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When Li Mu wrote the first sentence, people in the entire hall were laughing at him.

However, when he finished writing, everyone was silent.

Because there was no need to comment at all, and anyone could see that the last Beauty Poem, whether in artistic conception or writing, had completely defeated the other nine poems. Even the poems of the madman Song Qingfei, Lin Qiushui, the chief disciple of the Hanshan Academy, or Liu Muyang, the chief disciple of Fengming Academy were also far inferior to that poem.

The first glance could cause the fall of a city; the second glance could cause the fall of a state.

It was simply an eternal unique sentence.

Many people silently read this poem. Every time they read it again, they would have different feelings, which would emerge endlessly, as if they were never tired of reading it. They also involuntarily immersed themselves in that mood.

Just when everyone was silent because of their shock, a small maid who looked really beautiful ran down from the third floor, took away the words copied by a maid before their ink mark became dried, and glanced at Li Mu when leaving.

Everyone knew that Master Hua might be touched.

No woman could remain calm in front of such a poem.

Zheng Cunjian sat at the round table and had already read the poem for more than 10 times silently. Every time he read it, he would be a bit more amazed. Was this the strength of the youngest scholar in the history of the empire? Although he looked forward to Li Mu's poem very much, at this time, he couldn't help but admire him again and again and feel inferior to Li Mu.

After all, that Zheng Cunjian was called Heartless Scholar indicated that he was a learned scholar even among other ones, so he could certainly understand the meaning and charm of this poem.

Anyone who wrote A Eulogium on a Humble Hall and then Beauty Poem could be famous in the western Qin. Even if Li Mu Li Mu wasn't a young Great Master, he could also rapidly get power and money in this world.

Zheng Cunjian could imagine that once this Beauty Poem was spread out, a stir would be caused, whose sensational effect would definitely not inferior to the previous A Eulogium on a Humble Hall.

On the third floor, the judgment of Master Hua had not been pa.s.sed down.

But many of the people in Wensheng Academy tonight were already well aware that this time, Master Hua really would open the window. During the few times before, she just casually went through the procedures.

"Impossible, how can you write such a poem?" Song Qingfei, an arrogant scholar, was stunned and couldn't help but yell.

Lin Qiushui, the chief disciple of Hanshan Academy, also glared at Li Mu, and said biting his teeth, "Who are you, please?"

Liu Muyang, who lost face before, also glared at Li Mu with narrowed eyes as if he were staring at an enemy, and made obeisance. "Can master tell me your name?"

In the hall, many people's eyes also fell on Li Mu, and they held their breath, waiting for his answer.

After all, they also wanted to know who wrote this poem.

However, Li Mu was indifferent, with his hands behind his back, and said, "You aren't qualified to know my name."

The exaggeration was a bit embarra.s.sing.

But for Liu Muyang and the other two people, their faces seemed to be slapped forcefully by Li Mu.

They were indignant duo to their inferior poems, but now they were even humiliated by such a conceited man, which simply seemed that their faces were fiercely slapped by a shoe sole.

"Arrogant. He was extremely arrogant," the short scholar from Hanshan Academy who once mocked at Li Mu shouted as he pounded the table, "Even if Great Master Li Mu who wrote A Eulogium on a Humble Hall didn't humiliate our first disciple, how can you, a poor boy, dare to be so conceited?"

"Yes. The character reflects the level of poetry, so how can he, who is so overturning, write such a poem? Did he plagiarize other people's work?" another scholar of Fengming Academy also stood up and shouted. These scholars were the best at slandering when they found themselves incompetent.

Some other scholars also made a noise.

They, who used to hate each other, shared the bitter hatred of the enemy at this time.

The several disciples of Heaven Sword Martial Club looked at each other, and finally, cast their eyes on Zheng Cunjian. Their leader yelled. "Hey, where do your companion come from?" Frankly speaking, martial art people looked down upon these so-called scholars. Although they claimed to be adept with both the pen and the sword, the martial art people regarded the swordsmans.h.i.+p of these scholars as dance moves.

Zheng Cunjian ignored him.

A hint of anger appeared on the face of that disciple from Heaven Sword Martial Club, and he forcefully put his long sword on the table, saying, "I am asking you. Are you deaf?"

Zheng Cunjian smiled sinisterly, "If you don't want to die, just shut up."

"You are seeking your death," disciples of Heaven Sword Martial Club all became angry.

A trace of coldness flashed on Zheng Cunjian's eyes, and he said, "Arrogant. Even though Zhang Chengfeng is in front of me, he dares not to speak to me like that. If you want to die, I will grant you."

After these words, the disciples of Heaven Sword Martial Club were a bit stunned.

However, just at this moment, the beautiful maid on the third floor ran down in front of Li Mu, saluted and then said, "Sir, our miss invites you to have a talk," she then turned around and told others, "Our miss thanks for your support tonight. Please return."

Suddenly, there was a loud noise on the site.

Sure enough, Master Hua finally opened the window.

Many people were indignant.

Song Qingfei, Liu Muyang, and Lin Qiushui should be the most frustrated people.

Originally, they felt that they were very likely to become the guest of Master Hua, but this poor boy stole their limelight. Thus, how could they stand this, which was like the hatred of their wife being killed and their kids being kidnapped?

"Kid, don't you dare to tell your name?"

"I don't accept it. There must be a trap in this."

"This guy must copy other people's poems..."

Three people shouted in unison.

Liu Muyang narrowed his eyes like a poisonous snake, and stared at Li Mu, saying, "Guy, if you dare to write a similar poem on the spot, I will be convinced. Otherwise, your imputation of plagiarism might not be removed."

"Good. One more poem can prove your talent." Lin Qiushui also reacted and sneered, "Otherwise, our Hanshan Academy will look into it to the end, and let the entire Chang'an know that you are just a villain thief who steals someone else's work."

The proud scholar, Song Qingfei, also said with a malicious look, "Yes. how can you make such a verse like this? Hehe, you must have stolen it from some else..."

Some people around also echoed their words.

However, that handsome servant girl said with her widened eyes, "You three people are so rude. Now that you can't write such good sentences, how can you slander him? Our miss has said that the man who could write these verses must be one from heaven... As you said that this Young Master plagiarized, do you have any evidence? Can you tell who wrote this poem?"

"This..." Liu Muyang was speechless, then said, "If someone who wrote this poem has not published it yet."

Lin Qiu Shui said, "Although we can't find out now, it doesn't mean we can't do it later."

"You... are unreasonable," the little maid said a bit angrily. She apparently was on Li Mu's side.

The arrogant scholar, Song Qingfei, also said with a sinister smile, "Yes. Little girl, I am afraid that Master Hua is cheated by this shameless person... We just want to uncover his true face."

The scholars of the two academies around once again started to make a disturbance.

"Young Master, this..." the maid looked at Li Mu.

Li Mu padded her shoulder with a smile and replied, "No need to care about these people. Let's go." He walked towards the stair as he said. After all, he suddenly wanted to see Master Hua, even if he wasn't curious about any beautiful woman—which was impossible, of course. Even if he just wanted to make these immoral scholars jealous, he would also need to go up to the third floor to see her.

"You... you are afraid."

"Are you guilty?"

"Hey hey. You can go, but tonight, if you don't make a poem to prove your talent to us, your stigma of plagiarism will be true."

Liu Muyang and the other two people directly verbally abused Li Mu.

Li Mu did not turn back, but sneered while walking, "Hah hah hah, prove? Prove what? Even though your bodies and fame disappear, some people's essays and reputation will be as eternal as rivers. Ants attempt to shake a tree, ridiculously overating their own strength... You three are crafty. Who are you? Why should I have to prove to you?"

As he said, he had already followed the little maid to walk toward the second floor.

On the other hand, the three did not dare to speak again until Li Mu and the little maid disappeared on the stairs.

Later, their faces were full of shock and anger.


Even though your bodies and fame disappear, some people's essays and reputation will be as eternal as rivers.

Ants attempt to shake a tree, ridiculously overating their own strength.

One long sentence and one short sentence formed a poem.

Two sentences were outstanding enough to be handed down.

Many people present in the site studied poetry. Naturally, they understood the significance of these two sentences. One was long and the other short, and they were extremely subtle and delicate. Even though the poem was not complete, and in terms of integrity, it couldn't be compared with Beauty Poem, in other respects, it was absolutely comparable. Besides, almost without doubt, these two lines could be spread wildly in the shortest time.

How could Song Qingfei, Lin Qiushui, and Liu Muyang stay calm before him?

Because these two poems were made to insinuate them. As these two poems spread out, they would be infamous, since the words "you" and "ants" were used to describe them.

What were scholars most afraid of?

Of course, they were afraid that they became infamous.

Moreover, this was also the source of confidence when they threatened Li Mu before. After all, the two academies were the significant forces in the literary world of Chang'an. Thus, in their eyes, Li Mu was just a n.o.body. How could he compete with the two significant academies? After all, they greatly influenced the public opinion.

But now, with the appearance of these two poems, it was hard to foresee anything.

The spread of excellent and beautiful sentences was amazing.

Because they could not only be spread locally or in the world at the time, but also be handed down to later generations at any time.

In particular, the poetry whose good reputation flew down for ages possessed such power.

Suddenly, some people in the hall looked at the three people with sympathy.

The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 156 Prove?

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