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No matter how glorious the past represented by the name of Hua Xiangrong was, even including the fame of Top Beauty, Hua Xiangrong herself, from the beginning, was forced to receive this name, which was just a kind of compromise to life.

For many women who fell into Musical House, it was basically an illusion to restore their original names.

Hua Xiangrong was originally named Shangguan Yuting, a girl from Shangguan family.

The words "Shangguan Yuting" represented a kind of bloodline, a home and also the best life of the past, and were the most precious thing her parents had given her.

"But I have not yet deregistered. If I directly restore my real name, isn't it..." After her great excitement, Hua Xiangrong was still a little hesitant. From the previous signs, it was not easy to be free from Musical House.

Li Mu replied, "It's just a form. If I want to take you away from Musical House, no one can stop me. Besides, you may not realize that now, your strength is very powerful. If you want to leave, who can stop you?"

For Li Mu who was from the earth, some rules of this world were simply a joke. The so-called wh.o.r.e ident.i.ty was only a superficial stipulation and was a kind of cla.s.s identified to the weak by the powerful. But when you were already a strong person, these definitions could be broken in a flash.

Hence, that Liu Chenglong or the second prince behind him wanted to use this ident.i.ty to force Hua Xiangrong was really a joke.

As they were discussing, there was a knock on the door, and Zheng Cunjian walked in from the outside.

"Young Master, this is the brand that you will partic.i.p.ate in the auction tonight." He held an arrow-like white-jade carved plate in his hand. There were the tactical deployments of warlock, which could distinguish its authenticity, inside it. On one side of the jade plate was the logo of Chang'an Musical House, and on the other side was number 18.

"Because it is made temporarily, although it is for the top VIP, the number on it means you must sit further." Zheng Cunjian said with slight worry.

To be honest, now, he extremely revered Li Mu. The more he understood Li Mu, the more he could see the changes in these days after he went out of Taibai County, and the more he knew that how enchanting this youth was.

Li Mu took the jade plate and observed it slightly. Then, he totally saw through the tactical deployments of warlock inside it.

There were three or five tactical deployments engraved in it. For the warlocks of this world, the tactical deployments might be subtle, but for Li Mu, they were very simple. In addition to the effect of distinguis.h.i.+ng the authenticity and preventing the counterfeiting, in fact, they could also play a role in checking the position in a quite secretive manner, which was a bit like the actual GPS positioning method. The warlocks of Musical House could use this plate to confirm the position of the holder.

However, they were too simple.

Not to mention Li Mu, even Shangguan Yuting today could also modify them secretively.

"Is Young Master going to partic.i.p.ate in the bidding tonight?" Bai Xuan was very surprised, since Li Mu didn't reveal any information, and the female slaves would be auctioned tonight. Li Mu was not a lascivious person, but was he interested in this?

She subconsciously looked at Shangguan Yuting next to him. Shangguan Yuting looked normal and did not reveal any unpleasant expression.

"Eh, just for fun," Li Mu said casually.

After all, there was no need to explain everything clearly to Bai Xuan.

"Did you investigate the thing I asked you?" Li Mu asked.

Zheng Cunjian glanced at Bai Xuan and seemed slightly hesitant.

Bai Xuan smartly stood up and said, "Hua'er... Oh, no, Yuting has won the champions.h.i.+p for Holy House. My wish has been reached. I will try my best to discuss with Director Liu over your ident.i.ty deregistration. I'll leave first, and I will personally arrange things belonging to Yuting in Holy House and the rewards for Top Beauty tonight. Sister Yuting can come to get them at any time, and since then, you are the person of Young Master Li. Congratulations. You finally get what you want."

After that, Bai Xuan turned and left.

Zheng Cunjian looked at Shangguan Yuting and the maid, Xin'er, again. Knowing that these two girls were in close relations with Li Mu, he said, "The mysterious person in the Deluxe Suite t.i.tled Heaven of Moon-hugging House got the No. 1 plate for the supreme VIP. Mr. w.a.n.g got the No. 10 plate for the supreme VIP by some intrigues. In the Deluxe Suite t.i.tled Earth of Fairy House, there are indeed several people from gra.s.sland. However, the person is not from prairie, but the young master of the World Chamber of Commerce in the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty got the No. 7 plate for the supreme VIP."

Li Mu nodded.

The mysterious person in the Deluxe Suite t.i.tled Heaven was the one whose energy was as great as the burning sun when Li Mu used his Third Eye to observe him. He possessed the most terrible strength, and he even got the No. 1 plate for the supreme VIP. It seemed that not only was his strength good, but also his status was high.

Li Mu had already guessed something.

w.a.n.g Chen and others really got the top VIP plates. He and the person behind him might come to rescue Tang Chong's wife and daughters, so partic.i.p.ating in the auction should be the most ideal way for them. But it might not be so easy.

As for the prairie people, they even were together with the World Chamber of Commerce, which was really surprising.

Nevertheless, it was reasonable that they came here. Since the female warriors of the Wolf Temple in prairie enjoyed high status, it was a normal situation that some people came to rescue them. As for this point, after Li Mu discovered some strange power and breaths when using his Third Eye to observe the entire Musical House and Liufang Street, he related it to this situation, so he asked Zheng Cunjian to investigate it. He really found something out of expectation.

... Zheng Cunjian continued, "Some enemies of General Tang Chong, including Bai Yuan, chief general of Crane Army in Qin City, Liang Yifei, son of current prime minister, Han Feiran, nephew of Minister of Rituals, and Jin Xuan, future leader of Holy Light Sect, came to Chang'an City for this bidding, aiming to get General Tang's wife and daughters. They jointly got the No. 15 plate for the supreme VIP. There should be some people who haven't been found, but it is too late. Young Master, please forgive me..."

Li Mu waved his hand and said, "No problem."

They were all unimportant people, who couldn't affect the overall situation.

He put away the plate and stood up, saying to Shangguan Yuting and her maid, "Let's go. Let's go to have a look. We may have to enter."

Several people arranged by Zheng Cunjian came in from outside to send well-prepared masks and cloak blouses. Li Mu, the two girls, and Zheng Cunjian put on masks and blouses, hiding their ident.i.ties.

Li Mu put on a silver ghost-face mask, which looked quite strange. The shape of the mask presented a hint of coldness and ridicule in its seemingly funny smile, giving people a kind of indescribable visual impact. It was also made extremely exquisitely.

Shangguan Yuting wore a half-piece phoenix-winged hollowed mask, which covered the upper face above her lips except for her eyes, fitted the facial outline, and had the holes for her nose. After wearing it, she showed a kind of mystery. It made Shangguan Yuting seem more graceful and her skin white.

What the maid, Xin'er, put on was a quite cute cat-faced mask.

Zheng Cunjian wore a black glaring mask in ghost face.

The four people were dressed in a quite special way, then they left Fairy House among the crowd and went to the VIP pavilion that was temporarily built around the main stage.

Compared with the crowded atmosphere on the street, the top-level VIP pavilion was relatively quiet and orderly.

Around the pavilions, the warriors in st.u.r.dy armor formed a wall, separating the entire VIP area from the crowd on the street and leaving a blank s.p.a.ce.

Zheng Cunjian, in a glaring ghost-faced mask, reported a serial number of the top VIPs.

Throughout the process, only the signs would be recognized. After the sign was carefully checked and confirmed, although Li Mu and his companions were dressed strangely, they were still allowed to enter and led by servants.

Li Mu looked around.

With his current strength and vision, he wasn't curious about this pavilion that was regarded as a grand one in other people's view.

Along the way were guards and maids to lead these partic.i.p.ants.

The treatment of top-level VIPs was ubiquitously luxurious and comfortable.

The people who entered the top-level VIP pavilion were basically hiding their true faces, so even though Li Mu and his companions wore masks and hoodies, others didn't look at them with strange eyes.

They heard from a maid that the serial number of the sign was symmetrical with the number of the sign.

Hence, when Li Mu pa.s.sed by, he paid attention to the positions of the four pavilions, No. 1, No. 7, No. 10 and No. 15 ones. At the same time, he quietly pinched out several handprints in his large robe sleeves and hit several pre-prepared monitors that were like jade fingers into the hidden places of these pavilions.

After a while, Li Mu and the other three people came to the 18th pavilion.

The serial numbers of the pavilion also represented status. The 18th for Li Mu and others was the last one in the top VIP area. Thanks to Zheng Cunjian's energy, it was obtained at the last moment, so the position was slightly distant - of course, compared with the locations on the street and frontal VIP seats, it was still far superior to them.

"Guests, please."

After the maid led them to the door, she stood outside and would not go in unless they called her.

Inside the pavilion, there was a glazed window on the west, which was produced by warlock's alchemy. From the outside, it looked opaque and colorful, while from the inside, it looked as clear as gla.s.s, enabling people to overlook the auction stage completely. Besides, there were also a variety of drinks and foods, comfortable seats, and even beds. From Li Mu's perspective, it was quite gorgeous.

In addition, the most striking object was the small white-jade instrument in the middle of the pavilion. It was like a small socket, in which the auction sign could be inserted. They were combined with each other so that this small magical instrument could be used for bidding.

The maid, Xin'er, wore a cat-faced mask and curiously jumping around in the room.

Li Mu and Shangguan Yuting sat in front of the window.

Zheng Cunjian stood aside.

Soon after, the auction began.

On the main stage, a senior leader of Musical House was the auctioneer tonight. He looked sixty to seventy years old, glowing with health and speaking loudly. Two a.s.sistants were standing beside him. After his simple opening speech, the auction part began immediately.

A girl about 15 years old wore a suit of tulle, and her well-proportioned body was partly hidden and partly visible. She, covered with a veil, with her hands fixed with silver handcuffs, was taken onto the stage by two maids in a way that they dragged the cow.

The first auction item was sent onto the stage.

The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 222 Pavilion For Top Vips

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