The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 146 Chang'an City In Shock

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Like some remarkable talents on earth who could control objects or twist steel by means of spiritual force, it was not difficult for Li Mu to use his spiritual force to carve characters on the jade-made taoist embryo. Actually, carving characters was more complex than simply twisting steel or something like spoons. Luckily, Li Mu's spiritual force that was activated by Xiantian Skill was more powerful when compared to those remarkable talents on earth.

He manipulated the intangible spiritual force by fixing his concentration, picturing the carved patterns imparted by the old faker, then he seemed to use an invisible tool to carve on the jade-made toist embryo. Thus, the depressed lines appeared, as the jade fell off continuously.

Again and again.

Li Mu carved the Yinshan Mountain Ghost-cultivating Drawing on the jade-made taoist embryo.

According to the old faker's opinion, the Yinshan Mountain Ghost-cultivating Drawing was made by imitating the Mountain and River Pattern in the Netherworld Drawing from h.e.l.l. Carving this pattern in the coffin was a necessity for the most ancient powerful people when preparing their own graves, since it could cultivate the dead soul to concentrate the dead spirit. It was like cultivation by ghosts, which could reserve mind and awareness, so as to enable those souls to be expected to re-emerge and return to the human world.

Of course, the complete ancient Yinshan Mountain Ghost-cultivating Drawing was quite complicated, which even couldn't be made clear by the old faker. Hence, the patterns Li Mu learned were just a part of it, and also the simplified ones. When the old faker handled some sacrificial affairs in the countryside, he always drew them on the loess-made yellow paper to fool others and even kept stating that they were very effective and mysterious. At that time, Li Mu didn't believe it, but he did now.

The jade-made taoist embryo, which was like a small coffin, had just the internal patterns that were the size of a kid's palm. There were totally six after the coffin cover was added. The head and the other end were smaller, but Li Mu had to carve the Yinshan Mountain Ghost-cultivating Drawing on each internal wall, which required great spiritual force.

Time flew.

In the blink of an eye, an hour pa.s.sed.

The time of this world was the same as the timing of the ancient China on Earth. An hour was equivalent to two hours of modern time on Earth.

After Li Mu finished two relatively larger patterns, he felt dizzy and blurry eyed.

This was a sign of spiritual force exhaustion.

"Whoa, carving is far more exhausting than what I had imagined," Li Mu exhaled a long breath.

He stopped and turned to practice the Xiantian Skill to restore energy.

He breathed regularly to intake the Spiritual Qi between heaven and earth.

After an hour, Li Mu again became more energetic.

Not knowing whether it was an illusion, he faintly found that after this practice, his Xiantian Skill that had been stagnant seemed to have been improved a lot. He felt most intuitively that his sense organs and awareness became more sensitive. This was a mysterious feeling, as if the world before his eyes became clearer.

After a slight feeling of this change, Li Mu continued to refine the jade-made taoist embryo and portrayed the Yinshan Mountain Ghost-cultivating Drawing.

"Eh, spiritual force seems to be enhanced and it became more exquisite."

Li Mu soon discovered the difference.

Although it only took an hour to practice the Xiantian Skill, the effect was better than ten days ago.

Others might not care about this difference, but Li Mu was not like them.

Since he was anxious to improve his skills to strengthen himself, so as to walk out of the planet and get back to earth, he immediately understood the improvement of his strength, and also was aware that there must be some reason.

After thinking again and again, the sole reason was that before practicing the Xiantian Skill, he had carved the patterns of the Yinshan Mountain Ghost-cultivating Drawing for two hours.

"Is carving patterns a special way to cultivate spiritual force, that can enhance the practice effect of the Xiantian Skill?"

Li Mu immediately realized this.

Li Mu became excited.

The only thing that he was uncertain was how much his mental strength had increased.

For this point, the old faker did not say, so Li Mu temporarily didn't know how the strength of spiritual force was graded and whether there was a realm division.

In the next six hours, Li Mu repeatedly carved patterns of the Yinshan Mountain Ghost-cultivating Drawing and cultivated the Xiantian Skill in between. His guess that using spiritual force to carve patterns could obviously improve the Xiantian Skill was verified.

This meant that Li Mu found a way to speed up the cultivation of the Xiantian Skill.

Ultimately, the taoist instrument-coffin used to carry Qiu Yi's soul was completed.

This was the first Taoist instrument made by Li Mu through sacrificial refining, but was also the lowest one, whose sole effect was to cultivate a dead spirit, without any other features.

He called out Qiu Yi's soul and let her enter this little jade coffin.

"How are you feeling?"

"I feel really comfortable, as if I were in my mother's placenta, which was more comfortable than in my body. I feel that my soul is being enhanced, and all the exhaustion and sorrows have been removed. I feel unprecedentedly relieved," Qiu Yi's voice spread from the little jade coffin.

Li Mu nodded.

This showed that the taoist instrument, the little jade coffin, was successfully made.

"Perhaps I should spend time carving and refining more Taoist instruments, especially some to support fights. Once succeeding, they would be able to save him and help to easily fight when sieged by several same-level masters."

Li Mu thought.

Besides, carving Taoist instruments could also enhance the level of spiritual force, which achieved two things in one stroke.

"Wich kind of taoist instrument should I refine? Sword-cultivating Cucurbit? No. The legendary taoist instrument requirements are high, which can't be made by me currently... Eh, Kade Sword? No... Let me think. The old faker said it. Yes. I can first refine some Rolling Thunder, which should be the consumable taoist instrument with maximum force that I can carve and refine now."

He made this decision.

However, there was not enough jade left in the study.

"It seems that I have to think a way to get some jade. This matter had better be handled by Zheng Cunjian."

'In general, the better the jade quality, the more likely a sacrificial-refining taoist instrument succeeds.'

'After all, jade was the essence of heaven and earth.'

'Thus, jade can bear the carrier of the Great Way betwen heaven and earth.'

Li Mu thought about it, and then found that the gold receipts obtained from Li Xiong, Zhou Yu and others seemed not enough if spent like this. To continue, he had to find another way to get some money.

Master was also troubled by money.

Li Mu spread his muscles and came before the window of the third floor.

It was in the afternoon. As he looked outside, the slum around Pig-Herding Alley was noisy, and smoke rose slowly. Dogs were barking and roosters crowing. There was also the playful sound of children. This offered people a sense of vigorous beauty.

Suddenly, Li Mu saw that there was a gorgeous wagon train coming at the gate of Pig-Herding Alley.

The horses were large and strong, the carriage was painted red, guards were dressed in well-embroidered clothing, the armors were special and they were in new livery.

This team of people were full of extravagance and was incompatible with the slum. They were obviously outsiders.

Li Mu stared at the scene. Then, he found that the frontal knight in silver armour was holding a yellow banner, on which a silver flame was portrayed. Also, the central red character "Ning" was marked. The banner, flying in the wind, showed an imposing manner.

"Ning?" Li Mu connected something in his mind, "Are they from the Wuwei General's mansion?"

The last maid, Dong Xue, was sent to the Ning Mansion.



"Ancestor, please come out."

Deep inside the Heaven Sword Martial Club, owner Zhang Chengfeng raised three purple incense sticks in his hands high in the air, lit them, respectfully kneeled down before an ancient grave, and said loudly.

Zhang Chuixue's corpse was laid before the wordless gravestone.

However, there was no sound coming out of the stone tomb.

"Ancestor, please come out."

Zhang Chengfeng kowtowed so hard that his forehead bled.

As the purple incense rolled up, a strange smell spread. Besides, the smoke was concentrated together, flew in the air like three strands of silk, finally floating towards the grave, and entered it.

"For a third time. Ancestor, please come out," Zhang Chengfeng shouted and kowtowed again.

Suddenly, there was a gust of chilly wind around the stone tomb.

In a flash, the light around the stone tomb became dim, and the leaves on the ground floated, swirling in the air, seemingly involved by a mysterious force.

"What's the matter?"

An old and hoa.r.s.e voice came from the grave.

"Ancestor, our Heaven Sword Martial Club was humiliated by someone, and the underground maze was destroyed, thus, many imprisoned old enemies have fled and that powerful demon sealed in the No. 1 heaven prison also ran away... Ancestor, it's already a crucial moment for the martial arts club. The rival is a young Great Master, who killed my son, the succesor of the martial arts club..." Zhang Chengfeng bit his teeth and said what happened.

In the stone tomb, there was a strange silence.

After a long while, the hoa.r.s.e voice rose, "Is everything ready?"

When Zhang Fengfeng heard it, he was overjoyed. This meant that the ancestor finally promised to go out.

He slowly stood up and waved at the two young female disciples behind him.

The two female disciples, who were specially selected by him, looked pretty, and they were already at the Joint-thoughts level. Besides, among all the female disciples in the Heaven Sword Martial Club, they were considered to be the best, and, most importantly, both were virgins with Inborn qi of Yin.

Slap! Slap!

Zhang Chengfeng suddenly slapped, and directly killed the two girls by means of the palm sword in the disbelieving eyes of the two disciples. Thus, their hearts were shattered and they fell in front of the stone tablet, with blood spurting from their wounds.

Then, a fantastic thing took place.

A hint of dim light flashed upon that wordless tombstone. As if the ancestor were alive, he took in and devoured all the virgins't blood.

"Ah, the taste of fresh blood... Very nice food." That old and horse sound gradually became younger, then said, "A teenager Great Master? Interesting. The body is quite proper. This is my chance. Li Mu, he will be my prey, hah hah hah hah."


The Heaven Sword Martial Club was defeated by someone.

This explosive news spread wildly in Chang'an City.

At first, some people thought that it was a joke and just a rumor. After all, the strength of the Heaven Sword Martial Club was really powerful, and its comprehensive strength could be ranked in the top twenty in Chang'an City. Owner "Heaven-breaking Legend Sword" was also known as a master. Besides, there were many strong people in it, including nearly ten super-cla.s.s masters of Master Realm. Who dared to single-handedly defeat such a force?

However, as the news became more and more violent, various kinds of evidence came out. Gradually, all the people understood that this was actually true.


Who was so strong to do this kind of thing?

After people asked for information from multiple sides, an unbelievable answer appeared.

It was a young man under the age of twenty who had done this kind of shocking thing.

Who was he?

Where did he come from?

Why did he come?

The entire Chang'an City was in a state of madness.

The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 146 Chang'an City In Shock

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