MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 918 - The Evil God Appears

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Chapter 918: The Evil G.o.d Appears

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“It’s the heptagram. The Primordial G.o.d is the only one who could set up such a Divine Spell Circle. You’re right, this is the source of the Divine Power!” Aersith screamed in excitement.

Li Yi was utterly defeated by her. She was the one who made him swim west for the past ten days. If not for the mermaid accompanying him, how was he able to find such a place?

Now that they had found the heptagram, was it not obvious that they had found the place?

Who would have thought that the Second Demon G.o.d would have such a slow reaction…?

Speaking of which, who was this Primordial G.o.d that Aersith spoke of? What was that supposed to mean?

Tens of thousands of little fishes were all busy and soon the strange looking heptagram could be fully seen.

It was only then Li Yi that realized that the staff he dug out had been the center of the heptagram.

The surface of the spell circle was dim and there were a few areas that were damaged that seemed to be caused by some powerful attack as well.

“According to the record of Demonic Tribe’s ancient book, the Demonic Tribe’s Ancestor, Elusia, who’s also the Evil G.o.d that you speak of, fought the Ruler of G.o.ds at the Endless Sea. Unfortunately, she was defeated and had been sent to the Dark Dimension…”

“The Demonic Tribe’s Ancestor, Elusia? Are you talking about her?”

Li Yi opened the Evil G.o.d Summoning Scroll and asked as he pointed at the picture of the elegant Evil G.o.d.

Aersith nodded her head as seriously as she could.

Li Yi was shocked.

“It’s definitely right. It is clearly recorded in the Demonic Tribe’s ancient book. The Primordial G.o.d fought the Ruler of G.o.ds in order to protect the entire Demonic Tribe.”

“Indeed… Since the person recording history is different, the history would be different as well.”

Li Yi seemed to have grasped the situation as he listened to Aersith’s explanation.

In the Pantheon World, the legend recorded by the other races was different. The Evil G.o.d was without a doubt the ultimate villain as she had been doing evil deeds for tens of thousands of years everywhere before she was ultimately defeated by the Ruler of G.o.ds at the Endless Sea.

This was the general history throughout Pantheon Continent.

The Evil G.o.d did not seem to have done anything evil in the history recorded by the Luo Lan Empire. In fact, the G.o.ds were the ones directing everything behind the scenes. Take the Demonic Tribe being banished into Foreignland for example, it was the result of the G.o.ds’ plans.

From the words of the Death G.o.d and the Hunter G.o.ddess, the Ruler of G.o.ds was certainly the villain and the Evil G.o.d was the protector of peace and a hero that had been misunderstood…

Which one was the truth? Which one was a lie?

Li Yi did not know anymore.

“Rustle… Rustle…”

The Evil G.o.d Summoning Scroll shone brightly as it flew into the heptagram.


Both the heptagram and scroll started resonating as it emitted a strong periodical sound.


A beam of light exploded as an elegant female figure in a black robe appeared in the center of the heptagram.

“Primordial G.o.d!”

Aersith immediately lowered her and bowed before her…

“Evil G.o.d?”

Li Yi was surprised.

The elegant Evil G.o.d standing before him did not resemble the shadow Li Yi met in the past. The difference was simply too big. Be it her charisma or her figure, the girl in front of him was much better than the shadow of the Evil G.o.d.

“Little friend, we meet again.”

The Evil G.o.d was, unexpectedly, still able to recognize Li Yi as she immediately greeted him the instant she appeared.

Aersith was on the ground and did not even dare to raise her head. The Evil G.o.d seemed to have overlooked her existence.

“I hoped that one day, the legend that I’ve left behind would allow me to return to this world. I’ll never forget that despicable Ruler of G.o.ds and cunning G.o.d-Queen for the rage they brought upon me!”

The Evil G.o.d Elusia waved her hand furiously as the seawater surged in an instant. Li Yi and Aersith were caught in it and had no choice but to take a few steps back.

“You’ve done well, my most loyal follower. As long as you continue working hard, I’ll soon return to this world.”

It seemed that the Evil G.o.d Elusia had been waiting inside the Dark Dimension for too long as she sounded extremely excited. No one was able to b.u.t.t in as she had been talking on her own for five minutes and did not seem to be stopping any time soon.

“The reason the scroll did not show the next required item was because of me. I set the restriction in order to prevent the Ruler of G.o.ds from spoiling my plan. I have no choice to do it so. My most loyal follower, I hope you can understand me.”

Li Yi raised his head and responded, “I don’t. Thanks.”

Elusia was speechless…

What utter nonsense. What was with the most loyal follower speech? Li Yi had finally understood that none of the G.o.ds were good and all of them were fakes.

“The figure you see inside the scroll is actually my real body that I’ve left in this world. My real body has always been in this world and it was only my soul that has been cast away.”

“I’ve gathered enough Soul Energy and will be able to reconnect with this world again at any time. However… The Ruler of G.o.ds dealt a lethal blow to my real body and I’m still unable to recover even to this day. There’s a very high chance that I’ll die if my soul were to return to my body now…”

Li Yi was impatient as he immediately cut off Elusia’s speech. “Just give it to me straight. What should I do to heal your body?”

Elusia’s eyes shone brightly. “A G.o.d-tiered Potion. If you can find enough G.o.d-tiered Potions and put it inside the scroll, my body will gradually recover.”

“G.o.d-tiered Potions? Will that be enough?”

Elusia nodded. “That’s right. One can only use G.o.d-tiered Potions to heal a wound caused by a Divine Spell.”

Li Yi was very tempted to scold her when he saw Elusia’s calm expression.

‘Does she really think a G.o.d-tiered Potion is easy to make?’

King of Pantheon had been in service for six years and Li Yi had yet to see a bottle of it.

Taking G.o.d-tiered Potions out from the equation, even the unique potion that could recover the player’s Territory Power was incredibly rare and hard to spot.

The current progression of the Evil G.o.d Summoning Scroll was at 65%. If a bottle of potion would increase the percentage by 1, he would still need 35 bottles. Where should he find all of them?

“Don’t look at me like that. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that G.o.d-tiered Potions are incredibly rare and you’re unable to give it to me, right?”

Li Yi nodded.

Elusia waved her hand as a Potion Formula appeared in Li Yi’s hand.

An orange word was written on top of it – G.o.d’s Gift Potion Formula!

A G.o.d-tiered Formula!

Li Yi could not help but gulp down his saliva.

He was one step away from reaching G.o.d-tier in his Apothecary. All he needed was to create a G.o.d-tiered Potion.

Was there really a G.o.d-tiered Formula?

Li Yi clapped his hands as the G.o.d’s Gift Potion Formula turned into a beam of white light and entered his head.

[Congratulations. You’ve learned how to create G.o.d’s Gift!]

A cheerful notification sounded, and it was only then that Li Yi believed it…

Li Yi did not expect to obtain a G.o.d-tiered Potion Formula by doing a quest given by the Evil G.o.d.

“My most loyal follower, create the potions according to this formula. It all depends on you whether if I’m able to return to this world.”

Elusia smiled at Li Yi as she waved her hand and carried Aersith up.

“My descendant. You must support him with everything you have. This is an order from the Primordial G.o.d!”

Elusia’s figure turned black as she disappeared into the heptagram.

Creak, creak! Crack!

The heptagram shattered as the Evil G.o.d Summoning Scroll flew back into Li Yi’s hand.

A small change had occurred to the Evil G.o.d Elusia’s figure in the scroll. What was originally the face of an Evil G.o.d without any expression had her lips curling up and she looked rather eager…

The required item, G.o.d-tiered Potion had appeared at the bottom as well.

Everything was done. It was a wrap!

Li Yi put away the scroll and let out a long sigh of relief.

Aersith swam over and bowed towards Li Yi. “the Primordial G.o.d has instructed me to listen to your every order. From today onwards, I’ll follow your every order.”


[Aersith’s Affinity towards you has skyrocketed. The status has changed to Forever Loyal.]

Li Yi was over the moon.

All it took was a word from Elusia to make the Second Demon G.o.d Aersith’s Affinity to exceed the mermaid. This was… simply too worth it.

“There’s no need to be so formal Aersith. Come, pull up your robes and show me your b.r.e.a.s.t.s.”

1Aersith did not hesitate at all as she pulled up her robes for Li Yi…

Everything was white and Li Yi was speechless when he saw it.

“Put it down…”

Li Yi was only trying out the extents of the status Forever Loyal.

Li Yi placed Aersith and Freya back into his inventory before using Teleport to return back to Starting Point City.

While it was necessary to take a s.h.i.+p to arrive at this place, the players did not need to do such a troublesome thing when it came to going back.

Ding ding! Ding ding!

Ding ding! Ding ding!

Li Yi stood at the Ruins of the Starting Point City as his mail and private messages started ringing chaotically.

Many players were looking for him during his ten days in the Endless Sea.

Many things had happened in King of Pantheon in the past ten days. The most influential thing was that the Wings of the Sky Dungeon had been cleared.

The Wings of the Sky Dungeon was the hardest 50-man Party Dungeon in Sky Island. The final boss was the previous Winged Ruler’s Spirit. In terms of strength, it was only slightly weaker than the World Boss, Moonlight. Players were qualified to kill Moonlight when they obtained the Winged Ones’ Curse items by killing the previous Winged Ruler’s Spirit.

The first party to clear the Wings of the Sky Dungeon was the members of the Little Drunk Cat Guild. Unending Unmatched was the main tank whereas Infinite Insanity and Mad Dragon were the secondary tanks. Jiaojiao, Qian’er, The Cat that Sings, and so on were in charge of DPS. Little Elf from the Magical Realm and Fire Ice were the healers…

The entire party did not rely on external help at all as their progress overtook the Windcloud Clan, Fluttering Snow Alliance, and a.s.sembled G.o.ds.

Li Yi had already heard of this from Jiaojiao two days ago in person.

There was another incident related to the Fluttering Snow Alliance. As the average players’ equipment was getting better and stronger and Sky Island was no longer impossible to defeat, fights ignited everywhere, and even Moonlight could not stop it.

As Sky Island was at a major loss, the Winged Ones with a weird temper had placed all the blame onto the Fluttering Snow Alliance. Recently, the Winged Ones would often go on a frenzy and kill every Fluttering Snow Alliance member.

The alliance between the two would definitely shatter if this kept on!

Li Yi ignored all messages and mails as he took out the Tower of Remorse Teleportation Stone and rubbed it.

To him, nothing was more important than handing over the quest right now.


Li Yi’s body disappeared, and he appeared in the Void Dimension a second later.

“You’ve finally returned.” The Death G.o.d hummed.

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