The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 144 I Ask For One Thing

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Zhang Chuixue said just now that the hole mark was unlikely to be made out of a human punch, but now what the three elders said totally contradicted his words.

"Why is a Great Master the enemy of my Heaven Sword Martial Club?" As Zhang Chengfeng forced himself to restrain the inner shock, he asked, "In Chang'an, the number of Great Masters is less than five, and all of them are super experts who have been famous for more than ten years. Did you discern which master he is?"

"This..." elder Lu replied with a look either dubious or embara.s.sed, "We couldn't figure out who it is, as we were flung out by him as soon as we started the battle. Thus, the maze collapsed and a great deal of dust rose, so we couldn't recognize the rival's face. Nevertheless, he seemed to come here to save people, since there might be some family members or friends of his in the incinerator cellar of the maze."

"Whoo," Zhang Chengfeng gasped.

In the incinerator cellar were all the corpses caused by sword practice. If the Great Master who invaded today really had his family or friends in the incinerator cellar, he might be killed crudely and heartlessly, since this was an intense hatred which would last for a lifetime.

When thinking about the fury of a great master, someone would feel suffocated as if pressed by a huge mountain.

"Heaven-breaking Legend Sword" Zhang Chengfeng had been famous in Chang'an for twenty years, who, with high reputaion and immeasurable strength, could rank in the top twenty masters in Chang'an. However, these years, he had been trapped by the last step. That was to say, he, on the top of Master Realm, could enter Great Master Realm if he achieved the last step. Nevertheless, he couldn't find out the way to break through the last bottleneck.

"Who on earth did this?" young owner Zhang Chuixue bellowed with a ghastly look, "It is really more and more ridiculous. Someone caught and killed the family and friends of the Great Master to practise sword skill. Who is so bold? Is he trying to set others against our Heaven Sword Martial Club?"

Elder Lu flattered him, "Young owner, there might be some mistakes."

"Mistakes?" Zhang Chuixue thought that he finally could seize an opportunty to show his intelligence and wisdom in front of all the people to build his prestige, so he sneered and said, "Maybe not. I think that someone deliberately did this to cause our Heaven Sword Martial Club to be in trouble. Was this secretly done by a spy of the Xiongfeng Martial Art Club?" The Xiongfeng Martial Art Club was an old enemy of the Heaven Sword Martial Club. These years, they had been implacable enemies because they had been striving openly and secretly to battle for resources, disciples and reputation.

Elder Lu did not dare to speak.

This was a deep criticism.

The other two elders were also speechless, but they looked at Zhang Chuixue with vague despise. In such a serious situation, he even spoke such words to shake the moral of their soldiers. After all, that Great Master in the maze was extremely horrifying when angered, but he, as the young owner, even made a point to cause internal unease. He was really an idiot.

The face of owner Zhang Chengfeng was gloomy.

Before he opened his mouth to say something, he heard the roar of a beast come out from the punched hole.

Coming out!

The enemy was coming out.

"Retreat..." a coach of the Heaven Sword Martial Club first shouted to let the surrounding apprentices retreat.

The crowd immediately moved back step by step, and a large area surrounding the hole was left empty.

In the cavity, it seemed that there were footsteps.

Everyone's heart jumped wildly.

Because it was a Great Master almost on the top of martial arts in Chang'an that was on his way up. They, as swordsmen, had heard that the Great Master was quite powerful and terrifying for so many times that calluses had grown on their ears. In their hearts, the Great Master Realm represented strength, mystery, dread and invincibility.

When an ordinary man was angry, blood splashed within five steps.

When a Great Master was angry, blood would be spilled for thousands of kilometers.

Under the gaze of countless eyes, a figure flew out from the tunnel of the hole.

A chrysanthemum leopard that was the same size of a black mettled horse followed him, carring two female figures on its back, one of whom, covered with clothes, seemed to be dead.

All eyes focused on the figure that appeared first.

It was a teenager in ordinary clothing, with a slightly strange look. His hair was quite short, like a monk. But without scars on his head, he might not have that ident.i.ty.

Although the teenager's appearance was not quite handsome, he had regular features, with a straight nose, a regular mouth, and a full forehead. He not only had a closely shaved head, but also possessed a gem-like skin. Furthermore, the most special aspects were his eyebrows and eyes; the former was like two slanting sharp steel knives, with an imposing manner, and the latter was like two bottomless spring mouths, with a hint of imperceptible vigor and clarity.

"It's him?"

The heart of Zhang Chuixue jumped wildly and immediately in an unstoppable manner.

'How come it's him?'

'That's impossible.'

His heart was about to break through his chest and jump out.

Cold sweat instantly came out from the back of his head.

Because he had already understood the reason why Li Mu appeared in the Heaven Sword Martial Club—'He must have come for the b.i.t.c.h Qiu Yi. d.a.m.n. Why should he, a county magistrate just like a petty official, be a super master of the Great Master Realm?' He didn't want to admit it, but it was obvious that the three Master Realm elders were really injured, and the tunnel mark by the punch was also real... Zhang Chuixue realized that he faced a big trouble.

He quietly shrank toward the back of the crowd.

"Heaven-breaking Legend Sword" Zhang Chengfeng didn't notice the change of his son's look.

While seeing Li Mu's look, he was shocked, because he found that he had never seen this man before. He almost knew all the masters of Great Master Realm in Chang'an, whose number was less than ten, but he had never seen this teenager facing him. Was he a Great Master from the outside?

As for Li Mu's seemingly young face, Zhang Chengfeng was not very surprised.

In fact, when a man entered the Great Master Realm, his life's nature would be improved and prolonged, so he could be able to defend from some disasters and diseases. Besides, his body could also be vigorous, thus, he could seem to be about thirty years old even though actually being at his fifties or sixties. Moreover, a Great Master's internal qi was boundless and surging, so he could cultivate some health-care skills and even maintain a youthful look. Hence, it was not strange to seem to be young.

"I am Zhang Chengfeng, owner of the Heaven Sword Martial Club. Please forgive me for not knowing you came here," Zhang Chengfeng took two steps forward, lowered his head, clasped his hands in salute, and said, "Who are you, n.o.ble one? Did our Heaven Sword Martial Club make any mistake that brought you to such fury? There might be some misunderstanding."

Li Mu smiled coldly and replied, "Owner? Hah hah... let your son come out to speak."

"What?" Zhang Chengfeng was shocked again, immediately and faintly feeling some trouble coming up. 'Did this b.a.s.t.a.r.d trouble someone who couldn't be bothered outside?' he thought, but said calmly, "Please calm your anger. What trouble was rudely done by my son? I want to apologize to you on his behalf."

"Hah hah hah. Zhang Chengfeng, no more nonsense, where is Zhang Chuixue? Call him out. He knows what he did last night," as Li Mu didn't want to waste time, he shouted, "There's no need to apologize, since it's usless doing so hypocritically. Just pay with a life."

In fact, he needed to take time to return and make a taoist instrument to house Qiu Yi's soul. Although he could use the Spirit-rapping Spell to call back her soul, this couldn't last for long. Qiu Yi's corpse couldn't reserve her soul forever, since it had already become cold.

"This..." Zhang Chengfeng was a bit angry. He had run amuck in Chang'an for so many years, and no one could dare to reproach him in front of so many apprentices of his martial-arts club. But when he thought the rival was a super expert of the Great Master Realm, he suppressed his anger, and then said with a smile, "What on earth is the matter? Please calm down. I am rational. May it be a misunderstanding? As far as I know, my son didn't do anything wrong these days. Last night, he was practicing his sword skill in the martial arts club..."

In Li Mu's eyes emerged a killing intent, and he said, "Hum. Birds of a feather. It seems that I need to start a ma.s.sacre."

Full of energy and sensitive, he, at this moment, had found Zhang Chuixue who hid in the crowd. Without nonsense, he directly took action. Then, his body, like lightning, flashed, indicating that he performed an extremely fluent body-lighting skill. He disappeared from his original place and then returned in only a fleeting moment. Currently, Zhang Chuixue had already been caught in his hands.

"No no no. Father, save me. Save me...!" Zhang Chuixue, calling himself the Peerless Swordsman, trembled like a chicken waiting to be killed, and he hysterically bellowed, "Save me. No. Don't kill me. No!"

He was scared out of his wits.

Zhang Chengfeng was also shocked.

He couldn't even block the rival's movement, before his son was caught in a flash.

"Please be merciful, great master..." Zhang Chengfeng, amazed, continued, "Let's have a talk. All can be settled by talking. Don't act on impulse... There must be some misunderstansing. My son is pure and naturally kind. He might have been manipulated by someone... Even if he should be killed, it's necessary to make clear of the matter."

"Hah hah, on impulse?" Li Mu used the five fingures of one hand to strangle Zhang Chuixue's neck, and then raised up his upper body, saying, "This is the most ridiculous joke I have ever heard. Naturally kind? Pure? Hah hah hah. Owner Zhang, your joke is not funny at all. Let him tell you."

"Father. Save me. He is Li Mu. He is Li Mu... Save me. Father," Zhang Chuixue struggled wildly and roared.

"What?" after Zhang Chengfeng heard this, he was greatly shocked, and then immediately understood.

Last night, he agreed for his son to practice his sword skill by killing people, and even praised him for his nerve and desire to advance... However, his son didn't tell him that Li Mu was a super expert of the Great Master Realm. Thus, unfortunately, there wasn't any conciliatory s.p.a.ce after a person related to him was killed.

"County magistrate Li, let's have a peaceful talk... For this matter, it's our fault. But she was just a maid. Why should we become enemies because of her? The Heaven Sword Martial Club is influential in Chang'an," Zhang Chengfeng bit his teeth and said, "In this way, I will promise a condition proposed by the County magistrate Li. Any compensation is proper."

"Oh, is any compensation proper?" Li Mu said.

"Yes, now that we have done something wrong, we should bear the consequence. County magistrate Li, a condition please," Zhang Chengfeng was expecting, since as long as the Li Mu gave a condition, everything could be done easily. Then he continued, "Whether it is gold, silver, precious things, martial arts, or natural treasures..."

"No need for these things," Li Mu interrupted his words and said, "I am not greedy. I ask for one thing. The killer must die to pay back a life."

After that, Li Mu's wrist twisted.


Zhang Chuixue's neck was twisted off.

The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 144 I Ask For One Thing

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