apart from Shangguan Xiaofei, more than a dozen Iron Alliance players were lying on the ground.

Wielding his staff, the Dwarf Ice Wizard, Black Wing led a group of Fluttering Snow Alliance players to blast the General Demon Goat.

The General Demon Goat had an extremely low sp.a.w.n rate, causing most players from the three camps to be stuck on the same monster. The Iron Alliance players needed it, and so did the players from other camps.

While Shangguan Xiaofei was calling upon his friends, Black Wing had arrived with his men. Under such circ.u.mstances, surely the logical move was to kill steal?

In the end, Shangguan Xiaofei proved to be a weak opponent, falling after one hit.

Black Wing and his men had not been at it for long when the current Guild Master of the Legendary Tribe from the Ninth Continent, I Am Brother Yao appeared with more than a hundred of his men. He pointed his scepter forward. “Fight!”

He was not referring to the monsters, but Black Wing.

White Arcane Missiles, blue Frost Arrows, and red Explosive Projectiles poured down like rain and towards Black Wing.

The Legendary Tribe’s first Guild Master was Prague but as time pa.s.sed, Prague announced his withdrawal from the game and pa.s.sed the baton to I Am Brother Yao.

The hundred over players led by I Am Brother Yao were from every Path within the Wizard cla.s.s – Ice, Fire, Arcane, Thunder, Earth Spells, etc.

Black Wing raised an Ice s.h.i.+eld, then aimed a Blizzard Spell directly at I Am Brother Yao.

I Am Brother Yao lifted his scepter, defending, and countered with his own Blizzard Spell.

Black Wing and I Am Brother Yao played the same cla.s.s; Ice Wizard.

“I have 2500 INT, yet you dare attack me?”

I Am Brother Yao yelled out in arrogance. The scepter he raised earlier was lowered.

He had not intended to do so, but his opponent’s Blizzard Spell had forcefully disrupted his Guidance motion. Blizzard Spell did not have cooldown period and could be unleashed so long as there was sufficient mana. However, Guidance was required to unleash this skill. Thus, moving or getting attacked would cancel the casting.

Black Wing was a Territory Master. This meant that, even if he was attacked while casting his Blizzard Spell, he could continue on by increasing his rate of Territory Power exhaustion.

Wham! Wham! Wham!

Ice blocks the size of adults smashed I Am Brother Yao’s brain. After five or six hits, he died.

“Brothers, pay no attention to me. Scatter and fight!” I Am Brother Yao yelled from the ground.

The Legendary Tribe’s hundred over men scattered, encircling Black Wing to attack him.

As Black Wing’s Ice s.h.i.+eld was immune to most damage, the Legendary Tribe could not harm him.

Suddenly, Flower Underpants arrived with about two hundred men.

The situation grew more chaotic. Players from three camps were engaged in a b.l.o.o.d.y dispute. Soon, the Legendary Tribe was wiped out. The arrogant Black Wing had not been spared either. He was killed in one move by Li Yi’s beautiful disciple, Pale Blue Elegance.

Pale Blue Elegance had been in Pantheon for a while now. While she was initially quite average, the girl had developed and grown more powerful. With a determination comparable to Snickersnee, perseverance, and willpower, such a person would succeed anywhere, especially when it came to games.

With sacrifice, came rewards. This was a game.

If sacrifice did not guarantee rewards. Well, that was reality.

Shortly after Fang Jie acquired Territory, Pale Blue Elegance obtained a Pantheon Ruins Teleportation Scroll. After a period of hards.h.i.+p, she too finally achieved Territory.

“How did you harm me? My Ice s.h.i.+eld’s still here!”

Black Wing lay on the ground, preoccupied with the question. He did not have the best of luck. He still had not unraveled the mystery behind how Fang Jie had killed him, and now he could not figure out how Pale Blue Elegance had done so.

With a black ring flickering in Pale Blue Elegance’s palms, she flashed him a smile and drove a huge Fel Transformer to kill other players.

The Fel Transformer was a level 110 Rate Elite Earth Pet. Its green steel appearance was similar to the Transformers cartoon and it stood tall at fifty meters. It was the largest pet a Summoner could contract.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every action the Fel Transformer took shook the ground, and with each step, a dozen players were stomped to death.

Contracting a Fel Transformer was not easy and in all of King of Pantheon’s servers, only Pale Blue Elegance had one.


The Fel Transformer did a belly flop, crus.h.i.+ng dozens of players.

“Shoot at Random!”

Bp bp bp bp bp…

At the other side, Fang Jie, the Invincible Continent’s Archer G.o.d in the past life had started a killing spree. After a round of Shoot at Random, no opposing players stood near him anymore.

The Fluttering Snow Alliance, Legendary Tribe and other random players were flooding into the area. They were all here for one thing; the rare General Demon Goat. Completing Miracle of Will depended on killing it.

It signaled the start of a chaotic war as players from the three continents swarmed in, turning the place upside down.

“Meh… Meh… Meh…”

The General Demon Goat swung its blade, slamming to the left and right. Its aggro was a mess as the three camps attempted to Taunt it repeatedly, almost driving it berserk.

Fighting in the battle between the three camps were a few members of the Windcloud Clan, the Fluttering Snow Alliance’s Black Wing, and the majority of the Iron Alliance’s elites. About ten minutes later, the situation finally came under control.

There were no longer players from the other camps alive near the General Demon Goat. However, it had turned completely red. It went berserk.

While berserk, the boss’ ATK would multiply over a thousand times and even a main tank would not able to survive.

With its blade swinging left and right, most of the Iron Alliance players were killed.

Fang Jie sprinted ahead, using Dimensional s.h.i.+ft. However, the General Demon Goat’s one horizontal swipe ripped his dimension apart.

There was no one invincible flawless skill in King of Pantheon and Fang Jie’s Dimensional s.h.i.+ft was an example of that. His Dimensional s.h.i.+ft was useless against an opponent whose powers far exceeded his.

Players could use Territory Power but so could the Demonic Tribe.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Fel Transformer plodded over. With its HP higher than the Scarab King and using Magical Net of Protection reduce any damage taken, it should be able to survive against the General Demon Goat for a bit.

Flower Underpants shouted, “Archers, Mislead! Thieves, s.h.i.+ft Blame!”

The Fel Transformer may be enormous, but it trudged rather slowly. If the General Demon Goat’s aggro was not s.h.i.+fted onto it, it could not perform its role.

The Archers were swift to Mislead while the Thieves rushed to s.h.i.+ft Blame. Unfortunately, the General Demon Goat had completely lost it and was ignoring all skills that transferred aggro. It continued to slam into the crowd, killing everyone in sight.

In a blink of an eye, most of the Iron Alliance players were down, causing the Fluttering Snow Alliance and Legendary Tribe players lying on the ground to applaud.

Seeing their enemy struggle, even if it was not their doing, was a cause to be happy.

“Brothers, come quickly for backup! The General Demon Goat’s almost down. Anyone with the quest, hurry over,” Flower Underpants shouted in the Alliance Channel with all his might.

“Old Flower, my brothers and I are on the way to Black Rock Mountain. Once we clear the Deathwing dungeon, we’ll be over to help you. Sorry sorry,” Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g replied in the Alliance Channel…

Not knowing how to react, Flower Underpants took some time before he calmed down enough to continue shouting for help.

The entire Iron Alliance retreated and moved to hide behind the Fel Transformer. After considerable effort, the General Demon Goat’s aggro was finally s.h.i.+fted to this huge piece of steel.

The General Demon Goat’s single swipe took several millions of the Fel Transformer’s HP. As it was a Contract Summoner’s pet, a healer was not able to heal it.

“The Transformer’s only able to survive for 30 seconds. Brothers, be quick!” Flower Underpants was breaking out in a sweat. He was not concerned about the General Demon Goat but was worried that other players would come along and cause havoc.

“Swift for backup, swift…”

Kch kch kch…

Sadly, his plans changed quickly. Flower Underpants believed that the Fel Transformer would be able to hold on for some time, but the General Demon Goat suddenly went crazy and started frantically slas.h.i.+ng, destroying the Fel Transformer in mere seconds.

The piece of steel fell apart on the ground, leaving the General Demon Goat’s aggro a mess again…

The Demonic Tribe’s twelve generals were proficient in close combat, but their specialty was their extremely fast SPD. They were capable of leaving behind an afterimage when they moved.

With another hundred men down, the Iron Alliance was beginning to crumble.

HP was not visible for the Demonic Tribe bosses but based on experience, the General Demon Goat should still have more than half its HP.

It was still far from death.

Flower Underpants cried, “Everyone, keep it… up!”

Tst —

General Demon Goat darted towards Flower Underpants and swiped, instantly killing him.

With the commander down, the situation grew worse.

“Brothers, release your souls and start corpse-running. It’s time to steal the boss!”

Black Wing raised his voice and was first to release his soul.

On the other side, I Am Brother Yao made a bolder move. “Brothers, resurrect!”

A hundred over Legendary Tribe players stood up. They had Holy Light Talismans on them, allowing them to revive on the spot.


I Am Brother Yao pointed his scepter at the General Demon Goat…

Flower Underpants was worried when he saw the number of corpses on the ground decrease, but he quickly rejoiced at the sight of I Am Brother Yao leading his men to fight General Demon Goat.

With those idiots s.h.i.+elding them, the Iron Alliance’s fatality count would reduce significantly.

“Brothers, those who can resurrect, get up. Those who can’t, make haste with your corpse-running,” ordered Flower Underpants.

Li Yi, Jiaojiao, and Qian’er ran over from a distance.

“Guild Master’s here!”

“Hahahaha, our Queen has arrived!”

The corpses lying on the ground cheered.

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