MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 87 - Hell-level Hard Mode

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Chapter 87: h.e.l.l-level Hard Mode

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Others would say that it was impossible to form a party within three days that could clear Molten Furnace but Li Yi felt that there were endless possibilities.

He was well acquainted with the complete method of defeating the Molten Furnace Dungeon. Thus, clearing Molten Furnace was really not a difficult task as long as all of the party members could follow his instructions.

Although it looked like an unwise move to receive Gold Coins in exchange for accepting people, was there anyone who knew Li Yi’s true thoughts?

Not only was he well acquainted with the ways of beating the dungeon, but he also had vivid memories of the majority of famous people in the previous world. Although some of them already belonged to their respective major guilds, there was still a fraction of them who had yet to join guilds. Wu Old Wolf who had won first place in the PK contest was one of them.

Although Wu Old Wolf was not as famous as Nirvana Inaction in the previous world, he still stood within the first hundred ranks among Pantheon’s hundreds and thousands of support cla.s.s players.

It was unlikely for parties that had him to suffer Total Party Wipes. Nirvana Inaction had previously commented on Wu Old Wolf in this aspect and said, “If his party hadn’t been holding him back, he wouldn’t have been inferior to me when he removed the mana-restoring equipment from his body.”

According to Li Yi, talented people like Wu Old Wolf would naturally be welcomed in droves. The greatest difference between him and Dark Empire was that he knew which types of people were worth being nurtured and which were not.

Of course, adding one of the previous world’s famous players into his guild was only the first step. Whether or not he could convince them to stay depended on the leader’s capabilities.

Li Yi selected 100 people and divided them into two parties that would battle Fire Beast.

He did not show up but handed over the two parties to Chen Yang and Qing Pingle respectively for them to command.

When he realized that Fire Ice truly possessed a natural talent in management, Li Yi simply gave her a part of the guild’s building administration rights. Thus, Fire Ice became Little Drunk Cat Guild’s overall supervisor whose position was equivalent to Dark Empire’s Delicately Cute.

“I… I’m afraid that I’ll do badly.” Fire Ice’s expression showed that she was in an apprehensive state due to the unexpected favor. She looked excited yet anxious.

“You must believe in yourself. You’ll be fine. You can do it.”

“Thank you…”

When she heard Li Yi’s encouragement, Fire Ice smiled widely.

During Li Yi’s resurrection this time, he had changed her fate indeed. He remembered that after the Girlfriendgate incident was leaked on the internet in the previous life, Fire Ice fell apart completely and used a pocket knife to fatally stab Hua Feiwu and a few other Guild Masters who had insulted her. Next, she committed suicide by jumping off a building to end her miserable life.

By looking at it now, it was unlikely for her to get entangled with Hua Feiwu and the others anymore, right?

“Brother Yi, the circ.u.mstances are unfavorable and the party is completely inadequate. They don’t have any cooperation at all and they can’t even clear the Fire Tank.”

“My side isn’t any better. We barely managed to clear the Fire Tank but we can’t pa.s.s the Arrow Tower.”

Chen Yang and Qing Pingle sent the battlefield reports of their Instance Dungeon raids one after another.

“Press on!”

Li Yi’s reply was very succinct.

Chen Yang and Qing Pingle both knew the fighting strategies of Fire Beast Dungeon. The GS of the guild members that he chose was also up to standard. There was only one reason why they could not clear it, and that was because the camaraderie and coordination in their party were inadequate.

Although the selection of members was important for a party that desired true strength, an even more crucial point would be to see how they worked together. Could this coordination be formed through practice if they had not died a few times previously?

“Brother Yi, we were only defeated once but four people have left the party already.”

“Eight people have left the party here on my side.”

“Note down their names and kick them all out of the guild. We will never accept them.”

What more could he hope for from people who were unwilling to even die? He needed to eliminate all of the Leechers to form an elite party.

Li Yi asked Chen Yang, “What level is Pretty Good Mood at now?”

“At Level 15.”

“Bring him with you. He doesn’t have to fight, just get him to watch and that’ll be fine.”

A total of 57 people had left the guild on the second day that the guild was raiding Fire Beast. The two parties had no alternative but to merge. Their rate of progress was only that of fighting one Instance Dungeon.

After two days of resurrecting after dying from decimation, the party’s coordination had clearly increased. As of now, they could already fight Second Brother Summoner Scasa.

All of the Fire Resistance Potions were provided by Li Yi. Although he did not go to the dungeon during these two days, he was looking at the party’s combat images all this while. He was mulling over his desired candidates in his heart.

Wu Old Wolf was indeed powerful. As long as his mana did not run out, he was like a perpetual motion machine that stood at the back of the party firmly and would certainly not make the slightest mistake.

Orchid Elf whose luck was consistent and her man One Gunman were initially selected to join the party. However, their performance had rendered people speechless in reality. One Gunman played as a Warrior but until now, he only knew the most basic normal attacks and had yet to learn even one skill. He was certainly a talented individual…

As for Orchid Elf, although she had gained the impressive nickname of Big Healer Orchid, it was unfortunate that her healing was too impractical. The person whom she healed would end up collapsing. Moreover, she was also naturally slow-witted to the point she would cause others to be exasperated. Even though she never complained despite their party being decimated numerous times, Chen Yang finally asked her to leave the party in the end.

The infamy of suffering total annihilation was too great. When she was present, the others in the party were really not noobs anymore…

Li Yi had been looking forward to the Wutong sisters’ double MT combination the most. Unfortunately, the times when these two youngsters came online and went offline were too irregular. If he was counting on them to raid the dungeon, it was highly likely that they would disappear halfway during battle…

Once again, another piece of good news arrived at 1500 hours. After suffering numerous Total Party Wipes, the party finally defeated Summoner Scasa successfully.

“Set the rate of progress aside temporarily. We can withdraw our troops now.”

Li Yi was greatly pleased. He summoned the party back and distributed equipment to them one by one.

Regardless of whether they displayed themselves extraordinarily or badly, all of the members would receive abundant rewards without exception as long as they persevered. Apparently, the GS of these guild members were all around 150. Once they wore the equipment that Li Yi had given them, their overall index numbers rose to 100+, allowing them to achieve the dungeon requirements to advance to Molten Furnace smoothly.

Although some of them had died over 20 times, these people still cheered and said that it was worth it when they saw the equipment on themselves.

It was worth it indeed. If they had relied solely on themselves instead, they would only be able to level up to their current Equipment Level after at least two or three months.

“Congratulations to all of you for persevering. From today onward, you will all be core members of Little Drunk Cat Guild. Although Little Drunk Cat’s name isn’t famous yet, please believe me when I say that all of you will feel pride in owning this name in the near future!”

Nothing was more important to a guild than a sense of honor. Take Platinum Hand for example. Although it had disbanded for seven years already, the members that left Platinum Hand had never once forgotten their pasts. The hatred between Wild G.o.d and Mad Saint was so great that they were regarded as fire and water. However, every time someone dared to mention their past companions.h.i.+p, they could still temporarily set their grudges aside to unite and protect their shared glory.

As for Huashan and Century Flower, any member who had left one of these two guilds would curse angrily at the other members without exception. Not only were they unable to defend their own honor, but they would need to make a conscious effort not to strike them when they were down.

This was an example of the opposites between them and Platinum Hand…

Pretty Good Mood’s GS had also risen to 180. He was so touched that he nearly cried until he dampened his entire face. He kept saying to Chen Yang, “Master, the benefits of our guild are too great.”

He was not mistaken. After witnessing the extremely brilliant, divine, and mighty excellence of Chen Yang’s skills during the PK contest, Pretty Good Mood and One Big Bun now wors.h.i.+pped Chen Yang. One Big Bun was his first disciple while Pretty Good Mood was his second…

When Li Yi heard of this news, he nearly spat out a mouthful of blood. This was too ridiculous. The most famous great commander in his previous life, the Great Decomposer had actually became Chen Yang’s disciple. If this incident had happened in his previous life, who would believe him if he said it?

Nonetheless, all of this had already turned into reality whether he believed it or not.

“If both of you can learn even one-third of your master’s skills, it’ll be all you need for you to lead a leisurely life in Pantheon.” These were the words that Chen Yang had told both of them when they officially became his disciples.

The next day, Li Yi selected 30 people very carefully and entered the Molten Furnace Dungeon.

If this world was similar to the previous one, Star Fire Guild would obtain Molten Furnace’s first kill today at 1638 hours.

It was 7 o’clock sharp in the morning now!

After enduring the dungeon’s trials during these past two days, the number of people in Little Drunk Cat Guild had decreased significantly. It fell directly from 300 to about 100. However, although the number of people had decreased, their overall combative strength became stronger instead.

The entire party had 30 people including Li Yi!

“Does anything feel better than bringing about glory with your own hands? Do you want others to remember your name? Go all out with me before 1600 hours and take down Molten Furnace!”

System Notification: [You have entered h.e.l.l-level Molten Furnace Dungeon.]

There were four types of dungeons in total in King of Pantheon, namely Normal, Hero, Expert, and h.e.l.l. The difficulty of these levels increased in ascending order while their rewards would naturally improve as well.

Li Yi brought only 30 people to enter the dungeon but it was not because he could not find another 20 people. He did this to trigger the dungeon’s highest difficulty, h.e.l.l-level!

According to the Molten Furnace’s dungeon level standards, 50 people would make it a Heroic-level dungeon while it would be an Expert-level dungeon with 40 people and a h.e.l.l-level dungeon with 30 people respectively.

Everyone was located inside an enormous flaming furnace. Heat waves that scorched their mouths and noses surged up and down and made them feel suffocated.

A gigantic head that was covered in flames was suspended in the center of the furnace. It was the only boss of the Molten Furnace Dungeon. It was Fire Devil Ivrit’s most loyal follower, Incinerator Llamasden. The HP above its head displayed a value of 8,500,000.

The background of the Molten Furnace Dungeon told the story of how Dwarf King Vladimir released Fire Devil Ivrit after being tempted by Llamasden.

There was an Elite-level Little Fire Dwarf Monster on both sides of the furnace. Their HP was over 3,800,000 and their ATK were very strong and they could even use their Group Fear skill. Thus, numerous parties had fallen because of them.

“The Wutong sisters will take one of the Little Fire Dwarf Monsters each and drag them towards the right, far away from here. Fire Ice will take one healer who’ll specialize in healing their HP. Moonlight Ocean and Not-a-confused-brother, both of you are in charge of interrupting the Little Monsters’ skills. Everyone else will follow me and fight Llamasden.”

When he heard Li Yi’s commands, Qing Pingle said in a slightly concerned voice, “Shouldn’t we kill the Little Fire Dwarf Monsters first?”

Although many people in the party had yet to clear Molten Furnace, there was an abundance of videos regarding this dungeon on the official page. Both of these Little Fire Dwarf Monsters were equally overpowered and their strength could be compared to those of the boss. If they were not defeated first, there would be a hundred percent probability of a Total Party Wipe when they released their Group Fear.

Li Yi waved his hand and said, “We’ll pull their Aggro steadily but we won’t kill them. Everyone, sit down and drink your Fire Resistance Potions.”

When they heard Li Yi’s words, all of the few veteran guild members including Wu Old Wolf were shocked.

If they got rid of the two Fire Dwarfs before they entered the boss battle, Incinerator Llamasden’s own HP would decrease by half and become 4,250,000 due to the deaths of the subordinates that he controlled.

However, if they did not defeat or kill the Fire Dwarfs but entered the boss battle directly, changes would not occur throughout Llamasden’s HP. In other words, they would enter Hard Mode at that time.

‘Could they clear h.e.l.l-level Hard Mode?’

Everyone’s hearts were devoid of confidence.

Li Yi stood up and said in a clear and loud voice, “Are you ready? Everyone, to your feet!”


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