The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 148 Timid

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"Did Li Mu cultivate himself from Master Realm to Great Master Realm in less than two months?"

w.a.n.g Chen was shocked by this inference.

In two months, from Zongs.h.i.+ Master to Great Master?

w.a.n.g Chen also knew that his guess was very absurd and unbelievable.

But not knowing the reason, in his inner heart, he just thought that his inference perhaps represented the truth of the matter.

Of course, he would not divulge this guess.

Because no one would believe it.

After carefully considering his own wording, w.a.n.g Chen tried to suggest, "Your Highness, I have observed Li Mu. This man has quite a chivalrous heart. He once, on behalf of county people, eradicated the Shennong Faction. With arguments or emotional appeal, we could ask him to help us rescue the wife and kids of General Tang..."

Qin Zhen nodded and said, "We shouldn't pin anything on people and things that are uncertain. Li Mu is avaricious and immoral, and the more powerful he is, the more dangerous he will be. If we pin our hopes on him, we may do harm to the wife and kids of General Tang. We might as well find another helper. Since I have contacted some good friends in Chang'an, we are almost ready."

w.a.n.g Chen did not expect the Princess to have such deep prejudice against Li Mu. Till now, after hearing Li Mu become a Great Master, she continued to stubbornly reject him, which was not the usual style of Princess. Even the spring hunting in Qin City was a huge blow to the Princess, but it shouldn't have been so serious.

"What is the real reason?"

w.a.n.g Chen couldn't guess.

Qin Zhen said, "Are there any news from the Musical House?"

"General Tang's wife, the eldest daughter Tang Tang, and the youngest daughter Tang Mi have been sent to the Musical House. In six days, they will be auctioned together with the gra.s.sland female slaves. The one who offers the highest price will get them. Besides, Liu Chenglong, the chief of the Chang'an Musical House, has already stated that those who want to partic.i.p.ate in this auction must first pay a deposit of 10,000 gold and need to have their ident.i.ties verified." w.a.n.g Chen continued, "Your Highness, Liu Chenglong is at that man's side, so I am afraid that he has ulterior intentions."

"General Tang had safeguarded the Empire's northern border for many years, and his merits are as great as mountains. However, just because he was righteous, he was murdered, and his family members have also suffered a lot. His wife and kids are really innocent... The current Empire is almost rotten," Qin Zhen said, as a hint of anger showed in her eyes. "No matter what, they must be saved. You first go and prepare. We will partic.i.p.ate in the auction."

w.a.n.g Chen nodded and said, "Okay."

Partic.i.p.ating in the auction was indeed a good choice.

Actually, they planned to save the three people before they were sent to the Chang'an Musical House, but unexpectedly, there was a super master of the Great Master Realm in the team that escorted Madam Qin and her two daughters. Thus, their previous plan was discarded, and they now could only take part in the auction. If spending some money could save people, it would be taken as the minimum price.

Of course, w.a.n.g Chen vaguely thought that things might not be so simple.



Just across the street on which the residence of Princess Qin Zhen was located, another small manor was heavily guarded.

There were hundreds of soldiers hiding in it.

Their faces were different from those of the Qin people. Most of them bearded, with high cheekbones, strong arms and legs, were tall and st.u.r.dy. Each of them, carrying an opened-mouth waist knife, a long bow on the back, and an arrow quiver on the waist, in which the iron and wolf tooth-like arrows were put. Besides, each person's palm was covered with a thick callus layer, especially on the thumb, index finger and middle finger, and the thick yellow callus was like a layer of rigid dead skin.

Anyone could know from the clothing that they were absolutely from the prairie.

Moreover, they were elites on the prairie.

The whole manor was tight inside and lax outside, so the atmosphere was extremely serious.

In the main hall of the front yard on the gra.s.sland, several tall gra.s.sland men with strong breath were secretly discussing something.

"At all costs, we must rescue Qing Yan and her female guards. After all, how could the best daughter of wolf G.o.d fall in the Qin people's Musical House, it is shaming to wolf G.o.d." The speaker was the head of these gra.s.sland men, who seemed to be around 240 or 250cm tall, like an iron tower. His long thick curly hair was arranged into a thick braid behind his head, and his sound was like a bronze bell.

"However, I heard that there is more than one super master of Great Master Realm in the Qin Musical House. If there is a strong attack, then..." added another scarred man, whose two thick braids hanged behind the head.

"Haha, who said we're going to attack? Can't we save in a smart way?"

"But, we are gra.s.sland men, and the muscles in our heads are more than our brains. With regards to intrigue, we are weaker than the Qin people, so how could we make a rescue with strategy?"

"It's very simple. We just kill with the knife. If anyone dares to block us, we will slay him... How about it? Is this a smart move?"

"Pooh, Tuoba Sans.h.i.+, what kind of wisdom is this? I think we should be secretly mixed with them, and we can attack to rescue Qing Yan, the Virgin G.o.ddess, and her female guards, when the Qin people are least prepared. This is wisdom.”

A group of tall and rude men discussed for a long time but didn't find out a solution to it anyway.

Among these people, the only young man whose figure looked normal and who looked like a scholar in a cotton gown was totally different from these rude men. He was more like a person from Qin City. After hearing their words, he found that the heads of gra.s.sland men were really full of muscles. If they could save people, they didn't need to hide here for so long.

The head, that iron tower-like man, was also puzzled.

"Army Advisor, advise us. How should we do it?" He looked at the young man in the cotton gown.

The young man smiled and said, "The Musical House has stated that in six days, the auction will be held, so our best way is to be able to win in the auction and buy them. This will prevent you from the attack, and the female guards won't be injured, either."

"Yeah, why didn't I think of this?"

"If you could think as Army Advisor does, you would be the Army Advisor."

"Shut up and listen to the Army Advisor."

A group of tall men was quarreling again.

The young people were not surprised. When they looked at him, he continued, "Now, the only problem is that we don't have money. If we want to bid with the n.o.bles who can dump a lot of gold, we must find a way to get a lot of money.”


"Did we bring money when leaving?"

"Yes, but not a great deal."

"What to do?"

"Let's rob."

"Do you want to die? It is the territory of the Qin people here. Won't we be exposed if we rob?"

"What to do then?"

"Listen to the Army Advisor."

After this group of men stopped talking, they finally turned their attention to the young man.

This young Army Advisor should be quite prestigious in the hearts of these gra.s.sland men.

The Army Advisor looked at the leader and said, "You can only borrow money."

"Borrow? Who can we borrow from?" The tower-like head frowned since he had no acquaintances in Chang'an City.

The young Army Advisor smiled slightly and said with confidence, "I remember that your honor and the Young Master from the World Chamber of Commerce once drank together, so you should have a good relations.h.i.+p."



Dafeng Chamber of Commerce.

Liu Mansion.

President Liu Dedao was shaking at present.

Great Master!

Li Mu turned out to be a Great Master.

He felt that the sky was falling down.

"For the Dafeng Chamber of Commerce should have offended a Great Master. What is this thing? Now that the Heaven Sword Martial Club has been defeated, is the Dafeng Chamber of Commerce more powerful than the Heaven Sword Martial Club?"

The Heaven Sword Martial Club could be a sect, housing numerous elites, and the disciples were quite loyal. Besides, it also had the Heaven Sword Sect backed it. The Heaven Sword Sect was really powerful, while the Dafeng Commerce of Chamber was just a local consortium. Although it employed many guards, coaches, and bodyguards, and was protected by two Zongs.h.i.+ Masters, it was still weak when faced with a super master of the Great Master Realm.

When thinking about what had happened in the Zhou Mansion, Zhou Dedao couldn't stop sweating.

At that time, he even claimed that he would reward one who killed the super master of the Great Master Realm and also spouted many harsh words. Now it seemed that he was seeking death for himself, which totally showed that he had not been aware that he had walked in front of the h.e.l.l king.

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d has provoked such a terrible enemy. No, I have to find a way to apologize to Li Mu."

Zhou Dedao had already been timid.

Merchants had always strived for harmony, so they would be timid sooner than martial arts people, when meeting stronger people.

At this moment, a maid arrived running, short of breath, and said, "Master, Master, madam asks you to return home, Young Master... Young Master is crazy."


Zhou Dedao's face changed a lot.

He hurried to the back house and heard from the distance a heartbreaking whine which was like the hoa.r.s.e squeal of a pig being killed.

"Ah, I can't stand it, it hurts, it hurts me... Mother, mother, ask a doctor to come here... I'm going to die..." Zhou Yu, like a madman, with hair disheveled, was struggling and whining in the room. The blood marks had been made by him, and even if he was tied to the bed, he was still struggling desperately.

"What's the matter?" Zhou Dedao asked.

Before his voice disappeared, Mrs. Zhou had dashed there with a cry, saying, "Master, you have to save Yu'er. You only have this son. If he gets into some trouble, I will also not live..."

Zhou Dedao felt a headache and said, "Don't cry. What on earth is the matter? What happened to Yu'er?"

"I don't know either. Wool wool wool, an hour ago, he started to feel quite itchy, so I asked the doctor to prescribe something. But it didn't work. Then he suffered a huge pain. Wool wool wool, Yu'er is going to be mad..." Mrs. Zhou was also a devil figure in the back house in daily life, but now she was completely anxious. After all, she didn't know what to do when facing such a situation of her most beloved son.

Zhou Dedao looked at the doctor in the room, who was famous in Chang'an City, and asked, "What disease does my son have?"

That famous doctor shook his head and said, "I am muddleheaded. I cannot diagnose the disease. Young master's pulse is normal as usual; the qi and blood are moving, internal organs are fine, and the eyelids are normal. According to reason, there is no disease, but his performance... President Liu, I am afraid that Young Master has no disease, but is being controlled by a certain magical power. You can think about it carefully. Has Young Master recently offended a warlock or someone like that?"

After that, the doctor said goodbye and left.

Given that, it was no longer what he could handle.


Zhou Dedao stood on the original place.

He recalled in the back house today, the magical power of a great deal of thunder and lightning released by Li Mu, which was as extremely horrifying as one performed by a celestial being. It seemed that the end of the day was coming... Obviously, Li Mu, at the Great Master Realm, was an elite in using magic power.

Li Mu must have done something on his son's body.

He thought, but he became more and more panicked when hearing his son's screams. Then he quickly yelled, "Come, prepare a carriage, gifts, lavish gifts, take my son, and follow me to Pig-Herding Alley... Hurry up."

He was going to apologize.

The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 148 Timid

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